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Archive 2018/2019 Year 2

Learning about Habitats

Learning about Habitats 1


Amelie from Cedar Class has donated her hair cuttings to The Little Princess Trust.  Amelie donated 9.5 inches of her hair.  The Little Princess Trust charity provides real hair wigs to children and young people with hair loss. It also raises funds for vital research into childhood cancer.  See below.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit

Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 1

We were so lucky today as two ladies from Axe Valley Wildlife Park came to visit us with some of their animals. We got to hold giant stick insects and African millipedes and we got to stroke a bearded dragon and a python. We learned a little bit about each animal’s natural habitat and about the sorts of food they eat. Some of us had to overcome our nerves to hold and touch the animals and some of us preferred to just watch. What an amazing experience it was!  See below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12

Museum Service Visit

On Friday 10th May, Year 2 had a visit from a lady called Sharon who works for the Museum Service. She came to speak to us about the lives and incredible deeds of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We took part in 3 activities; sequencing pictures and sentences, dressing up in period style clothing and handling artefacts belonging to the era. We had a fantastic morning which fired up our passion for history even more!  For more photos please visit the Gallery.

Museum Visit

Museum Visit 1
Museum Visit 2
Museum Visit 3
Museum Visit 4

Cards for Baby Sussex

Cards for Baby Sussex 1

Welcome to the world, Baby Sussex!

We were all very excited to hear the lovely news that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had had their baby. We decided that we would make cards to send to wish them all well. We can’t wait to find out what the baby will be called and to see some photographs of him (see above).

Gruffalo Masks

Gruffalo Masks 1

In our English lessons we are going to be learning all about Julia Donaldson and her stories. One of her most famous characters is the Gruffalo. We have created Gruffalo masks that we will use in our English lessons next week.

Circus Skills

Circus Skills 1
Circus Skills 2
Circus Skills 3
Circus Skills 4
Circus Skills 5
Circus Skills 6
Circus Skills 7
Circus Skills 8
Circus Skills 9
Circus Skills 10
Circus Skills 11
Circus Skills 12
Circus Skills 13
Circus Skills 14
Circus Skills 15
Circus Skills 16
Circus Skills 17

Year 2 recently enjoyed their Circus Skills Family Learning Day. The children learnt some fantastic skills which required focus, concentration and excellent listening skills! We enjoyed having some parents learn with us and thank all of those who were able to attend.

Circus Skills

by Poppy

What a delightful morning we had yesterday! Would you like to know why?

Yesterday Cedar Class went to the big hall where parents and Hannah were waiting. When we got to the hall we had a parade and copied Hannah and got our parents. After the parade we sat down and Hannah showed us the props. There was a tightrope, juggling, ribbons, stilts, magic feathers, spinning plates, unicycle trainers and hula hoops. Next we split in to four groups. In my group we did the tightrope. When I did it I was quite wobbly! Then we moved around so that my group did the hula hoops, stilts and unicycle trainers. After that we had a break and after break we continued and my group had the ribbons, feathers and spinning plates.

The Great Fire of London

On Friday 15 March we had a visit from the Museum Service.  A lady called Sharon came and taught us lots of things about the Great Fire of London. We practised using fire buckets, wrote with a quill and ink like Samuel Pepys, dressed up in old fashioned clothes and held artefacts including a clothes peg that was in the actual fire!











Recycled Art

Throughout science week, we have been learning about recycling, plastic pollution and the impact on the environment. In our English lessons, we have been reading ‘Michael Recycle’ by Ellie Bethel and, in the book, it says that we should “transform our junk into something fantastic”. That is exactly what we have done. We turned the plastic bottles that we had collected into a beautiful class wall hanging. What do you think?

Science Week

Science Week 1
Science Week 2
Science Week 3
Science Week 4
Science Week 5
Science Week 6

Science Week

As part of science week the children in Year 2 have been considering the issue of plastic pollution. The children chose to write to our school lunch provider to persuade them to cut down on the amount of plastic used and also to write to Greenpeace to support their campaigns. We have been saving the plastic pots from the children's lunches, and recycled them into butterfly feeders and paint pots.  See above.

The children also learnt how easily germs can be spread by investigating how far a sneeze can travel. Using a spray water bottle, the children learnt how far the sneeze could travel without cover, using a hand to cover, and using tissues to cover the nozzle. We have all learnt a lot about how to keep germs at bay!

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4

World Book Day

All of the children in Year 2 had a brilliant day celebrating World Book Day. The children all came dressed as their favourite characters and some children brought in a potato designed as a character from a book.

Hands On Science

Hands On Science 1
Hands On Science 2
Hands On Science 3
Hands On Science 4

Year Two Rocket Workshop

Today was a very exciting day! Mark, from Hands On Science, came to work with us to help us to build our own rockets. First we learnt about energy and forces and then we made ‘Rocket Fuel’! Cooper and Abigail made a mixture of lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda in an old film canister. As carbon dioxide was made, pressure built up until the lid popped off, sending the pot across the room! We all had a go at making our own rockets, using drinking straws. After a few adjustments to the straws, our rockets were ready to fly. Jacob’s rocket flew the furthest! We had great fun!

Food Grouping

Food Grouping 1
Food Grouping 2

Sorting Foods Into Groups

We know how important it is that humans eat the right amounts of different foods.

We worked in groups to sort a variety of food. To begin with, we could choose how we grouped the foods and how many groups there should be. Once we had explained our choices to each other, we learnt about the ‘eatwell plate’. We could see how foods are put in to 5 main food groups and that the size of the section on the plate showed how much of each food group we should eat. We then had to re-sort our foods in to the 5 groups. See above.

Snow Fun

Snow Fun 1 Cedar work together to build a giant snowball!

Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals

Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals 1
Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals 2
Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals 3
Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals 4
Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals 5
Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals 6

Year 2 Learn How To Care For Animals

In our science lessons we have been learning about animals. Today we talked about what animals need for survival. Mrs Rich brought in her pet dwarf rabbit, Oren, and she talked about all of the things that he needs to stay alive and healthy. We learnt lots about the food that rabbits need, how to provide them with a safe shelter and how to keep a rabbit clean. Oren was very well behaved and even let Lucas and Lilly give him a brush!  See above.

Year 2 Dance Lesson

Year 2 Dance Lesson 1
Year 2 Dance Lesson 2
Year 2 Dance Lesson 3

Year Two Dance Lessons

We have been learning to perform dances using simple movement patterns. We listened to the music from “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and came up with four movements that could be repeated. We tried hard to listen to the rhythm of the music and move in time. We put our movements together and performed for each other. It was fun to be a pirate!  See above.

Reasoning About Multiplication and Division

Reasoning About Multiplication and Division 1

Reasoning About Multiplication and Division

We carried out an investigation where we had to put 30 counters in to equal groups. For each group we had to write a multiplication sentence to match. We tried to find all of the possible combinations by using the counters and what we know about commutativity. We then thought about how we could use the inverse operations to find the related division number sentences.  See above.

Year 2 Tea Party with Mrs Green

Year 2 Tea Party with Mrs Green 1

We are busily adding the last touches to our nativity play 'One Night On Earth'. Our costumes look fabulous and we are all doing a great job of learning our words. We look forward to showing you all of our hard work and would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas!  See below.

Year 2 Nativity

Year 2 Nativity 1
Year 2 Nativity 2
Year 2 Nativity 3
Year 2 Nativity 4
Year 2 Nativity 5
Year 2 Nativity 6
Year 2 Nativity 7
Year 2 Nativity 8
Year 2 Nativity 9
Year 2 Nativity 10
Year 2 Nativity 11

Fleet Air Arm Museum Visit

Fleet Air Arm Museum Visit 1

As part of our History topic on Remembrance, Year 2 spent the day at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. We had a tour of the museum and saw lots of planes and medals from WW1 and other conflicts. We learned about what it would be like to sit in war planes and heard stories of immense bravery. It certainly gave us a lot to think about. We made paper and felt poppies to be added to the centenary display in the museum. Each of us then made a “sweetheart pin cushion”. We learned that injured soldiers would often make these whilst they were convalescing to give to people who were special to them. All of the children were superbly behaved and were great ambassadors for Preston.


Year Two have been learning about the features of instructions. We have identified imperative verbs, clear sentences, numbered steps, time conjunctions and a list of equipment we will need to follow the instructions properly. To make sure that we really understood, we all had a go at following instructions carefully to make some crispy cakes. We have found chocolate to be a great motivator!  See below.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Today (4th October) is National Poetry Day. This year the theme is 'change' and so we looked at a variety of poems about Autumn and the changing of the seasons. We read each poem, chose our favourite poem to learn and then we performed them to each other. Ben, Pippa, Marcy and Ruby-Mae did an amazing job, working together well and performing confidently (see video below).

Year 2 Poetry Day

Still image for this video

Somerset Art Week in Cedar Class

As part of our work during Somerset Arts Week, we have been using oil pastels to carry out observational drawings. We tried hard to include lots of detail, blend colours carefully and think about the different shapes that we saw.

Drawings by (from top left to right): Amelie, Evie, Michael, Milan, Noah & Thomas P

European Day of Languages

The 26th September was European Day of Languages. Throughout the day we learnt some simple French phrases. We can now introduce ourselves in French and ask someone else what their name is. We also tried counting in French.

Year 2 Computing

In our computing lessons we have been learning about algorithms. We all followed an algorithm together this week and managed to make some monster corner bookmarks successfully. We have also been using the idea of algorithms by creating and teaching each other different sequences of movements and actions.

What a fabulous start to the new school year we have also had!

Year 2 Literacy

The children have also been enjoying our English lessons, where we are looking at narrative texts with the stories of ‘Dogger’ and ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’. The children have been looking at story structure and how to write their own endings to the stories. Some children were brave enough to try mustard, as is used in the story, and agreed with the seagulls that it was “yuck"!

Year 2 Geography

Year 2 Geography 1
Year 2 Geography 2
Year 2 Geography 3

We had a fun geography lesson learning about the continents and oceans of the world. The children enjoyed locating the continents and drawing accurate representations onto their own ‘globes’, all working well in pairs, and we only managed to pop one!

Welcome new Maple Class!

Welcome new Maple Class! 1
Welcome new Maple Class! 2
Welcome new Maple Class! 3

The children (and Mrs.Rich!) have settled in nicely to Year Two, and have been working really hard on their maths. We have been looking at place value, comparing numbers using ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ and are now moving on to number bonds to 100. See above.

Welcome new Cedar Class!

Welcome new Cedar Class! 1
Welcome new Cedar Class! 2
Welcome new Cedar Class! 3
All of the children have settled well in to year two and have been working hard in maths on place value. We have been looking at different ways of showing how much each digit is worth. We started off by using drinking straws and are now becoming used to using the Base 10 apparatus. We can partition numbers in different ways and will be using this to help us to compare numbers and to carry out additions and subtractions. What a fabulous start to the new school year we have had!