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Archive 2018/2019 Year 4


Stonehenge 1
Stonehenge 2
Stonehenge 3
Stonehenge 4
Stonehenge 5

Last week, Year 4 enjoyed a trip to Stonehenge as part of their Summer history project on the Stone Age. We visited the stones and learnt a lot of information of the different types and how they transported them back before the wheel was invented! We also visited the museum and saw lots of artefacts before finishing by exploring from replica Stone Age houses.

Cave Paintings

Cave Paintings 1

See above for Elm's finished versions of cave paintings on sandpaper done with oil pastels!

Elm Study The Stone Age

Elm Study The Stone Age 1 Elm Class creating cave paintings
Elm Study The Stone Age 2

Year 4 Play - Joseph

Year 4 Play - Joseph 1
Year 4 Play - Joseph 2
Year 4 Play - Joseph 3
Year 4 Play - Joseph 4
Year 4 Play - Joseph 5
Year 4 Play - Joseph 6

Egyptian Projects

Egyptian Projects 1
Egyptian Projects 2
Egyptian Projects 3
Egyptian Projects 4
Egyptian Projects 5
Egyptian Projects 6 Elm Pupils Receive Certificates of Participation

The Year 4 children have recently celebrated the end of their History topic on Ancient Egypt by bringing in their projects which were truly spectacular! The children presented to their peers and exhibited their creations to other classes and to parents. We had a range of sculptures, mosaics, paintings, models and even a pyramid shaped cake! It was wonderful to hear of children working together with parents and grandparents and we would like to thank all family members who got involved and supported. We have awards to give and a prize-giving will take place this week! 

Year 4 Able Writers

Year 4 Able Writers 1
Year 4 Able Writers 2
Year 4 Able Writers 3
Year 4 Able Writers 4
Year 4 Able Writers 5
Year 4 Able Writers 6

Selected pupils from Year 4 visited Oaklands Primary School where they met Damien Harvey, a children's author.  The pupils learned about his books and his inspiration behind his love of writing. The children researched facts about the Vikings and then wrote diary recounts as if they were on their first Viking voyage!  See above.

Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper

Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper 1
Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper 2
Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper 3
Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper 4
Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper 5
Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper 6
Hawthorn Learn About The Last Supper 7

Hawthorn enjoyed an RE lesson thinking about the Last Supper and symbols of Easter.  We listened to the bible story whilst sharing bread and fruit juice, just like Jesus shared bread and wine with his Disciples.  We had a treat at the end of the lesson when Mrs Sherry brought some of Year 6's new born chicks to meet us!  See above.

Dorchester Museum Visit

Dorchester Museum Visit 1
Dorchester Museum Visit 2
Dorchester Museum Visit 3
Dorchester Museum Visit 4
Dorchester Museum Visit 5
Dorchester Museum Visit 6
Dorchester Museum Visit 7
Dorchester Museum Visit 8

Year 4 had a wonderful trip to the Tutankhamun museum in Dorchester. It was interesting to find out that Tutankhamun became Pharaoh when he was just 9 years old - which is the same age as lots of us! We learnt about the mummification process and how death masks were made out of solid gold. We also learnt about Howard Carter and how, having made a small hole in a sealed doorway and peered through with candlelight, he discovered Tutankhamun's tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

Science Week - Recycling

Science Week - Recycling 1
Science Week - Recycling 2

Year 4 enjoyed a visit from Carymoor as part of Science Week and took part in workshops learning about the importance and impact of recycling and reusing materials in order to prevent landfill waste and the need for mining and forestry work. One of the activities involved teamwork and using some old reused guttering to roll a ball from one point to another without dropping it! The children then completed further activities in the classroom, travelling into the future and exploring the long term impact of not recycling today! See above.

Year 4 Tea Party

Year 4 Tea Party 1

Solid, Liquids & Gases

Year 4 went out onto the field to understand the difference between particles in solids, liquids and gases. This allowed us to see how sound waves would move differently between each state of matter.

Picture 1 Y4 Replicate Particle Gas
Picture 2 Y4 Replicate Particle Liquid
Picture 3 Y4 Replicate Particle Solid

Snow Fun

Snow Fun 1
Snow Fun 2
Snow Fun 3
Snow Fun 4
Snow Fun 5
Snow Fun 6
Snow Fun 7
Snow Fun 8
Snow Fun 9

Fundraising Champion

Fundraising Champion 1

Frasier in Hawthorn Class was presented with a certificate for raising £200 for the charity, School In A Bag recently.

Frasier said: "I spent two hours fundraising outside the shop (School in a Bag) to raise enough money for two bags. For the other eight bags I raised the money by making pom pom wreaths with my mum to sell for Christmas. I really enjoyed making the pom poms and am proud at how much I raised."  Well done Frasier!

Elm Class have been estimating mass.

Elm Class have been estimating mass. 1
Elm Class have been estimating mass. 2
Elm Class have been estimating mass. 3
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Elm Class went into Maple Class to read them their books they made as part of their DT project!  See above.

Elm Class delivering their letters for Santa

Elm Class delivering their letters for Santa 1

Year 4 Remembrance Activities

Year 4 Remembrance Activities 1
Year 4 Remembrance Activities 2

Plastic Workshop

Plastic Workshop 1
Plastic Workshop 2

Dog Trust Visit

Dog Trust Visit 1
Dog Trust Visit 2
Dog Trust Visit 3

On 14th November, Year 4 visited Glastonbury Abbey as part of their History topic on The Tudors. They took part in variety of activities including making toothpaste, visiting the Abbot's kitchen and dressing up in Monks' Robes. The winning Tudor toothpaste in Hawthorn was made by Grace and Megan who used salt, cloves and mint to flavour.

Please see below.

Year 4 Glastonbury Trip

Year 4 Glastonbury Trip 1 The winning toothpaste!
Year 4 Glastonbury Trip 2
Year 4 Glastonbury Trip 3
Year 4 Glastonbury Trip 4
Year 4 Glastonbury Trip 5
Year 4 Glastonbury Trip 6

Hickory Research Mountains

Hickory Research Mountains 1

Hickory Identify Shapes

Hickory Identify Shapes 1

Hickory Identify Plants

Hickory Identify Plants 1
Hickory Identify Plants 2

Hickory Art

Hickory Art 1

Elm class studied a Mexican artist called Frida Kahlo. She was in a bus accident and broke several bones resulting in her becoming bedridden. Her parents made her an easel so she could still paint whilst lying down. Lying under the tables, we copied one of her paintings using oil pastels to see what it would have been like for her.

- Rosie, Elm Class (see pictures below).

Elm Art

Elm Art 1
Elm Art 2
Elm Art 3
Elm Art 4
Elm Art 5
Elm Art 6

Royal Letters

Royal Letters 1
Royal Letters 2
Royal Letters 3
Royal Letters 4
Year 4 pupils wrote (at the end of Year 3) to Kensington Palace before the summer to congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their wedding.  The children were please to receive a photo each and a letter (see above).