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Archive 2018/2019 Year 6

Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit

Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 1
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 2
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 3
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 4
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 5
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 6
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 7
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 8
Axe Valley Wildlife Park Visit 9

Letters from Spain

Letters from Spain 1 Pupils receive letters from their penpals in Spain

Year 6 St James’ Church Visit

Year 6 Pupils enjoyed their visit to St James’ Church.  The children wrote prayers on paper leaves to hang from a Prayer Tree among other varied and interactive activities.  See below.


St James' Church Visit

St James' Church Visit 1
St James' Church Visit 2
St James' Church Visit 3
St James' Church Visit 4
St James' Church Visit 5
St James' Church Visit 6
St James' Church Visit 7
St James' Church Visit 8
St James' Church Visit 9
St James' Church Visit 10
St James' Church Visit 11
St James' Church Visit 12
St James' Church Visit 13
St James' Church Visit 14
St James' Church Visit 15
St James' Church Visit 16

SATs Breakfast Club

SATs Breakfast Club 1
SATs Breakfast Club 2
SATs Breakfast Club 3
SATs Breakfast Club 4
SATs Breakfast Club 5

Both Year 6 classes enjoyed having their breakfast together this week. The children were very relaxed and also thoroughly enjoyed having their teachers serve them their breakfast!  See above.

Assessment Preparation

Assessment Preparation 1
Assessment Preparation 2
Assessment Preparation 3
Assessment Preparation 4

Easter Activities

Easter Activities 1
Easter Activities 2
Easter Activities 3
Easter Activities 4
Easter Activities 5

Year 6 were kept busy on the last day of term, writing recipe cards and making Easter Biscuits.  See above.

Egg Update

Egg Update 1
Egg Update 2
Egg Update 3
Egg Update 4
Egg Update 5
Egg Update 6
Egg Update 7
Egg Update 8
Egg Update 9
Egg Update 10
Egg Update 11
Egg Update 12
Egg Update 13
Egg Update 14
Egg Update 15
Egg Update 16
Egg Update 17

During the past week, Mulberry Class has been hearing  the patter of many tiny feet! Their eggs have finally hatched and they are happy to announce that they have successfully hatched 8 bantam chicks.

This fun activity has had a positive impact on many members of Preston C of E Primary, including the staff and parents!.   Empathy, care, excitement, sadness, wonder and awe were just a few of the emotions that were witnessed throughout the last 21 days. The children enjoyed seeing the change in growth, appearance and attitudes of the little chicks - we now have some very confident chicks! 

Special thanks must go to Mrs Ebsworth who delivered the eggs and equipment needed. She was also very informative, explaining and demonstrating what needed to be done to care for the eggs and the chicks. 

The feedback from everyone within our school community has been very positive and an experience that will definitely be repeated.

“An amazing experience with more ooohhs and ahhhhs than bonfire night,” Mrs Sherry.

 Chick out this eggselent website for some cracking facts about chickens!

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day 1
Red Nose Day 2
Red Nose Day 3

Everyone in Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed coming to school in red today! Through an assembly and class discussions and fun activities, the children were made aware of the importance of such days as Red Nose Day - bringing the school community together and raising money to help change lives in the UK and worldwide.  See above.

French Easter Cards

French Easter Cards 1
Year 6 are working hard to build upon the strong links with their pen pals in Herblay, France, by sending them Easter messages. They are very much looking forward to receiving their replies.

Science Experiment

Science Experiment 1
Science Experiment 2
Science Experiment 3
Mulberry Class had a science lesson about the mixing and separation of materials by looking at four ways of making coffee. The classroom smelt pretty good!

Film Review Winner

Film Review Winner 1

Mulberry Class recently received some fantastic news, Sophie, who attends the after school Film Club, has won an award for her review of The BFG. Sophie's film review was one of ten chosen from 1000’s of reviews submitted across the UK. Reviewing the films that the children watch is a big part of the Film Club experience and can also help to develop their confidence in their literacy skills. Sophie will receive a prize and also have her review featured on the Into Film Website. Congratulations Sophie!

Scholastic Book Fair

Scholastic Book Fair 1
Scholastic Book Fair 2
Scholastic Book Fair 3
Scholastic Book Fair 4

All children had the opportunity to visit the book fair during the school day. They were enthusiastic to look at and read the books on offer, with many children purchasing their favourite book. A huge thank you to everyone who supported the fair and look out for our grand total!

World Book Day

World Book Day 1 World Book Day Potatoes
World Book Day 2 Year 6 listen to Year 1 pupils reading
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5
World Book Day 6
World Book Day 7
World Book Day 8
World Book Day 9
World Book Day 10
World Book Day 11
World Book Day 12
World Book Day 13
World Book Day 14
World Book Day 15
World Book Day 16
World Book Day 17
World Book Day 18
World Book Day 19
World Book Day 20
World Book Day 21
World Book Day 22
World Book Day 23
World Book Day 24
World Book Day 25
World Book Day 26
World Book Day 27

Eggspectant Parents!

Eggspectant Parents! 1
Eggspectant Parents! 2
Eggspectant Parents! 3
Eggspectant Parents! 4
Eggspectant Parents! 5
Eggspectant Parents! 6
Eggspectant Parents! 7

Adam and Abigail (above) have carefully chosen our "boy" and "girl" eggs to go into the incubator. We cannot wait for our baby chicks to arrive. Now to decide the names!

West Abbey Visit

West Abbey Visit 1
West Abbey Visit 2
West Abbey Visit 3
West Abbey Visit 4
West Abbey Visit 5

Children from both Year 6 classes, visited the local nursing home this afternoon. The children read to the residents and shared their own experiences of life as a 10 year old in 2019.  Some of the residents were able to share their own memories of their school life. Both children and residents thoroughly enjoyed the visit and are looking forward to the next one at the end of the month.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Visit from Mrs Hymas

We were very lucky to be visited by Mrs Hymas who has had a long and varied career, including links with the NHS and RNAS Yeovilton, who talked to us about our aspirations and how to achieve our goals, whatever they may be.

Visitor from St James's Church

Visitor from St James's Church 1

Visit from Ruth from St James's

As part of our ongoing study of Christianity in RE, we interviewed Ruth, the Associate vicar for St James's Church, who shared her beliefs with us and gave us a clearer understanding of her role in the church.

Science Lecture at Sherborne Girls School

Science Lecture at Sherborne Girls School 1
Science Lecture at Sherborne Girls School 2
Science Lecture at Sherborne Girls School 3
Science Lecture at Sherborne Girls School 4
Science Lecture at Sherborne Girls School 5

We were treated to a fantastic science lecture at Sherborne Girls School in February, which contained all of the most exciting aspects of science - explosions, bubbling liquids and a room filled with strange gases. Alongside the visual excitement was an inspiring lecture that helped to build on the concepts developed in KS2 science.


Following the lecture, we were treated to lunch in the Dun Holme boarding house. This was a real treat and we were cordially hosted by the staff and girls within.


This was a day sure to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Native American Project

Native American Project 1
Native American Project 2
Native American Project 3
Native American Project 4
Native American Project 5
Native American Project 6
Native American Project 7
Native American Project 8
Native American Project 9
Native American Project 10
Native American Project 11
Native American Project 12
Native American Project 13
Native American Project 14
Native American Project 15
Native American Project 16
Native American Project 17
Native American Project 18
Native American Project 19

Mulberry Class have been studying the Native Americans as a part of their topic this term. We've covered their origins, their adaptability throughout the Americas, the various tribes and their spiritual beliefs. Recently, our focus was on the iconic tipi, a portable home that allows many tribes to be nomadic. Pupils developed patterns inspired by Native American Art during a design session. This was then developed into a final product which required a mathematical net and the use of 5 poles. The resultant tipis look amazing.


Also linked to our Native American topic were a series of stories inspired by our own spirit animals. These stories were based on the Native American version of creation where the everything-maker decides on the animal's features. We have discovered that the culture is not a written one, so we finished the half term sharing some of our stories around a fire in the Native American tradition.


French Valentine

French Valentine 1
French Valentine 2

During our French lessons this week our objective was to write a Valentines poem and to practice the use of the definite article whilst using a French dictionary effectively. Our second activity was to be able to describe a good friend. Each child chose six friends and wrote a word on their flower, which described the quality they admired.

A Letter from The Palace

A Letter from The Palace 1
Pupils in Year 6 sent a 'get well' card to The Duke of Edinburgh after his recent car accident.  Imagine their excitement when they received a 'thank you' from the Palace!  see above.

Year 6 Huff & Puff

Year 6 Huff & Puff 1
Year 6 Huff & Puff 2
Year 6 Huff & Puff 3
Year 6 Huff & Puff 4

Making Teepees

Making Teepees 1
Making Teepees 2
Making Teepees 3
Making Teepees 4
Making Teepees 5
Making Teepees 6
Making Teepees 7
Making Teepees 8

Snow Day

Snow Day 1
Snow Day 2
Snow Day 3
Snow Day 4
Snow Day 5
Snow Day 6
Snow Day 7
Snow Day 8
Snow Day 9
Snow Day 10
Snow Day 11
Snow Day 12
Snow Day 13
Snow Day 14
Snow Day 15

Year 6 Chocolate Topic

Year 6 Chocolate Topic 1
Year 6 Chocolate Topic 2
Year 6 Chocolate Topic 3

As part of our chocolate topic, Sycamore Class have been conducting market research to help with designing our own product. This week, we tested 6 famous brands; we focused on taste, smell, texture and packaging, giving each bar a score out of 20. Can you guess which was our favourite?

Year 6 Christmas Activities

Year 6 Christmas Activities 1
Year 6 Christmas Activities 2
Year 6 Christmas Activities 3
Year 6 Christmas Activities 4
Year 6 Christmas Activities 5
Year 6 Christmas Activities 6

Year 6 Christmas Lunch

Year 6 Christmas Lunch 1
Year 6 Christmas Lunch 2
Year 6 Christmas Lunch 3
Year 6 Christmas Lunch 4
Year 6 Christmas Lunch 5
Year 6 Christmas Lunch 6

Year 6 Mock Trial

Year 6 Mock Trial 1 Illustration of Court Scene drawn by Princess
Year 6 Mock Trial 2

Race for Life

Race for Life 1
Race for Life 2
Race for Life 3
Race for Life 4
Race for Life 5
Race for Life 6
Race for Life 7
Race for Life 8
Race for Life 9
Race for Life 10
Race for Life 11

Over the past few years we have raised a substantial amount of money for Cancer Research UK by organising our own Race for Life around the school playing fields. Race for Life Schools is a great opportunity to educate all our students at Preston C of E Primary on the importance of a healthy lifestyle through a fun sporting activity and the part they can individually play being a global citizen who contributes to world and community improvement.


The pupils of Sycamore and Mulberry classes showed great commitment and enthusiasm in supporting this worthwhile cause with all who participated in the event being successful. All the children received a Race for Life medal and are now busy collecting their sponsorship money! Watch this space for the grand total !

Dog's Trust Visit

Dog's Trust Visit 1
We were lucky to have a visitor from the Dogs Trust who spoke to us about how domesticated dogs have evolved from wolves (above). 

Making Periscopes

Making Periscopes 1
Making Periscopes 2

Periscope making

As part of our Science topic on Light, we made periscopes which allowed us to see objects around corners. A periscope uses mirrors to reflect the light from the object around the corner and into your eye (see above).

Year 6 Cool Aeronautics

Year 6 Cool Aeronautics 1
Year 6 Cool Aeronautics 2

Our budding Engineers spent a fantastic day hosted by the Royal Aeronautics Society at the Fleet Air Arm Museum where they took part in STEM activities and competitions.

Year 6 Build Anderson Shelters

Year 6 Build Anderson Shelters 1
Year 6 Build Anderson Shelters 2

As part of our WWII topic, we have researched the importance of Morrison and Anderson shelters and have started to build our own models - some even complete with their own "gazunder" (chamber pot)!

Commemorative Celebrations

Commemorative Celebrations 1 A wartime Christmas card
Commemorative Celebrations 2 Making a wreath
Commemorative Celebrations 3
Commemorative Celebrations 4
Commemorative Celebrations 5
Commemorative Celebrations 6 Chatting to local residents at Community Centre
Commemorative Celebrations 7 Chatting to local residents at Community Centre
Commemorative Celebrations 8 Practising the Charlston
Commemorative Celebrations 9
Commemorative Celebrations 10
Commemorative Celebrations 11
Commemorative Celebrations 12
Commemorative Celebrations 13
Commemorative Celebrations 14
Commemorative Celebrations 15
Commemorative Celebrations 16
Commemorative Celebrations 17
Commemorative Celebrations 18
Commemorative Celebrations 19
Commemorative Celebrations 20
Commemorative Celebrations 21
Commemorative Celebrations 22
Commemorative Celebrations 23
Commemorative Celebrations 24
Commemorative Celebrations 25
Commemorative Celebrations 26

See above - During our World War 1 activity morning, Mulberry Class designed a silhouette scene from the war.  Using charcoal, black paper, stencils and acrylic paint the children enjoyed creating their individual landscapes.  After this activity the children were taught how to dance the Charleston and a small group performed their dance to the local community at the Commemoration Tea Party at Abbey Manor Community Centre on Friday 9th November.


Following our Remembrance Service a selection of Reception and Year 6 children placed wreaths, which they had created in their classes, on the soldier silhouette outside the main entrance to the school.  This small ceremony was witnessed by Mr S Woodrow from the Royal British Legion.

Mulberry Map Reading

Mulberry Map Reading 1
Mulberry Map Reading 2
Mulberry Map Reading 3
Mulberry Map Reading 4
Mulberry Map Reading 5
Mulberry Map Reading 6
Mulberry Map Reading 7
Mulberry Map Reading 8

Nothe Fort Visit

Nothe Fort Visit 1
Nothe Fort Visit 2
Nothe Fort Visit 3
Nothe Fort Visit 4
Nothe Fort Visit 5
Nothe Fort Visit 6

Year 6 Visit Nothe Fort, Weymouth

Our  trip  to Nothe Fort was a great success. We were lucky to have a glorious day in Weymouth during which to experience the lives of 1940s refugees. From spending time in an Anderson shelter (amidst an aerial bombing raid) to finding out how many sweets our rations would buy us, we were treated to a realistic and enjoyable insight into how different life would have been. Year 6 costumes looked fantastic and it was clear that they learned a great deal throughout the day. Nothe Fort were also very impressed by the behaviour of our pupils.

Poems Written by Mulberry Pupils Inspired by WW1

Still image for this video

The pupils were given the framework of 'The Call' by Jessie Pope. The poem addresses the 'lads' on the frontline, with repeated questions to 'my laddie'. The poem also contains a clever pattern of rhymes. Pupils were challenged to follow the structure and create rhymes of their own. This followed a brief introduction to life in the trenches.  Please see the video above.

Year 6 Celebrate European Day of Languages

End of very busy and important week in Preston Primary. We have celebrated European Day of Languages as always and it has been a delight to see the ideas and creativity of all our children. Mulberry Class have celebrated with the topic of “Everyone smiles in the same language”.

We find it amazing every time we hear a child in our school speak in another language or share knowledge of their own language learning experiences or cultural celebrations. This week allowed us to remember that we are all part of one large global community.

Able Maths Day

Four of our amazing mathematicians spent a day with other schools solving challenging puzzles and developing their higher level thinking skills. They showed great perservance with some tricky concepts.

Sycamore Bid Farewell to Mr Frisby

Sycamore had an emotional day saying goodbye to one of their past teachers, Mr Frisby. They surprised him with a lovely memories book which he said he would always treasure.

Y6 Science Investigations

Y6 Science Investigations 1
Y6 Science Investigations 2
Y6 Science Investigations 3
Y6 Science Investigations 4

Science Investigations

As part of our science curriculum, we have been learning about the heart and circulatory system. Last week, we dissected pigs’ hearts to see the different chambers and the aorta (see above).

Year 6 Art

Year 6 Art 1
Year 6 Art 2
Year 6 Art 3
Children composed their own individual fingerprints identifying their personality and strengths using art techniques (see above).

Year 6 Prefects & Reading Buddies

Year 6 Prefects & Reading Buddies 1
Year 6 Prefects & Reading Buddies 2
Year 6 Prefects & Reading Buddies 3
Year 6 Prefects & Reading Buddies 4