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Year 5

Mini Police

Mini Police 1

Year 5 found out about a new opportunity that will enhance our school community: mini-Police!

Ashford Water Works Trip

Ashford Water Works Trip 1
Ashford Water Works Trip 2

Joining our classroom learning about rivers with practical experience, Year 5 journeyed to Ashford and studied a river as well as receiving a very interesting tour around the waterworks to discover how the water we flush down our toilets ends up coming back through our taps (with lots of cleaning in between!)

Commotion in the Ocean - Drama Performance

Still image for this video
Pupils had the opportunity to take part in a drama workshop, and then later in the week watch a drama performance called 'Commotion in the Ocean' involving the same actors.

Stained Glass

Stained Glass 1

The children began their work on the stained glass window at the front of the school - the centre tree will be a poppy to mark the Centenary.

Drama Workshop

Drama Workshop 1

An actress from Commotion in the Ocean came in ahead of their performance to do a drama workshop with the children and talk about the problem of plastic pollution in the oceans (see above).

Year 5 Learn About Angles

Year 5 Learn About Angles 1

The children did some angle measuring and drawing before playing angle golf (see above).

Girls Science Event at Bruton

Girls Science Event at Bruton 1
Girls Science Event at Bruton 2
Girls Science Event at Bruton 3
Girls Science Event at Bruton 4
Girls Science Event at Bruton 5
Girls Science Event at Bruton 6
Girls Science Event at Bruton 7
Girls Science Event at Bruton 8
Girls Science Event at Bruton 9

A group of Year 5 girls were kindly invited by Bruton School for Girls to attend a ‘Girls in Science Day’ Event. Exciting activities awaited the children and they learned how to make bath bombs to enjoy later back at home. They all had a fabulous time and have been inspired to become the scientists of tomorrow (see above).

Beach Walk

Beach Walk 1
Beach Walk 2
Beach Walk 3
Beach Walk 4
Beach Walk 5

High Trapeze

High Trapeze 1
High Trapeze 2
High Trapeze 3
High Trapeze 4
High Trapeze 5
High Trapeze 6
High Trapeze 7
High Trapeze 8
High Trapeze 9


Disco! 1
Disco! 2
Disco! 3
Disco! 4

High Wires

High Wires 1
High Wires 2

Kayaking at Portland Harbour

Kayaking at Portland Harbour 1
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 2
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 3
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 4
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 5
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 6
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 7
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 8
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 9
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 10
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 11

Breakfast - Tuesday Morning

Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 1
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 2
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 3
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 4
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 5
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 6
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 7
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 8
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 9
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 10
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 11

Tuesday am

After a busy afternoon and evening everyone had a lovely nights sleep!

Monday Evening - Campfire

Monday Evening - Campfire 1 On Monday Evening we enjoyed a campfire experience
Monday Evening - Campfire 2


Kayaking 1
Kayaking 2


Abseiling 1
Abseiling 2
Abseiling 3
Abseiling 4
Abseiling 5
Abseiling 6
Abseiling 7
Abseiling 8
Abseiling 9
Abseiling 10
Abseiling 11
Abseiling 12
Abseiling 13

Climbing Activities

Climbing Activities 1
Climbing Activities 2
Climbing Activities 3
Climbing Activities 4
Climbing Activities 5
Climbing Activities 6
Climbing Activities 7
Climbing Activities 8
Climbing Activities 9

Arrival & Settling In

Arrival & Settling In 1
Arrival & Settling In 2

Osmington Residential

Osmington Residential 1 We are on our way and very excited!

Year 5 Science

Year 5 Science 1
Year 5 Science 2

The children undertook an experiment on upthrust and gravity to work out which shape of plasticine would travel the fastest through the water (above).

Picture 1

Our new (to us) books arrived ready to be place on the shelf. These more challenging texts are accompanied by audiobooks where the children can read a chapter at home before being read a chapter school (see above).

Picture 1

Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon of listening to classical music as they undertook their work - each fortnight they will have the opportunity to listen to a new music type whilst they work before discussing which are their favourites and why (see above).