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Year 5

Girls Science Event at Bruton

Girls Science Event at Bruton 1
Girls Science Event at Bruton 2
Girls Science Event at Bruton 3
Girls Science Event at Bruton 4
Girls Science Event at Bruton 5
Girls Science Event at Bruton 6
Girls Science Event at Bruton 7
Girls Science Event at Bruton 8
Girls Science Event at Bruton 9

A group of Year 5 girls were kindly invited by Bruton School for Girls to attend a ‘Girls in Science Day’ Event. Exciting activities awaited the children and they learned how to make bath bombs to enjoy later back at home. They all had a fabulous time and have been inspired to become the scientists of tomorrow (see above).

Beach Walk

Beach Walk 1
Beach Walk 2
Beach Walk 3
Beach Walk 4
Beach Walk 5

High Trapeze

High Trapeze 1
High Trapeze 2
High Trapeze 3
High Trapeze 4
High Trapeze 5
High Trapeze 6
High Trapeze 7
High Trapeze 8
High Trapeze 9


Disco! 1
Disco! 2
Disco! 3
Disco! 4

High Wires

High Wires 1
High Wires 2

Kayaking at Portland Harbour

Kayaking at Portland Harbour 1
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 2
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 3
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 4
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 5
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 6
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 7
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 8
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 9
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 10
Kayaking at Portland Harbour 11

Breakfast - Tuesday Morning

Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 1
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 2
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 3
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 4
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 5
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 6
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 7
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 8
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 9
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 10
Breakfast - Tuesday Morning 11

Tuesday am

After a busy afternoon and evening everyone had a lovely nights sleep!

Monday Evening - Campfire

Monday Evening - Campfire 1 On Monday Evening we enjoyed a campfire experience
Monday Evening - Campfire 2


Kayaking 1
Kayaking 2


Abseiling 1
Abseiling 2
Abseiling 3
Abseiling 4
Abseiling 5
Abseiling 6
Abseiling 7
Abseiling 8
Abseiling 9
Abseiling 10
Abseiling 11
Abseiling 12
Abseiling 13

Climbing Activities

Climbing Activities 1
Climbing Activities 2
Climbing Activities 3
Climbing Activities 4
Climbing Activities 5
Climbing Activities 6
Climbing Activities 7
Climbing Activities 8
Climbing Activities 9

Arrival & Settling In

Arrival & Settling In 1
Arrival & Settling In 2

Osmington Residential

Osmington Residential 1 We are on our way and very excited!

Year 5 Science

Year 5 Science 1
Year 5 Science 2

The children undertook an experiment on upthrust and gravity to work out which shape of plasticine would travel the fastest through the water (above).

Picture 1

Our new (to us) books arrived ready to be place on the shelf. These more challenging texts are accompanied by audiobooks where the children can read a chapter at home before being read a chapter school (see above).

Picture 1

Year 5 enjoyed an afternoon of listening to classical music as they undertook their work - each fortnight they will have the opportunity to listen to a new music type whilst they work before discussing which are their favourites and why (see above).