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Christ(J)ingle Bells


We've had another busy week in Mulberry class, with assessment week and then preparing for Christmas.


Everyone has given 110% this week, especially on our Christmas themed extended writes, so should be very proud of themselves.


As well as our assessments (which I know are everyone's favourite), we made some times tables games on Scratch and then, to get us into the Christmas spirit, we learned about and made our own Christingles.

Cool Aeronautics


The highlight of this week in Year 6 has definitely been our 'Cool Aeronautics' workshop - a huge thank you to Leonardos for organising the amazing day. We had the opportunity to spend the whole day building our engineering and teamworking skills, and we ended up with some very stylish (if not overly functional) bridges and balloon powered cars. 

Fantastic First Aid


We have been working very hard (as always) in Mulberry Class, this week. We've done everything from drawing pie charts to painting watercolour horizons and writing WWII evacuee letters, so I think we've all earned a break this weekend.


To top off the week, we took part in a Red Cross first aid workshop where we learned to to help people who: have burned themselves; have cut themselves; have hit their heads; and who need chest compressions or CPR. (We also learned how to write lists using semi-colons, if you couldn't tell.) 

Mock Trial


Some children were fortunate enough to take part in a competition against other local schools in a mock trial. As the prosecuting team, it was our job to prove the case behind a reasonable doubt, and I am delighted to report that we not only won the case but came second overall. A fantastic achievement!

Remembrance Day


To commemorate Remembrance Day, Mulberry class decided to make name tags in honour of fallen WWI soldiers from the Yeovil area to be displayed on the school gates. In addition to this, we painted some beautiful watercolour poppies, which were displayed in the classroom and communal areas, and we also wrote Remembrance Day inspired poems, which we then performed. Finally, a lovely wreath made by the children was laid at the WWI memorial by our Year 6 service children.

Noth(e)ing to see here


This week we enjoyed our trip to Nothe Fort where we pretended to be evacuees, experienced what it would have been like to live during the Blitz, learnt all about rationing and what a school day would have been like during WWII.


See what else we got up to below...

And the rest was History


We’ve had a super first week back in Mulberry class, this week!


We have been practicing writing using speech in English and even wrote our own narratives based from a comic prompt - who remembers Dennis the Menace? In maths we have been drawing, measuring and finding missing angles so by the end of the week we were experts!


On Friday, we were lucky enough to have some French visitors from our twinned town of Herblay, who we were pleased to entertain (especially since we got a cake out of the job). Then we started our fantastic new History topic - WW2 - just in time for Remembrance Day and our amazing trip to Nothe Fort. 

A Futuristic Final Week.


Mulberry have had a super week and certainly haven’t let the excitement of half term stop them from producing some amazing work! 


They have celebrated Black History Month by creating biographies of inspirational black figures, written to a French pen pal and experimented with modal verbs by peering into the future. Here they are reading out their visions of the year 3022!


Have a wonderful half term, Mulberry, and we’ll see you all soon. 

Everybody say cheese!


Well done for another super week in Mulberry class!


In Maths this week, we have been looking at some pretty tricky fractions, but luckily, we had KFC to help us! (Ask the children to explain.)


In English, we have been writing some very suspenseful adventure stories, focusing especially on improving our sentence starters, and I think it has been one of our best writes yet!


And then, after the excitement of the school photograph, we practiced our French speaking skills with a little bit of role play and then wrote some beautiful prayers about friendship.

Naturally Talented


In honour of Arts Week, we were lucky enough to have a special assembly from a visiting artist! She was also kind enough to set us some special tasks, so we all took a trip to the school field to showcase our photography skills. We then used these photos as inspiration to practice our sketching and shading skills. Have a look at the fantastic results below!

Beginning Arts Week


We have had a great (and busy) Week 3 in Mulberry class, this week!


In maths, we have covered everything from long and short division to simplifying fractions and in English we have written some fantastic instructions on how to keep Miss Moorhouse happy.(Although, I think the children might have enjoyed being mean to me just a little bit too much.) 


To finish of the week and celebrate the beginning of Arts Week, we had a go at sketching our ‘safe places’ to embrace the theme of Sanctuary. Have a look at some of the super results below...

Mulberry’s music


Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been busy exploring beat and syncopation through a song, as well as body percussion and developing co-ordination and rhythm skills. This week, we have been using glockenspiels to help us develop and understand the pitch of music.

Throwing shade


After a busy week of tests and some amazing descriptive writing, Mulberry class unwound with some Art on Wednesday afternoon. Isn’t their shading fantastic? 

Welcome back!


We have had a great first week in Mulberry class! Here are Mulberry starting off the week by working on their team building skills on their first afternoon back.


I’m so excited to be working with you in the year ahead!


Miss Moorhouse