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Year 4 - Hickory Class

Preston secondary Science workshop

Year 4 took a trip to Preston Secondary to take part in a science workshop with one of the teachers, Mr White. They learned all about different chemicals and the colours they made when reacting with a flame. Mr White then put ethanol into a water bottle and lit a flame. It exploded and made such a loud bang! As you can see from the children’s reactions, they simply loved it! They then had a go at popping the caps on film canisters. Some of them flew really far away! 

Year 4 Egyptian projects

We have been absolutely blown away by the Year 4’s Egyptian projects this year! They were all incredible and you could tell each child had put in lots of effort and creativity, well done! Thank you to all the parents that helped make their projects as always, we appreciate your support.

Performing arts workshop



Well done to all of the Year 4's who took their timestables test today. We are so proud of every single one of them. Thank you to all the parents who helped the children practise at home. We have celebrated today with an ice-cream and some free time in the sun. 



Art project mask parade!

Learning how to mummify! 
To go with their Egyptian topic, the children learned how to mummify a pharaoh. Iwan was very brave and got mummified by the class.

Year 4 London Trip to The British Museum

What an amazing time we had on our trip to London. We saw mummies galore and loved looking at all the Egyptian statues! The children were impeccably behaved and we are so proud of each and every one of them. 

Year 4 Tea Party with Mrs Hodgson

Sound experiments

This week, the children have been investigating sound. They had 5 different experiments to explore and found out lots about the way sound works!


For our art this term, the children will be designing and painting their own full face mask. They will take inspiration from different countries and their mask culture. Today, the children recreated some masks from around the world.

Our sunflowers (and the children) have grown so much over the Easter holidays! They are going to be repotted over the weekend so hopefully we’ll have some more growth soon. 

This week, the children have been learning about the importance of money. They all drew and house and discussed what needs we have in our house and what items counted as wants. The children had some really interesting debates and, it took them time, but eventually came to the conclusion that a TV was definitely a want not a need! It really opened up their eyes to how expensive a house can be! 

What a wonderful Easter week we have had in Hickory class! We've made Easter Cross cards, decorated eggs, made board games, solved Easter maths mysteries and most of all, we've all had tons of fun! The children have worked incredibly hard so far this year and I can't wait to see them in the Summer term! 


I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break and are able to spend time with your families. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in the new term. 


Mrs Chambers 

Dt projects- Money containers

This term the children have been designing and creating a money container made from felt. They then chose a colour and had to sew the sides. They worked really well and they looked fantastic.

Year 4 play

Wow, wow and wow! What can we say? The year 4 play was ABSOLUTELY incredible! The children worked so hard and we are incredibly proud of them. From learning lines to singing songs, each and every one of the children put so much effort and commitment into the play. Thank you to everyone who supported us by providing costumes and helping the children learn lines. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Road safety workshop

Animals for you!

Wow! What an amazing experience the children had meeting all the animals. They were so brave and loved every minute! Thank you so much to the PTA for paying for this incredible experience. 

Chloe being very brave

Still image for this video

Life education workshop

RE Sikhism workshop
The children in Hickory had a wonderful time with our visitor Eva. They learned all about Sikhism and the story of the Guru. It was a superb workshop and you can see from the children’s faces, how much they enjoyed it! 

Advertising our inventions

To support our science week, we created adverts to try and sell our inventions! The children were fantastic at coming up with slogans and jingles to sell their product. Some children performed theirs to the class and were very brave singing their songs aloud.

Cave art work 

For our History this week, we have been exploring how Stone Age people communicated. The children discovered that, using animal blood or berries, people who lived in the Stone Age painted on cave walls to tell stories and communicate. They were extremely creative and we even tea stained the paper to make it look old!  

Year 4 PCSO visit

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed a visit from the local PCSO. They came to talk to the children about ‘Clever never goes’ and discussed about the danger of talking to or going with people we don’t know. They gave the children scenarios and they had to decide if they were safe, unsafe of if they weren’t sure. The children impressed us with their knowledge of how to be safe. After this, they then got to create posters! 

Science week- innovative inventions

This week, the children generated ideas for an innovative invention. We discussed what innovative meant and how other inventors had created thoughtful ideas to help support future generations. The children then created their own inventions by drawing and labelling each part. They even discussed how much it would cost to make and then sell their inventions. 


Mardi Gras Mask making!

Surrealism artwork

Using inspiration from our dreams, the children created some pieces of surrealism artwork. It’s safe to say they were certainly imaginative! 

Weather Closure

Please find below some work for Friday. Children can also go onto any of the links:


As the children have their play after half term, we have asked them to learn their lines and the song lyrics for when we return.


Have a lovely half term, stay safe and relax ready for another wonderful term at Preston Primary! 

Our library

Year 4 have been enjoying spending their Friday lunchtime in our amazing library. This gives the children an opportunity to explore the wide range of books we have and to continue their love of reading!

Ice creams from the PTA!

Growing together

To support children's mental health week, we have decided to grow some sunflowers. Here is Lily and Indy’s planting them for us. We are going to observe how the flowers grow and compare this to the way we can grow. 

Safer internet day 2022

We were very lucky to have a visit from some year 5 children who shared a quiz with the class. The quiz helped the children understand how important it is to stay safe online. We also had class discussions about what to do in certain scenarios. The children were very good and knew all about the best ways we can use the internet whilst keeping themselves safe online. 

Changes of state

To help us understand the change of state from a solid to a liquid, the children made rice Crispy cakes. They melted the chocolate to observe what happens to a solid when heat is applied. They then added the rice crispies and observed the liquid change back to a solid as it cooled down. 

Patrick and Madoc made jelly to observe the same changes of state. 

This week’s book recommendation


For the children’s art topic this term, we have been looking at surrealism artists. They began by learning about some famous artists and analysing their work. The children then enjoyed recreating some artwork!

Year 4 learned how to create bar charts on Excel this week for their computing topic. This linked with the work they have been doing in maths during the week. 

We were so thrilled to finally be able to go on our trip! What an amazing time we had too. The children were able to explore the museum and go on a trail finding different Somerset artefacts. They then made their own Tudor soap using natural herbs and essences, wrote using ink and quills and finally visited the almshouse to see exactly what it was like to live like a Tudor. They were all impeccably behaved and really did Preston Primary proud. 


What a wonderful Christmas week we have had in Hickory class! We've made snowman cards, decorated calendars, made board games, solved Christmas maths mysteries and most of all, we've all had tons of fun! The children have worked incredibly hard so far this year and I can't wait to see them in the New Year ready for a fantastic new term! 


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and are able to spend time with your families. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in January. 


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Mrs Chambers 

The children are learning to use algorithms and coding within their computing topic this term. We learned how to program codes onto scratch and created some very funny scenes! 

Working as a team!

As part of our PSHE this term, Hickory class have been learning to work as a team. This week they were set with a challenging task. They had to sit on the floor, link arms and then stand up as a pair. After a few attempts, they all managed to get up and learned the value of working together to achieve something! 

Children in need 2021

Tudor activities 

Year 4 spent the day learning all about the Tudors to support their history topic. They loved making Tudor roses from clay, which will be painted on Friday. They also made royal crowns and painted them with lots of decoration. 

Carroll diagrams 

For this weeks maths work we have been looking at ways to organise data. The children asked the class questions and organised it into a Carroll diagram. We also investigated Venn diagrams and pictograms too! 

The digestive system! 
To understand each part of the digestive system and to remind ourselves of last week’s work, we recreated what would happen inside our bodies. It was very disgusting and the children loved it! They were able to name each part of the digestive system and even explained what role each part takes in helping digest our food properly. 

Instructional writing

For English this week, Hickory class have been identifying the features of instructional texts and understanding how to write instructions. They found all the features in different texts and then wrote their own instructions: ‘How to play snakes and ladders’. 

Letters to Morrisons

This week the children decided to write letters to Morrisons based on a terrible experience I had in the shop! As I went for my normal weekly shopping, I saw bananas that were in plastic bags. The children were furious once I’d shown them the pictures so they wrote persuasive letters to try and get the bananas out of the packaging. We will, hopefully, be hearing back from them this week. 


We finally got to erupt our volcanoes! They all worked amazingly and the plan was to upload videos of them however the videos are so long we can’t upload them to the website! Apologies for that. The children were amazing and loved watching them erupt. 



Our volcanoes are looking absolutely AMAZING! The children finished their papier-mâché and began the painting process. We can’t wait to see the finished products! 


Well done to our amazing Annie! She has whizzed through her level times tables and is already onto level 7! An amazing achievement! 

Hello Yellow for mental health awareness day 😀


Hickory class have begun the very messy process of building their volcanoes! Today we managed to secure our bottle (where the magma will come through) and then we started to papier-mâché to create the volcano shape. They are looking fantastic and we can’t wait to get them painted! 

Classifying plants

For our Science this week, Hickory class have been learning about different types of plants and how we classify them. The children learned about each category and then created flow charts to classify some plants. They did very well and their presentation was outstanding. 

Drawing Willy Wonka

Timestables levels

The children have been working really hard on their timestables in preparation for their MTC test in the summer term. Each week the children complete a ‘levels’ test in which they have 10 minutes to answer a set of questions. Over the past 4 weeks they have been whizzing through the levels and 3 children are now onto level 5 which is incredible! 

European day of languages

To celebrate European day of languages the children learned how to say ‘Hello’ in lots of different languages. To help them remember, they then created posters using all the new vocabulary they had learned. Some children then researched a European country and learned even more information about that place.