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Year 1 - Pine Class

Please support your child with their phonics in Year 1.  Phonics are the key to good reading and good writing.

Our Visit to SandWorld


The sun was shining on us as we had an amazing day at SandWorld in Weymouth.  Throughout the day we saw some excellent sculptures based on different films.  We learnt about how to make magnificent sculptures with just sand and water and we admired the work of local and international artists who can create huge sculptures in 10 days!
Then it was our turn.  First we used rainbow sand to create our own sand bottles to take home.  After lunch we went to the sand workshop where we learnt to mix sand and water to make our own sculptures.  We hope you enjoy the photos of our day …


Sports Day

A huge well done to Year 1 who had a wonderful sports day! All children completed every race with enthusiasm and determination. No one was disheartened by the place they came and enjoyed showing their parents their sporting abilities. 

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support the children as they raced down the track. Also a massive thank you to the younger brothers and sisters who completed their own races with their siblings, everyone enjoyed cheering you on! 

Happy Fathers’ Day Dad

This week we have been busy making a special gift for our Wonderful Dads.  We had great fun making Chocolate Shortbread and we can’t wait to help Dad eat it!

Going Back in Time

We went back to Victorian Times and we visited the beach to find out about the changes that have happened over time.  The children enjoyed learning about early cameras, Bathing Machines Punch and Judy shows and Penny Licks whilst dressing up as Victorians on the beach.  

Making a Windmill

Our DT project this half term was to make a windmill.  We read the Dutch story ‘Katje the Windmill Cat’ and we learned about how windmills are used to make flour.  Then we looked at the 3D shapes we might use to construct our own windmills.  The children decided on a cone roof and a cylinder building which they then used as a basis for their windmill designs.

We designed and made our own windmills and we are really pleased with our finished products.

Maths in the Sunshine

Today we took our problem solving questions outside where we could use the outdoor space to work with a group.  The children read the questions, decided how the were going to solve the problem and then collected hoops and beanbags to help them.  Each group recorded their answers and we were relieved to see the same answers from each group when we returned to the classroom.

Well done to our mathematicians in the making!


After practising a range of balances and movements on the mats, this week we moved onto the apparatus.  Well done to all the children who delivered some super confident and creative routines.

Bring a Book and Share

Our confident superstar ⭐️ readers this week shared two fantastic books with us.  First we travelled on a broom to meet a dragon, then we ran through the streets with a selection of dogs.  Two well chosen books, thank you.

Using the Laptops

Today we have been learning to control the cursor and to use the keyboard to input sentences on our laptop computers.

It was a fun challenge but we all managed to type a sentence by the end of the lesson!

Clay Sculptures 

We have been sharing the stories about Rainbow Fish and we have produced some super character descriptions, retells and predictions in our English lessons.

Today we used the clay to make our own beautiful Rainbow Fish sculptures.  We moulded the clay into a fish shape, then we used the tools and some natural materials to create the scales.  Finally we added glitter to complete our fish sculptures.

He Just Can’t Wait to be King 👑 

In Pine class we have had an exciting time preparing for the King’s coronation.

Everyone helped as we prepared a Willow carriage with royal horses and beautifully painted wheels.  We finger painted flags and made cards to send to the king.  With Pear Class we learnt new words to the Lion King classic ‘I Just Can’t Wait to be King’ and we performed it perfectly to the whole school in our celebration assembly.

On Friday we decorated fairy cakes with King Charles III toppers and we made gold crowns to wear for the celebrations.  Two of our wonderful children even found time to make a crown for Mrs Hodgson and Mrs Hann.

Thank you to Mrs Hodgson and the PTA for our much needed ice-creams to keep us going as we finished our week with a parade to our parents.

We are all now ready for a long weekend to continue our celebrations and recover from our busy week.  Well done children.


Colour Mixing

In art we have been learning about primary and secondary colours.  We used the 3 primary colours; red, blue and yellow to make the 3 secondary colours; purple, green and orange.  We had an enjoyable time mixing the paints to create new colours.

Bring and Share a Book

Welcome back to school!
We were lucky to hear 2 wonderful books this week; an enjoyable fiction book about Frozen and an exciting History non-fiction book.   Thank you to our superstars 🌟

Happy Easter

We have had an eggcellent time preparing for Easter 🐣 

The children have worked hard to make Easter cards, Easter hats, Easter Gardens and Easter nest cakes.  We have had a lot of fun and made a lot of mess whilst learning about the importance of Easter to the Christian calendar.

Our Easter preparations finished with a beautiful Easter Service led by the Year 2 children and Rev. David Keen.  We sat beautifully throughout the service and we enthusiastically joined in with the singing of our Easter hymns.  The service finished with some Year 1 prayers written and read by some clear and confident children.

Well done Pine Class and Happy Easter to you and your families.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our two star ⭐️ readers this week, we really enjoyed hearing a fiction book and a non-fiction book.  
Both books were beautifully presented we loved the humour of Max the Brave and we enjoyed discovering new facts about our planet with a very big non-fiction book.

Our Mad Scientists 

We welcomed a wonderful selection of Mad Scientists into our classroom this morning and they were keen to engage in science activities and investigations.  We had lots of fun using water to test for waterproof materials.  Then we used the air around us to create sounds from our plastic tubes.
Well done children, what a busy day we have had!


Thank you parents for your continued support and our amazing costumes.

Fruit Desserts

As part of our DT project, we have been designing fruit desserts.  We thought about the fruits we like and our favourite jelly.  Then we added some tasty custard, cream and sprinkles to make a delicious dessert.  Today we made our desserts and they looked really yummy 😋 

Preston Academy Visited
We had a fun time with the Year 10 students and their teachers from Preston Academy today.  They demonstrated and explained 3 exciting experiments.  We saw a volcano, some elephant toothpaste and we laughed at one of our teachers as their hair stood on end 😂.  We have really enjoyed Science Fortnight so far.  
Thank you to Preston Academy.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our two superstars who shared their books with us this week.  We enjoyed the funny unicorns and we loved ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.  Both books were beautifully read.

Science Fortnight

Our Science fortnight is in full swing and we have had a great time so far.  We have been in the science dome, which was partly funded by the PTA and we were amazed by the different effects helping us to imagine we were visiting different parts of the world.  We visited the rainforest where it was warm AND we got wet.  We went to the desert where we learnt about reptiles and camels and their adaptations to live in dry sandy climates.  We went to the North Pole where some of our children had to pretend to be seals and polar bears to see if they could camouflage, then we felt the cold and saw the cold mist.  We even visited the rubbish tip but that was a bit smelly and not a nice place to experience.  Then we crawled out of the dome, we had a super time.

Also, we visited the science fair where we met with children who had worked hard at home to produce science projects for us to enjoy.  We learnt a lot from these hard - working children and we didn’t want to leave.

We enjoyed a bubble workshop where we watched scientist Paul as he made huge bubbles that we couldn’t resist trying to pop!  We observed one of our children as they disappeared inside a bubble and we watched one of our teachers as her glove was set on fire 🔥 Scientist Paul said we were not to try this ourselves as we are not actual scientists!

In addition to this, we have been learning about magnetism and we explored using the magnets in the classroom to see which materials were magnetic.  We were surprised by some of our findings.

Happy Mothers’ Day Mummy

Thank you to all of our special Mummies for everything they do.  
Lots of love from Pine Class x

Writing Algorithms 

We have had a fun time making BeeBot mats and we loved writing our own algorithms to direct BeeBot to the required destination.  Some of us were great at programming the BeeBot whilst others of us were surprised at where the BeeBot finished!

Maths on the Move

Some of our children have been chosen to participate in ‘Maths on the Move’ lessons and they are really enjoying the active lessons.  Well done to these children who have continued to work hard with our visiting teacher.

World Book Day

We had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day.  We shared many stories, wrote some brilliant book reviews and made super collages and bookmarks.  Thank you to our amazing parents who provided the beautiful costumes.

Palm Sunday

Our R.E lesson today taught us about Palm Sunday …

We watched as some of our children covered the floor with coats to lay a path for Jesus and the donkey.  Then as Jesus and the donkey walked past, we waved palm leaves and we cheered.  We had lots of fun today.

Tom McLaughlin Came to Visit

Today we were lucky to meet Tom McLaughlin, an author and illustrator who came to teach us about writing books and to share some of the books he has written and illustrated.  We loved watching Tom as he drew his pictures, especially as he turned triangles into birds, circles into lions and rectangles into elephants.

Tom has written some really good picture books and it was amazing to hear him read a selection of them to us.

Bring a Book and Share

Wow! What superstar readers!

Thank you to our two fantastic readers this week.  We loved hearing about how Hairy Maclary was frightened by a cat and we enjoyed listening to a space story based on the astronaut Tim Peake - great choices boys, thank you.


Pine class teachers and children had a great time partying!
We sang, we danced and we laughed at the School Disco.

Shrove Tuesday

We have been learning about Shrove Tuesday and its importance to the Christian calendar.  We learnt about making pancakes to use up the rich ingredients before the period of Lent begins.

We know that Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and Pine Class thought about how people often use the period of Lent to give something up or to try new things.  We thought about Jesus in the wilderness and we agreed that forty days is a long time without eating any food.

Later, we had a pancake race with Pear Class and we had a lot of fun.  We remembered the lady who ran through the street with her frying pan and pancake when she heard the church bells because she didn’t want to be late for church.  We thought this might look quite funny.


Hobbycraft Community Project

When we received an email from Hobbycraft, asking us to take part in a community project, Year 1 were delighted to accept.  Hobbycraft asked us to design and make a canvas to represent a local place of interest or historical landmark and this canvas is to be displayed in the Yeovil store.

Hobbycraft provided; a large canvas, some paints, tissue paper, glue and paint brushes.  We have been amazed by the children and their care and precision as they have all worked together to produce a Montacute House canvas.

Next time you are in the Yeovil Hobbycraft store, see if you can find our completed piece.

Bring and Share a Book

Thank you for sharing ‘The Rhyming Rabbit’, we loved this rhyming book.  
You are a superstar ⭐️

Valentines Day

We have been thinking about showing others how much we care about them.  Today we thought about some people in our community and we made some special heart ❤️ cards for the residents of West Abbey Care Home to let them know how much we care.

Making Rapunzel Moving Books

We have had an exciting time in DT and Art lessons this half term, where we have been making moving books.  The children have enjoyed learning a range of new skills and they have made some beautiful books of which they are proud.

Once we had completed our books, we shared them with our friends in Oak Class.

Science - Growing Plants 🪴 

We have been learning about the conditions needed for plants to grow.  We investigated growing seeds in different media and although all of the seeds started to grow in; cotton wool, stones, paper towel and soil, we decided that the soil was the best for healthy plants.

We planted some beautiful flowering plants in the compost in the Queen’s garden to add some winter colour.


Bring a Book and Share

This week we were extremely lucky because we had two wonderful stories read to us.  Thank you boys, we enjoyed your stories and we loved the pictures too!  You are superstars 🌟

Victorian Toys

Year 1 had an exciting time on Friday when we had a visitor from the museum to teach us about Victorian toys and how they were used.

We dressed up as Victorian children and engaged in a range of activities from playing board games to rolling the hoop and pretending to clean the clothes using a toy mangle.

Then we were taught how to make thaumatropes based on the zoetrope from Victorian times.  We had lots of fun whilst learning about the Victorian period.

Our Class Assembly 

Pine class were amazing!
Today we stood at the front of the KS1 assembly to share our thoughts about our class Christian Value of Peace.  We introduced the dove as the symbol of ‘Peace’ then we each told the children and their teachers about what peace means to us.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our Birthday Girl for sharing her new book with us.  We love Bluey and you read it really well.  What a superstar ⭐️!

Chinese New Year

Today we learnt all about Chinese New Year.  We started our day sharing and retelling the zodiac story where we learnt about the rat who cheated to win.  The children were disappointed that the ox didn’t win the race.

Later we found China on a map and we discussed its location to the equator.  The children thought about the weather China may experience. 
Finally we discovered how Chinese New Year is celebrated; we made dancing dragons, performed a dragon dance and we tried some Chinese cuisine.  
What a wonderful day we had!

Our Visit to Noah’s Ark

What an exciting day we had today as we visited Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm.

We arrived at school in the snow ❄️ and we were pleased to see our bus in the school car park.  As we walked to the bus, the snowflakes were massive and we knew it was going to be an exciting, cold day.

Our journey was beautiful.  First we looked over the snowy fields, then the snow turned to brilliant sunshine as we continued on our way to the zoo.

We arrived at the zoo in time to see the meerkat feeding and the lady let us feed the meerkats their crickets - we were pleased to be wearing our gloves as we watched these wiggly creatures in our hands!
As we made our way around the zoo, we saw some amazing animals and we were delighted to be so close to the lions 🦁 and the rhinos 🦏.

The children demonstrated exemplary behaviour throughout and we were proud to share this experience with such a special group of children.

Bring and Share a Book

This term we are inviting the children to bring a book to school and share it with the class.  We loved this story and enjoyed seeing the monster at the end of the book.

Thanks to this week’s superstar ⭐️

World Religion Day

As we celebrated World Religion Day we thought about how everyone is different but we are all special.  
One of our special children was kind enough to bring a bottle of Myrrh into school.  We learnt about how the Myrrh was a baptism gift from the Romanian Church where she was Christened.

We also learnt about our Christian Value of Peace and we made a beautiful dove using white tissue and feathers.

Key Stage One Gold Star Winner

We were delighted to hear that someone in our class won the Key Stage One Gold Star ⭐️ award for this term.

Children are awarded Gold Stars for exemplary behaviour or kindness to others.  Obviously Pine Class have many entries in the box as we have very kind and thoughtful children but there can only be one winner and this term it was …

Christmas Party

The children in Pine class were excited to prepare iced snowmen biscuits using special icing pens and sweets.  We also made some beautiful sparkly party hats ready for our afternoon party.

When party time came, the children displayed some amazing dance moves and participated in many games.  Some of us unwrapped the pass-the-parcel and others stood perfectly still when the music stopped to win a prize.  
We all had great fun and we enjoyed eating our biscuits too!

Our Christmas Service

We had a chilly walk to the church where we met Revd. David Keen who led our Key Stage One Christmas service.  We listened to the Year Two children who retold the Christmas story and some of our Year One children made a tableau scene at the front of the church.

The children were very sensible and respectful in the church and they sat beautifully too.

It’s PTA Panto Day (Oh yes it is!)

Once again our wonderful PTA have been working incredibly hard to raise the money to take the whole school to the Pantomime.  Thank you to our amazing PTA, we had a brilliant time watching Dick Whittington and we enjoyed our sweets too!

We made Wooden Snowmen

We had a fun time assembling and decorating wooden discs to make our own wooden snowmen to display outside the main entrance to the school.  
We are proud of our snowmen and hope you will enjoy seeing the too.

Our Magical Trip to Brimsmore

Thank you to our P.T.A who gave our class some money so we could visit Brimsmore Garden Centre and each receive a gift.  We had a fantastic Autumnal walk to the garden centre and when we arrived we were greeted by the amazing staff at Brimsmore who had provided us with Hot Chocolate and biscuits in their restaurant.

We then visited the exciting Christmas display where we saw singing penguins, talking reindeer and speedy trains all set within a magical Christmas light display.  
The walk home was slightly slower and we were joined by the rain but the children demonstrated exemplary behaviour throughout.  What a wonderful morning!

Making Puppets

The children have demonstrated great skills in designing, sewing and decorating puppets this week.  We now have an amazing selection of animal hand puppets ready to go home at Christmas.

Thank you to the P.T.A

We have been helping to make our sensory garden more fun and we are really pleased with the new water feature donated by the P.T.A.  Thank you to out hardworking parents who have organised events to raise money for our project.

Children in Need

On Children in Need day we helped to raise money by wearing our non-uniform and bringing in a donation.  We also visited the cake sale at lunchtime 😋

We had a fun filled week, learning about Pudsey and how he helps children less fortunate than ourselves.

Our Maths Star ⭐️ of the Week

Mask Making

We welcomed lots of our parents into our classroom to help us to make animal masks.  A local artist called Darrell Wakelam came to show us how to make a 3D mask from card and we had great fun following his instructions to create our own masks.

Our parents and children were very well behaved and they listened carefully to the instructions.  We now have a wonderful selection of masks to display in the corridor.

Thank you to all those parents who were available to come to school.

Remembrance Day

We made poppies to remember the soldiers who have died in war.

This Week’s Stars ⭐️

Sensory Garden

We worked together to make a new sign for our Sensory Garden.  We used a range of soft, bumpy, rough and smooth objects to make the letters needed to spell the word sensory.  The sign can be seen in the Sensory Garden outside our school office.

We met Joules the Tortoise 

Today Joules the tortoise came to school for our science lesson.  We learnt about Joules the reptile and we thought about the different things she needs to keep her safe.  Joules needs a heat lamp as her species have scutes instead of fur and they are cold blooded.

We loved Joules and didn’t want her to leave our classroom.

Our Maths and English Stars ðŸŒŸ 

Hello Yellow

Today we thought about keeping healthy and looking after our bodies and minds as we wore our yellow clothes to school.  We all looked bright and happy throughout the day, thank you to our parents for remembering to dress us in our yellow clothes today.

Year 1 Tea Party with Mrs Hodgson


We have been using direct comparison to measure different objects and decide which objects are longest and shortest.

We have also started to measure different objects using non standard units and we have been able to compare the lengths and find the difference between two lengths.  
Later this week we will be using standard units to measure different objects and ourselves!


This Week’s Stars

Here are the Star Writer and Maths Star for this week.


Well done for all your hard work children!

Some Puppies Came to Visit

Today we met some 10 week old puppies and we were delighted to be able to stroke them.  We talked about how puppies are mammals because they have warm blood and fur and they give birth to live young.

We had a wonderful time learning about the puppies and how Mrs Davies has cared for them to prepare them for their new homes.

Autumn Outdoor Learning

We enjoyed observing the changes as we welcome the Autumn.  The children have collected leaves and seeds from the school grounds and we have made an Autumn basket in the classroom.

We have also had the opportunity to each open a conker, feeling the prickly shells and opening them to reveal a shiny new conker.  We also loved the silky feel of the inside of the shell.

In our Outdoor Learning session, we went out to the playground to use a mix of chalk and leaves to create our own Autumn collages.

Harvest Festival

Revd David Keen visited our school to lead our Harvest Festival.  It was lovely to see Revd Keen and listen to him as he shared the story of ‘The Sower’ where we learnt about the importance of carefully sowing seeds so they grow into healthy fruit trees.

We joined with Revd Keen in song and prayer and one of our special children was chosen to share his prayer in the service.

Animals 2 U South West

Mrs Hodgson kindly arranged for some exciting animals to visit us in school.  We had a wonderful time meeting geckos, rats, millipedes and a massive Royal Python 🐍.  It was a great experience and we all enjoyed touching or holding the different animals.

Arts Week

This week was Arts Week and we were lucky to have a visit from a local artist who showed us some of her work and set us a challenge to produce our own piece of art work.

We used leaves to create our own animal pictures.  We coloured around a leaf and used this to make the face of our animal, then we used pastels to complete our animal.

We were really pleased with our finished pictures.


Also this week, we have created some Christmas card designs for the PTA to help them with their fundraising.

This Week’s Stars

Here are the Star Writer and Maths Star for this week.


Well done for all your hard work children!

Queen’s Garden

We have been working hard to prepare a garden of remembrance for Queen Elizabeth II.

We created a garden using compost and bark and we added a selection of purple and white plants because we know they were the Queen’s favourite colours.  When we had finished the garden, we added a plaque and a corgi.  
We are proud of our finished garden.

This Week’s Stars

Here are the Star Writer and Maths Star for this week.


Well done for all your hard work children!


We went on a Bear Hunt

We have had a wonderful time exploring the school grounds in search of a bear.  The children found footprints and they led us over, under and around objects to a quiet space in our sensory garden where a big, brown, fluffy bear awaited our arrival.  We were so pleased to find a bear in our school grounds!

Queen Elizabeth II
After hearing the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday afternoon, today Pine class joined with the nation in a period of reflection.  We discussed the sadness of loss and we remembered the last 70 years and how wonderful our Queen has been throughout her time on the throne.  
We also learnt about the Queen’s son and how he might be feeling as he takes his new role as our King, King Charles III.

Welcome to Pine Class

We have had a wonderful first day in Pine class.  The children have worked hard demonstrating some good skills and we are looking forward to working with these amazing children and their parents to help them grow and develop.

This afternoon  we managed to avoid the rain as we explored the school grounds and identified our favourite part of our school.