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Year 4 - Hickory Class

Westfield Music Roadshow

Thank you PTA!!

Thank you so much to the PTA for allowing us to have some great fun on the inflatables! Even I had a go on the slide! Thank you!

Egyptian projects

We have been absolutely blown away by the Year 4’s Egyptian projects this year! They were all incredible and you could tell each child had put in lots of effort and creativity, well done! Thank you to all the parents that helped make their projects as always, we appreciate your support.

Island projects

For English this week, the children participated in an ‘Island project’. This involved them imagining they had been deserted on an island. For day 1, they had to wrote a set of instructions on how to survive the night by finding food and making a shelter. On day 2, the children had to write a diary entry describing what their island was like. Using their tech skills, the children, on day 3, recorded their diary entries to send to a rescue boat. They did such a wonderful job on this project that they were allowed to draw their island maps.

SCARF workshop

We had a wonderful afternoon with Jane from scarf! We learned all about being ourselves and how playing with friends is much better than being on our own. The children loved seeing Howard the giraffe and he even managed to take a nibble from Luke’s finger!


Well done to our Wimbledon finalists Matilda and Max! They both played wonderfully and the class loved watching you. 

Leonardo Plane Glider Workshop

The children were extremely lucky to be part of a live stream workshop from Leonardo! They were set a task of building 3 plane gliders out of materials and had to design, construct and test their gliders. The children loved learning all about how planes actually fly and how they could adapt their designs to make their glider go further. We took them to the test and had some gliders go very far indeed! Some even flew 6 metres! 

Sports Day 2023!

Sports Day was a huge success! The weather was perfect, and the children did us proud. Their behaviour was impeccable, and they expressed fantastic sportsmanship in cheering on their peers and celebrating their achievements. Well done KS2! You were all brilliant.

NHS careers workshop

KS2 were invited to attend an online workshop to learn about careers within the NHS. We learnt that there are over 350 different jobs within the NHS alone! The children enjoyed hearing both a paediatric doctor and an infection prevention and control nurse talk about what their jobs involved. We had the opportunity to ask them a range of questions about their roles and discovered all the positive and negative aspects of their working day. It was incredibly interesting and many children left the webinar feeling inspired.

Computing- Making PowerPoints

For our computing this week, the children have been making PowerPoints. They have learned how to insert photos and different ways to present them. The PowerPoints were all about themselves so they could share it with their new teacher. 

DT- Finished products!

We finally finished our pavilion structures including adding cladding to our designs! We all agreed they did very well as it was extremely tricky and fiddly!

DT- building a structure

Our DT this term is to build a pavilion so the children began looking at different structures today and thought about how to build a sturdy building. They experimented by using pencils and blue tack! I can't wait to see their finished products at the end of the week.

Music- Egyptians!

To end our lovely week, we had our music lesson and sang all about the Egyptians! The children enjoyed it so much that we ended up singing it whilst walking (like an Egyptian) around the classroom!


Still image for this video

Class assembly

It was that time again for Hickory to host the class assembly this week and our christian value was wisdom.

English- Dictation

This week’s lesson was different as the children were using their memory to write sentences! The passages they needed to write were dictated by the teacher and it included their year 3 and 4 spellings. The children were also told they needed to correctly punctuate their sentences.

London Trip 2023!

What an absolutely superb day Year 4 had on our London trip! The children were amazed by all the mummies and Egyptian artefacts. They were in awe of the size of some of the statues and I am also immensely proud of how incredibly behaved they all were both in the museum and on the coach! Thank you for such a wonderful day!

Coronation Celebrations!

Today, we celebrated the upcoming coronation with many fun activities and a visit from a very special guest. We enjoyed an ice cream in the afternoon, kindly provided by the PTA. It was a super day! God save the King!

Running with obstacles

Our PE this term is different forms of running. For this week, we were learning the skill of running over obstacles including cones, hurdles and hoops. We had a mini race at the end and the children were wonderful with encouraging their team members.

Author visit

We had a fantastic author visit with some wonderful activities to get the children thinking creatively. The children were very enthusiastic about reading her book and even got given a book mark!

Science- Circuits

This week, the children have been learning how electricity flows through a pathway called a circuit. To help their understanding, they were tasked with a challenge to get the light bulb in their circuit to light. They loved constructing the circuits and figuring out why things would or wouldn’t work. We even managed to get the buzzers out to create a wonderful, yet very annoying, noise!

Fabrics of Nature art topic

This week the children have been inspired by the rainforest and have been creating mood boards for their fabric of nature art topic. 

Science topic of electricity

This week, the children began their topic of electricity and were exploring what items needed electricity to work. They also learned what electricity is and how it flows.

I hope you all have a wonderful, well deserved break! I can't wait to see you all after our Easter holidays. No homework has been sent home but please can you continue to practise your timestables. 


Thank you for all your hard work this term! See you soon!

Mrs Chambers

Rock Bottom!

I am simply bursting with pride after watching the children perform their play to the school and parents this week! They were ALL absolutely incredible and I can't believe how hard they have worked. Thank you to everyone for supporting to learn lines and providing costumes. Well done Year 4!

Fizz Pop science workshop

This week, year 4 enjoyed a workshop by Permafrost Paul from Fizzpop science. They learned all about different chemicals and their acidity, watched lids pop off and even made their own slime! We’d like to say a massive thank you to the PTA for donating money for Year 3&4 to have this workshop.

Whole school Science fair

Hickory class really enjoyed attending the Science fair and seeing all the amazing entries and experiments! A massive well done to Hickory’s Lily, Alfie and Luke who entered the fair. Luke and Alfie took 2nd and 3rd place for the Year 4 category! 

Investigating sound

Sound can travel through different materials. For our investigation, we looked at a variety of materials and how well they blocked our sound. We decided to design a pair of ear muffs and we had to decide which material would be best for this.

DT- to make a product based on a given design brief.

On the final day of DT, the children independently made and baked biscuits. They also designed packaging for their final biscuits and had them bagged and labelled. They did amazing with this project and we hope the biscuits tasted as delicious as they looked!

Class assembly- truthfulness

It was our turn again to host the class assembly. This time, our value was truthfulness and the children retold the story of the boy who cried wolf. The moral of the story was: No one believes a liar, even if they are telling the truth.

DT- making a prototype

For the seconds part of our DT, we made prototype biscuits by adding an additional ingredient to our basic biscuit recipe from yesterday. The choices were chocolate chips, both white and dark, sultanas, coconut, sprinkles and lemon. The children then tasted each other’s and chose a final design biscuit. 

DT- following a recipe.

To start off our DT this week, we had to learn how to follow a recipe. As a class, we made basic biscuits, baked them and ate them! We also researched what biscuits already existed and of course, had to taste these too! This will help us when we make our prototype biscuits tomorrow.

World Book Day 2023

What a wonderful day we all had! The children looked spectacular in their costumes and spent the day completing book activities​​​​​​.

Author Visit 

We had the wonderful author, Tom Mclaughlin, join us at school this week. He read the children some of his stories and discussed how he became an author. An incredible part of the visit was when he showed us how he creates his character by going through a tutorial on his iPad. It was simply brilliant and had us all wishing we could do the same!

India topic

Year 4 have started their geography topic of India and today we were locating India and all its cities.

Languages fair

Maths- Money

Our first day back after half term and the children were keen to learn! In maths, we explored money, adding and subtracting different amounts and even making amounts with different coins. They showed a really good understanding!

DT project- book sleeves

For our DT this term, the children have been researching different fastenings and how these can be used on different products. They then designed a book sleeve using a criteria. After this, the children learned how to sew and attach a button as a fastening. All their book sleeves looked exactly like their designs and they showed really great sewing skills.

Science Investigation

This week, the children have been observing how the states of matter can be reversible. To do this, we applied heat to chocolate, so it became a liquid. We then added some cornflakes to the mix and made some cakes! We observed that, when the chocolate began to melt, it turned back into a solid again. The children loved making the cakes and investigating the process.

Wessex Water Visitor

We were very lucky to have Wessex Water worker, Tim, come and do a workshop with the children about the water cycle. They learned all about how the water cycle works, how water is treated to make it clean and what not to put down the toilet! The children had a go at ‘flushing’ a fake toilet and discovered what would happen to certain items. Who knew that flushable wipes aren’t flushable! They learned a new word of the day too, disintegrated, and even observed toilet paper do just that.

Stone Age Trip- Museum of Somerset

What an amazing time we had on our trip to Taunton! The children had the opportunity to discover pre historical artefacts, make some Stone Age necklaces and paint some cave artwork. They also loved their trail around the museum exploring the artefacts fro all over Somerset. We had lots of members of the public comment on how well behaved the children were.


This week has been all about exploring and performing different types of poetry. Today, the children learned how to write a limerick following the aabba pattern. This is one we wrote as a class: 

There was a young pig from a farm, 

Who had an incredibly long arm.

He wiggled his nose

and struck a big pose, 

Which caused lots of people some harm!


Stone age cave paintings

In history, the children have been learning about the Stone Age and this week, we explored how Neanderthals would have communicated. The children loved seeing all the paintings on the caves and then had a go at creating some of their own! They looked amazing and we even did some hand-printing to put on our display. 


Hickory class simply loved watching the snow fall on Wednesday and my goodness, weren’t there some enormous snowflakes! The snow really helped inspire the children’s magic box poems for their English work.

Estimating and weighing objects

For maths this week, the children have been learning to understand the weight of objects and converting between grams and kilograms. This also gave them an opportunity to read scales and practice their dividing and multiplying by 1000! 

Rock Bottom!


The Year 4 play has been announced! After some utterly fantastic auditioning last week, Mis Johnstone and I had the tough task of choosing the cast. However, the list has been decided and it is time to get this show on the road! We began our first read-through of the script today and it is safe to say we are all incredibly excited about this upcoming performance. More information on the performance will come out soon!


Maths data handling

Using our data we had collected in the week, the children learned how to navigate Excel including how to present their data. This linked to our computing topic for this term also! The children learned how to add their data onto a spreadsheet and then created a bar chart too. They did really well coping with all the new technological terms!

Collective worship assembly
It was our turn to host the collective worship assembly this week and our value was dignity. The children read aloud the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den and then performed a poem. 

Maths data handling

For maths this week we have been learning how to collect data and then how to present our data. The children were told to gather information and then present it in their books as a tally and frequency table. Some of the results were interesting, especially favourite teacher!