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Year 4 - Hawthorn Class

Rice Crispy Cakes


This half-term in Science, we have been learning about 'States of Matter'. The children have learnt how materials can change state. For example, Water can be a solid, liquid or gas. We conducted an experiment to observe the change of state when heating up chocolate. We then made rice crispy cakes. There were lots of chocolaty fingers and mouths by the time we had finished! 

Hawthorn Librarian


Well done to everyone who stood up in front of the class and shared why they would make a good librarian. There was lots of brilliant ideas. Congratulations to Lainey, who is Hawthorn's new school librarian. Lainey will have lots of responsibilities, including helping with book audits and collecting suggestions for new books, helping in the school library and organising the class book shelf. 

The Big Garden Bird Watch


Preston Primary School were very lucky to receive 10 handmade bird boxes from Graham Pritchard and his Father-in-law Bill. As our Eco Team Member, Lily went to assist with putting up the bird boxes.Hawthorn Class now have their own bird box to monitor and observe. Lily will be checking the bird box a few times a week to look for signs of nesting. We hope we will have some chicks by the end of Spring! 





Taunton Museum Trip


Hawthorn had an excellent time at Taunton Museum learning about the Tudors. In the morning, the children completed different workshops including writing with a quill, visiting a poor persons house and making soap. After lunch, the children walked around the museum learning about the timeline of British History. We saw some amazing artefacts and everyone was very inquisitive. We were very pleased with all of the children’s behaviour and engagement throughout the day. 



This week in maths, we have been learning about different ways to record and present data. We have learnt about tally charts and bar charts. The children had to collect their own data about a chosen topic using a tally chart and then present it in their own bar chart. On Friday, we used the laptops to create our bar charts on excel. 

Christmas Week


Hawthorn Class spent a whole week celebrating Christmas. The children took part in a range of activities including making cards, clay decorations, pine cone trees, oil pastel drawings and Kahoot Quizzes. Christmas lunch was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Well done to Phoebe and Semi, who performed a reading at the Christmas service. The children listened and sang the Christmas carols brilliantly.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hawthorn Class!

D.T Project


Hawthorn Class enjoyed creating their D.T projects this term. They were tasked with designing and making a 3D Christmas book. The children wrote a Christmas story and planned moving mechanisms into their illustrations. They used lollipop sticks for moving characters, split pins for moving objects, springs for objects popping out and card for opening and closing doors. We were very pleased with the end result and hope the children enjoy reading them at home. 

A Visit from Reverend Ruth


The children were very lucky to have a visit from Reverend Ruth during their R.E lesson. The children prepared questions to ask Reverend Ruth about Christianity and St James’ Church. 

Aboriginal Art


Hawthorn spent this half-term studying aboriginal art. We looked at a variety of artwork and learnt about the journey and how each piece told a story. We discussed how the symbols were used as an alternative method of writing down stories of cultural importance. The children then designed their own, using cotton buds and paint to replicate the method. 



A big well done to our Hawthorn boys and the rest of Year 4 who represented Preston Primary during their home match. The whole team played wonderfully and won 10-5 against the other team. 

Cha Cha Cha

Still image for this video

Cha Cha Cha

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Teeth Experiment


Hawthorn class have conducted an experiment to see how different drinks effect our teeth. We chose five drinks; water, milk, orange juice, coke, energy drink. We looked at how we could make our experiment reliable and a fair test. We left the eggs for a week, checking them everyday. Today, we have taken out the eggs and examined them, writing our results into our books. We concluded that coke and energy drinks effect your teeth the most. Water and milk are the healthiest.



Well done to Oscar who won man of the match on Saturday. Oscar plays for a team outside of school with some of the other children in Year 4. He won a trophy for scoring the only 2 goals in the match. 



Children in Need

Tudor Day


Hawthorn class enjoyed taking part in Year 4 Tudor Day! We began the day by drawing portraits of Henry VIII wives. The children then made Tudor Roses out of clay which we painted later in the week. We made crowns fit for a King or Queen. Before lunch, we watched a Horrible Histories Tudor episode. After lunch, we  practised our archery skills ready to take part in our class competition and made Punch and Judy puppets. Well done to all the children for getting involved and being so well-behaved, we had a lovely day together! 

Odd Sock Day


The children wore their odd socks to school today to mark the start of Anti-bullying week. We saw some very bright, colourful socks! The children will be taking part in lots of activities centered around bullying throughout the week. 



Well done to Ollie who came 2nd place in his Go Karting Competition. What an amazing trophy! 

Jacqueline Wilson


We were lucky enough to join in with a zoom call with Jacqueline Wilson. The author that inspires so many of our class. Jacqueline Wilson discussed why and how she started her writing career, how she created some of her characters and about her new book - The Primrose Railway Children. The book is a re-imagining of E Nesbit's classic set in the present day. We also followed a tutorial by the illustrator of the book Rachel Dean.




Remembrance Day


Young and old are now dead, 

Time to rest their courageous heads.

Father and sons in despair, 

Their souls floating up into thin air.

Remember them forever.


They were sad to leave their family,

although they flew up happily. 

While the sun shimmered in the sky, 

The planes glimmered way up high.

Remember them forever. 


The men were always strong together, 

Wives left with only memories forever. 

Lest we forget we will always speak, 

Stood together means never be weak.

Remember them forever.


By Lainey 




The Digestive System


Hawthorn have been learning about the digestive system in Science. We have looked at the different parts and learnt their functions. The children took part in an experiment to show the different features of the digestive system. We used a freezer bag with orange juice for the stomach and acid, banana and biscuits as food to show what happens in the stomach. The children took it in turns to churn the food with their hands. The food then travelled through the small and large intestines. We then cut the bottom and watched the food come out. The children enjoyed taking part and there was lots of laughs!



In Geography, Hawthorn Class have been learning about volcanoes.  We have learnt about the different parts of a volcano, why and how a volcano erupts and where volcanoes are usually found. The children have researched and created fact files about a chosen volcano in the world. We have spent time creating our own volcanoes out of papier-mache. The children used a bottle, newspaper and cardboard to create the structure. We then papier-mache using flour and water and then painted them. After working so well together, the children spent the afternoon using vinegar, food colouring and baking powder to create an explosion. 





In R.E this term we have looked at the life of William Booth one of the founders of the Salvation Army. We have investigated the key turning-points in William Booth's life that lead to the formation of the Salvation Army as well as how he devoted his life to helping others. 



Hawthorn class wore yellow to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day. We discussed that we all struggle with how we are feeling sometimes and it's normal to have ups and downs. We talked about what makes us happy and feel positive including sining in the shower, going on a walk and drinking warm hot chocolate. 

Harvest Festival


Hawthorn Class enjoyed celebrating Harvest Festival. The children brought in items of food to donate to The Lord’s Larder. The children discussed the meaning of Harvest Festival and what they were thankful for. We attended an assembly held by Reverend Ruth. Well done to Ben H who spoke so clearly when reading a poem.



Hawthorn are enjoying their dance lessons on a Thursday afternoon. They have been learning a variety of dance routines with Mrs Hill focussing on hip-hop. 

Art with Miss Roy 

Art Week


Hawthorn Class have thoroughly enjoyed Art Week. We have spent time looking at different artists and discussing various art work. We used watercolours to create our own pictures. We looked at mixing and blending colours to create a background and then added black on top to create a silhouette. We were very pleased with the final results!



This week Hawthorn Class has been learning how to multiply a two-digit number by a two-digit number. We have spent the week learning the correct method and with lots of practise the children were able to answer questions independently. Well done everyone you worked very hard!



This week in Art, we have looked at different sketching techniques. The children walked around the field choosing an item they would like to sketch. They brought the item back to the classroom to sketch. We were very impressed with the concentration and effort the class put into their drawings.

School Council Representative 


Well done to all the children who volunteered for school council. The children took it in turns to stand up in front of the class and explain why they would make the best candidate. With plenty of ideas, it was a close vote. 


Congratulations to Oscar for being elected as Hawthorn’s School Council Representative.


Welcome to Hawthorn Class!



We are so thrilled to be able to welcome back all our new Year 4 pupils this week. It is lovely to see the positivity and enthusiasm the children have about being back in school. The first week back was full of productivity and getting to grips with new routines. The children have enjoyed sharing their memories of the Summer Holidays as well as getting stuck into the Year 4 curriculum.


We are looking forward to supporting your children throughout Year 4 and seeing them reach their full potential ready for Year 5. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me - Miss Taylor.