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Year 2 - Cedar Class

Daily 10

We use Daily 10 a lot in class to help us to learn number bonds, addition and subtraction facts and our times tables. It is a fun speed game. Have a go at home.


Yeovil Town FC came to visit us as part of their celebratory tour after becoming champions of National League South! We were all excited to see the trophy!

History Workshop

Sam from the Museum Service came to lead a workshop about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole to support our work on famous nurses. We learnt about what both nurses might have taken with them to the Crimean War, what they did to support the soldiers and had a chance to dress up as a nurse or a soldier. We remembered lots of facts from our lessons and learnt lots of new facts too!

Dental Health Workshop

Today we learnt all about how to keep our teeth healthy. We talked about how and when to brush our teeth and the food and drink that we should have to help our teeth stay clean and strong.

Felt Making

Last week, we designed maps to show our routes to school. We included the things that we see along the way, but added things from our imaginations, too. Today we each chose a section of our maps to put towards a collaborative piece of artwork. We used wool fibres to make felt, starting with a a white background and then building up the colours to represent our designs. 

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Year 2 went to Westlands Entertainment Venue to watch a performance by The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. We learnt about different sections of the orchestra and listened to them playing lots of songs from famous films, such as Toy Story and Frozen. We even participated in singing a song that was created especially for this performance.

Using Positional and Directional Language

Welcome back to summer term! Hopefully, the weather will begin to warm up soon! Today we were working on using positional and directional language in our maths lesson. We worked in pairs to move toy bears around a grid. We challenged ourselves by including turns and obstacles.

Our Golden Star Winner

Well done to Reggie who won the Golden Star Award for showing kindness to his peers. Reggie was nominated by Mrs Rich. 

Happy Easter

Wishing all of you a very happy Easter. 

Growing Seeds

We have been learning about what seeds need to germinate and how plants grow healthily. We each planted sunflower seeds and have enjoyed watching them grow. They are now being taken home for you to look after! It would be lovely to see some pictures of the sunflowers, once they have grown!

Science Fair

We enjoyed looking at all of the marvellous exhibits at the science fair. There was so much to learn. Well done to Madison and James who worked on projects with their sisters.

SCARF Workshops

As part of our PSHCE work, Helen from SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievements, Resilience, Friendships) led a fun workshop on Feelings. We thought about how other people might feel and how we can help if someone if not feeling happy. We also got to see Harold!

World Book Day 2024

Everyone looked amazing today dressed up for World Book Day. We have thought about all of the books that we enjoy reading and done lots of book related activities. We also visited our school library to choose some different books to read.

Careers Week 2024

This week is National Careers Week. We watched some films about different jobs and learnt that men and women can do any jobs they want. We met a female construction worker and a male florist. We thought about what jobs we would like to have when we grow up.

Score and Slip Technique

In art we have been learning more about how to handle clay. This week we learnt all about the score and slip technique for fusing two bits of clay together securely. We made pinch pots and decorated them using our new technique. For the first time we used The Studio for our art lesson, and saw how much easier it was to use clay in a wipe clean environment!

Measuring Length in m and cm

We are learning how to measure accurately using standard units of measure. We thought about Usain Bolt being able to run 100m in just under 10 seconds. We wanted to compare our running ability! We ran for 10 seconds and then used the trundle wheels to measure how far we ran. We definitely have some budding athletes in our midst!

World Thinking Day

Celebrated since 1926, World Thinking Day is a day of international friendship. Today, members of Rainbows, Brownies and Beavers came to school in their uniform…and very smart they look, too!

Equivalent Fractions

Today we have been investigating how one half is the same as two quarters. We built towers using different coloured cubes to prove that the fractions are the same, or equivalent.

Safer Internet Day

As part of our work during Safer Internet Day, we have been thinking about the digital footprint that we each have. We thought about what apps and games we enjoy and also what we should do if things surprise us online. We looked at how to use the Report and Block buttons and who we can turn to for help if things worry us.

Cedar Class Child Led Worship

Each half term, one class has the privilege of leading our collective worship. Today was our turn. We thought about the Christian value of wisdom and talked about how mistakes can often lead to us becoming wiser. We thought about what we should do if we have a difficult decision to make and we told the story of The Wise and Foolish Builders from The Bible.

Caring For Animals
Sharon from Ferne Animal Sanctuary came to visit year 2 today to support our learning in science. We were thinking about what animals need to stay happy and healthy. Sharon talked to us about the different animals that are cared for at Ferne and how each animal has needs to stay well. 


The Great Fire Of London Workshop

Today we had a visit from Sam who works at the Somerset Museum Heritage Service. She came to speak to us about The Great Fire of London and to teach us more about it. We had the opportunity to try and put out a 'fire' using fabric buckets, wrote Secretary Font letters using ink and a quill, dressed up in period style clothing and handled artefacts from the period. We all had a fantastic afternoon and particularly enjoyed the dressing up!

Computing - Creating Digital Content

In our computing lesson, we have been thinking about creating music using the laptops and the website, Chrome Music Lab. The children enjoyed experimenting with the program and creating lots of different rhythms.

Celebrating World Religion Day

Today in Cedar Class we celebrated World Religion Day.  We talked about the different religions of the world and how they share a similar message:


to treat others as you would wish to be treated and love others with respect.


We also talked about the importance of respecting everybody's religious views even if they aren't the same as our own. 


Identifying 2d Shapes

This week we are learning about the names and properties of 2d shapes. We played a game where we had to find matching pairs. It was a test of our maths knowledge and our memory!

Tag Rugby

This morning we had a lovely session of tag rugby with Miss Caddy from Premier Sports. We all enjoyed the session and it helped us to keep warm on this frosty day! 

Understanding Inverse Relationships

We have been learning about the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Today we were using what we have learnt so far to solve problems. Each pair had 30 counters and they had to work out how many different ways they could be sorted into equal groups. Adam and Madison worked logically to find the combinations really quickly.

Art: Mixing Secondary Colours

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back to school. We have begun with a very fun art lesson, which looked at what happens when you mix primary colours. Using damp paper in a tray, we tilted the trays to mix the paints and were amazed at the arrange of colours we mixed.

Merry Christmas!

The run up to Christmas has been busy in Cedar Class. We performed our nativity to parents, visited St James’ Church for our Christmas service, had a visit from an elf and had lots of fun. We are all ready for a restful Christmas break. We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all in 2024!

A Visit From The Panto

The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit from the panto who performed Jack and the Beanstalk. Thank you to the PTA for organising the visit and for providing us with sweeties to enjoy.


This week we have been learning about division as sharing and grouping. We used counters and then recorded the number sentences using the correct mathematical signs.

Diwali Delights!

Jude from Maple Class very kindly brought the teachers some Besan Barfi Diwali celebration cakes to try, and showed us some pictures of his family celebrating their Hindu Faith. Thank you Jude, they were delicious! 

Diwali Dance Workshop

What a way to start the week! We all had great fun this morning when we joined in a Diwali dance workshop as part of our work during interfaith week. We learnt some specific dance moves and got to add our own freestyle movements.

Bovington Tank Museum

Today all of year two visited Bovington Tank Museum to support our learning about Remembrance. We got up close to lots of real tanks, tried on some different uniforms and learnt what life would have been like for a WW1 soldier in the trenches. We learnt so many new facts and enjoyed our day. 

Digital Photography

In our computing lessons this half term, we will be learning how to use technology purposefully, responsibly and safely. Today we have thought about which devices can be used to take photographs, how to take a good shot and played photography bingo. We had great fun!


As part of our computing work, we have been looking at the internet and how we know we can trust our internet searches. We have learnt that anyone can add content to the internet and we have created a webpage for an imaginary creature that might appear on the internet.

Hello Yellow Day 2023


Today we celebrated World Mental Health Day by coming to school dressed in yellow.



We discussed what mental health is and how we've all felt happy, sad, angry, worried, calm and loved at different times in our lives.   


Next, we read a story called "The Huge Bag of Worries" and then wrote about our own worries on a worry monster!




Look at all our worry monsters!



Subtractions Using Base 10 Apparatus

We have been using concrete apparatus to help us understand how to carry out subtractions when crossing the tens barriers. We had to learn about the value of each digit and how numbers can be partitioned in different ways to help us subtract correctly.

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day and, when we came into class this morning, we found a Top Secret Challenge. We had been given a selection of word cards and had to create a poem from them. Detective P. I. Poem came to inspect our work!

Outdoor Learning - Art

Our outdoor learning today had an art focus. We talked about symmetrical patterns and then collected natural materials to make salt dough faces on the trees and Rangoli patterns on cloth by hammering the natural dye out of leaves and flowers.

Geography Field Trip

We went on a walk around our local neighbourhood to identify the human and physical (natural) features of the landscape around us. We were surprised at how many human features we could find in comparison to physical, and we discussed the reasons for this.

Outdoor Learning - Science Focus

We had our first outdoor learning session with Mrs Huggins. We thought about which materials different objects are made from and we talked about their properties. We then built mini dens from natural resources in the woods, using different materials for the roofing.  We tested which material would make the best roof by pouring water over the dens to see which were waterproof.

Art - Mark Making

We experimented with mark making using charcoal and chalk. We thought about how to represent different words using marks on the page.

Counting Objects Accurately

The children in Cedar Class were very helpful today as they counted all of the maths counters that had gotten into a muddle over summer. They began by counting the counters one by one, before we spoke about how much easier it is to count by grouping items into tens. 

Welcome to Cedar Class

It was lovely to welcome everyone to Cedar Class today. Everyone came in looking smart and full of smiles. We talked about all of the exciting things that we got up to over the summer break. We also thought about some crazy, fantastic things that we had NOT done. We wrote sentences, remembering to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops and then we collated our ideas to create a class poem.