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Year 2 - Cedar Class

Happy Holidays

Thank you to everyone in Cedar Class and your families for a fabulous year. We have had a great year and you have all been amazing. I hope you all have a lovely summer break. Remember to pop in and say hello when you’re in year three.

With love from Mrs Mann 😀

Position, Direction and Movement

Year 2 have been making the most of the glorious weather by taking our maths learning outside. In groups, we created obstacle courses that we had to guide our friends around, using the correct mathematical vocabulary.


As part of our DT work, we have been looking at various cushions and evaluating them. We decided which properties make a good cushion and we found those properties on our own cushions from home. We drew and labelled our cushions and discussed what might make our cushions even more appealing.

Ham Wall Nature Reserve

To help us learn about habitats, food chains and using keys, we spent the day at Ham Wall Nature Reserve. We went bug hunting to identify land minibeasts and pond dipping to identify water minibeasts. We even caught some fish and fresh water mussels. The weather was glorious and the children were all very well behaved. I am very proud of them all. Thanks to our volunteers for joining us on our trip.

Art Work

We have been learning about the work of Vincent Van Gogh and have been looking at his painting of sunflowers. Using oil pastels, we had a go at recreating this painting. Ava-Grace, Jessica and Hanna did a particularly amazing job!

Happy Father’s Day to all of Cedar Class’s Fab dads!

We are learning how to tell the time

We have been learning how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes. It can be quite tricky to remember which hand is which and whether it is to or past the hour! Any extra help at home is always appreciated!

Treat for Everyone!

To say a big well done to year Two for working so hard during SATs, phonics and at sports day, everyone had a little treat. It was very welcome in today’s lovely sunshine.

Well done to Cohen for being a Beat the Street Champion!

Sports Day 2022

This week, Maple Class and Cedar Class have participated in a magnificent Sports Day. There were lots of exciting and fun races and the teachers very much enjoyed watching the grown-ups participate in their races. Thank you to everyone who came and helped to make the afternoon so special.

Descriptive Writing

To help us with our descriptive writing about nocturnal animals, we spent some time this morning having a close look at a hedgehog, a mole and an owl. It was really interesting to see these animals up close.

Performing Arts Workshop

Today we got our jazz hands warmed up in our performing arts workshop. We learnt how to convey ideas with our bodies and faces. We were taught some dance moves and a song, all relating to The Lion King. We had great fun!


All week we have been carrying out work relating to the queen’s platinum jubilee. We have created art work, made traditional desserts, solved maths problems and lots more! We have had a great week and are ready to continue the celebrations next week!

Eton Mess

As part of our jubilee celebrations we have all had a go at making a traditional British dessert. Most of us enjoyed making and tasting our pudding!

Family Learning Circus Skills

We have had great fun this morning learning lots of new skills, including tightrope walking, juggling and plate spinning. It was lovely to have so many of our grown-ups joining us, too!

Thank You, PTA!

Thank you to the PTA who kindly donated money for each class to spend. Cedar Class have chosen to spend the money on a selection of new books to add to our class library. We have bought some poetry books and books celebrating diversity.

Learning About Money With HSBC Bank

Today we had a visit from Jordan and Fern from HSBC Bank. They came to teach us about the importance of saving and thinking carefully about how to spend our money. We all chose something that we would like to save up for and talked about how long it would take to save the total amount. Every child also received a certificate of attendance.

Beebot Algorithms

We took our computing lesson outside today. We used the beebots to create algorithms. We planned a route, programmed the beebot and then debugged it, if necessary.

Measuring Capacity

We have been learning how to measure capacity using millilitres and litres. First, we estimated the capacity of a variety of containers. Once we had recorded our estimates, we used measuring jugs and cylinders to check how close our estimates were.

The Gruffalo Role Play

Throughout this term we are learning about the books written by Julia Donaldson. In our DT lesson, we created masks. This week, we used our masks to role play parts of the story, The Gruffalo. We thought of questions that we might like to ask the Gruffalo and how he might answer.

Ivy's Donation to The Little Princess Trust

A huge well done to Ivy who has donated her beautiful long hair to The Little Princess Trust who make real hair wigs for children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment. What a thoughtful girl Ivy is!

Algorithms and Mathematical Vocabulary

Our maths and computing lessons were very closely linked today. We have learnt that algorithms are instructions that tell us, or computers, what to do. We used specific mathematical vocabulary to give and follow instructions. We had to be very clear and precise.

Easter Nest Cakes

We have all had a go at making Easter nest cakes. We had to crunch up Shredded Wheat, melt chocolate and mix it all together. Once the ‘nests’ were built, we placed chocolate eggs in them. Yummy!

Easter Hats

We are looking forward to welcoming our parents to our Easter service, which is being led by Rev. Ruth. We will all be looking splendid in our Easter hats!

Cedar Class Sing about The Great Fire of London

Still image for this video
We have combined our History and Music lessons to learn this song. Enjoy!

Road Safety Workshop

Martin came to talk to us today about how to stay safe on the roads. We learnt the green cross code and what different types of crossings there are. Martin also reminded us about how important it is to wear a helmet whilst riding our bikes, even if we are really good cyclists already.

The Great Fire of London


Last Friday we had a visit from the Museum Service.  A lady called Sharon came and taught us lots of things about the Great Fire of London.                                    We practised using fire buckets, wrote with a quill and ink like Samuel Pepys, dressed up in old fashioned clothes and held artefacts including a peg that was in the actual fire! 


Handling artefacts.




Dressing up as different characters from 1666 - look at those wigs!






Learning how to write with a quill and ink.




Writing in 'Old English' like Samuel Pepys was rather tricky!





Filling a fire bucket.

We had to pretend that the plastic tub was a house on fire.  We passed the bucket along the line to put the fire out - it made us realise why this didn't work very well in 1666.






Happy Mother’s Day to all of Cedar Class’s mums!

Healthy Futures

We had great fun in today’s session, which was all about the importance of eating a balanced diet. Mr Kennard reminded us of the main food groups and we were fantastic at remembering lots of facts from our previous science lessons. We played food Top Trumps, sorted foods into groups and used balances to show muscles being built.

SCARF Workshop

Helen came to talk to us today about our bodies and feelings. SCARF stands for Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. We learnt about what is inside our bodies, how to keep healthy, both physically and emotionally, and how to recognise and deal with bullying. We even got to have a little dance!

Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 21st March 2022

Comic Relief 2022

Thank you to everyone who generously donated to Comic Relief today. The money raised will make a huge difference to people across the world.

Virtual Author Visit - Lucy Brandt

In Cedar Class, we are reading “Leonora Bolt - Secret Inventor”. We were lucky enough today to have a virtual visit from the author, Lucy Brandt. She talked to us about her book and where she gets her inspiration from. She also answered one of the questions that we sent in. Lucy Brandt gave Cedar and Maple Classes a big shout out and even gave us an exclusive sneak peek at the cover of her next book.

International Day of Maths - 14th March 2022

We carried out a maths scavenger hunt in the school playground to see how much maths we could find around us. Look at the things we found.

Healthy Futures Session 2 - Emotional Health

Today we learnt about how to recognise emotions and how to deal with different feelings. We played feelings bingo and then we went outside to create feelings faces out of PE equipment.

Measuring Length

This week we are learning how to measure length in cm and m. We found out that Usain Bolt can run 100m in just under 10 seconds. We ran for 10 seconds and then used trundle wheels to measure our distance. We may have the next champions in Cedar Class!

World Book Day


We have had an amazing day dressing up as our favourite book characters. The children in Cedar class have been talking about their favourite books and sharing stories with children from Sycamore class. We have been amazed by the variety of different costumes and characters. Thank you to everyone for helping to make our World Book Day so incredible.

Painting from Observations

We have been thinking about signs of Spring and noticed lots of daffodils growing around the school grounds. We have spent some time looking closely at the daffodils and have used pencils and watercolours to create artwork.

Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday. We have learnt why Christians eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and we solved some pancake related word problems in maths. The best bit, however, was making and eating our own pancakes. Yum!

Ice Cream Day!

Huge thanks to the PTA who supplied ice creams to all of our class today. It is safe to say, the ice creams were the highlight of the day!

Safer Internet Day

Today is Safer Internet Day. Our Digital Leaders, Sophie and Isla, came to work with our class. They went through a series of scenarios and we had to discuss how we would feel. We talked about what we should do to make sure that we are using technology safely.

DT Lesson

We have been looking at different buildings and have been trying to build our own structures. We explored how to make a tower out of paper and learnt that folding can help make our structures more stable. The tallest free standing tower in Cedar Class was 90cm tall, built by Lucas, Ivy and Ariana.

Using Technology Purposefully

We have created and saved our own media using Chrome Music Lab. Have a listen to some of our creations.

Year 2 Tea Party

Computing - Creating Music

We have been learning how we can use technology for a purpose. We have used Chrome Music Lab to make a variety of rhythms using the iPads. The children were very sensible and wonderfully creative!

Non-Fiction Texts

We have been looking at how non-fiction texts are organised. We looked at the index and discussed alphabetical order. We then worked in small groups to put some animal labels into alphabetical order. We had to think carefully when two animals started with the same letter.

Understanding the Relationship Between Multiplication and Division

We have been carrying out investigations to reinforce what we have learnt about the relationship between multiplication and division. Each pair was given 30 counters and had to group them equally in as many different ways as possible. They then recorded the corresponding multiplication and division facts. The children were quick to find the patterns and notice the law of commutativity in multiplications.

Growing From a Baby

Year 2 have started learning about how all babies grow up to become adults and the changes that babies go through from birth. Mrs Harrison brought her son in to visit us. Ted is 1 year old. We talked about what he is able to do already, what he is learning to do and what will change as he gets older.

New Year’s Resolutions

It was lovely to welcome everyone back to class and hear all of the stories of the amazing times the children have had over the holidays. We have been thinking about what we would like to change in 2022, and have written our own resolutions. I wonder how long we will stick to them!

Hooray! We are on the nice list!

It’s official! Cedar Class are on the nice list. A visit from Santa confirmed it! We were very pleased to receive some new games. To celebrate, we have had a fun games afternoon!

Rev. Ruth’s Christmas Service

Thanks to Rev. Ruth who came to visit us to lead our Christmas service. She talked to us about the importance of sharing at Christmas and to think of those less fortunate than ourselves. Some of our children read the story of the very first Christmas, and they did a very good job. Wishing all of our children and their families a wonderful Christmas.

Christmas Riddles

We have been learning about sentences in different forms and have written Christmas riddles to show how we can write statements, exclamations, commands and questions. Can you solve our riddles?

Poppy’s riddle

Still image for this video

Kathryn’s riddle

Still image for this video

Charlie’s riddle

Still image for this video

Lexi’s riddle

Still image for this video

Snowmen Biscuits

Christmas preparations are in full swing! We have made melting snowman biscuits as a little Christmas treat. They were quite sticky to make, but we all enjoyed the task…and eating them later!

Year Two Wish You All A Merry Christmas

We have all enjoyed performing our nativity play to an audience. We worked so hard to learn our words and learn all of the songs. We hope you enjoyed the show and would like to wish you all a lovely, peaceful Christmas.

A Virtual Visit From Nick Sharratt

We were very lucky today to have a virtual visit from the author, Nick Sharratt. He read some of his new book to us and taught us how to draw some creatures from the story. He even gave Preston Primary a big ‘shout out’!

Animals 2U South West Visit

Today we were very lucky to receive a visit from Marie at Animals 2U South West. She taught us about different animals and their habitats and brought some animals to show us. We met a bearded dragon, some leaf insects, a ball snake and two mice. We got to hold each animal and get a really close look at them. We were all very sensible and enjoyed our visit very much. Big thanks to Marie for bringing her animals to us all the way from Exeter. Thanks, also, to the PTA for funding this amazing experience.

Children in Need

Thank you all for your very generous donations for Children in Need. The children look very smart in their non-uniform outfits and we all love the Pudsey ears!


Today we joined a historical webinar to learn more about Remembrance. We were taught about the many soldiers and animals that were in the war. We also learnt about different coloured poppies. At 11am, we joined the rest of the children from EYFS and Key Stage One to listen to The Last Post and observe two minutes of silence. 

Outdoor Learning Day

To celebrate Outdoor Learning day, Maple Class and Cedar Class have been busy creating some miniature gardens. Working in small groups, the children gathered a variety of items from the school field to create some lovely gardens. All of the teachers were extremely impressed with how well the pupils worked together in their groups.


Today was our first yoga lesson. Everyone enjoyed the session and we are already looking forward to next week.

Cedar Class Visit to The Keep Military Museum

Yesterday we went to The Keep Military Museum in Dorchester to learn about Remembrance. Flora guided us around a poppy trail and we learnt about a local soldier who went to war. Christopher taught us about the significance of the poppy and then we made felt poppies. After lunch, we thought about letters that soldiers might send to their families from the trenches. We even got to experience what the trench was like. Everyone agreed we would rather not be in the trenches! The staff at the museum commented on how well behaved the children were and everyone had a great day!

Digital 5 a Day

Just like having a balanced diet, Digital 5 a Day is about having a balanced digital diet.

We have learnt that IT can be used in lots of different ways and can help us in many areas of our lives. Today we used IT to connect, be active, get creative, be mindful and give to others.

Rail Safety

Marcia, from Network Rail, came to visit us today to teach us about how we can keep ourselves safe at train stations and level crossings. We learnt that a train can travel at up to 125mph and takes the length of 20 football pitches to stop. She taught us the rules about using level crossings and why we should keep behind the yellow lines at the stations.  

Rev. Ruth Visits

In our RE lessons, we have been thinking about how Christians show their beliefs and why praying is important. We thought of lots of questions about Christian prayer and invited Rev. Ruth in to help us find the answers. Ruth gave us lots of answers and also lots of things to think about.

#HelloYellow in Cedar Class

Hello Yellow is World Mental Health Awareness Day. We have thought about the importance of looking after our mental health and how to ask for help if we need it. We have all dressed in yellow clothes.

Creating Lighthouses

We have been reading The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch in our English lessons. Today, we used everyday materials to create our own lighthouses. We think they look very impressive!

Colour Mixing

In our art lesson this week we have been learning about the colour wheel. We learnt which colours are primary colours and how to mix these to make secondary colours. We used our new knowledge and careful painting skills to paint autumn leaves. We used red and yellow paint and then mixed them to make orange.

A Pants Talk!

We had a visit from the school nurses to teach us about the NSPCC's pants rule. We even got to design our own pants!

Welcome to Cedar Class

It was lovely to have all of the new year two children in Cedar Class today. They seemed to have settled well and were confident, polite and smiling. We talked about how to keep our classroom a happy, safe learning environment and decided upon a set of 5 simple rules that we will try to stick to.

Counting Accurately

In pairs, the children were asked to count how many counters they had. We all found that it was easy to lose count! We decided that counting in groups of 10 might help us keep track of how many counters we had. We then put our numbers in order from smallest to largest.