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Preston C of E Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust

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Meet the Staff

Senior Management:

Mrs Claire Hodgson - Headteacher
Mrs Sarah Hann - Deputy Headteacher



Miss Kerri Tucker - Tues/Wed/Thurs (contactable via the school office)


Teaching Staff:

Mrs Sophie Margetts - EYFS (EYFS Lead)

Mrs Amanda King - EYFS (Mon - Thurs)

Mrs Sarah Chislett - EYFS (Fri)
Mrs Lisa Charter -Year 1
Miss Sophie Hayball -Year 1

Mrs Rachel Mann -Year 2 (Mon - Thurs) (KS1 Lead)

Mrs Gemma Rich -Year 2 (Mon - Thurs) 

Mrs Helen Durie -Year 2 (Fri)

Mrs Tracy Haines - Year 2 (Fri)
Miss Chloe Williams - Year 3

Miss Ellie Feltham -Year 3

Mrs Rosie Chambers -Year 4 (Year 3/4 Lead)

Miss Charlotte Taylor -Year 4

Mrs Emily Cashmore - Year 5 (Year 5 Lead)

Miss Camilla Johnstone -Year 5

Mr Tom Branch - Year 6 (Year 6 Lead)

Miss Emmalia Moorhouse - Year 6


Mrs Sarah Chislett (Family Learning and EAL) 

Mrs Katie Huggins (Outdoor Learning)


Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Vanessa Ebsworth - EYFS 

Mrs Annie Barnes - EYFS 

Mrs Tracy Purcell - EYFS

Mrs Lucy Birnie - EYFS

Mrs Tracey Andrews - EYFS

Mrs Stephanie Helyar - EYFS

Ms Lorraine Davies  - Year 1

Mrs Merrissa Rendell - Year 1

Mrs Lorraine Brimble - Year 2

Mrs Ruth Forrester - Year 2

Mrs Nichola Jones - 1:1

Miss Charlotte Kerrigan - 1:1

Mrs Sarah Huntley -  1:1

Mrs Carole Pippard - Year 3

Mrs Sarah Lebese - Year 3

Mrs Louise Evans - Year 4
Mrs Claire Whittle - Year 4

Miss Emily Young - Year 5

Mrs Victoria Newton - Year 5 

Mrs Karen House - Year 5

Mrs Jeny Snell - 1:1

Miss Megan Cook - Year 6

Mrs Stacie Chislett - Year 6


Ms Sunny Muir - SEN Support (Tues/Weds)


Parent & Family Support Advisor:

Mrs Katie Huggins - Tues/Weds/Thurs PM


Office Staff:

Mrs Kim Balfour - Finance Officer
Mrs Ami Purchase  - HR & Admin Assistant 

Mrs Lindsey Watkinson - Receptionist


Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Michelle White

Mrs Tracey Purcell

Miss Charlotte Kerrigan

Mrs Sarah Huntley

Mrs Nichola Jones (1:1)

Mrs Amy Jeffery

Mrs Sarah Shears

Mrs Ruth Forrester

Miss Jennifer Jannikos

Mrs Hayley Finlayson
Mrs Jeny Snell

Mrs Vicki Newton

Mrs Karen House

Mrs Stacie Chislett

Mrs Trina Davis

Catering Staff:

Mrs Charleen Ridley

Mrs Sarah Lambourne

Mrs Jo Harvey

Mrs Kayleigh Nardiello

Miss Jessica Lindsay


Trust Health & Safety Officer - Mrs Fiona Packer


Maintenance/Cleaning Staff:
Mr David Hammond - Site Manager
Mrs Trina Davis - Assistant Caretaker

Miss Jennifer Jannikos
Mrs Sarah Shears  
Mrs Louise Smith

Mrs Michelle White