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Week 6

Home Learning – Week 6 – 08/02/21


Thank you for all your continued support and encouragement for your children’s home learning.

We have had a super week of learning and have been especially delighted to receive all your happiness cards; they have given us great joy to read them.


We have planned a fun week of learning, focused on Lent and Chinese New Year. Activities include pancake making, dragon dancing, Chinese lanterns and a live phonics bingo game to end the week. We hope that you enjoy the last week of this half term.


As always, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or concerns.


Kindest regards


Mrs Hayley Silver & Mrs Sophie Margetts



Make a Chinese Drum

Watch Mrs Evans make a Chinese Drum, then have a go at making one at home.

Chinese Lantern

Watch Mrs Purcell make a Chinese Lantern, then have a go at making one at home!

Phonics Bingo - Friday 12th February - 3.30pm Live on Teams!


As this is our last week of term, we thought that it would be lovely to end the week with an online game of phonics bingo. We will need you to prepare a 4x4 card for your child and ask them to put on a random choice of 12 sounds from the following;


ear, ai, air, ee, er, igh, ure, oa, ck, oo, qu, ar, ch, or, sh, ur, th, ow, ng, oi


It should look something like this;



We will call out the sounds and you will need to encourage your children to mark them off. There will be a prize for the winner! Eyes down next Friday at 3.30pm. Good luck!



Wacky Reading Challenge Winners

West Abbey Nursing Home - Children's Mental Health Week


Thank you for supporting us with making happiness cards for the residents of West Abbey Nursing Home. The cards made in school and some of those made at home have been hand delivered and we are eagerly awaiting their replies! The residents plan to write back telling us what things make them happy. 



Our Wonderful Home Learners