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A SCARF... in Summer?!


Today, we were lucky enough to have an visit from our PSHCE provider - SCARF - to deliver a workshop about decision making, preparing the children for a variety of situations they may find themselves in, moving up to secondary school. The children had lots of really good questions and received a lot of very informative answers.

Swimming and Picnic


We had a great adventure down at Yeovil Country Park, today. The PTA were kind enough to fund an afternoon of swimming at Goldenstones, and we enjoyed having a picnic and playing some games before we left.

Wonderful Waistcoat Making


Year 6 channelled their inner fashion designers this week to create some fantastic waistcoats. Some questionable sewing at the start, but I think we all got there by the end!

Global Games


Excitingly, Year 6 spent the morning participating in the school's 'Global Games' challenge. Acting as mentors to the Year 2 students taking part, they and did an excellent job of showing off their leadership skills. 

Making Memories - 3D Art


As our latest Art project, Mulberry Class took inspiration from their favourite memories of their time at Preston Primary to create an abstract 3D carboard collage. Before jumping straight into cardboard modelling, the children planned their ideas by creating their shapes out of different coloured paper, experimenting with placement, layering and overlapping their shapes. Check out some of the results below!

Bude Week

Thank you to everyone in Year 6 who stayed at school this week for an absolutely brilliant time. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  


Miss Feltham and Mrs Chislett xxx 

Friday - Bowling/Picnic  

To round this week off, we headed down to Hollywood Bowl for a game of bowling and a visit to the arcade. Ollie was our champion with a score of 107, William C came the closest of seconds with 106 and Amelie and Madie came third with 94! Everyone cheered each other on and there were some excellent celebratory dances from the boys. We had a picnic lunch in the park before heading back to school to play some games and spend the last part of the week winding down for the weekend. 

Thursday - Map and Candle Making. 

We had a relaxing day of crafts today; some of the children made fantasy-style maps with tea-stained paper and rice, and others created some delicious-smelling candles to take home and enjoy. We also enjoyed Mario Kart races and made the most of the glorious weather by playing football, Uno and Top Trumps on the field! 

Wednesday - Forest School 

Mrs Huggins very kindly ran a forest school session for us this morning and we had an amazing time! We built dens, made tree faces, created some nature weavings, learned how to start a fire with a flint and steel and (perhaps most importantly) toasted some marshmallows over the fire pit to have with some hot chocolate. 

Den Building

Tree Faces

Fire Starting

Nature Weaving

Tuesday - Prop Making 

The weather was beautiful on Tuesday, so a few of the children went outside to help Mr Bourne run his PE sessions with the KS1 students. The rest of us got the paints out and started making some props for the Year 6 play, which is coming up very soon. No spoilers here though! wink

Monday - Baking 

We kicked this week off by making some sweet treats to take home and (potentially) share with our families. We baked some snickerdoodle cookies that were rolled in cinnamon sugar, followed by some delicious cake pops that were expertly decorated with as many sprinkles as we could fit on them! See if you can spot Marshall sampling the sprinkles... 

Fabulous Friction


As part of our friction revision, we enjoyed investigating which material would create the most friction as the surface for our ramp for our toy cars to travel down. We experimented with: wood, baking paper, kitchen foil, carpet, laminate and sandpaper. 


Coronation Celebration!


To honour King Charles' coronation, the children created their own Common Wealth inspired headdresses, which they wore to our celebratory parade, at the end of the day.

Mulberry Class also showed off their beautiful singing voices during our school performances of our special Coronation Song and God Save the King.