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Engineering Club (Year 6)

Welcome to the Engineering Club Page!


We hosted some of our gifted mathematicians earlier this term to challenge themselves in a series of coding and logical thinking puzzles. We are thrilled to have 20 members in the Engineering club, growing rapidly from the 7 members before the Easter break. Now that our club numbers have expanded, we now have a structural engineering section, software engineering and design engineers. The students will test their abilities to work as a team to design, build and code their creations to solve set challenges. 

The Lego EV3 kits are a perennial favourite for designing, building, programming and editing. Groups have the option to free build or choose from an array of instructional models, including a stair-climbing elephant.

Software engineers beginning their Computer Science course on - a highly recommended website for those interested in learning the basics of computer coding in a fun, accessible way.

The computing engineer section have used all of the main components of a desktop PC to build their own working system.

The structural engineering group have begun to use their ratio knowledge to mix child-friendly cement and the foundations for a water mill.

Designing and building is no quick process, especially when your Lego kits are a little jumbled! Here are photos to update you on our progress. We have been discovering the difference between the joining pin types and how to design a worm gear system to transfer power to where it's needed through angles!

First up is the Maze Breaker. The teams have to design and build a robot which can follow the paths in a 2-D maze setup. Their builds will have to independently navigate from the centre of the maze back to the edge of the maze board, without any interference from the team. Colour, light and gyroscopic sensors are available to each team as well as the full programming suite but no remote control ability for this challenge, code only!