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Year 2 - Maple Class

Congratulations to Year 5 who put on a wonderful production of “Oink!” this morning. We loved the original take on the story of the three little pigs.

Twinnies Farm Visit

A huge thank you to the PTA for organising a visit from Twinnies Animal Rescue Farm. The children loved seeing all the different animals including a Shetland Pony, Rabbits, Lambs and Alpacas. 

Hygiene Experiment

In science, we completed an experiment to learn about how to get germs off our hands properly. This involved using oil and cinnamon on our hands. The four bowls included cold water, cold water and soap, hot water and hot water and soap. We learnt that the best way to get germs off is with hot water and soap. 

Author Visit 

Yesterday, we had a visit from Tom McLaughlin, who shared with us his new book. The children were given the opportunity to purchase a signed copy after the assembly. Tom showed us how he created his brilliant illustrations and shared with us his challenges with having Dyslexia. 

Print Making

Last week, the children individually designed a polystyrene tile which they rolled with ink.

This was then used to create their final print impression. 

Visit from Yeovil Town FC

We were very lucky to have a visit from Yeovil Town FC as part of their trophy tour. The children were very excited by the surprise visit from Yeovil Town player Frank Nouble!


Famous Nurses Workshop

This afternoon we had a visit from Sam from The Museum Heritage Service who came in to speak to us about the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We handled artefacts from their time periods, designed a meal for a wounded soldier, sequenced statements about their work and even dressed up as soldiers and nurses! 

Dental Hygiene Workshop

Today we had a visit from dental hygienist Rafina, who came to remind us all about the importance of keeping our teeth healthy, and how we can do so. 

Handmade Felt Art

Here are some pictures of our art session today where we made felt pictures inspired by maps.

Prayer Competition

Congratulations to Rose in Maple class for being one of the winners of the school prayer competition.

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

Year 2 went to Westlands Entertainment Venue to watch a performance by The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. We learnt about different sections of the orchestra and listened to them playing lots of songs from famous films, such as Toy Story and Frozen. We even participated in singing a song that was created especially for this performance.

Welcome Back

A big welcome back to all of Maple Class and we hope that you all had a restful and chocolatey break! We began the Summer term by reminding ourselves about how to use directional vocabulary correctly. We challenged our partners by guiding them through a grid using only directional language to reach the end. Everyone has come back full of energy and ready to learn which is great to see. 

Happy Easter

Wishing all of you a very happy Easter. 

Growing Seeds

We have been learning about what seeds need to germinate and how plants grow healthily. We each planted sunflower seeds and have enjoyed watching them grow. They are now being taken home for you to look after! It would be lovely to see some pictures of the sunflowers, once they have grown!

Science Fair 2024

This morning we went to look at the amazing science fair, and were astounded by the quality of the entries! Well done to Krisiya, Callum, Lily, Rose, Callum and Hettie who submitted clever projects! Hettie amazed the crowds with her exploding volcano! 

Maple Class Child Led Worship

Each half term, one class has the privilege of leading our collective worship. Today was our turn. We thought about the meaning and origins of Mother’s Day and talked about how we can look after the special women in our lives all year long. 

World Book Day 2024

It is here again! Our favourite day to celebrate our passion for reading.

Maple Class made a brilliant effort with their costumes this year, and I think you can agree that they all look brilliant! Happy World Book Day everyone!

Dance Champ!

This weekend Dilys entered the South West Dance Championship with her dance crew from Kerri Hill Dance Studio. The team entry won first place in the under tens category and Dilys also won first place in the under eight beginners and novice category. Well-done Dilys!

Score and Slip Technique

In art we have been learning more about how to handle clay. This week we learnt all about the score and slip technique for fusing two bits of clay together securely. We made pinch pots and decorated them using our new technique. For the first time we experimented with using The Studio for our art lesson, and saw how much easier it was to use clay in a wipe clean environment!

Measuring Length

Inspired by the sprinting world record set by Usain Bolt, Maple class wanted to see how far they could run in ten seconds. Using trundle wheels to measure the distance ran, we discovered the fastest short distance runner was Callum C, who ran 42m 85cm in ten seconds! 

World Thinking Day

Celebrated since 1926, World Thinking Day is a day of international friendship. Today, members of Rainbows, Brownies and Beavers came to school in their uniform…and very smart they look, too!

Caring For Animals
Sharon from Ferne Animal Sanctuary came to visit year 2 today to support our learning in science. We were thinking about what animals need to stay happy and healthy. Sharon talked to us about the different animals that are cared for at Ferne and how each animal has needs to stay well. 

The Great Fire Of London Workshop

Today we had a visit from Sam who works at the Somerset Museum Heritage Service. She came to speak to us about The Great Fire of London and to teach us more about it. We had the opportunity to try and put out a 'fire' using fabric buckets, wrote Secretary Font letters using ink and a quill, dressed up in period style clothing and handled artefacts from the period. We all had a fantastic morning and particularly enjoyed the dressing up!


Sorting Shapes

This we will be building on our knowledge of shapes and their properties. To begin with, we needed to show our understanding of 2D shapes by matching the shape to its name. 

Tag Rugby

This morning we had a lovely session of tag rugby with Miss Caddy from Premier Sports. We all enjoyed the session and it helped us to keep warm on this frosty day! 

Understanding Inverse Relationships

We have been learning about the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. Today we were using what we have learnt so far to solve problems. Each pair had 30 counters and they had to work out how many different ways they could be sorted into equal groups. We all worked logically to find the combinations really quickly.

Art: Mixing Secondary Colours

Happy New Year to everyone and welcome back to school. We have begun with a very fun art lesson, which looked at what happens when you mix primary colours. Using damp paper in a tray, we tilted the trays to mix the paints and were amazed at the arrange of colours we mixed.

Christmas Crafts

Maple class had a wonderful afternoon doing Christmas crafts, led by Miss Kerrigan. We decorated biscuits to make them look like reindeer, and made some twinkly Christmas Tree decorations. Thank you Miss Kerrigan!

Pantomime Day!

Today we were lucky enough to have the pantomime company ‘Panto For A Day’ come to school and perform Jack and the Beanstalk for us. thank you very much to the PTA for the experience, and for our sweets. 

DT: Wheels and Axles - Building a Ferris Wheel

We have been learning about axles, mechanisms and wheels in D.T, and today was the day that we put our learning into action! Our designs came to life as we worked in co-operative groups to build our Ferris wheels. We had a design criteria and worked hard to make sure we followed our plans. Using our knowledge, we made sure each ferris wheel had an A-frame, an axle and seating pods. We were all very impressed with how they turned out and were proud of our teamwork.

Inter-Faith Week

This week we are celebrating Inter Faith week. Hettie from Maple Class brought in some special objects from her Baptism this year to share with us and explained why each one was important to her Christian Faith. 

Diwali Delights!

Jude from Maple Class very kindly brought the teachers some Besan Barfi Diwali celebration cakes to try, and showed us some pictures of his family celebrating their Hindu Faith. Thank you Jude, they were delicious! 

Diwali Dance Workshop

We were lucky enough to take part in a Diwali dance workshop with Tia this morning, and we all had great fun learning some new moves!

Daily 10

We use Daily 10 a lot in class to help us to learn number bonds, addition and subtraction facts and our times tables. It is a fun speed game. Have a go at home.

Bovington Tank Museum

Today all of year two visited Bovington Tank Museum to support our learning about Remembrance. We got up close to lots of real tanks, tried on some different uniforms and learnt what life would have been like for a WW1 soldier in the trenches. We learnt so many new facts and enjoyed our day. 

Instruction Writing

In our English lessons we have been learning how to write instructions using all of the correct features. We went to the hall and had a really fun game of ‘dishes and domes’ where one team had to make the cones face up, and the other team had to turn them over. Although it was frustrating to play, Maple class didn’t get cross with each other and we had so much fun playing! We then came back to class and wrote down very clear instructions on how to play the game.

Black History Month Art Competition


This month Mrs Rich ran an art competition to honour Black History Month. The children were asked to research a prominent black artist and create a piece of art in the style of their chosen artist, or recreating an artwork of theirs. Here is a wonderful example done by Rose from Maple Class.


Delicious Treats!


We would like to say a huge thank you to Timi from Maple Class, who very kindly shared some of his Nigerian heritage with us in the form of delicious ‘puff puffs’! 
Timi gave a puff puff to every adult to try, and explained how to make them and the ingredients we need. A huge thank you to Timi’s mum for making them for us, they were absolutely amazing! 

Daily 10

We use Daily 10 a lot in class to help us to learn number bonds, addition and subtraction facts and our times tables. It is a fun speed game. Have a go at home. Keep an eye out for new MyMaths homework too!

National Poetry Day


Today we celebrated National Poetry and undertook a challenge provided by Detective P.I. Poem! We worked together to create a poem, then wrote our own acrostic poems to enter into the ‘This is me’ poetry competition. In the afternoon, the children recited poems to each other and learned to improve their delivery of spoken word in front of an audience.

Arts Week

This week we are celebrating Arts Week. We are working with Natasha Rand, the engagement officer at Yeovil Art Space, to complete the leaflet for the current art exhibition titled ‘This is Yeovil’. The children have enjoyed thinking about the attractions in our local area, and what makes Yeovil a great place to live. We have also been working hard to start making props for our nativity and we cannot wait to perform it!

Outdoor Learning - Art

Our outdoor learning today had an art focus. We talked about symmetrical patterns and then collected natural materials to make salt dough faces on the trees and Rangoli patterns on cloth by hammering the natural dye out of leaves and flowers.

Geography Field Trip

We went on a walk around our local neighbourhood to identify the human and physical (natural) features of the landscape around us. We were surprised at how many human features we could find in comparison to physical, and we discussed the reasons for this.

Outdoor Learning

This afternoon we had our first session of Outdoor Learning with Mrs. Huggins. Linking to our Science Curriculum, we explored different types of materials and discussed their different properties. Mrs. Huggins challenged us to build a mini-den to plan how to keep someone safe, warm and dry, and which materials would be the best choice for this. We really enjoyed our first session and learnt a lot about materials and their properties.

Counting Objects To 100 With Grouping

The children in Maple Class were very helpful today as they counted all of the maths counters that had gotten into a muddle over summer. They began by counting the counters one by one, before we spoke about how much easier it is to count by grouping items into tens. 

Welcome to Maple Class

Maple Class have had a brilliant first day together and although the children were a little tired towards the end of the day, they coped so well with the heat! They particularly enjoyed their afternoon Geography lesson where we explored our local area using Google Earth, and planned a walk using directional language. Everyone was beautifully behaved, and keen to show me their best efforts-long may it continue!