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Purpose of Study

Religion and beliefs inform our values and are reflected in what we say and how we behave. RE is an important subject in itself, developing an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the religions and beliefs which form part of contemporary society.


Religious education provokes challenging questions about the ultimate meaning and purpose of life, beliefs about God, the self and the nature of reality, issues of right and wrong, and what it means to be human. It can develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of Christianity, of other principal religions, other religious traditions and worldviews that offer answers to questions such as these.


RE also contributes to pupils’ personal development and well-being and to community cohesion by promoting mutual respect and tolerance in a diverse society. RE can also make important contributions to other parts of the school curriculum such as citizenship, personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE education), the humanities, education for sustainable development and others. It offers opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development, deepening the understanding of the significance of religion in the lives of others – individually, communally and cross-culturally.

Source: Religious education in English schools: Non‑statutory guidance 2010


Golden Threads of Learning for R.E

Within R.E, the children focus on 'golden threads' of learning to develop and deepen a coherent understanding of key concepts, and their relevance to all religions and world views.


From EYFS, children develop their religious knowledge and understanding through enquiry based questions that allow them to make links to previous learning; enquiry based questions ensure that children of all abilities are sufficiently challenged through high expectations.


Our key golden threads (substantive knowledge) are:

  • Love
  • Belonging
  • Community
  • Special/Sacred


Children focus on disciplinary skills within each topic. These are defined as:

  • Investigation and interpretation
  • Reflection and empathy
  • Evaluation
  • Synthesis and application
  • Expression and self-understanding

R.E Long Term Plan


Progression of skills

Progression of skills for all areas


  • To enable all our children to develop a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills in each subject.  
  • To instil high aspirations in all our children, building a positive mind-set and a sense of belonging by tailoring to our children’s needs. 
  • To enable our children to flourish in all areas of our deep and focused curriculum that provides wide opportunities, creating positive school memories.  
  • Children to feel confident at expressing their beliefs and to have an awareness and sensitivity of diversity that will enable them to succeed in our modern world.  

Thursday 21st March 2024

Holy Communion

Reverend David Keen joined Year 3 for their RE lesson today. They discussed Holy Communion and why it is important to Christians. David explained what he would usually do during a service in the church.

Year 3 have have recreated an image of Jesus being baptised in the River Jordan.

Year 5 enjoyed their Judaism assembly.

Tuesday 31st October 2023 RE - Baptism Today, Year 3 visited St James’ Church and Reverend Keen taught us about what happens during a baptism ceremony. We learnt that the holy water is poured onto people’s heads as a symbol of them being cleansed and about the role of Grandparents. Reverend Keen showed us the special robes he has to wear during the ceremony. After that, we acted a baptism ceremony.

R.E around the school