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Year 1 - Pine Class

Please support your child with their phonics in Year 1.  Phonics are the key to good reading and writing

Learning about Reptiles

In science this term we are learning about the different animal groups.  This week we have been learning about reptiles and we had a special visit from Joules the tortoise.  Joules proudly showed us her head, shell and her scutes and she even let us see inside her mouth!
We learnt about caring for a tortoise and the importance of keeping Joules warm under a heat lamp because all reptiles are cold blooded.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our fantastic reader who enthusiastically shared the story ‘Before I go to Sleep’.  We enjoyed this beautifully read story today. 🌟📚

Bright Smiles

Today, Rafina, a dental hygienist came to school to teach us about caring for our teeth.  Rafina spoke to us about ‘BrightBites’ and how we can keep our teeth healthy and shiny.  We watched Rafina as she used her BIG teeth to demonstrate how to brush the sides of our teeth and the tops of our teeth twice a day.

Then we thought about the food we eat and the drinks we should choose to drink.  Rafina spoke to us about the amount of sugar in some of the drinks we can buy and we were surprised that some fruit drinks had a lot of sugar!
We have now been given a new toothbrush and toothpaste to take home so we can continue to keep our teeth clean.

Primary and Secondary Colours

Today we used the three primary colours; red, yellow and blue to make the secondary colours; orange, green and purple.  We were surprised to see how many different shades of the secondary colours we had mixed even though we all started with the same three primary colours!

Bring a Book and Share

Well done to our Fantastic reader who shared his beautiful picture book about ‘Bluey and the Unicorse’.  There were lots of words to read but our superstar reader did an amazing job!

Hanging Baskets

Today we demonstrated our fantastic ability in gardening as we prepared 5 beautiful hanging baskets to be displayed around the school.  The bright and colourful baskets have added a summery feel to the school.  Now all we need is the warm sunshine 🌞 to help them grow.

It has been a busy first week back …

This week the children have been working hard in their maths lessons, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  It has been a tricky week for some of us but we have all showed resilience as we have completed a range of activities and problem solving tasks to develop our skills in simple multiplication.

Well done Pine Class.

Swimming Stars

Well done to our 2 little stars who have been showing great skills in the swimming pool this Easter.  Keep up the amazing work!

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our excellent reader who brought her book into school to share with the class.  We loved this Julia Donaldson book and you read it beautifully.

Growing Potatoes

We were lucky enough to receive some seed potatoes from ‘Grow Your Own Potatoes’.  The seed potatoes have been sat on out windowsill ‘chitting’ and they have now been planted outside.  We can’t wait to harvest and eat our potatoes.

Swimming Success

Some of our children have been showing their skills outside the classroom as they have achieved new stages in their swimming lessons.  Great work boys!

Easter in Pine Class

It has been very exciting in our class this week as we have been preparing for the Christian festival of ‘Easter’.  The children have made Easter hats for the Easter service, Easter gardens to share with their families and Easter nest cakes to enjoy at home.

We hope you enjoy our photos and you have a wonderful Easter break.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our little superhero who confidently read us a story from his Spider-Man book today.  We enjoyed hearing about the two Spider Men and your reading was amazing!

Making Trifles

Our DT project was completed today when we followed our designs to create our own healthy trifle.  The children used a range of self chosen fruits and then added toppings of their choices to create some delicious looking desserts.  We hope the desserts tasted good this evening!

Our Science Day

We had an excellent day of science today.  Our day started with a visit from the older children at Preston Academy where we saw some elephant toothpaste and we engaged in some experiments.  Then we planned our own experiment to find the most waterproof materials.  It was a fun experiment and most of us found paper to be the least waterproof material!

Science Fair Day

We had a fun day of Science today! First we joined the NFU for an assembly about the importance of farming in the Spring and how farmers care for lambs and calves.  We enjoyed learning about the feed for the animals and how much of the animals feed was grown on the farm.  We met cute newborn lambs and observed them as they were bottle fed by Farmer Fiona.

Then we visited the Science Fair where we learnt from other children and their projects.  There was an amazing selection of projects and we could see how hard the children had worked at home.  Well done to all those who participated in the science fair.

Our day finished with a NASA science lesson where we found out about rockets being propelled into space and then we made our own straw rockets which we propelled with our own air.  We had a great time and our rockets travelled really far, one even flew into Pear Class!

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our star reader this week who beautifully read his book to the class.  We enjoyed finding out about the adventures of Dizzy dinosaur.

Swimming Celebrations

Well done to our amazing swimmers who have all moved up a stage and are now swimming in the big pool.  Good luck with Stage 4 girls!

Happy Mother’s Day

A big thank you to all of our Mummies who help us and care for us every day.

World Book Day

What a fun day we had today! 
Thank you to our amazing parents who provided the most wonderful costumes for us to wear as we embraced the fun of reading.  We had a fantastic time reviewing books, making bookmarks and sharing stories.  In the afternoon we were visited by the lovely Year 6 children who worked with us to make electronic books on their iPads, we had a lot of fun with the bigger children.

Happy World Book Day 😁🌎📚

The Last Supper

This week, we continued the Easter story and learnt about Jesus’ last meal with his disciples on Maundy Thursday.  The children thought it was funny that Jesus washed his friend’s feet  even though he was the most important person at the meal table.

Palm Sunday

With Easter fast approaching, we have started to learn about the Easter story.  This week we learnt about how Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and how the people waved their palm leaves and shouted “Hosanna”.  We had some willing participants who were pleased to help us to retell the story of Palm Sunday.  The boys proudly took on the roles of Jesus and the donkey as we waved our leaves and cheered for them.  We are looking forward to next week’s part of the story.

Fantastic Achievements

Well done to our amazing Gymnast and Swimmers who have all moved up a stage this week.  We loved seeing your awards and finding out about how clever you all are.  Congratulations 💫

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to this week’s Superstar Reader who shared a rhyming book for us to enjoy.  We loved this beautifully read story.  Well done 👏 

Making Glasses

In our science lessons this half term, we are learning about the different properties of materials.  This week we were learning about transparent materials.  After reading the story ‘Anna’s Amazing Multi-Coloured Glasses’ we decided to make our own glasses with different coloured lenses. It was fun to make our friends change colour as we experimented with different coloured films.

Planting Seeds

In Pine class we have been busy preparing for the beautiful spring weather by planting seeds.  Let’s hope that warmer weather is with us soon!

Thinking Day

It was lovely to see our Girl Guiding and Scout Group children walking around school in their uniform for World Thinking Day.  It made us proud to see that two of our Class’ children were amongst these thinkers.  Well done.


Happy New Year

This week we celebrated Chinese New Year by learning the Chinese Zodiac story and making concertina dragons.  This year is the year of the dragon but we found out about our own years and the qualities we share.

We finished the week by tasting some Chinese food and we were pleased to see some clear plates.

Our Pancake Race

Wow! What an amazing time we had today as we competed in a pancake race.  This week we have been learning about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent.  The children enjoyed learning about the importance of Shrove Tuesday and we discovered that people race with pancakes.  So, today we practised tossing a pancake then we raced in the playground with Pear class.  Some of the pancakes were caught and others were soggy but we all had great fun!

Fantastic Swimming

Well done to our superstar swimmer who has moved up a stage in her swimming lesson  this week.  Good luck in the big pool 🏊‍♀️.

Our Dancing Kings and Queens

Today was Disco Day and we had a lovely time showing Mrs Charter and Miss Davies our fantastic moves.  We danced to some self-chosen tunes and enjoyed learning a range of moves to the music chosen by the other Key Stage One classes.  What a fun way to end our week - we should ALL sleep well this weekend!

Making Moving Books

We have been working hard to complete our DT projects.  The children have been colouring, painting, plaiting, weaving, cutting and joining to create moving Rapunzel books.  Throughout this project Pine class have shown great resilience teamwork and creativity.  Well done to everyone.  

Bring a Book and Share

We have enjoyed an exciting unicorn story today, beautifully read by our Superstar 💫 reader.  Well done and thank you.

Victorian Toys

Today Sharon came from the museum to teach us about toys from Victorian times.  Sharon brought a selection of dressing up clothes and toys for us to explore the lives of Victorian children.  She spoke to us about how toys have changed over time.  
We loved learning about early moving pictures as Sharon demonstrated the Zoetrope, then we had time to make our own Thaumatropes to recreate the effect of the Zoetrope. 

Science Experiment 

In our Science lessons we have been learning about the best conditions for growing plants.  Today we planted some seeds in 5 different medias to see which was the best for helping plants to grow.  Some of us thought compost would be the best but others were keen to test; cotton wool, rocks, paper towel and sand.  We can’t wait for the results of our experiment.  Keep checking with your children for a progress update.

Exploring 3d Shapes

In our maths lessons this week, we have had fun exploring 3d shapes and using the play dough to create our own versions of the shapes; cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere, cone, pyramid and prism.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our star ⭐️ reader who shared the wonderful Julia Donaldson book ‘The Snail and the Whale’.  You read the story beautifully and we were pleased to discover the whale was safe at the end of the story.

A Visit to Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm

Year 1 braved the cold weather this week as we travelled to Wraxall to visit the zoo.  We had an amazing time and the animals were all on show and fun to watch.  We saw a wide range of animals from all over the world and the children were able to discuss how Noah’s Ark were keeping the animals safe and providing the right conditions for them.  
Well done to Pine class who behaved amazingly well and thank you to our parents who made sure we kept warm throughout the day. 

Bring a Book and Share

We all enjoyed participating in the actions suggested in our story this week and we hope Father Christmas will remember that we were on the ‘Nice List’ in January!  Thank you to our superstar reader who read the story beautifully!

A Special Visitor

As part of our Art topic, we are learning about fabrics and the different skills used to combine fabrics.  This week Miss Davies taught us about the art of quilting and she shared with us some of her quilting projects and showed us the tools she uses to create her quilts.  She even showed us a sewing project she has started.  Miss Davies is making a dress for her Mummy’s Birthday in March and we were able to see it - don’t tell her Mummy!

Blue Peter Badge

Congratulations to our dedicated reader who has read so many books that she has earned a Blue Peter Badge! Well done, we are so proud of you and your love of reading.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our two fantastic readers who both read their books to us this week.  We were entertained by the mouse who thought he was a tiger and we loved the repetition of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  Well done superstars 🌟

Welcome Back

We were pleased to welcome our happy children back to school this week.  The children have settled back into school beautifully and they are already working really hard in all areas of the curriculum.  Well done Pine Class.

Christmas Arrives! 🎅🏻

We have had a fun week preparing for Christmas.  First some letters arrived from the North Pole and Father Christmas was pleased to inform us that we have worked hard this year and we are all on be good list.

Next, an enormous elf arrived on the playground and we were all able to meet the elf and give them a high five.  When we arrived back in the classroom, there had been a special delivery for us and we had been given some special toys for the classroom.
Then we partied our way to the end of the day; dancing, passing the parcel and standing as still as a statue to win a prize - the teachers weren’t very good at this.

We are now all ready for a lovely Christmas break.  
Happy Christmas 🎄  everyone.

Thank you Brimsmore 

The lovely team at Brimsmore Garden Centre kindly gave us some daffodil bulbs and pretty pots to plant them in.  This week we planted our bulbs to take home and grow.  We can’t wait for the spring when our bulbs will add some beautiful colour to our gardens.

Christmas Carol Service

We had a lovely KS1 Carol service at St James’ Church.  We heard wonderful readings and prayers from the Year 2 children whilst a selection of our Year 1 children role played the story of the First Christmas.  We all sang beautifully and made our teachers feel proud by sitting and listening respectfully.

Straw and Order

Our children have been working really hard learning their lines to retell the Nativity story.  Thank you to all our parents for their help and support with learning these lines.  We were proud to present our production ‘Straw and Order’ and the children were amazing as they acted, sang and clearly delivered their lines.  Well done Year 1.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our wonderful reader who shared a lovely book called ‘Tad’.  We enjoyed the story which was beautifully read but we were nervous about the ending.  It was a relief when we heard the ending!  Thank you Superstar 🌟

Making Puppets

After a week of designing amazing animal puppets, this week was the time to turn our designs into reality and what a wonderful job the children have done.  We learnt to sew a running stitch which was fun but challenging for some of us.  Then we cut felt to complete our designs.  This wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be but we persevered and our final puppets look fabulous!

Children in Need

We had a wonderful time learning about Pudsey Bear and how he has a charity to make sure that all children have a good life.  Thank you to our parents who sent us to school in our beautiful non-uniform and gave a donation to the amazing Children in Need charity.

Here are some photos of us enjoying our Pudsey Bear activities this week.

Bring a Book and Share

We enjoyed another story selected by our Star of the Week.  Thank you for sharing and discussing your story with us Superstar.🌟

Anti-bullying Week

Anti-bullying week saw a bright start as our children came to school in their odd socks.  Thank you to all our parents for their support.

We have had a good week learning about anti-bullying where we have remembered the importance of being kind in the classroom, in the playground, at home and on the internet.

Remembrance Day

The children made us feel really proud as they stood respectfully to observe the 2 minutes silence in our Remembrance assembly today.  
Throughout the week we have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies.  It was a sad topic to discuss but the children were able to share their own feelings and they have shown empathy as we thought about the feelings of others.

Famous Artists

In computing this week we used the work of a famous artist to inspire our own work.  We looked at an example of Salvador Dali’s surrealism and found the different lines used in his work.  Then we attempted to recreate his work using the line tool on our iPads.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to our enthusiastic reader this week who beautifully shared the Gruffalo story with us.  


In computing this week, we have been using the line tool and the paintbrush to create our own firework pictures and we are pleased with our completed, colourful pictures.

Black History Month

We have been learning about Betty Campbell and how she worked hard to become the first black Headteacher in Wales.  We were saddened to hear how Betty’s teacher had told her that she was too poor and she had black skin so she would never become a teacher herself.  But we were pleased to hear that Betty exceeded these expectations and she became a headteacher.  This story has inspired us all to work hard to achieve our dreams.  Well done Betty Campbell.

Bring a Book and Share

Thank you to this week’s superstar reader who shared a funny story with us!

Hello Yellow

Thank you to all our wonderful parents who sent us to school in yellow clothes to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day.  We enjoyed our day and we participated in a Year 1 yoga session where we all worked hard to hold the correct positions.  Well done to the children who were definitely more physically able than the teachers!

Outdoor Learning

Today we went outside to look for bugs.  We used our magnifying glasses to look under rocks, behind plants and inside little holes.  We found some interesting insects and bugs then we used a key to identify them.  We had a lot of fun today.

Mask Making

Today we had an amazing time making animal masks with local artist Darrell Wakelam.  We looked at some photos of British wildlife then Darrell taught us how to cut cardboard to create the different animal features.  We were really pleased to see some of our parents in the classroom and were very thankful for the help they gave their own children and other children sitting at their tables.  Our masks look fantastic and they are now drying ready to display in the corridor next week.

Well done everyone!

Building Dens

This week we used the outdoor space to construct dens.  It was a bit wet when we went outside on Wednesday so we were pleased to complete our dens and get inside away from the rain!

Art Week

In Pine class we love to use the paint and glue to get creative and art week gave us a good excuse to put on the aprons and get messy!
This week we have been preparing for Remembrance Day, making poppies to display in our school grounds after half term.  We thought about the importance of Remembrance and we knew our poppies had to be special.  We can’t wait to display our work for the whole school to appreciate.

Outdoor Learning

It was a bit wet and windy for our outdoor Learning lesson this week so we took shelter in the classroom.  Inside, we had fun making natural salt dough faces, dying fabric with blackberries or using a mallet to make leaf prints in fabric.  It was a busy afternoon.

Bring a Book 📕 and Share

Thank you to our two superstar 🌟 readers who were chosen to bring in a story from home and share it with the class.  We really enjoyed listening to you as you confidently shared your favourite stories.

We Went on a Bear Hunt

On Monday morning, Miss Davies saw a bear walking around school 🐻 but she couldn’t catch it so she asked us to help.  We went on a bear hunt with Miss Davies and Mrs Charter.  We checked the year 3 classrooms but all we found was a footprint.  We looked under the picnic table and we found a bit of orange and a footprint but no bear.  We looked in the year 6 classrooms but all we saw was Mr Branch and the children.  Then we saw a footprint outside Miss Moorhouse’s classroom but she didn’t have the bear.  Next we turned the corner and we saw another footprint which led us to the bear who was looking inside the outdoor oven.  We were relieved to see it was a soft and friendly bear and not a big grizzly bear.

The Queen’s Garden

A year after the death of our Queen, her remembrance garden was in need of a tidy up and some fresh flowers so Pine class went out to plant some bulbs and plants.  We hope the rain this weekend will help our garden to grow big and strong.

Exploring Our Senses

In our science lesson this week, we learnt about our five senses; touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight.  Then we went to explore some of our senses in the sensory garden.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find anything to taste but we enjoyed using our other four senses as we moved through the garden.

Welcome to Pine Class

We have had an exciting first week in Pine Class, making the most of the beautiful weather and exploring the outdoors.  As part of our Geography curriculum, we walked around the school grounds to find our favourite part of the natural environment.  We were pleased to find a Pine tree 🌲  and an outdoor classroom on our journey.


The children have all settled into Pine class well and we know this is going to be another fun year of learning.  Well done to our new class of superstars 🌟.