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Year 3 2019/2020

Celts versus Romans

Celts versus Romans 1
Celts versus Romans 2
Celts versus Romans 3
Celts versus Romans 4
Celts versus Romans 5
Celts versus Romans 6

This week in history we have been learning about the rebellion of the Celts against the Romans. The children took on the roles of Venelli, Rastus, Milo, Tiber, Drest and Queen Boudicca to re-enact the battle between the Icini tribe and the Romans.  See above.

Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives!

Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 1
Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 2
Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 3
Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 4

In Year 3 this week we have been inventing our own chocolate bars and in order to know what to include in them we needed to taste test some chocolate first. We tried, milk, white, dark and caramel chocolate. The children enjoyed using their different senses to help create all the fantastic adjectives.