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Year 3 2019/2020

Making Christmas cards was messy but exciting! We made pop-out cards for family members or friends and got to decorate them with sequins.

Picture 1

Willow Class enjoyed making our own Nativity scene with cone people to display in our classroom and remember the Christmas Story.

Picture 1

We all got to make these beautiful lanterns and even chose the colours we used. This took a long time but was worth the effort.

Picture 1

Santa came to visit Willow class! We were very lucky to have Santa come and see our class and we even got some presents. We got to ask how the reindeer and elves were and talk to Santa about how he got ready for Christmas time.

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DT & Science Lessons

DT & Science Lessons 1 Designing & making present boxes
DT & Science Lessons 2
DT & Science Lessons 3 Testing the strength of magnets
DT & Science Lessons 4
DT & Science Lessons 5

In our Science investigation, we tested the strength of different types of magnets by seeing how many paperclips they could each hold.


Pudsey Visit

Pudsey Visit 1
Pudsey Visit 2

Year 3 had an amazing time visiting the Roman Baths. The children enjoyed learning about the different elements of Roman life, including dressing like a Roman. They also learnt how to make a mosaic and created some fantastic patterns using the tiles. The class also went on a tour around the Baths, exploring various rooms and artefacts in the museum. The children were able to recall information learnt in school and see, first-hand, how people lived back when the baths were used.

Roman Baths Trip

Roman Baths Trip 1
Roman Baths Trip 2 Ben dresses like a Roman
Roman Baths Trip 3 Evie & Lucy rock the Roman look!
Roman Baths Trip 4
Roman Baths Trip 5
Roman Baths Trip 6
Roman Baths Trip 7
Roman Baths Trip 8
Roman Baths Trip 9
Roman Baths Trip 10
Roman Baths Trip 11 Tasting spring water from the Baths
Roman Baths Trip 12 Willow Group photo

This week in history we have been learning about the rebellion of the Celts against the Romans. The children took on the roles of Venelli, Rastus, Milo, Tiber, Drest and Queen Boudicca to re-enact the battle between the Icini tribe and the Romans.  See above.

Celts versus Romans

Celts versus Romans 1
Celts versus Romans 2
Celts versus Romans 3
Celts versus Romans 4
Celts versus Romans 5
Celts versus Romans 6

In Year 3 this week we have been inventing our own chocolate bars and in order to know what to include in them we needed to taste test some chocolate first. We tried, milk, white, dark and caramel chocolate. The children enjoyed using their different senses to help create all the fantastic adjectives.

Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives!

Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 1
Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 2
Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 3
Year 3 Chocolate Adjectives! 4