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Year 3 2019/2020

Week 12 - 13th July-17th July


Dear Year 3,


Wow, what a year we have had! You have all done so well and now we've made it to the final week of the year. We are so proud of all of your successes and achievements this year. Thinking back to all the memories we made, including our trip to the Roman Baths and our Year 3 play, we've had a wonderful year. 

We know that it has been strange for everyone, and we have not had normal school for a while now. However, we have been so pleased by the motivation we have seen in all of you to complete your home learning! You have all been amazing!

Although we are sad to not be your teachers anymore, we know you will start Year 4 with the love and excitement for learning you have shown us this year. We are sure you will show Year 4 just what you are made of and shine like the stars you are!

Don't forget to still say hello when you see us in September! 


Enjoy your summer break, you deserve it!


The Year 3 Team

Week 11 Summer 6th - 10th July


Hello Year 3, 

We are nearly there! We have been so impressed and feel incredibly proud of each one of you. You have all worked so well and I know it's been tricky at times but we couldn't be prouder of Willow and Whitebeam class. This week's work is slightly different as we have included some booklets that have lots of questions in. We don't want anybody to think that these are tests, they are nothing to worry about, these are just a great way of bringing together everything you have learned in year 3. We've included additional ones if you want to do these as well. 


Enjoy and keep up your hard work, only 2 weeks left! 


Year 3 team. 

Spelling test.mp4

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Worksheets for week 11

Week 10 - Week beginning 29th June

Dear Year 3,

Can you believe it is only a few more weeks until the summer holidays? You have all worked so incredibly hard over the last 2 months and we are so proud of the effort you have put into your learning.

Enjoy the sunshine, but keep up the terrific work you've been doing! Please continue to send us any work you would like to share. It's lovely for us to see what you have been up to. 

As always, remember to keep up with your reading, handwriting and times tables as these are key skills and will really help you in your transition to Year 4. 

In addition to the work on the time table, we have included an 'Additional Worksheets' section. Here there are optional worksheets for English and maths to use as you wish. We do not expect these all to be completed in addition to the work on the time table, but they are available if you would like additional practice.


Please email if you have any questions. 


Miss Nicholls and Miss Light

Hello Year 3!


Welcome to another week! We are so proud of the continued effort you are putting into your work and we do really enjoy seeing your pictures and videos, so please keep sending them to us!


Just a quick reminder about the PP50 challenge, please keep ticking those off and sending in the evidence!

Please see below your work for this week, there are some optional extra activities for you to do if you wish, but please don't feel that you have to!


We miss you very much!


Miss Light and Miss Nicholls 


Playscript Help

James and the Giant Peach - Chapter 1

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James and the Giant Peach - Chapter 2

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Summer Week 8 (15th June)

Welcome to another week of work, Year 3! We are so proud of all that you are achieving, and we love seeing your work. We hope you enjoy the work this week and we look forward to seeing your writing so please share it with us. 

Don't forget to keep practising those key skills, reading, spelling, handwriting and times tables. We've set a new challenge on TTRockstars as well so make sure you join in. We'll see who the champions are on Friday!

Remember to email us with any work you would like to share or if you have any problems.


Year 3

Summer Week 7- (8th-12th June)


Well done for the fantastic work! We are loving all the pictures and work you are doing, please keep sending these in if you can. As we are now back in school with the other years, there might be a slight delay in email replies, we apologise for this. You are all doing such a good job and we hope you are all well and keeping safe. 


Keep smiling! 


Year 3 team

French - Week 6

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French 2.mp4

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Summer - Week 6 (01/06/20)

Welcome back to the last half term of the year! We hope you had a lovely break over half term and managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Everyone has been doing a wonderful job with all their home learning and we have been so impressed by the work that has been sent into us. Thank you so much for all your support and communication over these difficult times. 

Please find below everything you will need for the home learning this week. Remember, if you have any problems you can email us using the Year 3 address and we will do all we can to help you. Also, please keep sending in your terrific work and pictures because we love to see them!

Don't forget to keep reading and practicing your times tables!

Thank you,


Year 3

Emeline at the circus Part one

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Please remember that this is an older book and animals are no longer allowed in the circus. This is just to give you a sense of the wonder and excitement of the circus.

Emeline at the circus Part 2

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Please remember that this is an older book and animals are no longer allowed in the circus. This is just to give you a sense of the wonder and excitement of the circus.

Summer Term week 5 (18th-22nd May) 


Hello Year 3!


Another week has gone by and we are missing you all SO much! We have been receiving some fantastic work and we hope to see even more this week. Parents we just wanted to say what a SUPERB job we think you are all doing and to reiterate that if you do have any concerns or issues you can contact us via the Year 3 email and we will help you in any way we can. We are here to support both the children and parents so please don't struggle alone. 


We've popped on a couple of different activities this week, particularly PE (sorry Joe Wicks!), please do these as you see fit and hopefully you'll have received the email regarding TT rockstars. If you do not have your child's log in details for this, please email and we will get that to you as soon as possible. 


Keep smiling everyone and remember to stay safe. We are sending lots of sunshine and smiles your way. 


Miss Light and Miss Nicholls 


Science Investigation

Still image for this video
Watch this video about shadows and see if you can make shadows bigger and smaller by blocking the light source.

Summer Week 4 (11th May)

Well done everyone for all the amazing work you are doing. This week you are going to learn about capacity and practice using inverted commas for direct speech. I just want to use this time to remind you that you should be reading and practicing your times tables everyday. Keep up the great work, and as always, please email us if you have any issues. 


Year 3


Hello everyone,

Well done for all the amazing work you are doing! We love seeing your work and hearing how you are getting on at home. Please remember that the Year 3 email address is available for any problems you are having as well as to share your wonderful work. This week we have seen pictures from children making shadows, writing fables and telling the time. What a fantastic week of learning!

Please see the Gallery for a lovely video from the wonderful Preston Teaching Assistants and more information about the Preston Pioneer challenge. 


I have also included a poster all about a competition that is available to you. Good luck!


Year 3

Summer week 3 Timetable 

Well done everybody! We have made it to week 3 and we have been so impressed with the work that has been sent in to us. We can tell you are all working really hard at home, so please keep it up! Find here your week 3 timetable. For Friday, VE Day, we have included some activities for you to do, if you wanted to. We are not expecting you to do all of these. Enjoy!

Summer Week 2! (Beginning 27th April)


Hello everyone, I hope you are all getting on well. Thank you to those of you who have shared work with us! It has been lovely seeing the work you have been doing and what you have been getting up to. Please continue to send us work and email us if you are having any difficulties. 

All the work you need for this week is below, please complete as much as you are able as it will only help you be ready for coming back to school.

As always, we miss you lots and cannot wait until we can see each other again. Take care of yourselves.

Summer Week 2 Worksheets


As Monday would have been our first swimming session, I thought I would share with you a great video on how to get into swimming and all about an olympic swimmer- Rebecca Adlington. Keep thinking about water safety and what rules we must follow when going to a swimming pool. Enjoy!



Summer Term Week 1 (20th April) 

Welcome back Year 3 to our summer term! We are so sad that we can't be with you but we hope we can see each other soon. Please find here your timetable of work for the first week of the summer term. We have set out each day with different activities across the whole curriculum and we hope that you enjoy working through these. Please remember those key expectations- handwriting, spellings, reading and times tables. Enjoy! 


A message from the wonderful Mrs Pippard

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Update 03/04/20


Dear Year 3,


We will be going into our 3rd week of school closure now which should be the beginning of our Easter break. I hope you are keeping busy at home and are enjoying the clear weather we have been having!


I know these times are strange, but we have to keep working our brains ready for when school opens again. Don’t forget to keep your bodies active as well though! Whilst the weather is nice you could go into your garden or if not, you can watch PE videos on YouTube (make sure you ask for your adults’ permission).


Miss Light and I will be posting lots of activities and learning for you to do, so keep checking this page. Please remember that in these times it is easy to get distracted and whilst we are not at school, I know it might be strange for you to have to do work at home. However, it is important that you know there are some things you MUST do every day. We expect you to read, practice your times tables, spellings and handwriting EVERY day!


I will be posting a suggested timetable document after Easter to help keep yourselves organised and busy if you wish to use it. I have attached a record of activities for you and your adults to update with the activities and learning you do each day. This is to help us make sure you are getting the learning you need.


We appreciate that not everyone is able to print documents at home and so in that case, please complete any work set on paper using the computer for the questions.

If you can print the Easter Sequencing activity, I would love to see photos of you doing it (as well as anything else you do!) so please ask an adult to take a picture ready to email to us.


As you know, this is the week we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ at Easter. So, whilst you may be enjoying Easter Eggs over the coming weeks, remember that we share eggs to celebrate new life and the resurrection of Jesus. I hope you take some time to reflect and think about why Jesus’ crucifixion is important to us as Christians and do some of the Easter activities to remember Our Saviour’s sacrifice. Let us thank the Lord for Jesus and celebrate with joy this Easter.


I am missing you lots, and I look forward to the time we can go back to school and see each other again.

Take care of yourselves and those around you,


Miss Nicholls and the Year 3 Team


Here is a link to Hit the Button:


This is a link to another times tables practice website:


Here is a link to a website to help you with your 3/4 spellings:


There are some free activity packs here:




Update 31/03/2020


Dear Year 3,


Well we made it to week 2! I hope you are all well and keeping busy as much as you can. As I mentioned I have posted some resources, including online ones, on here throughout our time off. There is some documents with different spellings on, feel free to pick and choose which ones you do first. I have also attached some division and multiplication worksheets where you need to use the skills we learned just before we broke up. 


Easter is also fast approaching and I have found some great activities that can be easily done at home, I have also posted the link for these. 


Keep yourselves busy and remember to help out around the house- parents, let us know who isn't doing their chores! I hope you keep smiling and fingers crossed we will see each other very soon. 


Miss Light and the Year 3 team

Here is a link for some great Easter craft activities that has videos to help explain what to do. You all know how to make a fortune teller, why not make an Easter theme one?


The Literacy Shed is a great website that generates ideas for story writing. Remember those skills when you write: Time, Topic, Talk... indenting your paragraphs... powerful vocabulary and correct punctuation!

Update 25/03/2020


Dear pupils and parents,


We wanted to start this update by saying how much we are missing you all! 

We hope that you are safe, well and are finding a good balance between work and the other activities you are up to. Hopefully the packs are keeping you busy and you have found the online links useful. Remember that although we are expecting you to work on your packs we also want to remind you, especially in the uncertainty we are all feeling recently, to have some fun! I know I have been enjoying Joe Wicks's PE lessons! Use the amazing creativity, that we know you all have, to find something new to do and we can't wait to hear all about it when we return. 


Parents, we have posted some links below to support the fantastic work you are doing at home with your children. Please bear in mind that staff pick and choose activities from these resources and although we are confident that the links work, we cannot guarantee these websites will continue to provide these services indefinitely and you should be aware that if you are asked to sign up for anything, to check the terms carefully as some may revert to a paid subscription at some point in the future. 


Keep smiling and we, hopefully, will see you all soon! 


Miss Light and the Year 3 team 

Science week
We’ve had enormous fun this week carrying out different science experiments for science week. We have created invisible ink letters, exploded fizzy and experimented with paper aeroplanes.


Results from our science experiment

This week we opened up the celery from last weeks investigation. We discovered that the celery with red food colouring had absorbed the coloured water and transported it through the plant. We knew this because we could see the red all up the celery stick.

Patterns with William Morris

In art we have been studying William Morris and his famous artwork. This week we used images of his art to create our own patterns.

World book day!

Water investigation

This week in science we have been learning about how water in transported through plants. The children acted out how water is absorbed by the roots and transported around the plant. We then set up our experiment! We will find out the results next week!

Selected Pupils attend Author Workshop

On the 3rd March, a group of Year 3 and 4 children went to Huish Park to meet the author, Tamsin Cooke. They had tremendous fun creating their own evil villain and super hero to go on a quest to reclaim the world cup.  At the end of the session, the children were presented with their own signed copy of a book from Tamsin.

Presenting of our favourite books

As part of world book day we brought in our favourite books and discussed them in groups, talking about the authors and our favourite characters.

Mardi Gras Celebrations

To celebrate Mardi Gras the children designed and decorated a mask each, then joined the rest of the school for an assembly. After the assembly they paraded around the playground displaying their colourful masks. 

Maths Place Value

This week in Maths the children have been working on their place value of 3-digit numbers. They were set a challenge to find as many different 3-digit combinations as possible and compare those using the greater than and less than symbols. 

3D Shape model making

In Maths this week we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes including how many edges, vertices and faces each shape has. The children enjoyed using this knowledge to build the 3D shapes using straws and tape. 

Hansel and Gretel dress rehearsal

Year 3 are thoroughly looking forward performing their play 'Hansel and Gretel' to everyone next week. Today we did our first ever dress rehearsal and although they were nervous the children were simply fantastic! 

Dictionary Work

Whitebeam enjoyed exploring dictionaries this week and discovering how a dictionary can help us in our work. They found out the definitions of some tricky words and learned some great vocabulary they can use in their own writing. 


Our year 3 children have enjoyed thinking about the theme of overcoming difficulty and have been writing poems to show this.

Nonsense Poetry

This week in Year 3 we have been performing nonsense poems. We had lots of fun trying to read 'The Ning Nang Nong' By Spike Milligan. The words were very tricky but the children performed them fantastically and even used actions too! 

Working with money!

Year 3 have been working very hard learning about different British coins and making sums of money with different coins. We learned about £ and p notation.

Gingerbread House art day

In preparation for our upcoming play, Whitebeam had a fantastic art day with Mr Plumbley. The children each made a number of parts for our gingerbread house and worked really hard to create the final look- which you will all get to see when we perform our play in February!

God and the Trinity

Today Year 3 have been discussing how Christians show their belief in God through worship. We wrote our own verses to the song 'God Beside' which were thoughtful and personal. The children then read their verses aloud to share them with the class.


Santa came to visit Willow class! We were very lucky to have Santa come and see our class and we even got some presents. We got to ask how the reindeer and elves were and talk to Santa about how he got ready for Christmas time.

Present Boxes

Year 3 completed a DT project where they made their own present boxes out of nets and even made their own design. We had a project book where we learned about design, advertising and fonts before developing individual designs. At the end of the project the children completed evaluations.

Magnet science experiment 

In our Science investigation, we tested the strength of different types of magnets by seeing how many paperclips they could each hold.

Pudsey Visit

Year 3 Roman Baths Trip

Year 3 had an amazing time visiting the Roman Baths. The children enjoyed learning about the different elements of Roman life, including dressing like a Roman. They also learnt how to make a mosaic and created some fantastic patterns using the tiles. The class also went on a tour around the Baths, exploring various rooms and artefacts in the museum. The children were able to recall information learnt in school and see, first-hand, how people lived back when the baths were used.

Celts Versus Romans

This week in history we have been learning about the rebellion of the Celts against the Romans. The children took on the roles of Venelli, Rastus, Milo, Tiber, Drest and Queen Boudicca to re-enact the battle between the Icini tribe and the Romans. 

Chocolate inventions 

In Year 3 this week we have been inventing our own chocolate bars and in order to know what to include in them we needed to taste test some chocolate first. We tried, milk, white, dark and caramel chocolate. The children enjoyed using their different senses to help create all the fantastic adjectives.