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Year 6 2019/2020

Staff Goodbyes to our Year 6s

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Don't forget it will also be available on Vimeo for Year 6 parents to download!

Our Year 6 enjoyIng their last day at Preston Primary...

Year 6 Leavers' Service

We have uploaded a collection of videos, including a recording of our Year 6 Leavers' Service for you to watch at your convenience. Please check your Year 6 emails for the password needed to view.

Year 6 Leavers' Slideshow

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A fantastic look back at the 7 years our leavers have spent with us here at Preston Primary!

Week 12 Planning (13.07.20-17.07.20)

Looking to the Rainbow

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Thank you to everybody who sent in their video and audio submissions for this project, inspired by the choir from Blue Coat school, it makes for very special viewing!

Planning for Week 11 (WB 06.07.20)

A bubble montage!

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Our Year 6 learners sharing their fantastic bubble making efforts

Thank you for joining our Virtual Sports Day (26.06.20)

Well done to the students who beat Mr G hands down but I'm still scratching my head about how that egg teleported a good 3 metres! All I can say is that Mr Gordon better have a plan ready for restoring the honour of Preston Primary staff in the grand finale!

Planning for Week 10 (WB 29.06.20)

Home Learning for Week 9 (22.06.20)

A bubble mix to beat all bubble mixes. As long as Mrs Sherry can keep her cool...

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Happy Birthday St James's Preston Plucknett Church

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A message to our learners

Not quite podcast quality (ahem) but we just wanted to say how nice it is to have some of you back and how much we are looking forward to continuing our learning all together, wherever we are!

Welcome back!


Whether you're joining us this week in school or continuing from home, we hope that you've had a lovely half-term and are ready for another term of hard work, discovery and fun together laugh

Look - There's a lesser-spotted student wanting a bit of extra work!

Scroll below for a few ideas to keep you busy over the half term

Sycamore & Mulberry Classes received their postcards this week, from their teachers, to bring a smile to their faces.

Video or audio-only submissions still welcome! Deadline May 30th

Life Skills 3!

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Whip up a batch of these with some whipped cream for the perfect treat on a summer's day - like today!

Preposterous Panimals Paragraph


If you're keen to keep up some studies over this half term, we would love to receive a funny paragraph and photo  about your pet! If we receive enough, we want to turn them into an eBook, so the sillier the better.


There's an example below to help you out - all entries to the Year 6 email account please.

Seen here is the Wooly Moop Moop (the small, furry creature on the shoulder, not the humanoid). It's favourite past time is to eat cabbages, onions and beans (often all mixed together in a grotesque form of porridge) and find an unsuspecting host to perch on its shoulder. Once there, it gently sizzles its smell and continually asks questions such as "Can you smell something" or "Bit smelly in here isn't it?". Unfortunately for its host, the smell is often then attributed to them and the Wooly Moop Moop finds this utterly hilarious. An adult Wooly can produce a smell that can empty a classroom, sending students and staff into a frenzy to find the nearest window or fire-exit in order to smell some fresher air!

Bring A Pet To Zoom Day! 


We had such fun sharing our pets on Friday and even got the chance to head out on safari as a class field trip. Apologies if your pet didn't make the collage, we had a lot of technical difficulties at the beginning of the Zoom which meant we missed a lot of pets! 


Still, you have the chance to share them in our upcoming Panimals eBook! 

Chapter 4 and 5 of The Firework Maker's Daughter is now available - follow the links below!

Looking to the Rainbow Project


SLOWLY but surely, the video is coming together! Don't forget, if you want to be a part of this special piece, please get your videos into the Year 6 email address by May 30th! 


For those that are a little shy, consider either miming the piece and we'll sync you up or just recording the audio and we can layer you in so that you can still be a part of the magic. 

Somerset Day Zoom

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Chapter 3 of The Firework Maker's Daughter is now available - follow the link below!

Pop over to the ‘Gallery’ page, to see our updated home learning photos and videos.

Week 4 Homophone Spellings (Rule 48)

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Just in case you can't make our Zoom this week, here is a quick spelling test video

Looking to the Rainbow tuition video

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A fantastic video from Mr Haines to help you in nailing your part of the song!

'Looking To The Rainbow' by Becky Drake and The Blue Coat School Chapel Choir

A link to the original song from The Blue Coat School to help get a feel for what our video hopes to become

How To Not Go To School (A Short Story)

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Head over on the link below to hear chapter 2 as we ran out of time on Zoom this week!

Kahoot MEGA Quiz

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Head over to the link below (or use game pin 05911671) to have a crack at our quiz.


Top score in the live session was 24976 with an accuracy of 76%!


You might be playing for the first time, having another attempt after our live Zoom stream or just to see how ingenious or Year 6s really are.



Huge congratulations to Jasmine Bragg , who has successfully danced her way into The Royal Ballet School for the next three years. Well done Jasmine! 

Home Learning for Week 3 (04.05.20)

Mrs Sherry's Life Skill 2

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Year 6 Zoom Meeting 2

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A time-lapse of our second Zoom meeting. I wonder what Mrs Sherry will be wearing this week...

Friday arithmetic

Just in case you can't make the live version on Zoom at 2:30pm, here is your arithmetic for week 2. Answers are on the second page. No peeking!

Chez Toi, Chez Moi


I promised it would come and here it is! A page-by-page translation of the Chez Toi, Chez Moi book by Marianna Dubuc - part of your home learning this week. Click the link below to head over to the Home Learning Gallery to see me doing my little bit of reading alongside other amazing videos. 


We'd love to know how you got on with your own translations, perhaps you could let staff know in your next Zoom meeting! 

Home Learning Week 2

Year 6 Reads


Thank you to those who have managed to get their reading videos to us, we have now uploaded a gallery of these on the Home Learning page so that they can be easily accessed by the rest of the school. Follow the link below to see for yourselves!

Dans la cuisine avec Madame Sherry

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Mr Haines's Music tutorial (Mighty Maestro Log in and introduction 🎶)

Hello Everyone! This is an introduction to our new home learning hub for music. Hopefully the login instructions are clear and you are able to get going straight away

Keep your eyes peeled and be ready for 'Dans La Cuisine Avec Madame Sherry' next week!

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Year 6 Home Learning Update

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Home Learning Week 1 Spellings

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Week 1 Home Learning Gallery

Easter Message


Dear parents and pupils,


Despite being away from school and the usual newsletter cycle, we just wanted to wish our families a happy Easter. 


As a Church of England school, the teaching of the Christian Values have always been central to our work. We believe that the Easter message of new beginnings, a time to reflect and most importantly - hope, could not be more pertinent to us all at this time. 


It was really nice to be able to speak to many of you over the phone and know that you are keeping safe and well. We hope that you continue to enjoy the weather and time with your families as well as accessing the work from the packs and directed on our Year 6 Class Page.


From the week beginning the 20th April, we will upload a new cycle of work weekly to this Class Page. Work will be planned across Monday to Friday, to give you the opportunity to continue to cover all elements of the National Curriculum as well as enjoy wider opportunities for creativity and discovery. 


In the meantime, there are plenty of reading resources available to supplement your online work as well as a growing number of theatre companies (for example The National Theatre and Everyman Theatre) offering many fantastic plays for you to experience. 


We hope that you manage to connect in some way to your wider families and networks over this holiday and we look forward to working with you again soon. Until then, we have a little Easter surprise for you all, to be uploaded shortly above this update.


Year 6 Staff

An important message from The King of the Jungle...


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Week 2 Update

Hello again all!


Hopefully, we still find you in good health and that you have been enjoying the sunshine over the weekend!


Over the course of this week, we will be trying to contact your families to check how you are doing and if there are any issues with the work set.


In terms of work, we envisage most have tasks in their packs remaining and a quick check on MyMaths and shows many have outstanding tasks set there too. Over the Easter Holidays, we would usually expect children to read as much as possible, so please bear this in mind and don't forget you should all have your usual homework books to continue to complete.


Please consider your online safety learning when you access this work as you will need to keep your password secure and to logout of browsers when you have finished.


Similarly, we want you to be aware that there are not a few days work set on these websites, rather there is at least 10 days of activities across the two. Please be aware of your mental health as you work through these activities at home, we do not want to put unnecessary burdens upon you, think about the amount of work that you would be doing in school - an hour or so of English and Maths daily - don't go overboard in one sitting!


As it is the last week before what would have been our Easter Holidays, we would have been concentrating on understanding the Easter story. Please reflect on the Easter Message and as you have all successfully retold the Easter story in our last RE lessons together, why not think about creating a diary entry for one of the disciples about the events of Holy Week or create a piece of art that encompasses the Easter message - da Vinci's Last Supper anybody? 


Don’t forget to keep up the communication amongst friends and family, particularly those who might be a little harder to reach!


Most importantly though, keep looking after yourselves and supporting those around you, we miss you all!


Year 6 staff


Handcrafted Mothers Day Cards- Quilling technique 


Sycamore Class have really enjoyed this quilling project for their Mothers Day cards,  it helped them to develop many skills, both artistic and social. The skill of paper curling is extremely intricate and requires a great deal of patience! The children were further challenged to consider different shapes that could be achieved, whilst having an awareness of the space created within the layers of paper. Colour was another aspect, as they considered which colours both contrasted and complimented well.


This term, all children across the school took part in a pebble painting activity. Year 6 pebbles have a unique design painted on them and incorporates our Christian values. These pebbles will form part of the children’s legacy to our school, as they will make a new pathway within the grounds.

More useful web-sites to help with routines whilst at  home

Update 24/03/20

Dear pupils and parents,


This is a quick post to say how much we are missing your fantastic creativity, humour and curiosity in Year 6. We hope that you are safe, well and are finding a good balance between work and the other activities you pack your lives with. We must remember as Year 6s, we have a responsibility more so than the other children in our school to keep the peace at home, keep our hardworking attitudes up and most importantly at the moment, keep our hygiene levels high! You are also particularly fortunate to have grown up surrounded by technology that enables you to continue to communicate with each other and your families and this should be put to good use over the coming weeks. Don’t forget about those who may not be quite as digitally-literate as you – pick up the phone to gran, write grandad a letter or keep a diary log of what you have been getting up to and share this with others when you have the opportunity again.


We have updated work on MyMaths as well as for you but you should have plenty to keep you busy in your current packs.


Parents, we have posted some links below to support the fantastic work you are doing at home with your children. Please bear in mind that staff pick and choose activities from these resources and although we are confident that the links work, we cannot guarantee these websites will continue to provide these services indefinitely and you should be aware that if you are asked to sign up for anything, to check the terms carefully as some may revert to a paid subscription at some point in the future.


A general spelling list will also be posted, which was requested by several parents. 


Stay safe and keep smiling!


Year 6 team


Spelling and Home Learning Links

Mulberry PE 

Sometimes you don't need a special reason to post and I think this is one of those times. The ability and confidence that our learners show in their day to day lessons is incredible and is demonstrated fantastically in some of our latest PE sessions!

Science Week Visit from Leonardo/Westlands

Representatives from Leonardo/Westlands came to visit our Year 6 classes today to inspire students into thinking about careers in STEM as part of our wider Science Week work. Learners explored the mechanics of flight and were able to experiment with various wing designs throughout the afternoon.

World Book Day and Book Fair

A fantastic effort was made by parents and pupils of Year 6 to ensure that students looked incredible in their character costumes! Well done to those who won book related prizes across the day and an even bigger thank you to all of those who supported this year's Scholastic Book Fair. We raised an incredible total of around £1000 to spend on books for our school. 

Sherborne Science Trip

Year 6 were invited to Sherborne Girls this week to listen to a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry discuss the chemical composition of air and how reactive each element is. The children were enthralled by the visiting lecturer, who encouraged children to think about careers in science, even if it was only to satisfy the curiosity of asking the question, "Will this go bang?"

Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulez!

Let the Good Time Roll!

Mardi Gras (literally 'Fat Tuesday') masks were made this week in preparation for the school's marking of the occasion. Children took inspiration from the three Mardi Gras colours of green (faith), gold (power) and purple (justice) to complete their wonderful designs.

I Spy With My Little Eye...

Classes have had the opportunity to design, build and test their own periscopes as part of the Design Technology and Science curriculum. Children had to calculate the angles of the mirrors as well as the how to construct a cuboid net to then glue together into the 3-D shape. 

French Valentine Poems


Romance in the air! 

In their French lesson this week, Sycamore class have loved creating their own versions of a Valentines Day food poem- the children have recently looked at prepositions and investigating le/la/les mon/ma/mes. They put all their recent knowledge into writing some well structured poems. Très Bien Sycamore. 

Year 6 Design Technology 


This afternoon, Year 6 have had the opportunity to evaluate a range of cameras to understand how they work and give an explanation as to the exposure triangle. 


Children are now able to think about how current camera products work and how they may want to design their own products over the coming weeks. 

Year 6 Learn CPR


Year 6 learning the life-saving skills of First Aid and CPR. After a fantastic assembly, we were able to put our skills to the test, understanding the correct techniques as well as what to do in a range of other emergency scenarios.

Christmas Make Project


This Christmas, Year 6 made cards using recycled buttons as mini baubles. We also made 2020 calendars based on what the core Christian Values meant to us and how these were lived out in our families. 

Preparing a Christmas Lunch!


As part of our Design Technology curriculum, Year 6 prepared their own Christmas lunches. These preparations included: peeling carrots and potatoes, mixing the stuffing, roasting it all and of course, making the gravy!


We were joined by some very special guests... 

Panto Trip


After a hard-working term, Preston Primary Trust schools were treated with the opportunity of visiting The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil, to watch Snow White (Oh yes we did!). We're sure the staff and actors in the production very much appreciated Mrs Sherry's large selection of light-up wands, sticks, swords, and crowns!

Turn that light out!


Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Nothe Fort recently, learning all about the local and national impact of the Second World War and more specifically, the Blitz.


A superb effort was made by parents to get the classes to look the part, as children departed Yeovil as evacuees. Marching through the gates at Nothe Fort to the echoing chant of 'It’s a Long Way to Tipperary', added to the immersive experience. Mr Gordon was turned away from Nothe Village due to not having his evacuee identification but luckily avoided a 1940s scolding from the headmaster of Nothe Day School – unlike Mrs Sherry!


We experienced first-hand the use of a stirrup pump to extinguish a fire from an exploded bomb, as well as the (almost) sensory overload of what it would have been like in an Anderson shelter during an air raid. Children also got to put their maths skills to the test, totalling ‘old-money’ and giving change for a range of historical products in the shop as well as practicing their copperplate handwriting at school.


Continuing through the subterranean passageways of the fort, we took in scale models of D-Day as well as interacting with exhibits documenting how Weymouth was affected during World War 2. I’m glad to say that every child made it through the ‘ghost tunnel’ before finishing the day with washing, drying and ironing clothes without electricity! I think it’s fair to say this gave our arms the workout that our brains had been taxed with, during the other exhibits.


Children from both classes were fantastically behaved, with the volunteers hosting the days commenting upon this to staff – a lovely message to have ended our trip with. 

Nothe Fort Visit

Children in Need


To mark Children in Need Day 2019, Pudsey came to visit each of the school's classrooms. Not that Pudsey thought he'd entered a classroom when he saw Mr Gordon and Mrs Sherry - Crazy Hair Day indeed!

Rev Ruth Chapman Visit


As part of our RE curriculum, children in Mulberry and Sycamore had the opportunity to interview Rev’d Ruth.  The questions were varied, but some were very thought provoking, such as: “How do we know God forgives us of our wrong doings?” and “ What do you feel is the most important part of the Christian faith?”  The children thoroughly enjoyed the question and answer sessions and have picked up some great interview tips for future visitors to the class.

Alpaca Visit


Do you know the difference between a llama and an alpaca?


Well Year 6 students do now, llamas are generally taller and have the ‘banana’ shaped ears, whereas alpacas are much shorter and have pointy ears. We also learnt that alpaca wool is extremely useful, being non-flammable, insulating and waterproof. Some of us were even lucky enough to feed the furry beasties, but we’re sure after a morning of being gazed at, stroked and petted by children, the alpacas were ready for some well-earned rest!


Thank you to the PTA for organising the visit.

Year 6 Art Day


We were thrilled to be joined by Mr Plumbley for a day of inspiration and creativity in creating illuminated letters. Taking inspiration from early religious manuscripts and bibles, we each ‘illuminated’ a silhouetted letter, to represent something close to ourselves.  The results speak for themselves and will be used as part of a display in the new hall. We would love to hear your feedback on this fabulous display!

Gore Farm Visit


Year 6 trip to Gore Farm – As part of the geography curriculum, Sycamore and Mulberry had the opportunity to visit a working farm in Trent. We learnt how to orientate maps with compasses which proved really useful when we came to participate in an orienteering race around the local woods. There was also the opportunity to create our own natural compasses, using the resources available to us in the woods. The children also had a fantastic time working in small teams to create dens that could house each of them away from the elements!

Dissecting Pig's Hearts!


As part of our study into circulatory systems, Year 6 had an exciting science lesson dissecting pig hearts.


We cut the heart from the apex, right up to the vena cava, where the blood enters the heart. We then studied the chambers, to investigate the way the blood enters and exits the heart, by poking our fingers through the passages!


The lesson really helped to consolidate all of the learning that took place prior to the dissection and understand how blood circulates our bodies.


Fun facts 


Did you know?


  • Your heart is the size of your fist!


  • A blue whale’s heart is the size of a car!