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Year 6 2019/2020

Alpaca Visit

Alpaca Visit 1
Alpaca Visit 2
Alpaca Visit 3
Alpaca Visit 4

Do you know the difference between a llama and an alpaca?

Well Year 6 students do now, llamas are generally taller and have the ‘banana’ shaped ears whereas alpacas are much shorter and have pointy ears. We also learnt that alpaca wool is extremely useful, being non-flammable, insulating and waterproof. Some of us were even lucky enough to feed the furry beasties, but we’re sure after a morning of being gazed at, stroked and petted by children, the alpacas were ready for some well-earned rest!


Thank you to the PTA for organising the visit.

Year 6 Art Day – We were thrilled to be joined by Mr Plumbley for a day of inspiration and creativity in creating illuminated letters. Taking inspiration from early religious manuscripts and bibles, we each ‘illuminated’ a silhouetted letter to represent something close to ourselves.  The results speak for themselves and will be used as part of a display in the new hall. We would love to hear your feedback when it is completed in the second half-term.  See below.

Art Project

Art Project 1
Art Project 2
Art Project 3
Art Project 4
Art Project 5
Art Project 6
Art Project 7
Art Project 8
Art Project 9
Art Project 10

Year 6 trip to Gore Farm – As part of the geography curriculum, Sycamore and Mulberry had the opportunity to visit a working farm in Trent. We learnt how to orientate maps with compasses which proved really useful when we came to participate in an orienteering race around the local woods. There was also the opportunity to create our own natural compasses, using the resources available to us in the woods. The children also had a fantastic time working in small teams to create dens that could house each of them away from the elements!  See below.

Gore Farm Visit

Gore Farm Visit 1
Gore Farm Visit 2
Gore Farm Visit 3
Gore Farm Visit 4
Gore Farm Visit 5
Gore Farm Visit 6
Gore Farm Visit 7
Gore Farm Visit 8
Gore Farm Visit 9
Gore Farm Visit 10
Gore Farm Visit 11
Gore Farm Visit 12
Gore Farm Visit 13
Gore Farm Visit 14
Gore Farm Visit 15
Gore Farm Visit 16
Gore Farm Visit 17
Gore Farm Visit 18
Gore Farm Visit 19
Gore Farm Visit 20
Gore Farm Visit 21
Gore Farm Visit 22
Gore Farm Visit 23
Gore Farm Visit 24
Gore Farm Visit 25
Gore Farm Visit 26
Gore Farm Visit 27
Gore Farm Visit 28
Gore Farm Visit 29
Gore Farm Visit 30
Gore Farm Visit 31
Gore Farm Visit 32

Dissecting Pig's Hearts

Dissecting Pig's Hearts 1
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 2
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 3
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 4
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 5
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 6
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 7
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 8
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 9
Dissecting Pig's Hearts 10

As part of our study into circulatory systems, Year 6 had an exciting science lesson dissecting pig hearts.


We cut the heart from the apex, right up to the vena cava, where the blood enters the heart. We then studied the chambers, to investigate the way the blood  enters and exits the heart by poking our fingers through the passages!


The lesson really helped to consolidate all of the learning that took place prior to the dissection and understand how blood circulates our bodies.


Fun facts 

Did you know?


  • Your heart is the size of your fist!


  • A blue whale’s heart is the size of a car!