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Week 3

Week 3 Planning


Dear Pine and Pear Children,

Your Year 1 Teaching Team have been so impressed with the work you have been completing at home. You are working hard and we are very glad to see it and we hope you will be able to keep going and try your best, as always.

Thank you.


Thank you Parents and carers for all your help and feedback during our online live lessons. It is so helpful to hear from you by email about what has not worked well and what has been successful. Remember any questions or queries please email us at


The planning for Week 3 is below but remember there is no need to print out the PDfs. Feel free to draw or write the answers and then send the photos of the work. We enjoy seeing them and we can give your children more detailed feedback which may help with their next piece of work and their learning progress.


Take care and keep safe


Your Year 1 Team