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Year 2 2019/2020

(Home) School's Out for the Summer!

We have made it to the end of the summer term. This has, without doubt, been the strangest term ever. We have been very impressed with how well you have all adapted so well to learning at home and we would like to thank you and your families for being so amazing. You have now all earned a break. Enjoy the summer so that you come back in September refreshed and ready to continue your learning in Year Three. We look forward to seeing you then! Keep reading and practising your number skills.

Don't forget to join the Summer Reading Challenge!

We would like to send massive summer birthday wishes to Ben K in Maple Class and Mollie in Cedar Class who will both be celebrating their birthdays over the summer holidays. We all hope that you both have a lovely day!

Home Learning Summer Week 12 (week beginning 13th July)

Well, here we are...the last week of year two! What a strange year it has turned out to be! We wish so much that this is not how the term had to end, and that you could all be here with us having fun at the end of term. However, that cannot be. Here are the activities for the final week of the year. This is your time to really show off what you have learnt. Try your best and keep sending in your pictures. We are still here if you need us!

Sending big birthday wishes to Evie from Cedar Class who will be celebrating her birthday on Wednesday. Happy birthday to you! Have a lovely day!


We have loved reading the poems that you have written this week! Here is a video of Anna from Maple Class reciting hers.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Home Learning Week 11 (week beginning 6th July 2020)

Hello Year Two! It has been lovely to speak to so many of you this week. We are so proud of the hard work that you have been doing and the progress that you are making. It is great to hear that so many of you are continuing to read and practise your handwriting and working on your number skills. The last two weeks of this term will involve some revision of key skills and a chance to really embed your year 2 knowledge before moving to year three in September.

Remember that we are still here to help and support your learning. We also want to see lots of pictures of the work that you have completed so please send them over to

Here is everything that you will need for next week. Don't start until Monday!

Home Learning Week 10 (week beginning 29th June)

Hello Year Two! Some of you have requested that the work is posted a little earlier than usual so that you can get prepared for the work to come. So, here is everything that you will need for next week. Please don't start this work before Monday! You need a rest over the weekend!


A quick reminder of using a number line for subtractions

Still image for this video
This week we’re sending big birthday wishes to Liliana in Maple Class and Iyvi in Cedar Class. We hope that you both enjoy your special days. 

A message for Cedar Class

Still image for this video
Hi Cedar Class. Miss McCubbin has sent me this video to introduce herself to you. She is really excited to welcome you to her class in September.

A Message To Parents And Carers

Home Learning Summer Week 9 (week beginning 22nd June)

Hello everyone! I hope that you are all ready to go for another busy week of home learning. Mrs Rich and I really enjoyed catching up with so many of you via our Zoom chats.It was really lovely to be able to see you and speak to you. Keep working hard and trying your best. Remember, send us in any work that you are particularly proud of. We love to see how well you're doing at home.



It has been so lovely for Mrs.Rich to see some of you were inspired by her Spanish colours video and have learnt a bit more Spanish yourselves! Muy Bien!!

Patrick Spanish.mp4

Still image for this video

Owen Spanish.mp4

Still image for this video

Marika Spanish.mp4

Still image for this video

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Home Learning - Summer Term Week 8 (Week beginning 15th June)

Hello Year Two! It has been lovely to speak to your parents and catch up on what you are all achieving while you are at home. You all seem to be doing so well and really trying hard with the activities that we have set for you. We are so very proud of you. Keep remembering to think about your presentation. We should be using joined handwriting all the time and spelling key words correctly. It has been great to hear that so many of you are enjoying challenging yourself with more difficult reading books. Keep reading every day!

Here is everything you will need for the upcoming week. There is a video to watch in the English lessons but please do not watch the whole video until the last English lesson. There are lots of predicting activities to do and so you have to just watch the beginning 1 minute and 41 seconds! 

We have lots of birthdays in Maple Class to celebrate this week! Sending huge birthday wishes to...

Mrs Rich 





We hope that you have a fantastic day!

George gets inventive and fit at the same time!

Still image for this video
George has sent in this video of himself running on his new "treadmill"! Very inventive, George! Just be careful not to slip! It's lovely to see videos of the children and what they are getting up to at home. We are missing you all terribly!

Parent Phone Call Catch up


Good afternoon everyone, we have begun to call all of the parents of our year 2 children to see how you are all getting on and to make sure that you are all feeling happy and okay. We have noticed that a few of you have felt a bit unmotivated about doing your work at home, so we wanted to remind you of all the things we expect from your work in school. We know that you are all working as hard as you can at home and we all say a big well done! We are in school every day too, and continue to work hard to make a timetable for you all which covers the year two curriculum. Please try to do as much as possible from the timetable, if not all of it, as everything is set to prepare you for the step up in work in Year 3. 


A gentle reminder to you all as well that we require you to read at least 10 minutes a day to keep those wonderful reading skills developing, and expect you all to be working towards the next level up in reading by now. Please continue to use the Oxford Owl website for reading material, as this follows the levels we use in school. The details of the website are as follows:



Some parents have also requested some information on school handwriting. Here is an example of outstanding writing from the end of year two last year, with all of the features that we expect to see in your writing by then.



Please have a look at your handwriting and make sure that you are trying your best. Are you using full stops and capital letters? Are your ascending letters tall and your descending letters dangling straight? Remember to join your letters properly and do not join descending letters! We will continue to work on our handwriting skills in the next few weeks, and will provide more examples on how to improve.


Remember to try your best, be helpful to your adults at home and keep smiling!! :) 


P.S. An interesting article with some helpful tips-

A message from Mr Bourne!

Still image for this video

Home Learning - Summer Term Week 7  (Week beginning 8th June 2020)

Hello to everyone in Year Two! We hope that you are all ok and enjoying the home learning activities that have been set for you to complete. Remember that if you have done a piece of work that you are particularly proud of, we would love to see a photo of it! Also, if you are having any trouble at all, get in touch. We are here to support you and help you to keep learning while you can't be in school.

Here is everything that you will need for this week. 

This week we would like to send huge birthday wishes to Samuel in Maple class who will be celebrating his birthday on Friday. Happy birthday, Sam! We all hope that you have a lovely day!

Home Learning - Summer Term Week 6 (Week beginning 1st June 2020)

Hello everyone! We hope that you are well and have enjoyed a lovely half term break. The weather has been beautiful so we hope that you have managed to do some fun things outside. We are now moving into the final half term of year two. Keep trying really hard with your home learning activities. It is really important that you always try your best and that you keep thinking about the key skills. Neat presentation, accurate spelling and correct punctuation are all very important.

Here is everything that you should need for this week's tasks...


Beegu Story (Do not watch the video until you have completed the predicting task)

Still image for this video

This week, Chloe from Cedar Class will be celebrating her birthday. We all hope that you have a lovely day!

Half Term Week (week beginning 25th May)

Half term week is almost here and so we would like you to have a well deserved break and have some fun time with your family. I am attaching a couple of activities that you might like to have a go at. Also, don't forget the IT competition and the Preston Pioneer Activities to keep you busy, too. Thank you all for working so very hard over the last half term. We are all very proud of you!


During half term, Ezekiel in Cedar Class and Ben H in Maple Class will be celebrating their birthdays. Have a lovely time and enjoy your special days!

Home Learning Summer Week 5 (Wk beginning 18th May 2020)

Hello Year Two! Well, we are now going into the last week before half term. Time is flying by and we are all missing being in school with you. Hopefully we will all be back together again soon. We have really enjoyed seeing photographs of the work that you have been completing. Well done for continuing to work so hard at home. Keep remembering to use neat handwriting, correct punctuation and accurate spelling when completing writing tasks.

In response to the parent surveys, I am uploading this week's work as PDF documents. If you have any trouble at all in accessing any of the work, please email us ( and we will try our best to help you. 


Before we go, we want to send huge birthday wishes to Sully and Alayna in Maple Class who will both be celebrating their birthdays this week. We all hope that you have a fun-filled day!

Home Learning for Summer Term Week 4 (week beginning 11th May)

Hello Year Two! I hope that you are all staying well and looking after yourselves and each other. It has been lovely to see so many pictures of you with your VE Day bunting. I have heard lots of stories about celebrations that you were able to enjoy, even though they weren't quite what we had all planned! Here is everything that you will need to complete your home learning this week. Please remember that when you are doing any writing, we want to see neat, joined handwriting and accurate spelling, especially of the common exception words and words that follow rules you have been taught. Keep working hard and we hope to see you all soon.

Competition Time!

How useful has INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY been during lockdown? Preston Primary Academy Trust are inviting you to take part in a competition to explain, in drawings or writing, how you have used information technology to keep in touch with school, family and friends. There are some great prizes to be won! Have a look at the attached flyer for details and email any entries to our class email address ( before 1st June. Good luck!

Sending huge birthday wishes to three children this week who all share their birthday...

...George from Cedar Class and Anna and Caleb from Maple Class...

will all be celebrating their birthdays on Friday.

We hope you all have a lovely day!

Home Learning For Summer Term Week 3 (week beginning 4th May)

Hello Year Two! We hope that you are all staying safe and well and are working hard at home on the tasks we have set for you. We have enjoyed seeing pictures that your parents have sent us (see "Home Learning" section of "Gallery"). Remember that when you are completing any of the tasks, think about your spelling and handwriting. Always try your best and apply the rules that you have been taught, just like you would if we were in school. 

Here is everything that you will need for the week to come. As Friday is the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, many of the activities link to this.

Preston Pioneer Challenge

In addition to the home learning activities, Preston Primary are hoping that you might use the time you have at home to challenge yourself. There are 50 challenges for you to attempt, with prizes being awarded when we are back at school. Have a look at the challenges and see how many you can do (For full details, please see the "Home Learning" section in "Gallery".) Good Luck!

Mrs.Rendell learns a new skill :)

Still image for this video

Summer Week 2 (week beginning 27th April)

Hello Year 2! Here is everything that you will need for the upcoming week. Hope that you find all of the activities enjoyable. Keep trying your best and thinking about your spelling and handwriting.

Mrs.Rich reads The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

As we come to the end of the first week of Summer Term, we wanted to say a big "well done" to you all for engaging so well with the activities we have given you. It was lovely to speak to so many of you this week and hear about what you have been up to. Look out for more tasks for next week!

Before we leave you for the weekend, we want to say a big "happy birthday" to Holly in Cedar Class who will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday. Have a lovely day, Holly!

We Are All Unique!


Hello everyone, yesterday we celebrated Earth Day and thought about all of the amazing things that our world has to offer and how special the planet we call home is. Today the teachers have been thinking about all of the unique skills that each of us bring to the world, and Mrs.Hodgson has asked us to share a few of our talents and interests with you all. To start things off, Mrs.Rich has put together a short video to teach you a little bit about one of her skills which is speaking Spanish. Enjoy!

Earth Day 2020

Today is Earth Day and to celebrate we asked you to create a picture of Earth using recycled materials. Here Harry, Patrick, Owen, Marika, Iwan and Libby share their pictures. What a lovely job you have done and well done children!

(See "Gallery" for more home learning photos).


Hello everyone,

Iwan in Cedar Class has found this fun STEM activity and he thought it might be a lovely thing for you to have a go at.

Summer Term - week 1

Hello Year 2! This is not how we planned on starting summer term but we hope that you have all had a lovely Easter and are now ready to learn! There are lots of activities in the timetable below for you to have a go at. Try to complete one maths, one English and one other subject each day and don't forget to keep reading, learning your times tables and practising your handwriting. Try your best and if you have any problems, your parents can contact us via email (! 

Mrs.Rendell says hello!

Still image for this video
The teachers have put together a lovely video telling you all how much we miss you all, but there are many other people missing you as well. So Mrs.Rendell wanted to say a quick hello to let you all know that she is thinking about you all too. Happy Easter everyone! xxx

Easter Holidays

Well, after the most unusual term ever, we have made it to the Easter holiday! We hope that you have found the packs helpful and you have all been kept busy. So that you and your family can enjoy some down time together, we will not be posting any specific tasks for you to complete throughout the holiday. However, we would really like you to keep reading every day and practising your times tables and handwriting (click the document below for reminders). After the holiday, we will post weekly tasks for you to complete so that you carry on learning throughout the summer term. Make sure you check this page regularly! Stay safe and keep smiling!


Before we go, we would like to give a big birthday shout out to...

Jacob in Maple Class...

who will be celebrating his birthday in the Easter holiday. Have a lovely day, Jacob!

Here is a link to a YouTube video to help you understand some of the cursive joining methods. Please note however, that we do not loop any letters at Preston Primary School!

2nd April

It has been lovely to speak to so many of you over the last few days and we are glad to hear that you are all doing so well with your packs and, most importantly, staying happy and healthy. It was especially lovely to hear that so many of you are doing lots of reading at home. Keep it up! Reading is such an important skill. With this in mind, you can access lots of books online by logging in to Oxford Owl (click on the link below). You might even see some of the books that you recognise from school. Have a look and choose some new books. You can select books from the stage you are on or challenge yourself by having a look at different stages.

Stay safe and keep smiling!

This week’s birthdays...

...Happy birthday to Lily in Cedar Class. Hope you have a lovely day!

Updates - Week Beginning 30th March

Hello to all of you lovely Year Two children. We hope that you are all well and keeping yourselves safe. We are missing you all very much and hope that it won't be too long before we see you again. Well done to those of you who have completed the MyMaths tasks. I shall be checking regularly and adding more activities when appropriate. Please check the MyMaths website and remember to 'Checkout' so that your work is saved. 


If we had been in school this week, we would have been working on money. Perhaps you could look at some coins that you have at home and count up how much you have. You could sort the coins according to their values and choose which combinations of coins would give you the least/most money. You could set up a shop by putting price tags on some of your toys and working out which coins you would need to buy them. You might have Monopoly at home which would be a fun game to play that uses money!


In our science lessons we would have been looking around the school grounds for signs of Spring. Perhaps you could have a look in your garden or while you are out for your walk. What plants do you notice? What is happening to the trees and bushes? Can you see any animals, including any mini-beasts? Write a list of the things you see. Remember to use commas to separate items in the list.


Don't forget to keep reading , too. We would love to hear about any new books that you have read or any favourite books that you have returned to. Also, try to have some fun and keep being kind to your mums, dads, brothers and sisters. 


Hope to see you soon,

The Year Two Team 

Keeping Safe At Home


Hello to all parents and children in Year 2! We hope that you are all keeping safe at home and are enjoying this lovely sunshine in your gardens. We shall be updating the class page every now and again to check in with you all and update you with some new ideas for home learning.


We have seen that many of you have completed a lot of the mymaths tasks already, so we will keep an eye on that and try to regularly update the tasks set. Please do feel free to explore the site and complete any tasks you wish to, as every little helps! We are aware that there are some glitches being reported with saving your tasks, so please do not panic if your progress isn’t completed, we just thank you for doing the task at all.


There have been many helpful posts on social media for activities to keep your children busy. A website that we use regularly in school is and they are offering parents a one month subscription using the code ‘UKTWINKLHELPS’. If you have access to a printer there are some very helpful worksheets and activities on there. Also please do explore for lots of fun and free educational games which we also use in school a lot so the children are familiar with this site. 

If you are unsure how to help your child progress, here are some top tips-


​​​​​​— Daily reading with questioning about what they have read to check understanding

- Joined handwriting practise and key word spellings

- Times tables rehearsing 

- Teach your child how to tell the time as this is always a huge task in year 2!


Finally, please also do remember to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Although it is a time of great uncertainty we are living in, it is also a unique opportunity to teach your own child and learn from each other which can only strengthen your relationship. We hope that you are all remaining well and in positive spirits, and we already miss you all dearly! 

We very much hope to see you all soon and send our best wishes to you all, 


Year 2 teachers 

Some useful ideas to keep your mind (and body) active!

The Great Fire of London

On Friday the 13th March we had a visit from the museum service. A lady called Sharon came and taught us lots of things about the Great Fire of London. We used fire buckets, wrote with a quill and ink like Samuel Pepys, dressed up in old fashioned clothes and held artefacts, including a peg that was in the actual fire. We had a fantastic time and learnt lots of new things.

Have a look at the pictures.

Handling artefacts

Dressing up as different characters from 1666 - look at those wigs!

Learning how to write with a quill and ink. Writing in 'old English' like Samuel Pepys was rather tricky!

Filling a fire bucket - We had to pretend that the plastic tub was the River Thames

Passing it along the line to put the fire out. We now understood why this didn't work very well in 1666!

How far can a sneeze travel?  

In our Maths lesson we were investigating how far a sneeze could travel with different variants. First, we looked at how far a sneeze could travel without any barrier at all, and estimated the distance we thought it would spread, by placing a picture of ourselves in the spot we thought it would reach. We used a water spray bottle to simulate a sneeze, and we circled where the droplets fell on the sugar paper strip. We repeated the experiment a further two times, once with a hand to cover the nozzle, and the final time with a tissue. We now thoroughly understand the impact that using a tissue can have!


World Book Day 2020

Year 2 pulled out the stops this year with all of their fantastic costumes!




Measuring Length

We have been learning how to use cm and m to measure length. We found out that Usain Bolt can run 100m in just under 10 seconds. We each timed ourselves running for 10 seconds and then used the trundle wheels to measure the distance we had run. Although no-one managed to beat Usain Bolt’s record, we all ran quite a distance! The measurements were recorded in tables using m and cm.


Spring has sprung!

This week the children have been thinking about the changing seasons. To coincide with  our science learning about plants, our art lesson this week focused on using drawing to share our ideas, in which we did a still life study of daffodils. The children used a variety of media to explore colour and tone, and made careful observations and drawing what they could actually see. 


Shrove Tuesday

Today is Shrove Tuesday and year two have been learning all about the religious significance of the day. We understand why pancakes are eaten and have all had a go at making and tasting some pancakes. We also learnt that it is traditional to have pancake races. Unfortunately, the wet weather stopped us from racing outside so we had a pancake tossing competition instead!

English: Traditional Tales


We are learning the features of traditional tales, with a current focus on Little Red Riding Hood. We will be comparing and contrasting a variety of well-known tales as well as adapting and innovating our own versions. So far, we have retold the original story of Little Red Riding Hood and overall we were really impressed with the quality of the writing produced!

Science: Life Cycles


We have linked our English and Science learning to create information booklets about the life cycle of a frog. Our information booklets contained labelled diagrams, a glossary and information written in the present tense.

Internet Safety in Year Two


As part of our Computing work, we have been thinking about how to keep ourselves safe when using the internet. We designed posters to advertise some of the sensible behaviours we should adopt when we are online. We know that the internet can be a fun, useful resource but we also know that we need to be careful and think about our actions online, as we would in real life.

What is God like?


In our R.E. lessons, we have been learning the story of “Jonah and the Whale”. Christians believe that Bible stories teach them about God. We came up with some ideas about what God is like, using examples from the story. We tried to represent each characteristic, such as “powerful”, or “forgiving”, through art work. We are very pleased with the outcomes!

Recycling Materials - Science Topic


We have been learning about materials and their properties. We have also talked about how long materials take to break down if they are sent to landfill. Instead of throwing used items away, we should try to reuse or recycle them. Our Christmas tealight holders are made from used glass jars. We think they will look wonderful on the table on Christmas day.

Cedar Class Christmas Gift!


Cedar Class were very excited to have a visit from Father Christmas this week. We were very lucky to receive an adopted polar bear from the North Pole! Father Christmas has asked to look after this bear. We have decided that he will be called Snowflake! As part of the adoption, we will receive updates about Snowflake’s friends back in the North Pole!


Thanks to the PTA who showed Father Christmas the way to our classroom and took some photos!

Year 2's Nativity - "Lights, Camel, ACTION!"


We have all been very busy preparing for this year's nativity, 'Lights, Camel, Action!'. We have had lots of lines and new songs to learn and we have all had great fun doing so. We hope that you all enjoy our performances. We think you are in for a treat! Everyone in the Year 2 team would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Pudsey Bear Pays a Visit

Fleet Air Arm Museum Visit


As part of our History work on Remembrance, Year Two enjoyed a day out at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton. We took part in a Poppy Trail, where volunteers showed us around the museum, talked to us about the exhibits and helped us to answer questions. We saw medals that had been won for bravery and there were planes for us to look at that had been involved in wars. Later, we made ‘sweetheart pin cushions’. These were often made by injured servicemen to send home to their loved ones. We got to take ours home. Some of us also made poppies to add to the display at the museum. In the afternoon, we all had another chance to have another look around the museum. Some of us went on Concorde and some of us experienced what it would be like on the deck of an aircraft carrier. We all had a great day and everyone behaved themselves – a real credit to themselves and the school. See above.

Hobbycraft Art Display


As part of our Arts Week activities, Preston Primary were invited to create a new piece of artwork to be displayed in the local Yeovil branch of Hobbycraft. Key Stage 1 pupils worked together to produce a colourful mixed media portrayal of 'The Three Little Pigs' using a variety of textures, colour and materials. The canvas will be available to view in Hobbycraft in Yeovil.

Alpaca Visit


Today we got to meet a group of alpacas. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the animals. Alpacas come from Peru and can live to be 20 years old. They have two toes on each foot and they do not have teeth in their top gums! Alpacas eat hay and grass and are also given extra foods that aren’t normally available in the United Kingdom. Some of us were able to feed the alpacas. We had to remember to keep our hands flat!  See above.

Rev Ruth Chapman Visit


Year 2 received a visit from Reverend Ruth today who came to join us for our Singing Assembly. The children were given the opportunity to ask Ruth some questions and they did not disappoint! Mrs Rich and Mrs Mann were very impressed with their knowledge of the Bible and the depth of their questions. Ruth will be coming back to see us again soon, and we are all looking forward to it!


Dance Success


A big “well done” to Brooke in Cedar Class for winning this amazing trophy. Brooke took part in a dance competition in Taunton and won first place with her street dance routine. Thank you for bringing your trophy in to share with us, Brooke. We are very proud of your achievements!  See above.

Healthy Futures

Year 2 have been taking part in a six week workshop with Stuart Kennard from Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership. The sessions are linked to our Science curriculum objective of learning how we can keep our bodies healthy. 


This week the children were learning about how to keep our teeth healthy. We first sequenced drinks in order of how much sugar we thought they had in them, then we set up an experiment using cola, vinegar and water. We put a fresh egg in a cup with one of the liquids, and we will wait for seven days to see what happens to the shell on the eggs. This will help us to see what happens to the enamel on our teeth when we consume a lot of sugar.


We cannot wait to see the results!

Arts Week - Illustrator Visit


As part of our Arts week celebrations, the children in Key stage 1 welcomed author and illustrator Mike Brownlow. Famous for his bestselling ‘Ten Little..’ Series, Mike enjoyed spending time with all the children and sharing his drawing knowledge and skills with them all. The children particularly enjoyed learning how to draw their own robots in the style of Mike’s TV series ‘Little Robots’.   See below.

Healthy Futures


Year 2 have enjoyed our first Healthy Futures session with Mr. Kennard. Today we learnt all about our senses and took part in a rotation of activities to explore them. We taste tested healthy drinks, played circle of whispers to test our hearing, described objects in a feely bag, used our sense of smell to identify the scents of different shampoos and used our sight to label the parts of the body. It was great fun and we are all looking forward to the next five sessions to develop our understanding of how to live a healthy life.

See below!

Welcome to the new children in Cedar Class


Everyone is settling in nicely and we have already done lots of work in class. Today, we thought about our first few days in Year Two and have written about our experiences.


On Tuesday I was nervous of the other children because I had forgotten what they were like. We made four rules. We had a class assembly and we had lunch and then we had a playtime.

By Iwan


On Tuesday I felt excited because I wanted to see what it was like in year two. We put everything away. We did some English, science and maths. At the end of the day we read a book called ‘The Twits’. We had some playtime. I was very happy that day.

By Annie


On Tuesday I felt a bit nervous about having a new teacher. On Wednesday I was happier than Tuesday. We have done some fun stuff, like counting straws.

By Owen