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Year 5 - Hazel Class 2020-2021


Hazel class enjoyed an extended PSHE session with Wessex SCARF. This involved looking at a range of areas including mental wellbeing and healthy lifestyles involving diet.

Geography Day


Friday 2nd July saw us take part in a range of Geography activities. In the morning, we looked at the history of the Olympic Games, then took a look at Japanese culture in more depth.

In the afternoon, Hazel class divided into 4 groups to collect information on the history, geography, science and societal features of Costa Rica, our chosen country of study. The children then presented these findings, where we learnt from each other about different aspects of Costa Rica. 

Maths Challenge Morning

Year 5 pupils were lucky enough to have a maths teacher from Preston Secondary school deliver a challenge morning. In teams, they answered questions which they may come across when they get to KS3. It is no surprise that the children did fantastically and had a great morning!

Sports Day!


Year 5 had a fantastic day competing across a range of sports - including Japanese themed activities to follow the Olympic Games this year.

It was unfortunate that the parents couldn't come and watch, but this didn't stop the children having a brilliant afternoon with lots of smiles, cheers and team spirit all round!

Sports Day1.m4v

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Sports Day2.m4v

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Sports Day3.m4v

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Year 5 had the pleasure of being sports leaders for our Global Games Day. We taught Year 3 and Year 4 children how to play a variety of games and understood the importance of leadership and giving clear instructions!

All activities were completed in bubbles and Year 5 children were socially distanced from the other year groups.

Trip to Melbury Estate and Farm

We enjoyed a lovely day out in the countryside! For the first half of the day, we had a brief tour of the farm, learning how the farm aims to be sustainable, including the uses of silage and milk production from the approximate 1050 cows on site.

In the afternoon, we visited the estate and took part in a range of activities including falconry, croquet and watching a farrier change a horse's shoe.

Trip to Melbury Estate and Farm

Trip to Melbury Estate and Farm

Guest Speaker Visit from Russ Wells

Year 5 were lucky enough to benefit from the opportunity to have a visit from local and popular personal trainer, Russ Wells. In this time, Russ talked about how he has created a successful business and not at any point let his disability hold him back. During the session Russ also discussed the importance of friendship, families, being your own person and not letting anyone restrict you from achieving exactly what you desire in life. Children also were encouraged to ask questions as they went along, to further understand the variety in life experiences of the community around us.

Russ works at Goldenstones Gym in Yeovil, under the name of RustyPT.

Mrs Hodgson's Tea Party!

A group of Hazel class children had the privilege of being invited to a private tea party with our headteacher, Mrs Hodgson! They were able to celebrate the good work they have been completing throughout the year. As you can see, they were suitably presented for the occasion, thanks to crazy hair day!

Although it's been a long half term, our hair doesn't always look like this!! Raising funds for the Yeovil Opportunity Group.

Lino Printing!

Making Parachutes to test for Air Resistance!

Virtual School author event with Anna James and Nicola Skinner

School author event with Anna James and Nicola Skinner

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We were fortunate to be able to attend a virtual author event with Anna James and Nicola Skinner! We even had the opportunity to ask questions, which was a fantastic facility for our young inspiring writers.

PE with Mr Bourne

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Hazel Class have been working hard to emulate the style of William Morris!

Year 5 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet some birds of prey during this week! These included owls and eagles!

Virtual Reality Space Session!

Hazel Class were lucky enough to benefit from a one-off Virtual Reality Space exploring adventure! It was out of the world, apparently!

Virtual Reality Space Session!

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After School Football Club

World Book Day - whether at home or in school, Year 5 still made a great effort at dressing up as their favourite characters!

Half Term Challenge

Before half term, the Year 5 team set Hazel and Hornbeam children the challenge of running, walking or cycling as far as they could in the week's break to promote good physical and mental wellbeing. With our heavy and unavoidable reliance on technology since Christmas, we thought it a good idea to promote some time away from screens.  Children were required to record their total distances and pass them over to their teachers.


Once we had all of the miles in, we decided to add them all together and see how far we had travelled as a collective. Our combined totals showed that we travelled a whopping 485.1 miles between us! This is the equivalent of travelling from Preston Primary to Amsterdam (via Calais and through Belgium), with a few miles left over! What an achievement!

During lockdown, we can often find ourselves glued to screens for one reason or another. That is why in Year 5, we made our own fortune tellers with different topics in to encourage more conversation between family and friends! 

Natalia fortune teller.mp4

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Seri-Ann demonstrating her amazing perseverance and creativity in her piano playing

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National Marine Aquarium


Year 5 have enjoyed following the live lessons from the National Marine Aquarium. Over the past few weeks we have looked at underwater volcanoes and navigating the ocean. We had a go at making our own volcanoes, compasses and even did some density experiments!

Year 5 were set the Home Learning task of getting creative in the kitchen! We were so impressed by their willingness to get stuck in and, of course, the end products!

Home and School Learning Weeks 1 to 3


The year 5 team have enjoyed all of the work and creative activities that have been sent in during these past few weeks - the dedication from everybody, whether in class or at home, has been wonderful! Well done!

Christmas Cards!

During the final week of festivities, we have been making Christmas cards using a range of materials and techniques including quilling to give a 3D effect!

Victorian Day!

Victorian Poetry

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Welcome to 1859! Children in Hazel class dressed up as Victorians for the day to conclude their unit of work. They enjoyed drawing, acting out poems, parlour games and more!


This week we were testing conductors and insulators of electricity. Children were required to make a successful circuit, lighting up the bulb, before putting different items in the circuit to see if the light would stay illuminated or not!

Making our own Christingles!

We have had a busy Friday afternoon making our own Christingles! The red ribbon around our Christingles represents the blood of Jesus. Fruits and sweets represent the fruits of the Earth and the four seasons. The candle pushed into the centre of the orange represents Christ.

Remembrance Day

Hazel Class have created a remembrance piece for display outside their classroom. The children used a range of materials to create the poppies and produce this wonderful backed memorial scene!

African Drumming Session - Black History Month Celebration

Hazel Class enjoyed a one-off session learning how to play a set of African Drums! The children had the opportunity to learn new ways of holding the drum set and playing a variety of different sounds. Hazel have learnt about historical figures over the October period in celebration of Black History Month.

Hazel Class Drumming

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Hazel Class Drumming

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PE - Rounders!

Hazel Class have been learning how to play rounders. With each week, we have added more elements of strategy to consider! 

Nelson Mandela Timelines

Hazel Class have been learning about Nelson Mandela during October as a celebration of Black History Month. The children have been really compelled in learning about the struggles of Mandela and his people in relatively recent times.

Looking Good in Yellow! Raising awareness for Mental Health Day.

Cześć, ciao, bonjour, sveiki, hello!

Congratulations to our new language ambassadors for this year - Sophia, Natalia and  Seri-Ann! 

These children have been chosen to represent our school, as great role models for promoting languages across the school. Our Ambassadors play an important role in the organisation of Language Days in our school and closely work with teachers to promote the importance of learning a foreign language in primary schools. They enjoy their role as Language Ambassadors because they are proud of their cultural heritage and the languages they speak. This also gives them a chance to encourage other children to have the opportunity to speak a language that they do not learn in school.

More Art!

Hazel Class have been using the theme of Dinosaurs throughout their English extended writing tasks, so we thought we'd make some Dinosaurs from household items for Arts Week!


Hazel class have been learning about graffiti! We learnt about how it was first found in Ancient Rome and the different forms of street art we see in society today. The children then had the opportunity to write their own name tags!


Welcome Back!


It has been a really positive first week in Hazel Class! It has been so great to get back to some sort of normality. This week has seen us hit the ground running, by exploring rivers and their features, as well as exploring the scale of space and how old it is, whilst also working out how long it would take us to get to the moon on a bus at 100mph!

Every child has returned with a passion to learn and made a fantastic start to the year, well done.

 If you have any questions or queries about this year then as always, please speak to myself (Mr Ford).