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Year 5 - Hornbeam Class

Hornbeam's Talent

A round of applause resounds through the classroom as we congratulate Hannah for her exceptional performance on the violin. With poise and talent, she captivated her peers by presenting not just one, but two beautiful pieces of music. Stepping into the spotlight can be daunting, but Hannah's confidence and skill shone brightly, inspiring us all.


As the curtains close on another eventful half term, Year 5 at our school capped off their final days with an exhilarating rounders match. After weeks of diligent effort in their studies and the excitement of the school play, our students revelled in the opportunity to unwind and engage in some friendly competition. Laughter filled the air as they ran, batted, and fielded, showcasing teamwork and sportsmanship. It was a fitting culmination to a period marked by dedication and achievement. Here's to the memories made and the bonds strengthened, as we look forward to the adventures that await us in the next half term.

Exciting News from the Trust Poetry Competition!


We are thrilled to announce that four of our talented students, Emily, Alfie, Mollie, and Doyle, have made it to the finals of the Trust Poetry Competition! Their captivating performances of "Gran, Can You Rap?" by Jack Ousby truly showcased their unique personalities and flair.

A special congratulations goes to Alfie, who will proudly represent Preston CofE Primary School in the final round against other schools in the Trust. We are incredibly proud of all our finalists for their hard work and dedication. Well done, everyone!


The Year 5 production of "Oink" was a resounding success, bringing a modern and comedic twist to the classic tale of the three little pigs. The children performed brilliantly, capturing the humor and charm of the story with their impressive acting skills and lively energy. The show was a testament to their hard work and dedication, and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishment. A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed, from creating props and costumes to helping the students learn their lines. Your support made this delightful production possible!


In their recent geography lesson, the Year 5 students learned about the counties and regions of England. They explored famous landmarks like Buckingham Palace and the White Cliffs of Dover, discovering how these places have changed over time. The lesson was fun and interesting, helping the children appreciate England's diverse geography and history.

Twinnies Farm Visit

Thank you very much to the PTA for funding the visit from Twinnies farm. The children enjoyed seeing and cuddling the guineau pigs, sheep, goats and shetland pony!


In our RE lesson, we delved deeper into our study of Judaism, focusing specifically on kosher foods and the rules that govern them. We learned about the significance of kosher dietary laws in Jewish culture and explored the specific guidelines that dictate which foods are considered permissible and which are not. It was fascinating to learn about the traditions and customs associated with kosher foods, deepening our understanding of Judaism as a whole.

Yeovil Town Football Club - Trophy Tour


Yeovil Town Football Club orchestrated an electrifying whole school assembly, marking their triumphs and igniting the passions of future football stars. In a gesture of community connection and inspiration, they invited Preston Primary School to partake in their Trophy Tour. As the gleaming trophy took center stage, accompanied by the illustrious first team player, Frank Nouble, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation. The children, particularly the ardent football enthusiasts, were swept up in a whirlwind of excitement. They seized the opportunity to pose questions, snap photos, and bask in the presence of their sporting idol, leaving an indelible mark of enthusiasm and aspiration within the school's halls.


In Year 5, as part of our ongoing exploration of local geography, we have been delving into the diverse world of farming in our area. Our studies have led us to examine the various types of farming practised, including dairy, arable, and livestock farming. We've explored the unique conditions required for each type of farming, from the lush pastures necessary for dairy farming to the expansive fields needed for arable farming and the space and resources essential for livestock farming. Through our investigations, we've observed that dairy farming appears to be the most prevalent in our local area, contributing significantly to our community's agricultural landscape. It has been a fascinating journey discovering how these different farming practices not only sustain our local economy but also shape the environment around us.


This week, we've been focusing on angles. We've learned how to find missing angles on a straight line, in a right angle, and around a point. It has been fun figuring out how these angles fit together like puzzle pieces. By practising with different examples, we're getting better at spotting them in shapes and situations. It's helping us understand angles better and making maths more interesting!



In R.E, we delved into the significance of Shabbat in the Jewish faith. We learned that Shabbat, or the Sabbath, is a sacred day of rest and spiritual rejuvenation observed from Friday evening to Saturday evening. During this time, Jewish families come together to celebrate with rituals such as lighting candles, sharing a festive meal, and attending synagogue services. We also explored how Jewish people celebrate the day of rest differently from how Christians observe Sunday as a day of rest. We discussed how Shabbat serves as a time to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life and connect with family, community, and God. Through learning about these traditions, we gained a deeper appreciation for the spiritual importance of Shabbat in Jewish culture and the values of rest, reflection, and renewal it embodies.

Parliament Visit


Key Stage Two recently enjoyed an insightful visit from Tom from Parliament. During his visit, he provided a fascinating insight into the Houses of Parliament, detailing the functions of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Tom also discussed constituencies across the UK, highlighting Marcus Fysh as the MP representing our constituency. We delved into the concept of democracy, exploring its significance both within our school and on a national level. Tom also shed light on the role of the government, mentioning our Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, and his team. It was a valuable learning experience that enriched our understanding of the political system and governance in the UK.



In today's science lesson, we conducted an exciting experiment to explore the effect of surface area on air resistance. Using paper, we created our own parachutes of various sizes and then tested them to see how quickly or slowly they fell. By observing and recording the results, we were able to see firsthand how surface area impacts air resistance. It was a hands-on way to learn about the forces at play and an engaging way to kick off our study of forces in action!


In today's Religious Education lesson, we delved into the significance of Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies in Judaism. As we explored these rites of passage, the students gained a deeper understanding of their cultural and religious importance. We discussed how Bar Mitzvah marks the coming of age for Jewish boys, symbolizing their transition into adulthood and their responsibilities within the community. Conversely, Bat Mitzvah serves the same purpose for Jewish girls, celebrating their maturity and their role within Jewish traditions. Through this lesson, the students not only learned about these sacred ceremonies but also gained insights into the values and customs that underpin them, fostering a greater appreciation for the diversity and richness of religious practices.


In today's math lesson, we revisited the concept of multiplying fractions by whole numbers. Although this topic might seem familiar to the children, its simplicity served as a powerful reminder of the fundamental importance of knowing times tables. As we worked through examples, the students realised that a solid grasp of multiplication facts facilitates the simplification of fractions effortlessly. This lesson underscored the vital role that mastering basic arithmetic plays in tackling more complex mathematical concepts, reinforcing the significance of diligently learning and practicing times tables.



In our Year 5 geography lesson, we embarked on a journey around our school grounds to explore the effects of human activity on our environment. What we discovered was both fascinating and eye-opening. Despite our school being a small community, the impact of our actions on the environment was significant. From litter accumulation to changes in green spaces, we observed firsthand how our daily choices can shape the world around us. This experience served as a powerful reminder of our responsibility to care for our planet and inspired us to take action to preserve and protect our environment for future generations.



In today's science lesson, we've kicked off our new topic on forces, and today, we delved into key vocabulary related to this exciting subject. Words like acceleration, air resistance, drag, and friction might sound complex, but we made sure to break them down and understand their meanings together. By discussing these terms, we've ensured that everyone in the class has a solid grasp of their definitions before we dive deeper into the topic. With a strong foundation in place, we're ready to explore the fascinating world of forces with confidence and curiosity!



In our English lessons, we've been diving into the world of literary techniques, and recently, we explored the concept of pathetic fallacy. Building on our understanding of personification, we've learned to infuse our writing with emotion by describing the weather. Now, not only can we give human qualities to objects, but we can also make the weather reflect the mood of a scene or character. It's like painting with words, adding depth and atmosphere to our writing. As we continue to refine our descriptive skills, we're discovering new ways to bring our stories to life!


Our journey into our new geography topic, 'Investigating our Local Area', began with understanding the basics: human and physical geography. We learned what each term means and how they shape the places we live. Next, we dived into comparing two very different places: London and Yeovil. By looking at the human side, like buildings and people, and the physical side, like rivers and hills, we created a comparison table to see how they're alike and different. This hands-on activity helped us grasp how geography influences everything around us, setting the stage for exploring our own local area.


Continuing our exploration of shapes, we've progressed from reflecting them to translating. While reflection helped us understand symmetry, translation takes us further, showing how shapes can move without changing their size or shape.



We kicked off the new term with an engaging dive into mathematics, focusing on the art of reflection. Through hands-on activities, they revisited the fundamentals of plotting coordinates and explored the fascinating world of reflecting shapes along a mirror line. With a blend of creativity and analytical thinking, our Year 5 students embraced the challenge, demonstrating their growing understanding of geometric concepts. As they continue their mathematical journey, we look forward to witnessing their continued growth and curiosity in the realm of numbers and shapes.

Welcome Back!


Welcome Back Hornbeam Superstars!


We hope you had an egg-citing Easter break filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of chocolate treats! Now, it's time to dust off those backpacks, sharpen those pencils, and get ready to dive back into the wonderful world of learning.

As we return to school, let's carry with us the memories of our holiday adventures and the enthusiasm to make this term the best one yet. There are exciting lessons to be learned, new friendships to be made, and amazing discoveries waiting to be uncovered.

Remember, each one of you brings something special to our school community, and together, we can achieve anything! Let's embark on this journey together with enthusiasm, curiosity, and a whole lot of fun.


KS2 Easter Service

The Key Stage 2 Easter assembly was a delightful blend of tradition and humor, as children from each class took turns retelling the Easter story with earnestness and creativity. Amidst the recounting, Reverend David infused the atmosphere with joy by presenting an entertaining rendition of the tale, cleverly incorporating chocolate and weaving in hilarious puns that had the children erupting into fits of giggles. Through this engaging narrative, we were reminded of the profound significance of Easter in the Christian faith, with its message of renewal, hope, and redemption resonating deeply with all in attendance.

Victorian Era: Golden Age or Dark Age?

This week, we dove into a discussion about whether the Victorian era was a golden time or a dark period in history. We learned about the positive aspects, like how the British Empire grew and how new inventions during the Industrial Revolution changed the way people worked, communicated and travelled. However, we also talked about the challenging aspects of life back then. We discussed how many children lived in poverty and didn't have access to good doctors, which led to high numbers of children dying young. We also learned about the harsh conditions in workhouses and the terrible reality of child labor. Additionally, we explored the strict discipline in schools and how education wasn't available to everyone until later in the Victorian era. It was eye-opening to learn about both the good and bad sides of this important time in history.

Alice in Wonderland


The Year 4 performance of "Alice in Wonderland" was absolutely wonderful! The children put on an amazing show that made their teachers very proud. We all had such a good time watching it. The kids wore fantastic costumes and delivered their lines perfectly, bringing Lewis Carroll's magical story to life. Their teachers were thrilled to see them shine on stage, showing off their talents and working together as a team. It was a fun and memorable experience for everyone there, with lots of laughter and applause filling the room as we journeyed into Wonderland with Alice and her friends.


Delving into the world of adaptive sports, our students discovered the intricacies of Boccia, a captivating Paralympic sport designed for wheelchair users. With enthusiasm and determination, they embraced the opportunity to try their hand at playing the game themselves. Through this immersive experience, our students not only learned new skills but also gained valuable insights into inclusivity and the power of sports to transcend barriers. We're immensely proud of their enthusiasm and openness to new experiences, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and development both on and off the field.


In our Religious Education lesson, students learned about the significance of the Eucharist ceremony for Christians. They explored how bread and wine symbolise the body and blood of Jesus Christ, representing his sacrifice and eternal presence. Through discussions, they understood its role in fostering unity among believers and strengthening their connection to God. They reflected on the importance of reverence and gratitude during the ceremony, recognising it as a sacred moment of communion with God and fellow believers, deepening their understanding of Christian faith and tradition.

World Poetry Day & International Day of Forests


Embracing World Poetry Day and International Day of Forests, our Year 5 students embarked on a poetic exploration of the woods. Engaging in a myriad of poetic styles including haikus, acrostics, and free verse, they delved into the heart of the forest's mysteries. With haikus capturing fleeting moments, acrostics spelling out the essence of trees, and free verse embracing the untamed spirit of nature, our students wove together a tapestry of words that celebrated the beauty and significance of forests. Through this creative journey, they not only refined their poetic craft but also deepened their connection to the natural world, fostering a lifelong appreciation for its wonders.

History: Were railways good or bad?


For History this week, we delved into the intriguing question: Were railways good or bad? Through immersive role-playing, each child inhabited a character and explored various scenarios, delving into the life stories of individuals affected by the advent of railways. They discovered the complexities of this historical phenomenon; while railways brought improved quality of life for some, like those who gained access to faster transportation and new opportunities, they also posed challenges for others, such as canal workers whose livelihoods were threatened. Furthermore, students were introduced to the visionary engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, whose pioneering contributions transformed transportation infrastructure. Through these explorations, our students gained valuable insights into the multifaceted impacts of historical developments.

Science Week



This week, Year 5 embraced the spirit of exploration and discovery as we delved into the wonders of science during Science Week. Our journey led us to the captivating realm of the science fair, where our fellow classmates showcased their ingenuity and passion through a diverse array of experiments. From unravelling the mysteries of the solar system to exploring the fascinating realm of optical illusions, from witnessing explosive volcanic simulations to diving into the intricate workings of our senses, each presentation offered a unique glimpse into the marvels of the scientific world. It was a celebration of curiosity, creativity, and the boundless potential of scientific inquiry, inspiring us all to continue our exploration of the world around us.

International Women's Day


On International Women's Day, we engaged in a thought-provoking discussion centered around the theme of equality. Delving into its multifaceted dimensions, we explored the evolving meaning of equality and its gradual progression throughout history. Emphasising the significance of inclusion and fairness, we reflected on the strides made towards a more equitable society. From the realm of sports to the workplace, we dissected the challenges and triumphs of achieving gender parity. Our dialogue served as a poignant reminder of the ongoing journey towards a world where every individual is afforded the same opportunities and rights, regardless of gender.

World Book Day


Today was an exciting celebration of literacy and imagination as our students enthusiastically embraced World Book Day. Dressed as beloved characters from their favorite stories, they delved into lively discussions about their chosen personas and shared insightful book reviews. Later in the day, our students had the extraordinary opportunity to engage in an interactive session with acclaimed author Louie Stowell, the mastermind behind the captivating 'Loki: A Bad God’s Guide' series. Immersed in the mischievous world of Norse mythology, they gleaned fascinating insights into the cunning trickster god Loki and his latest adventures. Louie generously imparted invaluable tips and tricks on comic creation, inspiring our budding artists to explore their own creativity. Today was a testament to the power of literature to ignite curiosity and spark the imagination in our students.



In our dance classes, students are honing their balancing skills and learning the art of sequencing as they embark on choreographing dances in pairs. Through these exercises, students not only develop physical coordination and grace but also cultivate teamwork and communication skills. Additionally, they are challenged to mirror the movements demonstrated by our skilled dance instructors, enhancing their ability to observe, imitate, and refine their techniques. With a blend of creativity, discipline, and collaboration, our students are flourishing in their dance journey, gaining confidence and proficiency with each step they take.

Careers Week


During Careers Week, our class had the privilege of hosting Frankie's mum, who works at the Aster Group. She captivated us with insights into the diverse array of roles within her company and highlighted the rewarding aspect of her job—assisting others. Her enthusiasm for her work was contagious as she shared how the Aster Group positively impacts people's lives. It was an inspiring session that broadened our horizons about career possibilities and the profound difference individuals can make in their communities.

World Day of Prayer


The World Day of Prayer holds a special place in our hearts at the school. This year, our Year 5 children embraced the occasion by crafting their own heartfelt prayers, each as unique as the child who wrote it. With creativity and compassion, they illustrated their prayers on leaves, which together will form a vibrant prayer tree—a symbol of unity and hope. Some prayers reflected the theme of The World Day of Prayer, while others were dedicated to friends, families, and personal aspirations. Through this beautiful gesture, our children showed that prayer knows no bounds and that kindness flourishes in their young hearts.



In today's science class, we explored the lifecycles of birds and insects. We learned about the complete and incomplete metamorphosis of insects, understanding the stages they go through from egg to adult. Then, we were introduced to the cuckoo, a brooding parasite that cleverly lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. It tricks them into raising its chicks, teaching us about unique survival strategies in nature. This lesson opened our eyes to the fascinating world of animal lifecycles and the diverse ways they adapt to thrive in their environments.



In our year 5 lesson today, we journeyed back in time to the bleak streets of Victorian England, where child labour was a stark reality. With quills poised and hearts heavy, we immersed ourselves in the world of a working child. Through emotive vocabulary and vivid descriptions, we breathed life into their struggles – the relentless hours in the factory, the ache of hunger gnawing at our bellies, and the longing for a glimpse of sunlight amidst the soot-filled skies. Each word we penned echoed with the silent cries of those forgotten voices, transporting both writer and reader alike into the heart of Victorian hardship.

Victorian Day


Step back in time with Year 5 as they embarked on an immersive journey into the Victorian era. Donning period-appropriate attire, the students delved into the strict yet fascinating world of Victorian education with a stern schoolteacher leading the way. Throughout the day, they embraced their Victorian personas, reciting poetry, honing their artistic skills with floral drawings, and mastering the art of baking Victorian tea biscuits. As the day progressed, the classroom transformed into a hub of Victorian-era entertainment, with parlour games like Pass the Slipper, the Memory Tray Game, and the Human Knot captivating the young minds and fostering a deeper understanding of this pivotal period in history. Reflecting on the experience, many students expressed shock at the stark differences between Victorian classrooms and the present day, highlighting the contrast in teaching methods and disciplinary measures. This hands-on approach provided invaluable insights into the past, sparking meaningful discussions about societal norms and educational practices across different time periods.



For our extended writes this week, the Year 5 students undertook an inventive endeavor: retelling the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood infused with the distinctive style of Lemony Snicket. With every sentence, the narrator's interjections punctuated the narrative with wry observations and cautionary asides, mirroring Snicket's signature tone. Amidst the reimagined tale, the children themselves emerged as whimsical characters, intricately woven into the fabric of the story. As the students skillfully interjected Snicket's trademark wit and wordplay, the retelling took on a whimsical charm, captivating both readers and listeners alike with its delightful blend of humor and suspense.

Maths - Multiplication of decimals


In our recent math lessons, we've been absorbed into the world of decimals, mastering the art of multiplication. Whether it's multiplying decimals by whole numbers or navigating the intricacies of decimal multiplication, we've been sharpening our skills and expanding our numerical fluency. With each calculation, we've learned to carefully place our decimal points and execute precise operations to arrive at accurate results. Through practice and perseverance, we're gaining confidence in handling decimal numbers with ease, paving the way for more advanced mathematical concepts ahead.

History - The Victorians


For our history topic this term, we've embarked on an exciting journey into the Victorian era. Our exploration began by immersing ourselves in the lives of key figures and pivotal events of the time. From Queen Victoria herself to influential reformers and innovators, we've sought to understand their contributions and impact on Victorian society. Constructing our own timelines has allowed us to visually map out the progression of this dynamic era, providing us with a deeper appreciation for its complexities and significance. We're eager to continue uncovering the layers of history that define the Victorian period and its lasting legacy.

P.S.H.E - Fact or opinion?


This week, students embarked on a journey to discern the distinction between facts and opinions. Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, they learned that facts are statements that can be proven true or false, while opinions are personal beliefs or judgments. Moreover, the class delved into the concept of biased reporting, discovering how media outlets sometimes present information in a way that favors a particular viewpoint. Armed with this knowledge, the children explored the importance of critical thinking, understanding the need to question and evaluate the validity of the information they encounter. By honing their critical thinking skills, they are better equipped to navigate a world filled with diverse perspectives and make informed decisions based on evidence and reason.


The Year 5 children were thrilled to be introduced to their upcoming play, "Oink," a comedic twist on the classic tale of the three pigs. As auditions commenced, we were astounded by the talent and bravery displayed by the students, with some even daring to audition for solos. Now, with the cast list released, excitement permeates the air, and anticipation runs high as rehearsals begin. We eagerly await the creativity and enthusiasm that each child will bring to the performance. With the half-term holiday approaching, we encourage everyone to practise their lines. It will no doubt be a memorable and entertaining show for all!

English - Shakespeare's Sonnet 18


In this week's English lesson, students were introduced to the timeless works of Shakespeare, focusing on his famous Sonnet 18. Together, they unravelled the structure of the sonnet and learned about its rhyming scheme. Inspired by Shakespeare's craftsmanship, the pupils embarked on their own creative journey, mimicking the structure to craft their own unique sonnets. It was a delightful exploration of language and poetry, igniting their imaginations and fostering a deeper appreciation for the beauty of verse.

Outdoor Learning - Bird Feeders


In an eco-conscious and hands-on activity, Year 5 students engaged in the creation of bird feeders using lard and seeds, igniting their passion for environmental stewardship. With resourcefulness and creativity, they repurposed yogurt pots as moulds for shaping the mixture, adding a touch of ingenuity to their project. After allowing the feeders to set in the fridge, the anticipation grew as they eagerly awaited the final result. Through thoughtful discussions, the children explored the vital role of providing sustenance for birds during the winter months, deepening their understanding of wildlife conservation. As the feeders are hung in the trees, a sense of accomplishment and responsibility permeates the air, showcasing their commitment to nurturing and supporting the local avian community.

Safer Internet Day


For Safer Internet Day, we delved into the fascinating realm of technology's impact on our decision-making. Through interactive activities and discussions, our students explored how the design of technology can sway our choices and learned strategies to navigate these influences effectively. By identifying persuasive techniques and understanding their definitions, we empower our students to critically assess the effects these techniques may have on them. From the positive ways technology can enhance our lives to the potential pitfalls of manipulation, our students gain invaluable insights into the complex landscape of digital persuasion.

Children's Mental Health Week


To celebrate Mental Health Week, we have engaged in meaningful discussions about the importance of mental health and well-being. We explored the concept of mental health, discovering what contributes to a healthy mindset and how it is just as crucial as physical health. Emphasising the connection between a balanced diet and mental well-being, we delved into the significance of eating healthily for both our bodies and minds. As part of our activities, we had the pleasure of reading Charlie Mackesy's heartwarming book, "The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse." Through this enchanting tale, we explored the characters' emotions, their unique ways of expressing themselves, and the profound messages that the author, Charlie Mackesy, aims to convey. This week served as an opportunity for our students to foster a greater understanding of mental health, emphasising the importance of empathy, self-expression, and overall well-being.

Year 3 Play


A big shoutout to Year 3 for their fantastic performance of "The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse." Your play was truly amazing, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The creativity and effort you put into the production were evident, making it a delightful experience for everyone. Great job, Year 3!

P.T.A Disco


The Year 5 and 6 disco was a blast! The students showed up in fantastic outfits, bringing a burst of vibrant energy to the dance floor. The venue was filled with laughter, smiles, and an abundance of positive vibes as everyone showcased their best dance moves. It was a night of great fun, where students from both years came together, creating unforgettable memories through music and dance. The lively atmosphere and the enthusiasm of Year 5 and 6 made the disco an absolute hit! Thank you to the P.T.A for organizing such a fun night!


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Our young scholars recently embarked on an intellectual journey, delving into the captivating world of literature by composing non-chronological reports on the legendary Charles Dickens. Channeling their inner historians and literary enthusiasts, the children skillfully crafted a detailed exploration of Dickens' life, works, and enduring impact on literature. From his early years to his literary masterpieces, they navigated the complexities of Dickens' contributions to the literary landscape with enthusiasm and curiosity. This project not only honed their research and writing skills but also fostered a deep appreciation for one of the literary giants of the past. The classroom buzzed with creativity as these aspiring writers brought the rich tapestry of Dickens' life and works to life on paper, demonstrating their understanding of a literary icon whose influence transcends time.

Design & Technology


In their recent nutrition-focused D.T lesson, the children in Year 5 learned the importance of balanced eating and how to modify recipes to match their preferences. The class explored the basics of food nutrition, understanding the essential elements for a healthy diet. They then applied this knowledge practically by experimenting with recipes, discovering how adjusting ingredients can impact taste and nutritional value. By learning to add or subtract elements based on personal tastes and dietary needs, the children gained valuable skills in making informed choices about the food they consume, promoting a sense of autonomy and healthy eating habits.

Outdoor Learning


Exploring the ancient traditions of artistic expression, our young artists delved into the world of mud painting and clay faces, connecting with a timeless practice that spans generations. Throughout history, mud and clay have been used to create captivating artworks, forming a unique link between nature and artistic expression. Today, we ventured into the process, understanding that clay is sourced from the earth and undergoes a fascinating journey of processing. Our budding artists engaged in two exciting activities - mud painting and crafting clay faces on the trees in the woods. Creating varying mud thickness for diverse paint effects, they embraced the Stone Age style, painting pictures on surfaces with the earthy medium. Additionally, using resources collected from nature, they adorned trees with whimsical clay faces, showcasing the beauty of art rooted in the very ground beneath our feet. The forest transformed into an outdoor canvas, illustrating the wonderful connection between nature, creativity, and ancient artistic practices.

Design & Technology



To start our new Design and Technology topic, children embarked on an exploration of the beef journey from farm to fork. The class delved into the intricacies of cattle farming, processing, and distribution, gaining valuable insights into the food production chain. To showcase their newfound knowledge, the students channelled their creativity into drawing informative posters that illustrated each stage of the beef's journey. The classroom was a mix of curiosity and artistic expression as the children presented their posters, transforming a lesson on food origins into an engaging and informative experience.



In a creatively charged English lesson, pupils embarked on a modern reimagining of the classic tale, focusing on writing character descriptions for the Big Bad Wolf. The twist in the narrative shifted the perspective, revealing the wolf as a victim rather than the antagonist. As the pens danced across the pages, the students skillfully crafted nuanced and empathetic portrayals of the misunderstood wolf, exploring the challenges and struggles faced by this seemingly fearsome character. This exercise not only honed their descriptive writing skills but also fostered a deeper understanding of perspective and empathy, encouraging the young writers to consider alternative narratives and challenge traditional stereotypes in storytelling. The classroom buzzed with imagination, as the pupils brought new life to a familiar tale by giving the Big Bad Wolf a compelling and sympathetic identity.

Outdoor Learning


Inspired by the renowned artist Andrew Goldsworthy, Year 5 recently embarked on a nature-inspired artistic journey during our outdoor learning session. Embracing Goldsworthy's distinctive style, students enthusiastically replicated his approach to art, focusing on elements such as filling, lines, layering, and repeating patterns. Creativity knew no bounds as some groups elevated their artwork into stunning 3D sculptures, incorporating sticks and bamboo to add depth and dimension to their pieces. The woods became our canvas, and students utilized a variety of natural materials – leaves, stones, sticks, berries, and more – to craft unique, site-specific creations. This immersive experience not only deepened the students' appreciation for the beauty of nature but also allowed them to express their creativity in a way that harmonized with the environment.



In our Year 5 math lesson today, we dived into the world of addition and subtraction through engaging puzzles like arithmagons and magic squares. The classroom buzzed with excitement as students tackled these brain-teasing challenges. Arithmagons had us exploring number patterns, while magic squares tested our skills in arranging numbers so that each row, column, and diagonal had the same sum. The hands-on nature of these puzzles not only made math enjoyable but also sharpened our problem-solving abilities. The lesson left us with a sense of accomplishment and a newfound appreciation for the creative side of mathematics.



In our Year 5 science class today, we excitedly delved into the world of solutions and separation methods. To explore the question of whether solutions could be separated, we set up a simple experiment by placing a saltwater solution on the radiator. The anticipation in the classroom is palpable as we eagerly await the results, keen to observe whether the salt will remain behind after the water evaporates.

RE - The parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders


Year 5 delved into the timeless wisdom of the parable of the wise and foolish builders. Engaging in thoughtful discussions, our students explored the profound meaning behind this biblical story and contemplated how, as Christians, we can build our lives on strong foundations by following the teachings of Jesus. To bring this powerful lesson to life, the classroom transformed into a construction zone as our aspiring architects created their own structures using straws. Through hands-on experimentation, they discovered firsthand the significance of a solid foundation, mirroring the importance of anchoring our lives in the teachings of Jesus. This immersive experience not only deepened their understanding of faith but also fostered a sense of resilience and conviction as they strive to live with steadfast foundations in their daily lives.

World Religion Day


We recently marked World Religion Day with an enlightening exploration of diverse faiths. Engaging in in-depth research, we discovered remarkable parallels among the world's major religions. An essential aspect of our discussions centered on the shared belief that the Earth is a divine creation. It was emphasised that many religious teachings underscore the responsibility of humans to preserve the Earth's beauty, a responsibility often neglected in the face of environmental challenges. As part of our commemoration, we participated in a thought-provoking activity, where we expressed our reflections through art. The task involved creating drawings depicting either the Earth in its pristine, God-intended state or portraying the harsh reality of its current degradation at the hands of human actions. This interdisciplinary approach not only fostered a deeper understanding of various belief systems but also encouraged reflection on the interconnectedness between spirituality and environmental stewardship.

Art - Self-portraits


In the captivating world of art, our Year 5 students embarked on a creative journey exploring the intriguing realms of self-portraits and transforming faces. Armed with a photo of themselves, our budding artists fearlessly embraced the challenge of deconstructing and rearranging their images to craft abstract self-portraits. Through this hands-on project, they not only honed their artistic skills but also delved into the fascinating concept of identity and expression.

English - Fantasy Stories


For their extended writes this week, the Year 5 students embarked on an imaginative journey, re-imagining a classic tale. Departing from the traditional story, these young minds replaced the iconic artifacts with their own whimsical creations, infusing the story with newfound magic. The classroom hummed with excitement as the children crafted fantasy tales, showcasing not only their writing prowess but also their ability to bring a fresh perspective to a timeless narrative.

Outdoor Learning - pizza making!


In a recent outdoor learning adventure, Year 5 not only mastered essential fire safety skills but also became culinary wizards in our outdoor kitchen. With a focus on practical knowledge and hands-on experiences, students learned the importance of fire safety protocols, ensuring a secure and enjoyable outdoor cooking environment. Armed with flour, baking powder, oil, and water, our young chefs collaborated to craft their pizza bases, demonstrating creativity and teamwork. Topped with tomato puree and cheese, the pizzas were then expertly cooked in a cob oven, showcasing the magic of outdoor cooking.

Science - separating mixtures


Embarking on an exciting scientific journey, Year 5 students delved into the captivating world of separating solids and liquids. Through hands-on exploration, our young scientists harnessed the power of filtering to skillfully isolate sand from water, utilising the porous nature of filter paper. This remarkable material acted as a microscopic sieve, allowing liquids to flow through while adeptly capturing solid particles. Additionally, the students employed the techniques of sieving and sorting to separate an array of solids, from marbles to flour and rice. These engaging experiments not only fostered a deeper understanding of material properties but also honed their scientific skills, igniting a passion for discovery and experimentation in the dynamic field of science.

PE - Balancing



In Year 5, our students embraced a fun and challenging physical education activity that focused on developing their coordination and balance skills. Engaging in a series of dynamic exercises, they skillfully balanced an array of equipment, including cones, dots, hoops, bean bags, and skittles, on different parts of their bodies while in motion. This activity not only promoted physical dexterity but also encouraged teamwork and perseverance as they coordinated various body actions. Through these interactive sessions, Year 5 students honed their motor skills and had a blast exploring the exciting world of movement and balance.



In Year 5, our students have explored diverse Christian interpretations of the Bible, fostering an understanding of varying perspectives. Additionally, we've discussed the compatibility of scientific beliefs with the teachings of the Bible, emphasising the importance of respecting diverse viewpoints. This nuanced exploration promotes a culture of tolerance and open-mindedness, enriching our students' intellectual development.

Outdoor Learning - Fire starting


Our students recently embraced the great outdoors to delve into the ancient art of fire-making using flint and steel. This hands-on outdoor learning experience not only ignited a spark of curiosity but also fostered essential survival skills. Students learned the importance of fire safety, understanding the principles of 'stop, drop, and roll' to ensure their well-being in case of emergencies. The adventure didn't stop there, as our young learners also discovered the art of whittling sticks to create kindling for their fires. Through these activities, we not only honed practical outdoor skills but also gained a profound appreciation for the historical significance of fire in human civilization. This outdoor learning expedition was a blend of safety awareness, practical skills, and a genuine connection to the natural world, providing our students with an unforgettable educational experience.

Maths - Positive and negative numbers


In our recent series of math lessons, the Year 5 children tackled adding and subtracting both positive and negative numbers. Through a mix of interactive exercises and practical examples, they navigated the challenges posed by these mathematical operations. The lessons focused on real-world applications, enabling the children to grasp the significance of positive and negative numbers in various contexts, from temperature changes to financial transactions.

English - Parenthesis


In today's grammar lesson, students honed their skills in using brackets for parenthesis. The class engaged in a series of interactive exercises and examples, mastering the correct placement and purpose of parentheses within sentences. Through hands-on activities and collaborative discussions, the students not only grasped the technical aspects of using brackets but also gained an appreciation for how parentheses enhance writing by providing additional information or clarifications.



In today's PSHE lesson, students delved into the crucial topic of identifying bullying behaviors. Through engaging discussions and interactive activities, children developed a keen understanding of various forms of bullying, including traditional and cyberbullying. They explored the nuances that distinguish these behaviors and honed their ability to recognize the signs of bullying in different contexts. By fostering a supportive and open environment, the lesson empowered students to discern the differences and similarities between face-to-face bullying and its digital counterpart. Armed with this knowledge, the students are better equipped to stand against bullying, promoting a culture of empathy, respect, and kindness within their school community.

Art - Portraits

In today's art class, the children embarked on a fascinating exploration, transforming their drawings into poetry portraits. Armed with pencils and a keen sense of imagination, they skillfully bridged the visual and literary worlds. The task challenged them to infuse their artworks with emotions, stories, and personal narratives. As strokes of creativity merged with poetic verses, each child brought their drawings to life in a unique and expressive way. The lesson was a testament to the power of interdisciplinary creativity, showcasing how the marriage of visual art and poetry can elevate a simple drawing. 

Outdoor Learning


Year 5 embarked on an exciting outdoor learning adventure that combined creativity, teamwork, and fundamental architectural principles. Engaging in hands-on activities, our students delved into the world of shelter construction, exploring the art of building A-frame dens and tipis. As they worked together to design and assemble these structures, students not only honed their collaborative skills but also gained a deeper understanding of the importance of structure and stability. Through this immersive experience, the budding architects of Year 5 discovered the significance of triangles in creating robust and resilient frameworks. This outdoor learning initiative not only fostered a love for nature but also instilled valuable lessons about the essential role of mathematics and engineering in our daily lives.

English - Haiku Poetry Competition


Today was an inspiring day as the children immersed themselves in the art of Haiku poetry in anticipation of the upcoming World Children’s Haiku Contest. The chosen theme, family, sparked the young poets' creativity, leading them to craft heartfelt verses adorned with beautiful similes and metaphors. Through their words, the children painted vivid pictures of what family signifies to them, capturing the essence of love, support, and connection.

Welcome back!



Welcome back, Year 5 superstars! We hope you had a fantastic break filled with laughter, adventures, and plenty of relaxation. It's time to kick off another exciting term of learning and growing together. Let's make this term one to remember, filled with curiosity, creativity, and countless moments of inspiration. Welcome back to the wonderful world of Year 5 – let the adventure begin!

Christmas Week

This week, the children have been working hard to create lots of beautiful decorations to share with you at home.

As the halls echo with laughter and the classrooms sparkle with holiday cheer, we extend our warmest wishes to all for a Merry Christmas filled with love, laughter, and joyous moments. May this season be a time of togetherness and merriment for our entire school community.


From us all in Hornbeam class. 



Year 2's charming twist on the nativity story unfolded against the backdrop of a modern campfire, where the children transformed into storytellers, enchanting their audience with a delightful blend of humor and music. As the tale of Jesus' birth unfolded, the air was filled with laughter sparked by clever jokes that added a whimsical touch to the narrative. The children also showcased their musical talents, treating the audience to beautifully sung songs that echoed the joy and wonder of the season. This heartwarming performance showcased the creativity and spirit of Year 2, leaving a lasting impression on all who gathered around the campfire.

Greek Day!



Today was an exciting day filled with Ancient Greek adventures! Our imaginative Year 5 students dove into the fascinating world of Ancient Greece during our special themed day. The highlight of the day was the creation of Greek Story vases, where the children showcased their artistic talents by designing and crafting their own clay masterpieces. In addition, the classroom buzzed with creativity as the students constructed mythical creatures using recycled materials in a fun junk model activity. After lunch, we transformed our school playground into a mini Olympic arena, complete with shotput, discus, and standing long jump competitions. The day was not only educational but also full of laughter and teamwork!


Year 5 students had an electrifying experience recently as they delved into the fascinating world of electricity. In our science explorations, the curious minds of Year 5 were buzzing with excitement as they tested various materials to determine whether they were electrical conductors or insulators. The classroom was abuzz with activity as the young scientists eagerly experimented with metal scissors, metal spoons, plastic rulers, rubbers, and a wooden stick. Through hands-on exploration, our students not only learned about the properties of different materials but also developed a deeper understanding of the role they play in conducting or insulating electrical currents. This engaging experiment sparked curiosity and ignited a passion for science in our Year 5 learners.

Computing - Vector Drawing


In today's computing lesson, the children embarked on a creative journey using Google Draw to craft their own vector drawings. Hornbeam class navigated the user-friendly interface; learning the ropes of digital illustration. Armed with a palette of virtual tools, the children seamlessly translated their imaginative ideas into vibrant and dynamic vector art. Google Draw's intuitive features empowered them to experiment with shapes, colors, and lines, fostering a sense of digital fluency. 

Pantomime - Jack and the Beanstalk


The children enjoyed a visit from the pantomime this year, who performed Jack and the Beanstalk. Thank you very much to the PTA for providing sweets for the children!


This week, the Year 5 children delved into the world of poetry inspired by Roger McGough's "The Colour Collector." Drawing inspiration from McGough's vivid imagery and thematic elements, the children embarked on a creative journey to craft their narrative poems. The focal point of their poetic exploration was the concept of stolen colors, allowing them to express their imagination and emotions through beautiful descriptive vocabulary. Guided by the enchanting language of McGough, the students explored the nuances of color theft, weaving together a tapestry of words that painted a captivating narrative. This task not only honed their writing skills but also encouraged them to develop a keen sense of observation and an appreciation for the power of language in creating evocative imagery.

Mythical Creatures


In preparation for the much-anticipated Greek Day next week, our imaginative young minds are hard at work designing their very own mythical creatures. Armed with creativity and enthusiasm, the children are using recycled materials in a spectacular junk modeling project to bring their fantastical creatures to life. From majestic winged beings to awe-inspiring hybrids, the students are weaving tales of mythical wonders and exploring the rich tapestry of Greek mythology. Stay tuned for a glimpse into the magical world these budding artists are conjuring, as they unveil their recycled masterpieces during the enchanting Greek Day festivities.


One of our grammar focuses this week was modal verbs. Focusing on language precision and expression, we explored the use of modal verbs to convey possibility and probability. One exciting application of this newfound knowledge was evident in our imaginative writing exercises, where the children envisioned life on another planet, skillfully using modal verbs to speculate about potential scenarios. This creative approach not only enhanced our grammatical proficiency but also sparked our imaginations, fostering a love for language and storytelling.



In a week filled with mathematical exploration, our Year 5 students honed their geometry skills by delving into the fascinating world of angles. Engaged in a hands-on activity, they measured and drew angles, finding creative and practical applications by examining the angles formed by masking tape on their tables. This inventive approach not only provided extra practice but also infused the learning experience with a sense of fun and relevance. Through activities like these, our Year 5 learners are not only mastering mathematical concepts but also developing a strong foundation for critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


This week, our enthusiastic Year 5 students engaged in an exciting and educational experiment, delving into the exploration of material properties. Fueled by curiosity and a passion for hands-on learning, the children had a fantastic time testing and analyzing various materials. This immersive experience not only sparked their interest in science but also fostered a collaborative and inquisitive spirit within the classroom.

Design & Technology


This week, the children compared paper and 3D computer-aided design modelling and discussed the benefits of using CAD over paper in the design process. They explored new essential skills required to place, manoeuvre and combine 3D objects in Tinkercad. Their Tinkercad models were made by combining multiple individual objects - similar to virtual building bricks - to digitalise and develop their Lego designs for their temperature monitor case. 



Excitement filled the air as our Year 5 students immersed themselves in the joy of dance, continuing their routine to the enchanting beats of 'The Greatest Showman.' This week, the addition of props added a new dynamic to their performance, as the children took turns gracefully gliding, energetically jumping, and striking poses with their pom-poms. The culmination of these individual elements beautifully came together as we seamlessly integrated them with their previous routines. It was a delightful week of creativity, teamwork, and progress as our students embraced the magic of movement and self-expression.

Children in Need


The school was looking particularly cheerful today in aid of Children in Need. The corridors were awash with yellow clothing, polka dots and Pudsey ears as Preston dressed up to raise money for the important charity. Thank you to all who donated towards this amazing cause. 

Maths - reflection and translation


This week in our exciting math lessons, our Year 5 students have been delving into the fascinating world of reflection, translation, and plotting coordinates. The classroom has been abuzz with creativity and exploration as the children have immersed themselves in drawing and reflecting shapes. From uncovering the secrets of symmetry to the joy of finding lines that mirror each other perfectly, our young mathematicians have been engaged in hands-on activities that make learning both enjoyable and meaningful.

Anti-Bullying Week - Odd Socks Day


To mark the start of Anti-Bullying Week, everyone was invited to wear odd socks to school. Odd Socks Day is an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique. There were a great variety of colourful, wacky and mismatched socks on show today! Good effort Preston!

Inter Faith Week - Diwali Dance Workshop


To kick-start Inter Faith Week, the children had a fantastic time learning an Indian-inspired dance routine to celebrate Diwali. 

Design & Technology


After successfully coding their Mico:Bits to monitor the temperature of their animal enclosures, the task this week was to design a supportive stand or casing to protect it. During this lesson, we discussed the history and impact of plastic. We learned both the positive and negative effects that plastic has on planet Earth and suggested ways to make more sustainable choices.

The children were then split into teams and set the challenge of reusing a popular plastic product (Lego) to help them invent their micro:bit case, housing or stands.

P.E - The Greatest Showman


The children continued to develop their dance performances this week by coming up with associated movements for different circus acts. We had everything from jugglers to tightrope walkers, magicians to stunt-men, as well as many more! Once the groups had established their exciting new moves, they then integrated them into their routines from last week; this time, dancing the new section in unison. 

Parliament Week


To celebrate UK Parliament week this week, we took part in a fun Parliament quiz - it turns out we know more than we thought about parliament and democracy!

We also took advantage of having Mrs Snell in the classroom and interviewed her to learn about her role as a councillor. 

Ancient Greece


This week, the children learned what it was like to be a woman in Ancient Greece as well as what went on in an agora - market.

The children had great fun role playing different characters. They went to the agora and needed to find as many other characters as they could and ask why they were there!

We had a plethora of characters ranging from artists to school children and slaves to rich men.

Remembrance Day


The children have been looking at blackout poetry this year for Remembrance Day. We read aloud In Flander's Field and the children circled words that stood out most to them. They then created their backgrounds whilst leaving their key words white in order to create a dramatic effect.

BBC 500 Word Write

The children have had great fun this week using their imagination to create a story for the BBC's 500 word writing competition. From capybaras to aliens, our stories have got it all!


Our new topic for PE is Dance - The Greatest Showman. 

The children enjoyed coming up with their own positions for the introduction, before moving on to creating a more fluid, detailed routine for the rest of the song. We were so impressed with their creativity and enthusiasm, particularly those who would not normally take to the idea of dancing!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Design & Technology


To start our new Digital World topic, the children explored the history of the thermometer and researched key animal facts to write an informed design criteria for an animal monitoring device.


PSHE - Kind Conversations


Our PSHE lesson today was discussing and practising kind conversations. The children had the opportunity to observe both good and bad listening practices. The children quite enjoyed interrupting each other, wandering off and getting distracted - all of which they pointed out were bad listening practices!

They then rehearsed active listening skills, demonstrated respectfulness in responding to others and practised responding appropriately. 

PSHE - Kind Conversations

R.A.F Workshop


The Year 5 children were treated to an engaging workshop with the Royal Air Force. They were set the exciting task of designing and programming a satellite device to record the temperature and light of different locations around the school. The day’s activities included: 


  • Activity 1: Understanding Satellites and RAF Space Command – Unlocking the Secrets of Space  
  • Activity 2: Designing a Model Satellite – Engineering a Path to the Stars 
  • Activity 3: Programming the Satellite – Unleashing the power of the Micro:bit 


We all had fantastic fun making our model satellites and refining our coding skills on the school laptops. The children learnt the importance of the design process and how every element of their designs needed to be considered to ensure the product’s end success. It was also lovely to use the context of our previous science topic on Space to help inform today’s session.  


To celebrate Black History Month, the children have been looking at both iconic Black British figures, as well as key international icons.


In English, we researched and wrote an information text on the inspiring British boxer, Nicola Adams and the impact she has had within the world of female boxing, as well as her positive role in supporting the LGBTQ+ communities. We also wrote a newspaper article on Katarina Johnson-Thompson's amazing win in the 2023 World Athletics Championship heptathlon event. This week, we have finished with looking at Sharon White (OBE), Dina Asher-Smith and Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon (MBE). The children found it interesting learning about Dr Anne-Marie, who wants to inspire the next generation to get into STEM. This led to discussions about why STEM careers are so male-dominated.


In R.E, we learnt about Marcus Rashford's fight for justice during the pandemic, and the positive impact his campaigns have had for children and their access to funding and food. We also researched the late Desmond Tutu and gained a greater understanding of his important role in ending apartheid in South Africa and fighting for world peace.



To continue our work within Black History Month, our focus this week was on Gospel Music. We learnt how Gospel is a style of Christian worship music and that the lyrics praise God.  We also discovered that the music is influenced by Spirituals and other West African Traditional music, including call and response singing, and that Gospel music has been sung in predominantly black American churches since the 18th century. Many of Gospel's first stars in the early 20th century were black women! The children were delighted to hear how Gospel has influenced mainstream music and how it has infiltrated everything from pop to rap. We had fantastic fun learning the song Joyful, Joyful and especially enjoyed the rap bridge!

Judaism Assembly


Rabbi, Stewart Raine, delivered a fascinating talk about Judaism to Year 5. In preparation for his visit, the Year 5 children did a comprehension activity to remind themselves of some of the key features of the Jewish religion. It was wonderful to see their learning extend through a more in-depth discussion.  We learnt about the different branches of Judaism – Orthodox, Conservative and Reform – and the differences in each group's approach to the religion. Stewart also talked us through a brief history of Judaism and shared ideas on the male and female roles within Jewish society. He brought in religious clothing (a kippah or yarmulke) and the fringed prayer shawl called a tallit and discussed their symbolism and relevance. It was great to gain an insight into the history of the Exeter synagogue and learn why the interiors of synagogues are laid out in a particular way. Stuart then guided us through other items that are specific to Judaism and explained the purpose of their role in the Jewish religion. The children were both fascinated and appalled to find out that The Torah is painstakingly handwritten with a feathered quill on parchment, which is traditionally made from cured animal skin! Overall, it was an in-depth and insightful afternoon, which has hopefully laid the foundations for our upcoming R.E. topic on Judaism.  

Judaism Assembly

PSHE - Qualities of Friendship


This week, we defined some key qualities of friendship, described key ways of making friendships last and explained the importance of friendship.

The children had great fun choosing either a positive or negative quality and acting it out with their partner for the rest of the class to guess.

Some of our qualities included:




Listening Attentively


Laughing at


Thank you to you all who came in dressed in yellow with your donations, which will be given to the charity YoungMinds. YoungMinds works with children, young people and their parents to ensure all young people get the mental health support that they need.


To celebrate, we continued our secret mission of Undercover Kindness!

We also discussed the importance of exercise, and how the release of endorphins helps our metnal health. The children worked together to come up with fun PE activities that they could deliver to smaller groups in the afternoon.

Keeping positive also helps our mental health. Throughout the day, the children were asked to share something positive that has happened to them either today or this week to promote a positive culture!



To celebrate HelloYellow day and mental health this week, Hornbeam class have given ourselves a challenge:

Undercover Kindness

We have given each child the name of another child in their class. We have made sure that they don't tell each other who they have been given! The aim of this activity is to encourage the children to be kind to the person whose name they have been given before the end of the week without being found out.



Year 5 were lucky enough to have our PCSO's visit us this week. They reminded us of our role in the community and how we should behave in public. They told us how we can keep ourselves safe when we go to the park/out with friends by ourselves and how to keep ourselves safe. We also learned what we should do if we see something that worries us and the difference between calling 999 and 101. 

Finally, we learned the importance of taking responsibility for our own actions as well as our choices and consequences. 



In PSHE this week we were talking about the meaning of assertive. We learned that we are able to be assertive by standing firm but still treating the other person in a friendly and respectful manner. 

PSHE - Being Assertive

Black History Month


This week, we are looking at Nicola Adams as our inspirational Black British woman for Black History Month. We are studying her for our reading comprehension at the beginning of the week, before creating an information text on her for our extended write.

English - Black History Month


This week we furthered our team building skills with a fun island-hopping exercise. The children discussed the best strategy to use to solve the problem, and identified what role each pupil had to play in the exercise. The island-hopping game focused on leadership and co-operation and the Year 5's did a great job of devising an efficient strategy to get each player quickly across to the opposite side.


Today's lesson consisted of thinking about what the future might look like; planning futuristic artworks and printing a background using collagraph plates made in the previous lesson.


Author Visit


KS2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Annelise Gray, who shared what it was like to be an author and the process of writing a book. We learned a lot about Ancient Rome, which is where her series of books are based.

The children had the opportunity to buy signed copies of her books. 

Author Visit

Ashford Trip

Year 5 had a wonderful trip to Ashford Water Works. We had a wonderful tour of the factory, where we saw the flocculators and learned how the chemical in the water collects all the dirt together like a magnet to make "flocs". We also saw how they tested the PH of the water and how they use sand as a filter. Surprisingly, the factory used to use broken up coconut shells to help filter the water, but due to the impact on their carboon footprint, they now use little pieces of carbon!

Another of our activities was measuring the flow of the river. We timed how long it took a cork to travel down different parts of the river and compared these times, noting how the flow of a river is constantly changing. Once we had done that, we were able to find rocks to build a dam! This was a very popular activity!

Finally, we had a walk around the reservoir to see where they store the 50 million litres of water! We were detectives and looked out for signs of animals. When we weren't distracted by the geese showing off, we saw a very tame rabbit, a frog, a badger set and lots of animal droppings!

We all had a fantastic day and the guides were impressed with our knowledge on water cycles and our eagerness to answer their questions! 

Following on from our team building session last week, the children worked together in pairs to solve and perform a range of tasks. A lot of trust was involved this week, as one of the children had to lead their blindfolded partner to a series of cones. The children realised the importance of clear communication! Afterwards, we discussed how the children felt completing the trail and what the challenges has been.