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Year 5 - Hornbeam Class



Hornbeam class discussed the meaning of the terms 'voluntary' and 'pressure' in PSHE this week. We also read a scenario where "Mo" volunteers to help his community clear the river of litter. The children had great fun Hot Seating different characters and discussing the impact that Mo's actions had on their lives!



As a class, we have been discussing our British Values and in particular, democracy. We discussed how our lives would be different if we did not have democracy. On the opposite side to this, we also looked at dictators and the children were able to name a few.

On the Houses of Parliament website, the children were able to tour various rooms and discovered that they recognised the House of Commons Chamber from various news clips that they had seen! They were able to read more information about different rooms and corridors. The children are really looking forward to their online guided tour that we have booked in for February!




We have continued with our vector drawings this week, which involved layering shapes to create more images.



This week, we really enjoyed learning how to separate solids. We used different tools to separate a mixture of flour, rice and marbles. We also discussed how we could use filter paper as a tool if we needed to.

Computing - creating media - vector drawings


In this unit, we will start to create vector drawings. We are going to learn how to use different drawing tools to help us create images. The children will recognise that images in vector drawings are created using shapes and lines, and each individual element in the drawing is called an object. We are going to layer our objects and  begin grouping and duplicating them to support the creation of more complex pieces of work. 

Our music topic for this term is Keeping Fit. This week, the children have learnt to sing syncopated rhythms in the song, 'Body-popping skeleton'.

Hornbeam's positivity video

Still image for this video
Hornbeam class have worked extremely hard on their "positivity project". They brainstormed a variety of techniques that they can use to cheer themselves up and put them into a video. Our mental wellbeing is extremely important, especially during winter when it is cold and dark!
Please feel free to check out our Wellbeing part of the website for more information and tips!

Hornbeam's Christian value is community.


Therefore, as a year group, we decided to make and send some Christmas cards to the Care Home this Christmas. Due to COVID, we haven't been able to be as involved with the care home as normal, so we thought spreading the Christmas cheer would be a wonderful thing to do! 

Year 5 were lucky enough to have Ruth come and lead our Christmas Service in the hall this year. The children spoke beautifully, telling the story of the birth of Jesus. We also talked about the importance of remembering our Christian values over the holidays.


We hope you all have a joyful holiday!


Merry Christmas!

We had great fun presenting our Powerpoint presentations on the Victorian era this week!



We finally completed our William Morris topic this week by finishing off our lino prints! Last week we carved our designs so that we were ready for printing!

We learned very quickly how putting too much ink on our lino can dramatically effect our prints!

This week, we combined History with Computing by working together to create a Powerpoint presentation on the Victorian Era.

We had a wonderful time at the Pantomime this year - thank you very much to the PTA who allowed this to happen!

Mother Goose - Panto!



This half term, we have been studying properties of materials.

A few weeks ago, we tested different properties of a variety of materials.

This week, we focussed soley on thermal conductors and insulators. We looked at everyday items and discussed the materials they are made out of and why.

For example: Hot water bottles, radiators and saucepans.


The children enjoyed comparing the handles of a metal, plastic and wooden spoon that had been in boiling water, as well as sorting materials into insulators and conductors.

Victorian Day


Well, what a day!


Travelling back in time to 1881, the children entered a very different classroom this morning! From morning exercise and showing their clean hands to writing their times tables on slate, it was as if they really were in a Victorian classroom!

The morning was spent perfecting their sewing technique, practising handwriting and studying artefacts from the Victorian times.

They also chose their very own Victorian name and created a name tag that they wore for the day.

Funnily enough, a lot of the children said they preferred the stricter classroom!


In the afternoon, the children spent time participating in classic Victorian parlour games, including the memory game!


Thank you for the almighty effort you all put into the costumes - the children looked fantastic!

Using protractors to measure and draw angles

PSHE - Friendship qualities

Climate Change


This week, the focus of our extended write was to write a persuasive speech. There has been a lot of focus on climate change recently, particularly with the COP-26 being held in the UK. Therefore, we decided to write a persuasive speech to the World Leaders, to encourage them to make a change and help save our planet.

Hornbeam class did fantastically, in not only including the relevant features, but also in the way they delivered their speech to the rest of the class.

They are so fantastic that we are going to be sending copies to 10 Downing Street!

Supporting our year group in the Year 5/6 football match


This week, we are focussing on reflection, translating and plotting coordinates. The children made a fantastic start looking at the symmetry of a shape and then moved on to drawing the reflections in a mirror line.


Our 2nd art lesson on William Morris found us going out into nature and collecting our own leaves. We then used these to create our own William Morris inspired pictures!

Virtual Visit - Jacquline Wilson


We were lucky enough to have a virtual visit from the wonderful author, Jacquline Wilson.


The visit included:

  • A presentation by Jacquline Wilson about how she started writing and her career
  • Her secrets for creating much-loved characters 
  • Ideas for re-imagining a classic story for a modern audience, inspired by The Primrose Railway Children, a re-imagining of E. Nesbit’s classic set in the present day  
  • Pre-recorded videos from the illustrator Rachel Dean 





For Remembrance this year, we looked at blackout poetry. We read through the poem In Flanders Fields and highlighted the key words in each stanza. We then drew a related picture as the background, blacking out any word other than those highlighted.


At 11am, Key Stage 2 gathered (socially distanced) on the playground to listen to Year 6 perform readings and poems, and Mr Lush play his bugle. We then acknowledged the 2 minutes silence whilst thinking about those who have given their lives for us.

Remembrance blackout poetry - In Flanders Field



Our first music topic of the year has linked nicely with our science topic of Space. We have learned many songs - a particular favourite has been Sunblast, which is a very catchy tune and I can only apologise!

The children also learned about rhythm and timing, which was particularly important when splitting the class into groups and exploring accenting during our rap!



Still image for this video

William Morris


Linking nicely with our history topic of the Victorians, we are studying William Morris in art. This week, we learned when he was born and the types of art he created. We then had a look at a plethora of pictures from a variety of artists and successfully managed to pick out the ones by William Morris.

We finally copied some of his art into our books, in preparation for the next lesson where we will be creating our own pictures in a similar style using nature around us.

Trip to Ashford Water Works


As part of our rivers topic, we had the opportunity to visit a water treatment centre, near to Bridgwater. This was a fantastic and enriching day for all involved, as we explored a variety of stations around the facility including the factory, reservoirs and local streams!



As part of our multi skills sessions, we went to the basics of throwing and catching. We looked at the different techniques of throwing the ball to a partner and those who were more confident started to use their non-dominant hand only!

We then put these skills into some fun games! 

It was great to see the children supporting their team mates!


We are studying perspective as our Art topic this half term. The children learned about the vanishing point and how every line leads to it - creating the 3D effect! Their maths skills also came in useful when finding pairs of parallel lines!


The children put their knowledge to the test to see if they could match key words with their definitions for the introduction to our Rivers topic!

Welcome Back!


We are so excited to welcome back the children into Hornbeam class! They have settled in superbly and shown great maturity and enthusiasm when tackling tasks set!

Our Christian value in Hornbeam is Community and the children have been working hard to help others around them and work together as a team.

I'm very much looking forward to seeing the children flourish this year!

Mrs Cashmore