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Year 6 - Mulberry Class

Who let the farm animals out?!


We have been lucky enough this week to have a visit from some local farm animals. The children were incredibly well-behaved and the staff had nothing but nice things to say about how polite and careful they were with the animals. Well done, everyone!

A huge congratulations goes out to all of Year 6 for completing their SATS! You should all be extremely proud of yourselves for all of your hard work throughout the year, not just this week. Lots of things still to look forward to before half term!

Artistic Album Covers


In Art, the children have been studying photography techniques (like using monochromatic tones) with the goal of creating their own album covers. Check out some of the photoshoots in action!

Improving Improvisation


In Music lessons, the children have been working on their composition and improvisation by exploring Chrome Music Lab. This has been a great opportunity for the children to utilise technology in music and they have been loving sharing their creations so far!

Fascinating Friction


In science, we have been revising forces so we set up an investigation to see which material would create the most friction on our toy car while it was going down the ramp. The children discovered that slippery materials like baking paper or kitchen foil create less friction than rough materials like sandpaper or carpet so the car travelled quicker over those surfaces.

Welcome back everyone! Hope you all have had a fantastic Easter and return well rested. Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday. 

Science Fair


Year 6 recently enjoyed a trip to our annual Science Fair, having the opportunity to view their peers' fantastic projects. Congratulations to everyone who took part; the projects all looked amazing!

World Book Day


This World Book Day, the children celebrated reading by writing book reviews of their favourite books, visiting the Scholastic Book Fair and by dressing up as their favourite book characters. Take a look at some of their fantastic costumes below.

A visit from the Deputy Mayor


We were lucky enough recently to have a visit from the Deputy Mayor for Careers Week. We were told all about the different responsibilities of the job, how it is allocated and how long you are allowed to hold the position for. 

Nothe Fort


This week, the children had the fantastic opportunity to put all of their WWII history knowledge from last term to the test during our exciting trip to Nothe Fort. The children completed workshops in Kitchen/Laundry; Money and Shops; and Air Raid Precautions. As well as this, the children had the opportunity to practise their 1940s manners: it was a lot to remember and get used to but they did a brilliant job in the end! 

Things are looking up!


To kick off the first week of our brand new term, we finished our science unit of light with a practical investigation making and testing periscopes. The children learned all about how placing mirrors are at 45-degree angle at each end of the periscope reflects to create a 90-degree angle, changing the horizontal trajectory of the light to begin travelling vertically. The children had lots of fun testing their periscopes after they had worked hard building them. 

A jam-packed Week 6


Year 6 have been up to all sorts this week, from celebrating Safer Internet Day and Children's Mental Health Week to finishing our art projects, practising our gymnastic skills and having some free exploration time on the school's fantastic selection of musical instruments. We also owe a big thank you to Year 3 for inviting us to watch their incredible play and to Reception for including us in their Dragon Dance tour. 


I wish everyone a safe and refreshing half term, and I look forward to seeing everyone back soon to continue our hard work this Spring Term. 


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Captivating Clay Creations


Recently in Year 6, the children have been experimenting with expressing themselves through the medium of clay in art. They have been thinking about different ways to present experiences from their lives so far that have shaped them into the fantastic individuals that they are. 


Have a look below to see what they came up with.

Mulberry Music


Over the past few weeks, Mulberry class have been working really hard at learning how to read traditional music notation. Starting with rhythm, we learned how to read and play crotchets, quavers and crotchet rests. We then used this to create our own 4 bar rhythmic patterns using rhythm grids. Next, we spent a session learning how to read music on a stave (using some spelling clues to help us). Finally, we took our rhythms and added melody to them using the glockenspiels before pulling all of our knowledge together to write our compositions down. The children were rightfully very proud of themselves and shared some some fantastic compositions. 

Welcome Back!


As the first week of Spring term, we've jumped straight back into some hard work after a well-earned Christmas break. In Maths and English, we were revising our place value; multiplying decimals; thinking about comparative and superlative adjectives; and writing a complaint letter to Father Christmas.


We started our new Science and History topics of Evolution and Inheritance and WWII and in RE, we were looking at the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant. To better understand the story, the children acted out the parable in groups. 

It's Christmas!!


As it is the final week before the Christmas holidays, the children have been up to lots of different Christmas activities. From making their Christmas cards and calendars for the new year to enjoying our annual Christmas service at the church and helping to cook our Christmas dinner, the children have been very busy. We also have to say a big thank you to the PTA for our lovely visit from one of Santa's elves who also brought us our class Christmas present... a karaoke machine!




We are the Champions!


A big well done to all of our children for winning the Leonardos Cool Aeronautics competition recently. They should all be very proud of their creations and collaboration.

Well done, Netball Team!


Well done to our fantastic Year 6 Netball team for their fantastic effort and success in their games recently. All of your hard work is paying off - keep it up!

A jam-packed Week 10


Another busy week in Mulberry Class! As well as tackling graphs in Maths and tricky apostrophes and tenses in English, we wore odd socks to celebrate anti-bullying week and then spotty clothes for children in need. To celebrate Interfaith Week, we all participated in some Dawali Dancing. Everyone performed their original war poetry as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day and we finished off the week with some ukulele practise during music lessons. 

Cool Aeronautics!


Today, we have been lucky enough to have some fantastic visitors from Leonardos deliver an exciting STEM workshop for us. The children spent the day working in teams to build roller coasters and boats out of recycled materials, making sure they met the briefs and specifications they were given. They all showed ingenuity and excellent team work and should be extremely proud of their accomplishments for the day!

Pig's Heart Dissection


To finish off our science topic of circulation, we put our knowledge of the heart into action by examining a dissected pig's heart. The children were great at identifying all of the different chambers of the heart and had lots of really interesting questions. Some children were even brave enough to touch the heart and describe to their (more squeamish) classmates how it felt. 

Chocolate, Chapatis and Challenging Revision


In our final week of our first term, the children have been very busy - we've been consolidating some really important Maths and English knowledge in our fractions and commas revision, and we've been engaging in lots of exciting Black History Month Activities. 


Our activities included a tutorial on traditional African dance; chapati making; researching prominent African American public figures for our biography writing after half term; and creating our own pieces of African inspired art.


On top of this, to finish off our Maya history topic, we spent the afternoon making our own Mayan chocolate, even if it wasn't quite as authentic as the original. Most of the children really enjoyed their chocolate concoctions, but some of them weren't convinced by the lack of sugar.


All in all, well done for a fantastic first half term and I look forward to seeing everyone back, rested and ready to work hard again soon!

A jam-packed Week 6


We've been up to all sorts in Mulberry Class this week! Starting with our Harvest Festival, our week included two bowls taster sessions down at the local bowls club (I think we might have some future champions among us) and a visit from two real-life magistrates! We have been incredibly lucky and are very thankful for all of the amazing activities we have been involved in this week. 

Well done, Ollie!


Excitingly, Ollie has been kind enough to share with us some of his amazing carting achievements recently. In fact, he has been doing so well he has twice come into school laden with bags full of trophies! We are all very proud of him and I hope his example will inspire more children to share their impressive achievements with the class. 

Christmas cards in September?


Although it may seem strange, as part of our Arts Week celebrations, the children made a start on their Christmas card designs ready for December. I wonder if any of our entries could be the winner...

Week 4


With lots of us out at Bike Ability this week, the classroom has been very quiet this week. The children have done an excellent job recapping what they know about different word classes, sentence types and fractions in English and maths. In science, we conducted an investigation into how exercise affects our heart rate, so the children had an excellent time trialing their different exercises on the playground. In PSHE, we were thinking about assertive behaviour and how to safely set boundaries. Have a look below at the children acting out some of their scenarios.


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Week 3

Lots going on this week (as always). We started out by practising different methods of division in maths and moved on to writing a set of instructions - 'How to keep Miss Moorhouse happy', seemingly an impossible challenge - in English. We learnt all about the body's organs in science, all about Pacal the Great's legacy in history and continued learning about the use of technology in music. Here is our rendition on 'It's all about love'.


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Week 2

This week has been the first of many assessment weeks in Year 6. The children showed excellent resilience within their work, especially seeing as they were completing work that is meant for the end of Year 6. We have a great idea of what work lays ahead of us and have lots of time still to prepare.


In amongst assessments, the children enjoyed being let loose on the glockenspiels as part of music for the week, did some excellent work on classification in science and learnt all about Mayan numbers and writing in history.

Welcome Back!

A huge welcome back to our new Year 6 Mulberry Class! I am so excited for the year ahead and you have already made an amazing start to the year. Keep it up, everyone!