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Year 5 - Hazel Class

Wimbledon Finals with Mr Bourne

Year 5 had a wonderful opportunity to watch a series of scintillating finals to conclude our Wimbledon series. Pictured are our winners and runners up. For the Ladies we had Pippa taking the win with Evie in second place. The gentleman's final saw Oscar take the crown and Cooper as a runner up. 

Summer Fete VIP Access!

We were very lucky to be able to have a quick go on all of the fun equipment provided by the PTA for the Summer Fete! The children didn't mind giving up their breaktime for this luxury!

Step up to Westfield Academy

Year 5 were welcomed to Westfield Academy. They took part in a range of fun and engaging workshops including science, food and nutrition, dance and art. In the science workshop, children were studying different forms of light and working with refraction, different chemicals and..... playing with fire!!

In food and nutrition, the children practised their measuring skills and followed a recipe to make pizza pin wheels - they were delicious!

In art, the children learnt a variety of new techniques to make their wonderful masks!

In dance, the children had great fun learning a series of movements to make a dance.

Maths afternoon workshop with leaders from Preston Secondary

We had a different start to the week! We were fortunate enough to be part of a Performing Arts Workshop, where we sang, danced and generally had an hour to perform!

Water resistance experiment

The children had a brief opportunity to explore how white-tack travels through water and how different shapes could manipulate the results and to what extent they travel through water.

Explorer Dome

Hazel Class had a great morning immersing themselves in the explorer dome! We had a 45 minute session learning about the absolutely humongous magnitude of our planets and Solar System! The experience was intriguing and well received by all.

The Bear Trail!


Year 5 had an absolutely fantastic day at the Bear Trail! It may have just eclipsed the excitement of Melbury! The children relished the opportunity to get as filthy as possible and were commended as being 'the muddiest class of 2022'. Mr Ford and Mrs Cashmore are so proud of every single child, who all had a go at everything and really enjoyed themselves!

It was so great to see the teamwork between the children, especially those who were more confident that were helping those who needed a little more support! 

Year 5 worked with Year 3 to officiate a range of games including handball, golf and doctor dodgeball among many others. All children from each year group were fantastic at running the games and participating alike. 

HSBC Financial Education Session

Year 5 benefitted from a first of two sessions with HSBC. As more people are using cashless payments in society, the session looked at how things are paid for, without physically exchanging cash. The session also built an understanding of how credit/debit cards work and managing bank accounts online. 

Sports Day!


Year 5 had a fantastic day competing in sports day! They took part in a range of activities across the day including discus, shot put, long jump and multiple relay races!

Well done too, to the dads and grandads who put on a fantastic show in the Y5 dads and grandads race!

Year 5 Tea Party

Whilst waiting for work to be uploaded, please use the time to complete the following:




Read your book

Have a go at the "Ollee" monster detailed below.


Your logins for each of these are in the front of your reading records.

Wellbeing Resource


There is a fantastic, free, interactive app called “Ollee” it’s aimed at children aged 8-11 years and is funded by Children in Need.  It allows children to personalise their monster buddy and interact with how they feel which leads onto what is making them feel a particular way, ie. Anxious.  You -the parent/carer - can link it to your phone so the child can ask the app to send them an alert/info of how the child is feeling, without having to say it themselves.

Please find more information in the links below.

Melbury Estate and Farm


Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Melbury Farm and Estate this week, an annual trip. During the course of the day, children learnt about the conservation of the grounds, fruit and vegetables grown, forestry and tree care among much more. 

In the afternoon, they went to the farm where they found out that every day 36,000 litres of milk is produced from around 1000 cows! They also had the opportunity to learn about silage and how is is created and conserved over the year to ensure livestock is fed.

Jubilee Day

Jubilee Day

We celebrated our Jubilee Day on the Thursday 26th May. After a manic week of performing our play to parents and children, we were pleased to take part in a range of activities such as tie dying, collaging and making our own crowns. 

As pictured, Ilina read a beautiful prayer for the school to enjoy during our parade in the playground.

Year 5 were assigned the task of creating a piece that represented the 60s, an important era for both our Queen and the UK. For this, we worked with next door to create a giant '60' and decided to create a collage of images that were invented/prominent in the 1960's. Hazel Class created the six, while Hornbeam class made fantastic moon to act as the zero!

Beat the Street!

Take a look at Marcy! She took a wet walk out to keep her own and the school's Beat the Street points at the top of the podium - nice work Marcy!

Last of our Healthy Futures session with Mr Kennard

To finish our sequence of Healthy Future sessions, we looked at the systems of the body such as the immune and skeletal systems. We then looked at how our systems assisted us in completing the bleep test!

Healthy Futures

Still image for this video

Healthy Futures

Still image for this video

On the penultimate day of Spring term, children in Hazel class benefitted from a guest clay expert! We used this session to tie in with our Ancient Greece, mythical creatures and Greek gods and goddesses studies!

Reading in the library

We aim to promote a further love and enjoyment of reading by allowing a select number of pupils to read outside of the usual classroom environment. Children are allowed this privilege if they have read successfully for the required amount of times in a week.

 We were very fortunate this afternoon, as we had the opportunity to work with a range of animals from different classifications. These included a snake, geckos, a ferret and insects. We had the chance to hold/touch each of the animals and ask a range of questions at the end. 

Greek Story Vases - Having designed our vases, we now started the messy task of creating them!

PE - Indoor Team Building and supporting each other.

In groups of 10, the children were tasked with firstly folding over the tarpaulin, then turning it over onto the other side completely. Did I mention that they all had to stay on the sheet and not touch the hall floor?

World Book Day - Sharing a book with Year 1 children.

It's just a shame we weren't in our World Book Day outfits - we had PE shortly after!

PE - Healthy Futures

PE - Healthy Futures

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This week, Hazel Class have started a 6-week block of lessons focussed on building healthy futures. This includes looking at a range of factors that enable us to be fit and healthy including mental well-being, diet and sleep.

ICE CREAM! Kindly provided by the PTA.

Safer Internet Day

On Safer Internet Day, we were lucky enough to have our digital leaders come in and orchestrate a short quiz, using a variety of example responses to possible scenarios. 

Wear a Scarf to school - Mental Health Awareness

Children at Preston were invited to wear scarves to school today (7/2/22) to show awareness and support for mental health in children across the UK. 

Music - Keeping fit and healthy with the bike song!

Still image for this video

Virtual Tour around the Houses of Parliament



As a class, we have been recently discussing the definition of Democracy and what that means to us.

The Houses of Parliament put on a virtual guided tour that gave us more information about what happens in the Houses of Parliament and why it is also called Westminster Palace. We were particularly excited to learn that King Henry VIII was the last monarch to live in the Palace of Westminster because we learned all about the Tudors in Year 4!

Our favourite fact from the tour was learning that the politicians have a "naughty step"! If a person is getting too 'enthusiastic' in the debate, they are guided past a white line in the carpet which means they are not allowed to take part in the debate - their very own naughty step!

Science: Lemons, Bicarbonate of Soda, Food colouring, Washing up liquid....!

Hazel class had a fantastically messy afternoon experimenting with lemons and bicarbonate of soda among other variables. Their task was to see what would happen when the sodium bicarbonate of the baking soda reacts with the citric acid in lemon juice forming carbon dioxide gas... and a lot of bubbles!



This week, selected children from Year 5 made the most of having the Chinese Dragon gazebo in the library, ready for Chinese New Year. They made the most of the cosy area and read their books peacefully!

IT - Creating images.


This week, Hazel class opted for laptops to ensure that they could use all of the functions for Google Drawings effectively to create an image from shapes. The children made a penguin and used the original image to turn it into a parrot!

Geography - Using Google Earth to compare Athens to a rural area.

In IT, we have started a new topic studying vector drawings. We have considered some popular logos and their construction using a variety of different shapes. We have also been using tools such as copy and paste to easily recreate accurate shapes for our drawings.

Science - Mixing Solids