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Year 3 - Whitebeam Class

17th - 22nd July. Our final week in Whitebeam and Year 3. We have filled the week with fun and games. We watched the House football final; well done all Whitebeamers that took part! We also enjoyed the Staff V Year 6 football match (in the rain!). It has been an absolute pleasure to teach you all this year, you have all been amazing! Have a fantastic summer and I will see you in September! Thank you for our wonderful gifts and cards. You are all very kind and will be missed.

Have you ever looked at the blue and white plates and wondered what the story is that inspired the design? We know! We read the Willow Pattern story and drew our own patterns on paper plates using the original as a guide.

PTA reward day!! We decided to have a movie afternoon and non-uniform day for our reward for winning the PTA competition ‘Grow a Tenner’. We started off with a quiz and then watched the Minions movie and filled up on popcorn and chocolate and strawberry milk...yum! Thank you PTA!

11th - 15th July. we kicked off the week by making our final DT project...a moving toy. We learnt about cams and levers and how they are used to move parts of a model. We designed our own toy and cut out the egg shaped cams to glue together with a handle to make our moving part move up and down.

We celebrated our amazing Rocks and Fossils projects this week by giving out certificates to everyone. The children also voted for their favourite two projects and the winners received special certificates and prizes. Congratulations Ferne for coming 1st, Ben 2nd and Luke 3rd. Great effort everyone!

4th - 8th July. We have tennis superstars in Whitebeam! Ferne won the Year 3 girls competition while Ben won the boys. Luke was a very proud runner up. Well done everyone that took park!

We had an amazing afternoon with Dean Jones, from Glorifico, this week. Dean brought lots of drumming instruments and we spent the afternoon making beats and drumming along to music. We thank the PTA for this as they gave each class some money to spend on a treat....and what a treat it was!

We had our Step Up afternoon this week, where we became Year 4 for a while!  We spent time in our new classroom with Miss Johnston to get a feel for how Year 4 will be.  We really loved it (although we will be really sad to leave Mrs Haines and Mrs Pippard! 😉).

In Maths, we created maps and wrote directions for Bee Bot to follow. It helped us with practising our right angles that we have been learning about in Maths. We all managed to get Bee Bot to the correct place!

In Geography, we wrote weather reports as part of our Brazil topic. We enjoyed sharing them with the rest of class as though we were real weather reporters!

27th - 1st July. Science projects! When we asked for the children to complete a project at home for their Summer homework on rocks and soils, I did not expect the absolutely amazing amount of hard work and research that went into them! Every single member of Whitebeam have completed an incredible project and I am super proud of each and every one of them for their hard work. We have presented our projects to each other and have voted for our favourites. Well done everyone!

It was the Summer Fair this week! The PTA set each class a challenge to make as much money as they could using £10. We made fudge and coconut ice to sell at the fair...we made £243! Thank you to all our lovely parents that bought some and to the lovely girls that helped to sell it at the fair.

We were looking at past tense words this week; we played a great game to practise!

We looked at the Year 4 Egyptian projects this week...they were all brilliant! We are going to start thinking about our project for when we are in Year 4!

27th - 1st July. We had a brilliant experience in the Science Dome this week. We learnt about Light and shadows.

We started our Brazil topic in Geography this week by looking at Brazil on a map and finding out which countries share a border.

We have done some experiments in Science this week to find out about properties of different rocks. It was interesting to see the rocks that float!

We had the Talent Show this afternoon...Clara won!! Everyone so was amazing; we are a talented bunch! Well done Mollie and Julie as well for entering.

13th - 17th June. We started off this week with a great performing arts workshop on The Lion King. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and worked really hard.

It was Sports Day this week! Everyone took part and did amazingly well, especially as it was so hot! Well done and thank you to the parents/grandparents/other family members that took part!