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Year 3 - Whitebeam Class

Week’s Christmas Week! One of the most special activities to do at Christmas is make Christingles. The children loved making them (and enjoyed eating the sweets!)

We have been so busy this week with all of our Christmas activities!

Christmas lunch!! It was so tasty and we enjoyed pulling our crackers!

We visited St James Church today for our cheer ice, led by Reverend Ruth. All the children spoke wonderfully well. They did us very proud.

What a surprise! We all received a letter from Father Christmas today!

We enjoyed a Christmas party today to end our Autumn Term with a bang! We’ve all worked so hard that it was nice to do some dancing to celebrate! We played Pass the Parcel as well. Each layer of paper had a question or action that we had to do; it was lots of fun!

To end our wonderful Christmas week, we had a visit from Father Christmas who gave us some fabulous gifts for wet and rainy days.

Week 13. We have been busy making French Christmas cards...Joyeux Noel!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Pantomime...Thank you PTA for allowing us to have this very special day!

Week 12. We started off the week with a letter from Father Christmas! Mrs Claus also gave us a bottle of special dust to help us work really hard!

In Geography we looked at interesting maps that showed us what Yeovil looks like now, in the 1950s and the 1890s. We found lots of changes in the land use.

We have had fun in PE this week. We spent time brushing up on our passing skills and played some games where one person had to try and intercept the ball as it was being passed.

Week 11 We love French! We also love singing in French! This is our ‘Hello’ song!

Still image for this video

We have been looking at the story of Little Red Riding Hood this week. In groups, we each had a section and put actions to it to help us remember the story.

We learnt about QR codes in Computing this week! Do you know when the first QR code was introduced?

Week 10. We have been thinking about different types of packaging in DT and started to design our own Christmas box. They are going to look amazing!

It was Odd Socks Day this week to mark the start of Anti Bullying Week. We talked about spreading kindness and celebrating what makes us unique.

We finished off the week by dressing up for Children in Need. We raised lots of money help children all across the UK; thank you for your generous donations!

Week 9 In Science this week we have been learning about friction. We carried out an investigation to see which surface created more friction by rolling a car down a variety of different surfaces and then measured how far the car travelled. We used: tin foil, wax paper, plain board, sand paper, carpet and Lino. Can you predict which created the least amount of friction to send the car travelling the furthest?

We visited Reverend Ruth at St James Church this week. Ruth taught us about baptism by leading us through a Baptism service...Mila was a great volunteer and had the sign of the cross on her forehead and even pretended to have the blessed water put onto her head!

In our PE session this week we designed our own activity to help us with our throwing and catching skills. We all had a go at each other’s was great fun!

Autumn 2nd Half Week 8. We kicked off the second half of the Autumn Term learning about pushing and pulling forces in Science. We demonstrate an action and the class tried to guess if it was a pushing or pulling force.

In Dance we have been learning the Cha Cha Cha!

Well done Arianna for winning Miss Roy’s raffle ticket treat!

Week 7. School trip week! We visited Dorset Museum where we learnt more about the Romans to end our Roman topic in History. We even visited a Roman townhouse! It was amazing to see the structure and learn about how they lived!

We have been learning about conjunctions and using them in sentences. We played a great game where we scored points for using different conjunctions in a sentence. Can you use any in a sentence?

We spent some time learning about Black History Month and people that did and do amazing things.

Week 6. We have been busy learning about Roman Gods this week. We picked one to research using the iPads.

Playtime fun!

Practising our throwing and aiming skills in PE!

Hello Yellow! We enjoyed wearing yellow to school and thinking about mental health and how to keep ourselves happy and safe.

Well done, Mollie, for being very brave and reading a poem in our Harvest festival this year! Thank you to all our wonderful parents for donating items of food for the Lord’s Larder, it is very much appreciated.

Congratulations to our Wonka bar winners for writing fantastic adverts for a product! The children could choose to write about Cookie Crisp cereal, a multi tool pen or a paper aeroplane kit. They were all amazing so it was very hard to choose winners (everyone did get a prize though because all the children worked so hard!)

Week 5. We have been busy this week learning about Hadrian’s wall and why it was built. We looked at a letter written to a soldier called Felix from his mother asking him about the wall and his job of building it. We wrote replies to her to answer her questions. Did you know that it took 16 years to build?!

Well done Iris for coming 10th in the Year 2/3 Girl’s cross country race!

Week 4. Our Science work this week included learning about different skeleton types and which animals have which skeleton.

PE! We have been practising our throwing and catching skills.

Week 3. It was European Day of Languages so we enjoyed some time thinking about different languages and designed our own Language Tree.