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Year 3 - Whitebeam Class

23rd - 27th May. It’s Jubilee Week! We have celebrated all week by linking the Jubilee and learning about Queen Elizabeth in our work. We have learnt lots about her! We answered questions about the Queen’s early life and coronation, we collected data for tally and bar charts about how many children have been born into the Royal Family and have created a timeline of royal events that took place during the 1980s as that was the decade that Year 3 studied on our Jubilee Day. In Dance, we danced to 80s pop legend Aha! We have made bunting to decorate the classroom and crowns to parade and to wear whilst we sang ‘God Save the Queen’, we have made beautiful butterfly brooches and swirly pin wheels. We have also made red, white and blue bracelets and created our own works of art in the style of Andy Warhol and his pop art that was popular during the late 80s. We spent some time watching the Coronation in 1953 and looked at what children got up to in the 80s. Some of us have never seen a tape player or music tape! The Mayor of Yeovil even came to visit us! We had a lovely Jubilee lunch with some of us enjoying a special menu created by the Kitchen Staff. To end our Jubilee Day, we finished the afternoon with a tea party, listened to 80s music and ate cake that the Kitchen staff made for us and drank tea…we remembered the golden rule and put up our pinkies for drinking tea! Everyone looked amazing in their red, white and blue clothes! We also have been given a lovely Jubilee mug each to take home. We will remember this day and the importance of this celebration for many years to come.

16th - 20th May. The 18th was our school trip! We visited the Somerset Earth Science Centre and Moon’s Hill Quarry in Stoke St Michael. We took part in different workshops about fossils and testing rocks to find out their properties and names, as well as actually being lucky enough to visit the quarry itself. The quarry was so loud! We had to wear hard hats, safety goggles and high-vis jackets. We watched trucks tipping their load into the crusher and watched as it all came out the other end. Some had to go back in again as the rocks were still too big! We learnt that the trucks are weighed as they go in and come out again to see how much their load weighs. We also watched as the trucks go to collect the rock they want for their company. The shovel scoops up piles of rock and tips it onto the back of the truck, the driver then toots his horn to let the truck driver know that his truck is full! Another highlight of the day was spotting a pair of Peregrine Falcons as they flew overhead towards their nest on the edge of the quarry.

Ruby, Iris and Clara headed off to Westfield School for the Masterchef final this week. Unfortunately they didn’t win, but they did ever so well and should be really proud of themselves! Their bakes looked and smelt amazing!

We have written letters to Bishop Michael, who will take up the post as the new Bishop of Bath and Wells in September. We hope he will find time to visit our amazing school when he is settled in his new role!

9th - 13th May. Congratulations Ruby, Iris and Clara who have won a space in the Masterchef Jubilee final! Ruby and Iris worked together and were crowned the class winner. The final will be held at Westfield School

In Science, we have been continuing to look at shadows and light. This week, we tried to make shadows bigger and smaller by moving the light source closer to the object and further away.

In Maths, we looked again at fractions. We spent some time ordering fractions with the same denominator. We also looked at equal fractions and learnt that the bigger the numerator, the bigger the fraction and the bigger the denominator, the smaller the fraction.

2nd - 6th May. We held a cross country race today! We had to run around the field and the playground…it was a very warm day but everyone did really well. Congratulations to Iris who came 1st and Julie who came 2nd in the Year 3 girls race and Liam, who came 3rd in the boys race.

We have been learning about light and shadows in Science this half term. This week we used torches to create shadows and experimented with different types of materials to block the light to see how good the shadows were. We also used mirrors to see if we could see over a chair when we sat by it on the floor, like a periscope! We learnt that the light is reflected off the top mirror to the bottom mirror so we could see what was there.

25th - 29th April. In Maths this week we have been collecting data by counting the number of different plants and flowers on the field. We previously collected this data in the Spring term so it was interesting to see the two sets of results to compare.

We have spent time this week learning about shadows and how they are made. We went outside into the sun and made different shadows on the playground. We even tried to make letters of the alphabet shadows!

4 - 8th April. We had our Easter service where we shared the Easter story as well as poems and prayers. Our readers were amazing! We also said Goodbye to Reverend Ruth who is leaving us. It was very sad but we thank Ruth for all she has done for us. We also said Goodbye to Miss Mulvey who has finished her teaching placement in Year 3. She will be back though so it was just a goodbye for now! Miss Mulvey has been fantastic in our class and although she will be back in school, we’ll miss her in Whitebeam.

Congratulations Ruby for winning the ‘Design a cake’ competition!

Congratulations to all those who returned their Easter money bags!

We have been so busy this week with all of our Easter activities! We have made wreaths, cards nests with yummy chocolate eggs and boxes to put them in. We hope you loved your Easter cards!

28th - 2nd April. We had a great to start this week! The PTA organised for Marie from Animals2U Southwest to visit with some of her amazing animals! We met 7 year old Alexis, a corn snake, followed by a giant stick insect! We then laughed as Horatio, a ferret, was tucked inside Marie’s jacket and then came to smell our feet! Blue and Venus are Crested Geckos; they felt really soft and jumped onto some of our class members!