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Reception 2019/2020

Home Learning 13.07.2020


We are coming to our last week in reception. It isn't really how we imagined it but we are very grateful for everything you have done as parents to make it work. 

Our topic for the final week is dinosaurs and reflection. We also have zoom meetings set up for Wednesday afternoon so all of the children can say goodbye to each other and enjoy a tea party with their teachers and adults. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend. One week left!


The Reception Team

Home Learning 06.07.2020


We are in to our penultimate week! We hope you have a lovely weekend, when you start work again on Monday we will be learning all about Percy the Park Keeper and will also look and learn all about mini beasts.


Keep sending me your lovely photos of your work, it always makes me smile.


Keep it up!


The Reception Team smiley

Hello Chestnut Class From Mrs Lowe and Mrs Forrester


Still image for this video

Home Learning - 29.06.2020


Hello! Attached below is the home learning for this week. Our story topic is 'The Three Little Pigs'. We would love to see your stories by the end of the week.


Have a lovely weekend and thank you to everyone who joined our Zoom call. It was amazing to see all of your smiling faces again. smiley


The Reception Team

Home Learning 22/06/2020




Please see below for our work for this week.  The topic this week is 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea'. We would love to see some tiger photos and lots of children having tea parties.


Have a lovely week and we are looking forward to seeing you all on our Zoom call.


The Reception Team

Home Learning 15.06.2020


Good Morning. I hope you've had a lovely, alien filled week.


The topic for next week is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We can't wait to learn all about the life of a caterpillar and rewrite the story. 


As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us.


Have a lovely weekend.


Reception Team smiley

Home Learning 08.06.2020


Good Morning!


I hope your week has gone as well as ours. It's been lovely to see some of the children's faces again and we are really missing all of those that have chosen not to come back. We completely understand your decision and appreciate your efforts to keep up with the children's learning.


Attached is the planning for next week. The theme is Aliens Love Underpants. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend.


Reception Team smiley

Home Learning 01.06.2020


Reception children and parents,


We are really looking forward to seeing lots of your faces on Wednesday. We completely understand if you wish for your child to stay at home and will be posting the home learning for your children every Friday still. We are always reachable through email.

Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.


Reception Team smiley

Pirate Reading

Mrs Evans reads a story about pirates for our pirate themed week! Thank you Mrs Evans!

Planning 18.05.2020


Another week comes to an end! We hope you've had a fantastic week learning all about Firefighters and fire engines.


The topic next week is pirates. Feel free to dress up like a pirate, act like a pirate, sound like a pirate but please don't act too much like a pirate for your Mums and Dads. They are doing a fantastic job.


As always, feel free to email us with any questions or if you wanted to show off what you have been doing.


Have a lovely weekend.


Reception Team smiley

Home Learning 11.05.2020


Happy Thursday and I hope you're all ready for a long weekend. Remember that tomorrow is VE day and we'd love to see some photos of your children celebrating.

The theme in the planning next week is Fire Fighters. Enjoy!


Reception Team

Competition Time!


Happy Wednesday! I've attached a PDF file below that explains about a voluntary competition you are welcome to take part in. The winners can receive some great prizes for their schools.


All you have to do is describe how you've used technology since we have been off school.


If you would like to participate then please have a go and then send your entry to our Reception email address.


Good Luck. smiley


The Reception team

Good Morning!


Hello and welcome to another week. I have attached some fantastic VE day resources for you and your children to use this week if you wish to. VE day celebrations are due to take place on Friday and it could be a nice distraction to get dressed up and make some decorations. 

As always, we are available via email and hope you all have a fantastic week.


The Reception Team smiley

Mrs Evans and Charlotte

Mrs Evans would like to introduce all of you to Charlotte, her leaf insect. Find out about leaf insects and watch it move. Enjoy!

The Magic Finger

Mrs Silver has missed you all so much and couldn't wait to read you one of her favorite stories. The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl. Enjoy!

Super Veggie Craft

Mrs Silver has a special crafty task for you to try at home. Be sure to email us with some pictures of your creations!

Home learning 04.05.2020


We've attached the planning for next week below for all of you. Please let us know if anything doesn't work. There shouldn't be a problem now but you never know!

We will be posting some new videos up tomorrow but have a lovely weekend and remember that next Friday is a Bank Holiday to celebrate VE Day.


Reception Team smiley

Video from Teaching Assistants


Happy Thursday to everybody! Below is a link to a video you can watch with all of the children. The TAs are missing you all so much and wanted show you some of their dance moves. They can't wait to see you all again soon.


Reception Team

More Stories!


Hello and happy Wednesday.


Some of the Year 6 children have worked really hard to read some stories for the younger children in our school. If you make your way to the Year 6 class page you will see a link to home learning. Once clicked it will take you to a variety of different stories that the children can enjoy.


Thank you so much year 6 smiley


Mr North

Mighty Mo - Story time

I have a go at reading 'Mighty Mo' by Alison Brown for the children, to follow on from our superhero topic. Enjoy! 😀

Spelling List


It has come to our attention that some people are having trouble opening the Spelling List in this week's planning.

Hopefully this link should work smiley


Reception Team

Almost another week gone!


Hello everyone. I hope you have had a fantastic week and the children have been behaving themselves. We've received some fantastic pictures of the children doing their work and it has really put smiles back on our faces. Keep up the good work.


We have attached the planning for next week. It is all based around the theme of Superheroes so if any parents fancy dressing up in a mask and a cape feel free as I'm sure it would inspire the children. smiley


Have a lovely weekend and stay safe.


Reception team

Dangerous - Story with Mr North

I thought it would be a nice idea to read a story with the children every now and again. Enjoy!

Heroes Assembly


Attached underneath is a lovely presentation about heroes and what it takes to be one.

If you have some spare time during the week feel free to go through it. It could bring up some powerful discussions, especially during these strange times.


I think there are plenty of heroes around us at the moment.

Emails and YouTube


Good morning everyone!

We hope you had a fantastic Easter break and are ready and raring to go again.

As well as the weekly plans that we will be putting onto the class page every Thursday/Friday we also now have access to emails. Feel free to email us with questions or some lovely work that your children have done. Our email address is

We will endeavour to reply to your emails within 24 hours and during normal school time.


Some more exciting news! We now have a YouTube channel for our Reception children. You will find useful videos on here (only a handwriting tutorial at the moment) and maybe some stories etc appearing as the weeks go on. The link for this is below:


Have a lovely day,


Reception Team

Handwriting in Reception

A brief video explaining how we teach handwriting in Reception.

Home Learning starting 20.04.2020


We are almost at the Easter holidays and we are sure that you can't wait for two weeks with your children without worrying about writing phonics.


We are excited to show you our plans for after the Easter holiday. Attached underneath is a rough plan that you are welcome to use for the week to help stimulate your children and give you some ideas as to how to stretch them during this strange time.


We will be posting each week's planning the week before so you can be mentally prepared for the week ahead :)


Thank you so much for everything you are doing with your children. We miss them very much and hopefully will see them soon.


The Reception Team!

Reading while at home


It is so important for children to still be reading at home and we know you must be pulling your hair out for new books and ideas about reading.


Oxford Owl is a fantastic website full of books for children to read. They are closely linked with the books we use at school and have many reading stages on there. They also have fantastic activities for the children to complete which focus on their phonic skills and comprehension.


Username: ReceptionPreston
Password: Preston2020



Good morning to another week!


It's Monday again. We hope you are all staying safe and had a lovely weekend. It feels stranger every day we don't see the children's faces so say a massive "Hello!" from all of us.


Below are some ideas of Easter activities you can do with your children this week (the last time we will be posting Easter activities, promise) so feel free to give them a go if you are stuck for inspiration smiley


Writing - Try using carrots and paint to make some bunny pencils. Dip the end of the carrot in paint and watch the children write sentences or keywords in an area you're happy for them to write in.


Maths - Use old egg trays to practice counting, adding and subtracting skills. Fill the tray with lego/eggs/blocks and ask your child how many more to make ten, or how many you've taken away.


Reading - Can you make a new Easter story about a bunny who has lost their egg? Once written see if your child can read the story back. Try replacing some of the key words to make the story funnier too!


UTW and EAD - While on your one walk of the day, collect some pretty flowers and bring them home. Can you use different forms of art to draw and colour the flowers? Maybe paint, pastels or even just colouring pencils?


We hope you all have a lovely week and we'll be sure to post more things on our class page as the week progresses.


The Reception team laugh

Happy Friday!


We hope you've had a lovely week with your parents and have been staying active. All of the reception staff are staying safe and we hope you are too.


I know lots of you will be wanting to help your children progress in their learning but dont feel pressured to do anything above and beyond. A little reading, some writing practise and counting will be more than enough. We can always fill in the gaps when they get back to school and have the utmost confidence we can do this!


If you are finding it tricky to find ideas then twinkl is an excellent resource to use for all kinds of learning. just make sure to tick the EYFS box at the top of the page or type EYFS along with your search words into the search bar. They also have a home learning tab which looks fantastic.


Below is an example of some of the fantastic resources they have on offer.


Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.


From all of the Reception team!

Hello from Reception

We hope your first few days of teaching your children at home have gone well. We are really missing the children but know that you will be doing a fantastic job continuing their learning and keeping them active at home.


We thought it would be helpful if we told you how a normal day at school usually panned out. This way the children aren't too far away from what they know and it can help you to space the day into chunks and make it more bearable!




Writing/Maths activity - (usually based around a particular story, would have been the Easter story if we were still at school) 20-30mins

Break time - 20 mins

Phonics - (reinforcing phase 3 and phase 4 phonics. Phonicsplay and phonicsbloom very good websites for activities). 20 mins.

Continue Writing/Maths - Continue with the writing or maths activity. If it was completed then stretch them by writing a little more, rereading their writing/drawing a picture. 

Lunch time - 30 mins (followed by 30 mins exercise)

Reading and craft activities - Time to read with your child. We usually do a few pages and then the key words in their envelopes. 

Break time 

Outside activity - Something fun outside. Could be building an assault course, finding things that start with a certain sound or anything that you can imagine. Pinterest has some fantastic ideas for outside activities. 30-45 mins



We will post some useful links and worksheets that the children can do on our class page when we find them.


Good luck and say "Hello!" to all of the children from us.


Mr North, Mrs Silver and the rest of the reception team!




Some fantastic free resources for you to use at home

Easter Egg Hunt


Hide some eggs (doesn't have to be eggs) in the garden or around the house with numbers written on them (up to 20). The children have to find them and then put them into order. If this is being completed too quickly, make them find them in order too!

Easter Egg Decorating - Can you hard boil some eggs and decorate them with your children?

Our first class photos


The children have settled into school beautifully and we took our first whole class photos today. Chestnut class and Oak class are enjoying their time in school. Smile!

Sport Relief


What a sporty morning! The children came into school dressed in their most sporty gear and looked amazing. They also ran laps around the school playground and competed in a tug of war on the school field. A super effort. 



We were very lucky to welcome ‘Rocktopus’ to the school this week. They are a rock band aimed at making songs with children of all ages.  Our reception children really enjoyed making a brand new rock song all about our amazing school! Rock on!

World Book Day


The children came in in all of their fantastic costumes to celebrate World Book Day. We had a variety of amazing book characters that the children chose and they all looked amazing.

Children from Year 1 also came down to share their 'Three Little Pigs' books that they have been making. A brilliant day all round.

Pancake Day


We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes with lots of healthy toppings on Thursday. The children really enjoyed eating them all together and spoke really well about which topping were healthy. 

Reception School Disco


Thank you so much to the PTA for organising the reception disco for the children. There were some incredible dance moves, knee slides and signing on show. The children really enjoyed it and even got a drink and some crisps at the end.

Chinese New Year dragon


We have been hard at work making a brand new dragon head for our Chinese New Year display. When it was finished, we performed a dragon dance for the whole school, travelling up the main corridor for everyone to see. What a fantastic dragon and a wonderful way to welcome in the Year of the Rat!

PE with Mr Bourne


The children always enjoy their PE lessons with Mr Bourne and this week it was even more exciting. The children were able to navigate the equipment in our brand new hall. Using balancing and travelling skills, going under and over equipment and also jumping off of tall blocks. The children showed a lot of bravery doing this for the first time. 

Saving the Polar Bear


The reception children have been working as a team to save a polar bear who has gotten himself stuck in a tree! They used good team work and communication skills, as well as having to think outside of the box. Great work!

Present from Santa


We were delighted to welcome Father Christmas into our school. He came with presents for all the children who were on the good list and we loved our new puzzles and tap-a-shapes he got us. Thank you so much to the PTA for organising Santa's visit!

Reception Nativity


What a fantastic performance! The children did everybody proud and impressed everyone with their singing and acting skills. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tea party with Mrs Hodgson


A selection of children were privileged enough to have a tea party with Mrs Hodgson. They enjoyed cakes and juice and got to ask Mrs Hodgson all manner of questions. They really enjoyed themselves and even brought back a cake for Mr North and Mrs Silver!

Pudsey Visit


The children were joined by a special visitor today to celebrate Children in Need. Pudsey joined Oak class and Chestnut class and stayed behind to take some photos with the children. Thank you Pudsey!

Magic Show


The children enjoyed watching 'Malcolm the Magician' as their end of half term surprise. The children have settled in well, worked hard and made friends. They couldn't believe that Malcolm the Magician could pull coins from his ears and rabbits out of hats!

Our first few weeks


We are very proud of our wonderful reception children who have settled into school incredibly well, and am sure that there are many proud Mums and Dads amongst you.
We have had a busy half term looking at the topics Ourselves, Autumn and Colour. The children have had a lovely time exploring their new school inside and out and have especially enjoyed their welly walks where they observed the many changes that happen during the Autumn season. 
An excellent start to the year! 
See below: