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Year 1 - Pine Class 2020-2021

Geography Day

We had fun exploring two different countries in one day!
We started our day, learning about Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ and the capital city of Tokyo.  We learnt important facts about Japanese culture and we found Japan on the globe.  We also learnt about the olympics and the history of the olympics.

After lunch, we flew to the Czech Republic πŸ‡¨πŸ‡Ώ to learn about their culture and how they are known for their 2000 castles.  We each made our own castle from cardboard and attached a flag to represent the Czech Republic.

A Fantastic Day at Noah’s Ark

We had a wonderful day at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm today.  The children were exceptionally well behaved and the weather was kind to us as well.  We saw and heard many beautiful animals but the gibbons were by far the loudest!

We learnt about the animals and their habitats but we also got to see many of the animals with their food.  Some of the children thought the food of a carnivore looked disgusting!

By the time we arrived back at the coach, we had tired legs but lots to talk about.

We Set Our Butterflies Free

We were so pleased when Mrs Hodgson bought us some tiny caterpillars πŸ› on 10th June. Since then, we have watched them grow fatter and hairy, then they changed into cocoons.  On Friday, we were lucky to see one butterfly emerge from its cocoon.

But when we came into school on Monday, our whole net was full of butterflies and we were amazed.

Today we let our butterflies go …

Sports Day

We were lucky for weather and we were able to conduct our Sports Day yesterday. The children were exemplary and they all competed in each race with great enthusiasm.  We missed our parents but we all supported each other and cheered as loud as we could.

We hope you enjoy our photos and videos of the day.


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Crazy Hair Day

Thank you to all of our wonderful parents who helped to style and colour our hair and make us look amazing whilst raising money for charity.

Learning about insects

As part of our science curriculum, we have been learning about insects and we have been naming their body parts.  We developed our learning by making insect sculptures using polystyrene eggs and paint.  
We also used the outdoor environment to make natural sculptures of insects.  We made the head, the thorax, the abdomen, the 6 legs and the antennae.  We had a lot of fun gathering the natural resources and working together to make our insects.

Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust

We have enjoyed some PE lessons led by Lewis and Louis.  We have been learning some throwing, catching, balancing and aiming skills and we used our new skills to play a selection of games.

Mental Health Week


This week, we have been learning about using the natural environment to support our mental health.  Today, we used clay and pine cones to make some beautiful Rainbow Fish Sculptures.  The children squashed and squeezed the clay to make a fish shape.  We then laughed as we stamped on the pine cones to break them up so that we could use the pine cone pieces to make our scales.

We hope you like our photos.



In our Science lessons, we have been learning about animals and how to care for them.  We were very lucky today because Hayley came to visit us from the RSPCA West Hatch to talk to us about the animals they have rescued and rehabilitated.  We were really interested to listen to Hayley and we loved participating in a range of activities to find out more about different domestic animals.

Birds of Prey

We were extremely lucky today when Mrs Hodgson surprised us and invited us to see some marvellous birds of prey.  We crept into the hall silently and we were shown a Little Owl, a Barn Owl a Tawny Owl and a Harris Hawk.  
We loved the owls and we enjoyed learning about their eye colour and what it meant about the time of day they hunted.  We enjoyed meeting the Harris Hawk and listening to him as he tried to talk to us but we were more excited to see his wingspan! 

Planting Seed Potatoes

Mrs Gaylard and Miss White helped us to plant some seed potatoes which we are hoping to harvest in July!
We are now looking after our seeds by watering them and adding more compost as they grow.  We look forward to eating some school grown potatoes soon. πŸ˜‹

Counting in Twos, Fives and Tens

We have been using the apparatus to learn about the process of multiplication and division.  We have grouped our objects in 2s, 5s and 10s to find totals and we have shared a given amount of objects into groups of 2, 5 and 10 to practise our dividing.

Easter Fun


We enjoyed following the mathematical clues to find ourselves an egg.  We worked together in small groups to read the clues, deduce the answer and follow the clue to the next location.  We were all pleased when we found the prize at the end of the hunt.


Later, we made ourselves an Easter nest cake.  We discussed heating the solid chocolate to change it into a liquid.  We then put the chocolate into the microwave to see it change.  Once we had liquid chocolate, we added rice cereal, then we put our cakes in the fridge to change the chocolate back into a solid.  We took our Easter 🐣 cakes home to enjoy.

The Year 1 Easter Service


Year 1 were lucky today as we were invited to visit the church for our Easter service.  Although we were not able to sing this year, we had a wonderful service and some of our children were able to share their retells of the Easter story.  The children read extremely well and we were very proud of them.

After the service, Revd. Ruth gave us the opportunity to explore the church in our class bubbles.  We found some exciting stone statues and we loved learning about the different parts of the Church.  The behaviour of our children was exemplary and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

Making Easter Gardens


We have been out enjoying the wonderful Spring weather, making our Easter Gardens.  Yesterday, the children spent their time retelling the Easter story and thinking about the significant parts of the story.  They then designed their own Easter gardens.  We thought about the flowers 🌸 in the garden of Gethsemane and the tomb where Jesus laid.  We also thought about Jesus’ time in the wilderness, where he was able to reflect and the cross on which he died.

We hope you enjoy our gardens.

Designing and Making a Dessert

We have enjoyed learning about healthy foods and we all loved the bright and beautiful colours of a range of different fruits. πŸ‰ 

We have learnt about which fruits need to be peeled and which fruits we can eat with their skin on, then we enjoyed choosing a selection of fruits we would like to include in our design for our own fruit dessert.

Today we have had fun making our desserts and we were keen to go home to eat them!

Our Superheroes for Comic Relief


Pine class looked amazing, dressed as Superheroes to raise money for Comic Relief.  Thank you to all our parents for providing such super costumes and for contributing to this fantastic charity.




We enjoyed learning about reducing, reusing and recycling waste and we have thought about how we are going to help with the recycling at home.  We loved meeting Wigglebert the worm and learning about how tiger worms help to turn our food waste into compost.

We also used recycled materials to decorate some letters for a display.

Happy Mothers’ Day Mummies πŸ§


The children have been working hard this week, to lovingly create a present to take home to their Mummy.  We glued a selection of tiles onto our pots and we each planted a sunflower seedling to take home and grow with our Mummy.  We are pleased to report that all of the children made it onto the playground, without breaking their terracotta pots!



Science Week


We have had a wonderful time conducting our experiments in Pine Class.  The children planned an experiment to find the most waterproof material, then they used the pipettes to gradually add water to each material and find out how quickly the water went through!
We had a lot of fun and we were surprised by our findings.

Jupiter Jess came to show us some special Science.

We were amazed as we observed Jupiter Jess set fire to her special paper and we enjoyed finding out about the chemistry involved in her experiments.  Although we enjoyed watching these experiments, we know that these are NOT experiments that we can do unless we have been trained.

However, we were able to make blue slime and we enjoyed watching the chemicals combine to create our slime.

Our Wonderful Children on World Book Day


Whether we were at home learning or in the classroom, we managed to celebrate World Book Day together.  This year, our school decided to learn about stories from around the world and Year 1 chose Africa as our continent.  
We shared some Kenyan stories and we each made an African animal mask to wear on the day.  We saw some amazing masks and the children enjoyed coming together to celebrate.

We would like to thank the parents for helping their children to create animal masks, well done Year 1, you looked amazing!

A New Sign For The Reflection Garden


The children have been working hard, making a new sign for the beautiful Reflection Garden.  Our Reflection Garden is a special place where the children can go to enjoy the natural surroundings, taking in the sights and smells of nature.


Pancake Races

Today, we enjoyed learning about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent.  We also liked hearing about Olney in 1445, where a lady ran to church with her frying pan and her pancake because she was late for the Church Service.

We all had a go at racing with a pancake today.  Some children were racing against each other on screen, whilst others were racing in the playground.  We were all brilliant and had a wonderful time.

The Teachers weren’t as good as the children!

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Christian Crosses and Prayers

Our children have been working hard, at home and in school.  We have produced some wonderful crosses to represent the Christian religion and we have written some thoughtful prayers.


We wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year.πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Pine Class wishes everybody a very Merry Christmas this year, please enjoy (and join in) our special musical message! 

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

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Our Alternative Nativity

Congratulations, we have nearly made it to the end of this very difficult year.  The Year 1 Team are very sorry that we have been unable to learn, rehearse and perform a full Nativity for you this year due to Social Distancing and Singing restrictions.  However, we hope that you will enjoy our little production, performed by your amazing children.  Please appreciate the hours your children have spent out in the cold weather, under the helicopter filled sky, on the local bus route through Abbey Manor Park, to bring you this little film!!

We hope you enjoy watching and we wish you and your Family a very Merry Christmas and a HAPPY New Year.


Year 1 Nativity

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A Christmas Prayer

A Prayer from Year 1

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Christmas Fun

We had a great time making party hats, playing with our toys from Father Christmas and playing socially distanced party games.

Father Christmas Visited Last Night!
We were surprised when we switched on our board this morning because we had a video from Santa.  He told us that he had left some clues in an envelope and we had to follow the clues to find our gift 🎁.

We were delighted to find a big box of Playmobil.  Thank you Santa πŸŽ…πŸ».


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Some Special Letters Arrived Today

We were delighted when the post arrived this morning because the postman brought us some very special letters from Father Christmas.

Our Finished Puppets

We have all made our own animal puppet and we are very pleased with our efforts.


Making Puppets

In class, we have been designing our own hand puppets.  We have been busy sewing around the edges to join our puppets together, just a few knots and tangles but now we are ready to add the detail!

Making Father Christmas Decorations


The children have been enjoying making their own Father Christmas decorations to display in our outside area.  They have painted their unique Father Christmas face and body on wooden discs and they have assembled them using wooden dowels.  We are very proud of the children’s efforts.

Christmas Decorations

We all enjoyed our outdoor learning this week, where we explored the school grounds searching for evergreen plants.  Once we had found a selection of plants, we took cuttings, then we returned to the classroom to make our own table decorations.  The children couldn’t wait to take their decorations home to show their parents.

Getting Ready For Christmas

The children in Art Club have been having fun, getting ready for Christmas.  We made some green paper chains with a partner and we have used the paper chains to make a tree for our role play area. 

Pudsey Day

A BIG thank you to everyone for your fantastic efforts for children in Need.  We loved seeing all of your children in their pyjamas to help raise money for this wonderful charity and we are proud to announce that our school raised £527.01.

Thank you for your continued support.


Remembrance Day

We have been learning about the soldiers who lost their lives in the war and we have been thinking about the sacrifice they made for us.

We Will Remember Them.


We had great fun learning how to play hockey with Mr Bourne.  We learned to hold the hockey stick correctly, then we controlled the ball around the hall.

Making 2 Digit Numbers

We used arrow cards to make 2 digit numbers.  The children enjoyed exploring tens and ones and we challenged each other to make a range of different numbers.

Making Poppies

We enjoyed using the outdoor space to create a poppy as part of our Remembrance Day work.  We found some beautiful red leaves and we used pine cones and seeds for the centre of our piece.

Mask Making


Our parents and children have been very busy, working together to make fairytale masks. They cut, they stuck and they got messy as they enjoyed creating these wonderful masterpieces.  Thank you to Darrell Wakelam and all the wonderful parents who joined together to help our children.

National Poetry Day


We have been looking at poetry and learning about rhyme and rhythm.  As part of our lesson, we learnt the Autumn ‘Leaves’ poem by Elsie N Brady.  The children enjoyed learning the poem and they loved finding actions to represent the different lines of the poem.  
Please enjoy our performance...

National Poetry Day 2020

Still image for this video

Measuring in Maths


We have been using cubes to measure the height of our class books.  We found out that the tallest book was 16 cubes tall and the shortest book was only 9 cubes tall.  
Then we worked together to find the difference between the height of the tallest book and the height of the shortest book.

Autumn is Here!


We have been finding out about the changes that take place as we move from the Summer to the Autumn.  We all noticed the change in temperature this week and many of us brought our warm winter coats to school.

We have also been observing the trees and the changes that have taken place over the past 4 weeks.  Some of the trees have started to change colour and their leaves are beginning to fall.  Other trees have produced seeds which have fallen to the floor for us to explore.  We found pine cones and acorns at school and we had fun opening the seeds from the horse-chestnut trees in our community.



We Went on a Bear Hunt


We left the classroom to follow a bear trail in search of a big bear, ‘we weren’t scared’.  We went over a bridge, under an arch and through a narrow path.  We finally found the bear in the shelter, hiding from the sun.

Welcome to Year 1

It has been a pleasure to welcome the children back to school and see how quickly they have settled into their new classroom.  We have been so proud of the work we have seen in this first week and we are looking forward to a fun filled year with this special class of children.  Thank you for all of the hard work you have put in at home, the children are a real credit to you and we look forward to working with you throughout the year.

Our School

For most of us, coming back to school has been really exciting and today we decided to walk around the school grounds to find out what makes Preston Primary a special place to be.
We had a fantastic time walking around the grounds, looking for our favourite parts of the school.  Some of us liked the plants whilst others loved the playground equipment, the pond and the bug hotel.  We had fun drawing pictures in our books.