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Maths at Preston C of E Primary


Maths is a journey and long-term goal, achieved through exploration, clarification, practice and application over time. At each stage of learning, children should be able to demonstrate deep conceptual understanding of the topic and be able to build on this over time.  

Children have a deep understanding of the learning when the learning sticks with them and can be transferred and applied in different contexts. Our children should be able to relate their knowledge from several areas of learning, and their fluency when recalling knowledge should be supported by their mathematical reasoning. We hope that through deep learning and the use of high-level thinking skills our children develop meaningful knowledge to allow them problem solve effectively. Additionally, we encourage the development of our children’s perseverance so that they can be resilient when applying their knowledge. 

We intend to do this by: 

  • Ensuring our children have access to a high-quality maths curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable. 
  • Providing quality first teaching to all learners.
  • Exposure to high-level questioning and thinking in lessons. 
  • Involving our pupils in a variety of additional mathematical learning opportunities to encourage a love of learning.   
  • Using meaningful contexts when applying their maths knowledge. 
  • Insisting pupils reason for their mathematical choices and use the most efficient method. 
  • Ensuring our pupils are confident mathematicians, so they are not afraid to take risks or be resilient with problem solving. 
  • Fully developing independent learners with inquisitive minds who have secure mathematical foundations and interest in self-improvement. 
  • Having high expectations of all learners to achieve the requirements set out in the National Curriculum.


National Numeracy Day (Wednesday 18th May 2022)

National Numeracy Day resources can be accessed for both children and adults through the following website. Our children will have the opportunity to take part in National Numeracy Day's Number Hero Competition. Below is the document for completing the competition which will be given out in class. We will send competition entries before the last day of this half-term (27th May 2022).

International Day of Mathematics

Wow! We received some fantastic entries for our photo of mathematics challenge. Below, you will see the children celebrating their entries alongside the KS1 and KS2 winners. Well done and thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. On International Day of Mathematics, each class had their own activities to celebrate mathematics in the world around them. As a result, a few of the activities looked at shape and geometrical patterns, including creating tessellations. Some of us were involved in a maths scavenger hunt where we had to take pictures related maths. 

Number Day NSPCC Fundraiser

On Friday, at KS1 and 2 lunchtime, the children ran a stall to raise money for NSPCC in aid of their event: Number Day 2022.

There were three competitions to enter: guess the weight, find the co-ordinate of the missing treasure and estimate the number of sweets in a tub. We asked for a donation of 50p to take part in each competition which we donated to the NSPCC. Other donations were collected throughout the day. At the end of the day, the winners were announced. 

£71.26 raised 

Thank you to everyone that donated, and to the children for being so enthusiastic when taking part in the day.



Each class took part in a maths problem solving task as part of promoting the day:

Useful websites



We provide our pupils with logins for MyMaths where lessons and tasks are split into year group objectives. Using their individual login, they can track their scores and our teachers can see their progress via their logins.



It is fundamental to our pupils’ progress in maths to know their times tables. In Year 4, they will take part in the  Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) which is a statutory requirement. TTRockstars is a great app that encourages children to learn their tables through the in app rewards.


Year 4 Multiplication Table Check


For times table assessment practice, please use MathsFrame’s free test simulator that has the same timings as the end of Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. 

Times tables can also be revised using the free game ‘Hit the Button’.

Hit the Button

Hit the Button can be used to revise key skills for all year groups.

Year 6


At, you will find past papers and mark schemes. We ask that you do not show your children the past papers that have not been used as assessments yet. These papers are used to measure progress: 2017, 2018 and 2019 maths tests. For years prior to these, you will find an arithmetic paper (40 minutes) to assess key skills in the form of number sentences followed by two reasoning papers (45 minutes) that contain worded reasoning questions.

Maths Week England 2021 

Across the school, children took part in Maths Week through in class activities and the competitive TTRockstar competition.


Year 6 Maths Week 

To start off Maths Week, we collected data to investigate the trend between shoe size and height in our class. After measuring every pupil, we created a graph to interpret our results. Once we had plotted our results, we could see a trend in our results: the larger the child’s feet, the taller they were. This was supported by the positive gradient of our line of best fit showing an increase in height with shoe size. We answered other questions based on interpreting our results as well as calculating averages for our data set using the mean and range. 


On Wednesday, we took part in Cool Aeronautics ran by the company Leonardos. We were tasked with creating a raft and a wind turbine out of recycled materials as part of our mission scenario to survive on a remote island that we were stranded on. During these tasks, we worked together to use our engineering skills to design, create and test our final ideas. 


For one of our maths sessions this week, we had a zoom call with a teacher from Mangahigh Maths where we used logins provided to take part in the lesson challenges and investigations. The children collected a series of online medals throughout the lesson for their successes.


Throughout the week, the children took part in the TTRockstars competition.

Maths Day in Year 6

Cool Aeronautics with Leonardo