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Reception - Chestnut Class

Scavenger Hunt and PTA Drinks

To end our work on ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, we did a scavenger hunt around our school grounds. We used our senses to look for things that were smooth, rough, shiny, man-made and various colours. The children loved exploring our school grounds and found some fantastic items in each category. After our scavenger hunt, we performed ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ with lots of animated actions. The children loved cooling off with their delicious drinks that were kindly donated by our wonderful PTA...thank you very much!

Life Education Visit

The children in Reception were lucky enough to receive a visit from Jane at SCARF to learn all about how their bodies work. Jane talked to the children about the importance of drinking lots of water and eating a healthy diet. She also talked to them about how important it is to brush their teeth twice a day and also discussed how their digestion systems work. The children enjoyed the interactive aspect of the visit and loved meeting Harold the giraffe! Thank you Jane for a wonderful, informative visit

Trip to Weymouth Sealife Centre

The children in Reception thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Weymouth Sealife Centre. They saw lots of fascinating creatures that live in the sea and learnt many interesting facts about them. They even got to witness feeding time for some of these animals. The children asked some fantastic questions whilst on the trip and they represented the school superbly, displaying excellent behaviour and good manners at all times. We had some tired but very happy children on the way home. Well done Reception!!

World Ocean Day


To celebrates World Ocean Day, the children in reception had a visit from Claire Ludgate (mum of Lucas in Oak Class) who is a Marine Biologist. The children listened to an informative presentation all about how to keep our oceans clean and safe for the wonderful animals that live there. They learnt about many fantastic creatures and even went out onto the field to measure the length of a humpback whale. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit...thank you so much Claire!

Knitted Bible Stories at St James’ Church

We had the opportunity to visit St James’ Church to see the fabulous knitted bible stories that they had on display there. The children thoroughly enjoyed walking around the church and looking at the fantastic displays, each one representing a different bible story that the children know well. All of the children in Reception behaved beautifully as we walked to and from the church, and whilst there, they also answered some fantastic questions.

Owl Visit

The children in Reception had a special visitor in school, to mark the end their topic on owls. Twiglet, Marmite, Bubble & Squeak, plus some newly hatched babies, enjoyed story time with the children. Michelle, from Owl Enlightenment, shared interesting facts and information about owls, whilst also answering many varied questions from inquisitive children. It was a wonderful experience for our children!

Coronation Celebrations

The children in reception had a lovely time celebrating the King’s Coronation. They enjoyed learning about what this meant for our country and those countries in The Commonwealth. We spent the week preparing for the celebrations by making crowns and streamers to wave on our parade around the playground. We also learnt The National Anthem. The children thoroughly enjoyed eating their ice creams to celebrate. A lovely day was had by all!

Science Fair

This week is National Science Week, therefore the children have been championing science and young scientists. The children got to visit the school science fair and enjoyed learning about the different projects the children had created. Well done, Preston Primary!

PCSO Visit

The children were thoroughly lucky to receive a visit from two local PSCO's. They were fascinated by their uniforms and had lots of questions to ask about their jobs. We were impressed by the children's knowledge and they have learnt that they need to know their name and address in case they are ever in trouble.

Year 5 Visit

The children in Year 5 have been working very hard on some E-Books and the children in Reception were very lucky to receive a visit from the children in Hornbeam and Hazel Class. The children thoroughly enjoyed having the stories shared with them. Well done, Year 5!

World Book Day

The children had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day! The children looked wonderful in their costumes and enjoyed participating in all the activities.

Vet Visit

Today the children received a visit from Jenny at The Kingston Veterinary Group on Abbey Manor. They loved asking Jenny about her job and learning how she looks after our animals. She showed the children how vets have to wrap a poorly leg and different x-rays from animals that had swallowed strange objects, including a spoon!

Thank you, Jenny!

Tom McLaughlin

Today the children were fortunate to receive a visit from Tom McLaughlin, a local author. He read 3 of his books called 'Along came a different', 'Up, Up and Away' and 'The Diabolical Mr Tiddles'. They were fantastic! The children loved listening and hearing Tom's silly voices for the characters. He then showed us how he creates his characters, and we were all fascinated by his ability to make fantastic characters from simple 2D shapes. Thank you to our Love of Reading Lead, Miss Feltham, for arranging such a wonderful experience for the children!


Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler Virtual Visit

The children were extremely lucky to receive a virtual visit from Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler today. Both classes joined together to listen to Axel read his re-write of The Three Little Pigs and watch him re-create some illustrations from the stories. Julia Donaldson then read her new story called The Baddies, the children loved it!

School Disco!

The children looked wonderful in their disco clothes! They had a fantastic time dancing and singing to all the music, and we were very impressed with their dance moves.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful PTA for all their hard work and for making the disco run so smoothly.

Languages Fair

This week the children were very lucky to visit the languages fair organised by the language ambassadors. There were lots of wonderful stalls with exciting activities and very knowledgeable ambassadors running them.

The children had such a great time that they did not want to leave!

Spring is coming!

This week the children have been preparing and tidying the outdoor area for springtime. They used rakes and brushes to clear up old fallen leaves and dug out weeds from our flower garden using trowels. We think they have done a wonderful job and it was great to see the pride they are taking in our garden.

Pancake Day

This week the children have been reading the story Mr Wolf's Pancakes. They have had a wonderful time experimenting with making pancakes themselves and tasting their pancakes!

Year 1 Books
The children were very fortunate to receive a visit from the children in year one today. The children have been working on their very own books, and it was wonderful to listen to their stories and see their beautiful creations. Thank you, Year 1.

Reading Ambassador Visit

The children were very lucky to receive a visit on Friday from some of the school's reading ambassadors.

Megan Coyle Collages

This week we learnt about the artist Megan Coyle and looked at her landscape collages. We discussed what a collage was and what Megan had created using different pieces of paper. The children were fascinated by her creations and could not wait to create they own. We were very impressed by the thought they put into their creations!

The Little Red Hen

This week we have been reading The Little Red Hen. We had a fantastic time making and baking our own bread! We discussed the ingredients needed for bread and how it had to be kneaded, then given time to prove before it can be baked. The children loved eating their creations!

Outdoor Reading

This week the children have been reading superhero books in our outdoor garden and discussing the illustrations.


This week in the garden the children have been dressing up as superheroes and creating their own masks. They children have had a wonderful time, fighting crime and saving the day!


This week we have been reading Supertato and the children have had a wonderful time learning about super vegetables! Each child made their own super veggie! We discussed their superpowers and how a super vegetable needs a cape and a mask. The children did some fantastic writing based on their superhero. Well done, Reception!


Germs Science Experiment!

This week the children have been learning about the importance of washing our hands. We learnt a song to help us wash our hands properly and looked and what soap does to germs. The children had a wonderful time experimenting with the soap, pepper and water, and we were very impressed with some of the observations they made. 

Dragon Dance Parade

To celebrate Chinese New Year the children performed a dragon parade around the school. They decorated the corridor with paper lanterns they had made, and played musical instruments. It was wonderful to see the joy it brought to all the children and teachers! Well done, reception.

Dragon Dance

Still image for this video

Dragon Dance

Still image for this video

Pen Dancing!

Today the children have been learning how to dance with their pens! We listened to 4 different pieces of music together, discussing how they made us feel and how we would dance to them. Then we let our pens do the dancing, and I was very impressed with their interpretations of the music!

Ice Experiments!

This week it has been very icy and cold! We have been experimenting with using different temperature water on the ice to see which one melted the ice the quickest. The children were fascinated by watching it melt before their eyes!

January Snow!

Brushing up

This week the children have been brushing up the wonderful snow. They made sure to stay safe in the snow and helped to make the outdoor area safe for themselves.

Fruit Kebabs

This week the children have been making fruit kebabs in AB and ABC patterns.

They enjoyed discussing the different patterns they could make, and enjoyed eating them even more!

World Religion Day 2023

This year the children were invited to bring special religious items in to school to share with their classes. We shared some wonderful items as a class and we were very impressed with the children's knowledge and questions.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed being out in the sunshine after a week of rain!

Floating and Sinking

This week the children have been looking at floating and sinking. They have been experimenting with water and salt, working out what works best to melt the ice and free the natural objects.

Happy New Year!

We have had a fantastic day welcoming the children back to school.

Icy Welly Walks

Mrs Purcell took the children out for a winter welly walk. We wrote our names in frost on the picnic bench, listened to the crunchy leaves under our feet, touched the frozen grass & discussed how we could warm our hands afterwards. We also thought about why part of the field was green & some white/frosty. She was very impressed with some of their answers!

Reception Nativity

Reception have spent this half term rehearsing for their first Nativity. We have been very impressed with how quickly they have learnt their lines and the songs. We look forward to showcasing the children’s talent to their parents and we know that they are going to be overjoyed. Bring your tissues, they will be needed!

Year 2 Nativity

The children in Reception were very lucky to have a sneak preview of Year 2's Nativity today. We think they were wonderful!

Christmas Tree Tradition

At Preston C of E Primary School the Reception children have had the honour of decorating our school Christmas tree for many years. This year was no different. The children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to choose a bauble and put it on the tree in a position of their choosing. We think that they have done a fantastic job!

Welly Walk

Today the Reception children went on a welly walk around the school. We visited the playground, the bug hotel, the story benches, the field, the willow arch and the school garden. We finally visited the sensory garden and the children had the opportunity to experience some of the different sensory activities. They thoroughly enjoyed counting the bird boxes and we cannot wait to take them out during the spring and summer so they can spot the differences.

Children In Need

Today the children supported Children In Need, dressing up to help raise money.  They had a wonderful time decorating their own Pudsey Bear's and as a school we raised lots of money for an amazing charity.

Remembrance Day

The children gathered on the playground and took part in the 2 minute silence for Remembrance Day. The children took part in lots of activities and learnt about the meanings of the different coloured poppies.

Year 4 Tudor Visit

The children were very lucky to receive a visit from Year 4 dressed up for their Tudor day. The children from Hawthorn and Hickory looked amazing and the children were very excited to see Henry the VIII!

Malcolm the Magician

As a treat to our wonderful Reception children, Malcolm the Magician visited just before the half term break. The children were mesmerised by his incredible magic tricks and thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the fun.

Mini-Beast Making

The children have been making spiders this week. They have thoroughly enjoyed being able to manipulate the playdough and add plenty of eyes and legs! We have been very impressed with some of their creations.

Hello Yellow

Today the children have been celebrating Hello Yellow Day. This celebration is to raise awareness of mental health and teach the children about how they can look after themselves. We spoke about 'big emotions' and methods we can use to help us work through these emotions.

Stickman Painting

This week the children have been learning about Stickman. We have read the story together and the children have been creating some beautiful paintings using sticks.

Fruit Kebabs

The children have had a wonderful time making fruit kebabs in our conservatory area. 

Puppy Visit

The children were very lucky to receive a visit from Mrs Davis and her beautiful Shih Tzu Puppies. The five puppies are babies of Mrs Davis' own dog, and were brought in to be socialised before they leave for their forever homes.

Leaf Letters

Last week the children learnt the sounds S, A, T and P. This week the children were excited to show off their new knowledge in our outdoor area. Mrs Purcell and the children collected lots of leaves and created our sounds. They were very excited as the pictures show!

This week the children have been thoroughly enjoying our outdoor area, come rain, wind or shine!

They have enjoyed building roads, castles, and houses with the large waffle blocks and

have practiced their throwing skills with bean bags at the colourful targets. We look forward to introducing the children to more exciting outdoor activities in the coming weeks.

Settling In

The children have worked so hard and we are very proud of the way they have settled in. The routines of school life are becoming more familiar to them and it has been wonderful to see the progress they have made in the first two weeks!


Well Done, Chestnut Class!smiley

Welcome to all the Reception children starting school this week!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our first day meeting the children and they have had a wonderful time exploring the classroom, conservatory and outside area.

The children looked very smart in their uniform and we would like to thank the parents and carers for their support.