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Year 6 - Mulberry Class

To those of you working at home,

I hope you are well. If you are continuing with lessons, I have listed the documents you will need for each day below. Please join teams at 9.15am after completing your maths early bird. 

If you have any questions, ask at the end of the lesson input on teams because I will not be able to answer the chat while going around to the children in class. 

I hope you have a lovely week.


Miss Lee  

Christmas service

Thank you Rev. Ruth for our wonderful Christmas service. Mulberry Class sang fantastically and well done to our readers who stood up in front of all of Year 6 and read beautifully. 

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a lovely break and I’ll see you in the new year! 

Wow! A meal for 61 children prepared in a morning. Great work Year 6 - no excuses not to help your family when they’re cooking! The children made fantastic decorations for the dining room and their own party hats as well as helping with the food preparation. 

Christmas team building challenge

On Thursday, Mulberry class were challenged with the task to make the highest 3D Christmas tree. However, each team had to be resourceful because they were only given two sheets of A3 paper, one strip of cellotape, one glue stick and two scissors. In their pairs or one group of three, they had to come up with a team name and work together to get their 3D Christmas tree built. Points were given to the highest tree, best Christmas decoration, great teamwork and delegation of roles. The children used their imaginations and made some wonderful creations. 

Class Christmas Cards

Throughout the last week, Mulberry class were getting extremely creative and festive by making their religious Christmas cards. They started by tracing their chosen design and transferring it to the bottom of their white card. The following day, they added the navy blue sky to the background by tearing tissue paper and gluing it down. There was also a glitter station where they added gold glitter to their Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Three Wise Men to where baby Jesus was born. The final step to complete their cards, was sticking down their glittered star and two gold strips, before writing their chosen words above their picture. 

Paper chain race

While some of the children were in the top hut, helping make the Year 6 Christmas meal, the rest of the class were busy making decorations for the dinning hall. One activity we did was making a festive paper chain. Mulberry class were divided into two groups and their challenge was to see which team could make the longest paper chain, which a red and green pattern. Both teams worked extremely hard in the 20 minutes they had and the final paper chain was the entire distance of the playground. 

Christingle making

At the start of the week, Mulberry class learnt the meanings of the different parts of a Christingle. They then had the opportunity to make their own Christingle, which they took home at the end of the day. 

Mother Goose pantomime trip

Children in Need

As part of this year's Children in Need, Mulberry class all came into school wearing non-school uniform. Some children showed off their spots by wearing Pudsey ears, t-shirts and even onesies! We looked at what Children in Need is, who it helps and the different ways our donations would help the lives of disadvantaged children. To finish off the day, we did some Children in Need themed maths by looking at code-breaking.  

Anti-Bullying Week

This Monday in Mulberry class, we participated in Anti-Bullying Week. We all wore our odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique. In assembly, we looked at what bullying is, the impact it can have and what we can do to stop it. 

Mock Trial

This week children from both Mulberry and Sycamore class travelled to Perrott Hill School to participate in a mock trial event. The children did an exemplary job prosecuting against Hambridge School and came away successful with a guilty verdict. With the closest scores the event has ever seen, Preston came away in third place overall. The judges adjudicating the event expressed how impressed they were with each child's performance and understanding of the case. It seems possible that Preston might have some future lawyers in their midst!


Maths Week England 2021 

To start off Maths Week, we collected data to investigate the trend between shoe size and height in our class. After measuring every pupil, we created a graph to interpret our results. Once we had plotted our results, we could see a trend in our results: the larger the child’s feet, the taller they were. This was supported by the positive gradient of our line of best fit showing an increase in height with shoe size. We answered other questions based on interpreting our results as well as calculating averages for our data set using the mean and range. 


On Wednesday, we took part in Cool Aeronautics ran by the company Leonardos. We were tasked with creating a raft and a wind turbine out of recycled materials as part of our mission scenario to survive on a remote island that we were stranded on. During these tasks, we worked together to use our engineering skills to design, create and test our final ideas.


For one of our maths sessions this week, we had a zoom call with a teacher from Mangahigh Maths where we used logins provided to take part in the lesson challenges and investigations. The children collected a series of online medals throughout the lesson for their successes.


Throughout the week, the children took part in the TTRockstars competition.


More information is available at:


Remembrance Day Service

Remembrance Day Art

In art this week, we learnt how to effectively use watercolours to show light and dark tones in preparation for our Remembrance Day final piece. Once we had experimented with our watercolour technique, we chose colours to create a sunset background for our war scene. Later in the week, we used black poster paint to create a silhouette shown in the pictures. 

World Mental Health Day

Today, Mulberry class supported #HelloYellow World Mental Health Day by wearing yellow and donating money to a charity: Young Minds. During the day, we discussed the importance of looking after our mental health, the techniques we can use to maintain a healthy mind and what we can do if we aren’t feeling our usual positive selves. It was lovely to talk about what each child likes to do that makes them happy. 

This week, year 6 travelled to Preston Secondary School for a day of forest school. We began by building micro-villages using a variety of materials we could find in the woods. After a visit from the headteacher at lunch time, we moved onto fire building and making s’mores!

Welcome back Year 6

On Tuesday Morning, Mulberry entered their new classroom ready to start the first week back. Throughout the week, the children have been working hard to set the standard for their final year. They have been writing a recount on their favourite day in the holiday, learning about their Year 6 Christian Value (Perseverance), looking at how species are classified into kingdoms and much more.

I want to say a big well done to all of you. We are going to have a great year!