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Year 1 - Pine Class

Our Wonderful Visit to Weymouth

We have had a fantastic visit to Weymouth today!
Our day started with beautiful sunshine as we waited to board the coach.

After a short journey on the warm coach, we arrived at SandWorld where we were met by a sand sculptor called Mark.  Mark led us around the perfect sculptures and we were amazed by the size, skill and the beauty of the vast sculptures he and his team had created.

Then we visited a coloured sand area where we saw pink, blue, green and even rainbow sand.  We chose our own container, then we filled them with layers of the beautifully coloured sand ready to take home.

After lunch we went to the sandpit to learn to mix water and sand to make strong sculptures like the ones we had seen.  It was hard work but good teamwork landed success.

Finally we had delicious lollies paid for by the PTA and a fun, bumpy donkey ride along the beach before we alighted the coach for home.

Our coach had worked hard and one of the tyres blew out on our journey home so our driver pulled over to allow us to finish our food and drink before we returned home.

Making Parks

After visiting the park a few weeks ago, we have been designing our own parks for our Lego/Playmobil characters.  We thought about the different park equipment we might like to see and how we might be able to construct our parks with card, straws, pipe cleaners, tape and paper fasteners.

Today we copied our designs and we created our parks.  We were very proud of our finished parks!

Star of David

Today we learned about the Jewish religion and we talked about how the story of Moses is important to the Christian religion as it is in the Bible but it is also a story in the Jewish Torah.

We learned that the Star of David is a symbol of the Jewish Religion and we each made our own Star of David.

Bring and Share a Book

Thank you to our 2 wonderful boys who took us outside to the shade and shared their beautiful books from home with us.

We have really enjoyed these new stories!

PTA Summer Fete

The PTA kindly let us test the inflatables and the climbing wall before the Summer Fete and we can confirm, we had great fun!
Thank you to our PTA!

3d Shapes

Our challenge today was to make 3d shapes using a range of construction materials.  We had great fun trying to create vertices and straight edges with the Play-Doh and, the Polydrons proved to be more difficult than we had predicted!  However, we all managed to make some good shapes with the correct properties in the end!!


Some of us were able to go out in the sunshine to plant an apple tree in the welcome garden.  It looks great and we are all very excited about watering the tree and waiting for the apples to grow.  

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing all our Dads a very Happy Father’s Day.  
We had great fun making your special gift this week.

Visiting the Park

This week we had a very important mission, to find out how the park equipment works.  We walked to the local park and looked at each piece of apparatus to discover which mechanisms are used to make our parks such fun.  We found cylinder supports, springs, A-frames, clamps and axles.  Then we tested the equipment to make sure it was working properly!

Sports Day

We had a wonderful sports day where we showed off all our sporting abilities!  Well done to all the children who completed every race with enthusiasm and enjoyment, despite the position they finished the race.

Thank you to our parents who supported and encouraged us as we accelerated down the track!  Also, thank you to our younger brothers and sisters who competed in their own race, we loved cheering you on!

Jubilee Selfie


Jubilee Celebrations

We have had a wonderful week celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  We have been learning about the Queen’s reign from 2000 -2010 and the interesting events during this period.  First we learnt about the sad times in 2002 where the Queen lost her sister and her mother.  Then we learnt about the happier time in 2005 when The Queen witnessed the marriage of Charles and Camilla.  Finally we learnt about the Queens 80th Birthday party where she invited children and their parents to celebrate her Birthday with her.  
We used drama to retell these events and we even learned a song from the year 2000.

We also made fairy cakes and Union flags.  What an exciting week we have had.

Reach for the Stars

Still image for this video

Congratulations to Her Majesty

We are very proud of our Queen and we are amazed that she has been on the throne for 70 years.  What a fantastic achievement.  We can’t wait for our Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Our Jubilee Sculpture

This term we are learning about sculpture in our Art lessons so we decided to make a sculpture to display outside for the Queen’s Jubilee.  
The children in Year 1 worked together to make a crown sculpture using flowers to decorate our wire construction.  We enjoyed creating the living sculpture and we are ready to water it when the nice weather returns.

We met Reverend David Keen 

Today we welcomed Reverend David Keen to our assembly.  David told us the story of Zaccheaus and some of us were lucky enough to be chosen to help David to tell the story.  We are looking forward to David’s next assembly.

Preparing for the Platinum Jubilee

In Pine class, we are very excited about the Queen’s Jubilee and we are getting ready to celebrate 70 years of Our Queen being on the throne.  We have looked at the postage stamp to see how the Queen looked when she was younger and the children have worked together to make a starter stamp for display in our classroom. 
In our English lesson, we wrote letters to the Queen to wish her well as she celebrates her reign and all she has achieved.
We have also made clay cupcakes which we decorated in our Union flag colours.  We enjoyed creating the cupcakes but it was a shame they were made from clay as we couldn’t eat them.


Bring and Share a Book

Thank you to these wonderful children for bringing their books from home and sharing them with us.  We really enjoyed the new stories and were impressed with the way the children read or retold their story.

Shellby the Tortoise 🐢 

We were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Snell and her pet tortoise.  We learned about how pet tortoise and other reptiles need to have heat lamps to keep them warm because they don’t have fur.  We also learnt about what tortoises like to eat and how Mrs Snell keeps her tortoise clean and healthy.

We loved stroking Shellby and observing him as he moved towards his food and ate it with his beak.


Yummy Easter Nests

We enjoyed working with our partner to mix melted chocolate and rice cereal in a bowl.  Then we successfully put the mixture into a paper case, added a sweet in the middle and waited for the nests to cool.  We were very excited to take our cakes home and eat them!

Easter Gardens

After thinking about the important features of an Easter Garden, we successfully used a range of resources to make our own gardens to take home and enjoy over the Easter period.


Luke and Ethan from Yeovil College taught us some of the skills we needed to play cricket.  We learnt to hold the cricket bat and we learnt to throw and catch the ball.  Then we used these skills to play a simple game of cricket.  We had a lot of fun batting and fielding the ball.

Beautiful Easter Bonnets

The children worked hard to create beautiful bonnets for our Easter Service.  We looked amazing in the hall as we wore our bonnets with pride.

Home Learning W/B 4th April 22

We raced outside to experience the snow as it fell ...

Making Trifles

This half term we have been learning about healthy food and thinking about our favourite fruits.  We thought about which fruits we can eat without any preparation and which fruits need preparing. 
Next, we designed our own fruit dessert, using our favourite fruits, jelly, custard, cream and sprinkles.  Then we made our own desserts to take home and enjoy!

Road Safety

We had a visitor from ‘Somerset Road Safety’ to teach us about keeping safe on the roads.  We listened attentively and we learnt lots about looking for safe places to cross the road, how to cross the road and which colours we should wear if we want to be seen!

Bring and Share a Book

We loved our beautifully read ‘Alien’ story this week.  It is wonderful to listen to a range of stories read by our friends.  We can’t wait for the next book!

Home Learning W/B 28th March 2022

Happy Mother’s Day 

Wishing all our wonderful Mummies a very happy Mother’s Day.  Thank you for everything you do for us.

Love from Pine Class x x 

Transparent Materials

This week we were learning about transparent materials.  We used different coloured films to make glasses with transparent lenses.  We loved exploring the different colours to see what happened to the other children in the class when we looked at them through a different lens.

Home Learning: W/B 21st March 2022

Comic Relief

We had a fun day wearing our capes and raising money for ‘Red Nose Day’.  We learnt about some of the children who have been helped by the charity and how their lives have changed.

We even managed a maths lesson where we calculated the answers and searched for the correct nose to match the answer.  Thank you to our parents for their donations to this very worthwhile charity.

Science Week

Science week was a lot of fun.  We continued our ‘Materials’ topic by making feely books in our English lessons.  We wrote rhyming couplets to retell the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’, then we illustrated our pages, using a range of materials to represent the different houses.

In our afternoon sessions we planned, conducted and evaluated an experiment where we found the best material for making a waterproof coat for the pigs.

Bring and Share a Book

We listened to some more exciting story this week.  We heard about Pele and how he became a famous footballer even though he had no ball and had to make his first football from string.  We also enjoyed some beautifully read stories with good pictures to look at too.

Palm Sunday

Today we retold the story of Jesus riding on his donkey into Jerusalem.  We enjoyed learning about Palm Sunday and we all joined in shouting “Hosanna” as Jesus and his donkey paraded past us.

Making an Easter Garden

Year 1 have worked hard to make an Easter Garden for the front of our school.  We sanded the wood to make a smooth cross, then we used the hammer to join two pieces of wood together.  We used gravel to create a path and a plant pot to build the empty tomb.  Later we painted some stones with the word Easter and we are pleased with our finished garden.

Home Learning for W/B 14th March 2022

Disco Fun

We saw some wonderful dance moves in the school hall on Friday, thank you to the PTA for organising this fun disco and to all of our parents for paying for us to attend.

Thank you to Mrs Hodgson for teaching us some of the moves for the ‘old songs’.

Home Learning for Week of 07.03.2022

Bring and Share a Book

This week we were treated to new books, read to us by last week’s Star Writers.

We enjoyed ‘The Nutcracker’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ stories and were impressed with the reading of our girls.  
Thank you.

World Book Day

Thank you to all of our Wonderful parents who provided such amazing costumes for the 25th World Book Day.  The colourful and attractive costumes representing a range of story books helped the children to think about the many books available for us to read.

It was a busy day today as we shared ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ and completed a range of scarecrow related activities including; writing book reviews, making bookmarks and constructing our own scarecrows.

We were also thrilled to visit the book fair and meet with the lovely Year 5 children in Hazel class to share stories on their iPads.

What a busy day!

Pancake Races

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday this week, we had great fun learning to toss pancakes.  Once we had mastered the skill of tossing the pancakes, we raced across the playground.  There were many broken pancakes that didn’t quite land in the pan but the children showed resilience and determination as they sped across to the other side.

Mardi Gras

We used a selection of different materials to create bright and attractive masks to celebrate the carnival of Mardi Gras.  We had great fun selecting a range of materials with different colours and textures and we were pleased with our finished masks,

Home Learning for 18th February 2022


English: Oi Frog! Comprehension


Maths: See this week's homework for sheet.


Oi Frog Art work

Draw a picture of one of the characters from the Oi Frog book.


PTA Ice-Creams


Thank you to our wonderful PTA who all work really hard to give us special treats like ice-creams.  Our ice-creams were a great addition to Mental Health week as we were all feeling very positive about eating our ice-creams.

Safer Internet Day

We had some lovely visitors from Year 5 who came to talk to us about keeping safe on the internet.  We enjoyed participating in a group quiz to share our feelings about different situations we may experience online.  It was interesting to hear the conversations about why some situations were safer than others.  Well done to all our children.

Bring and Share a Book


This week we were delighted to share 2 more books which the children had selected and brought in from home.

We were excited to hear a shortened retell of Gangsta Granny and we were amazed by the reading of a super Meg and Mog book.

Thank you to our wonderful children.

Mental Health Week


This week we have been learning about how to maintain a healthy mind.  We saw many children wearing their scarves on Monday to show their support for Mental Health week - we had a very colourful classroom!
Throughout the week we have thought about keeping calm and the ways in which we can help our own mental health and the mental health of others.  The children have created some beautiful discs for the school emotions tree and we have explored the school grounds to find out how trees can help us.  
We looked at the structure of a tree to understand how to stay strong.  We thought about the roots and how they give the tree the food it needs to grow.  We spoke about the branches with leaves and how they reach out to collect things from all around them; including the air and the sun.  And finally we thought about how we care for the trees and the people around us.

NSPCC Numbers Day

We had great fun participating in the Year 6 Numbers Day.  We all worked together to find many solutions to the problem ‘Noah saw 12 animal legs walking past the ark.  How many animals could he have seen?’

We thought about all the different animals and how many legs they have.  The children soon realised that a centipede had too many legs!  However, animals with 4 legs, birds, spiders and insects were all included in our calculations.  The children surprised us with their amazing skills!

Learning to use a tennis racket …
P.E was great fun this week when we developed our skills in using a tennis racket.  We were good at serving the ball but our returns need a little more practice.


Gung hay fat choy
Today we learnt about Chinese New Year by tasting some Chinese vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers.  Some of us really enjoyed the food we tried whilst others were quite sure that it wasn’t for them!
We located China on a map and we learnt about the traditions associated with the celebration of Chinese New Year.  Later in the day we made dragons and performed a dragon dance of our own.  We also made red envelopes with a special message for our friend.  
It was a really fun day!

Bring and Share a Book

This week, two of our wonderful children were asked to choose a book from home to share with the class.  
We loved hearing our friends tell us about their book and why they had selected it.  We also enjoyed the two new stories and we can’t wait for next week’s choices!


We made our own natural dye using blackberries and we used it to dye some fabric.  We prepared our fabric by attaching small bands, then we soaked it in a salt water solution.  We then made a water and blackberry dye and left our fabric to soak.  We are looking forward to seeing our dyed fabric when we return to school after the weekend.

Writing Simple Algorithms 

We worked together to move the on screen programmable Bee to the correct places.  Some of us were able to move the device with one complete algorithm whilst others of us broke our movements down into smaller sections.  We saw some faces of enjoyment and others of frustration in this lesson!!!

Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm Visit


We had an amazing day at the Zoo today, the animals were well behaved but the children were better!  We saw animals from a range of continents and we talked about how Noah’s Ark help the animals to survive our cold winters.  
We began our day by looking at the small and very active Meerkats and we finished our day, learning about the biggest land mammal, the elephant.  
We all enjoyed the bird show but we had to be paying attention because some of the birds flew really close to our heads and we had to move quickly.

Using the Balances


In maths, we have been learning about weight.  We have compared different objects to find the heaviest and lightest.  Then we used cubes to find the weight of specific items.  

Using Bee-Bot


We have been exploring algorithms whilst trying to direct Bee-Bot to the correct location.  We thought this was going to be easy but Bee-Bot had other ideas!  Most of us managed to program the device to the correct square by the end of the lesson.

Christmas Dinner

Thank you to our wonderful kitchen staff who worked hard to make us our yummy Christmas dinner this week.  We had lots of empty plates today!

Victorian History

This half term, we have been learning about Victorian home-life and toys.  We were very lucky to have a visit from the museum this week.  During our visit, we explored toys from the past; finding out how they were used and testing them out to see if the toys were fun to play with.  We thoroughly enjoyed using the toys and some of us even dressed up to look like Victorian children.

Making Puppets

We have been practising and improving our sewing skills in class this half term and we have all managed to sew and decorate our own animal hand puppets to take home for Christmas.

Some of us found the stitching tricky and we needed help to untangle the thread, but with great perseverance, we all got our puppets sewn and decorated in the end.


After weeks of rehearsal, the talented children were finally allowed to perform their Nativity production to their parents.  We were very proud of the children who confidently delivered their lines and sang the songs with great enthusiasm.  

Well done Year 1.

P.T.A Pantomime

Thank you to our wonderful P.T.A for all of their hard work throughout the year, raising money to help our school.  We were delighted to watch ‘Mother Goose’ and we had a fantastic time in the theatre laughing and sharing a new experience with our friends.

Making Snowmen

We have been very busy in our woodwork lesson this week.  We sanded our wooden discs using sanding blocks to remove any rough wood so that it felt smooth.  Then we used glue to stick a dowel into our two discs of wood to join them together.  Next we decorated our Snowmen ready to put outside in the gardens. 
We are very pleased with our finished snowmen.

Animals 2 U


Thank you to our wonderful PTA who paid for us to learn about mammals, reptiles and insects today.  We enjoyed developing our scientific knowledge and vocabulary but we loved holding or stroking a range of animals more!
Although some of us were more brave than others,  it was wonderful to have the opportunity to have a careful look at the animals.


We have enjoyed learning about Pudsey Bear and how he raises money to help children throughout the UK.  To help Pudsey, we enjoyed wearing our non-uniform to school and we each made a donation to the Children in Need charity.  Thank you to all of our parents, this year our school raised £464.30.

Here are some photos of our Pudsey Bear week.

Odd Socks for Anti-bullying

We saw a super selection of odd socks to mark the start of Anti-bullying Week.  Thank you for your support, it was great too see such a range of sock lengths, colours and designs!


We were very proud of our children as they observed a two minutes silence to remember the soldiers who fought in the War.  The children stood silently and respectfully.

Outdoor Learning

With Autumn upon us, we have taken the opportunity to use the beautiful leaves 🍁 and seeds to create spiders, pictures and hedgehog dens.  We had great fun, working together using the natural resources.


Year 1 have been working together to produce a plaque for Remembrance Day.  We talked about WW1 and we learnt about the many soldiers who gave their lives to protect our country.

Look out for our plaque in the Welcome garden next week.

#Hello Yellow

Today we participated in the whole school fundraising event for the ‘Young Minds’ charity.  We all wore yellow clothes to school and brought in a donation for the Mental Health charity.  In class, we learnt about the importance of being kind and being a good friend.  We also learnt about what we should do if we feel sad or worried.

Family Learning Mask Making

We had great fun mask making with our parents, grandparents and teachers.  Darrell Wakelam came to show us how to create impressive masks and we worked hard to make our own farm animals.

We listened carefully to the instructions and we each have a beautiful mask to display in school, then take home to wear.  Thank you to everyone who helped us!

Harvest Festival

Thank you to all our wonderful parents who have provided such as amazing selection of foods for our Harvest Festival.  Rev. Ruth is going to collect the food donations and they will be taken to the Lord’s Larder to help families in need.


We have been discovering the secrets of Autumn.  We have each had the opportunity to open the shell of a conker to reveal the conker from within.  Some of us were lucky and we had more than one conker but some of us found one small conker in our shells.  We loved feeling the inside of the shell because it was really smooth but the outside of the shell was quite different and very spiky!

Making Bread

This week we have been learning about the harvest and we have been reading the story of the ‘Little Red Hen’.  On Friday, we worked together to make our own bread rolls.  We had fun watching the yeast expand, mixing the ingredients, kneading our own dough and making our rolls into hedgehogs or plaits. 


We enjoyed our final mindfulness session for this term.  Sparks took us on a journey to meet his underwater friends and we practised moving with them.  We enjoyed playing football like a crab 🦀 and our muscles worked hard to hold the crab position!

Measuring in Maths

This week, we have been having fun in maths, measuring using standard and non-standard units.  We used cubes to find the length of our books and our arms.  Then we used centimetres to find the length of books and to measure our own height.

Exploring Our Senses


In science, we have been exploring our five senses.  We used our touch sense to help us to describe hidden objects to our group.  The coloured film allowed us to explore our sight and how it can be changed by a lens.  We used the instruments to explore sound, although some of us were more keen to make loud sounds than others were to hear them!  Our sense of smell was put to the test with coffee, vanilla, cinnamon and curry paste, many of us preferred the smell of vanilla.  Finally, we tested our taste buds, exploring the taste of raspberries and blueberries.

Live Music


We were very lucky this week, when one of our talented Year 6 students came into our classroom to teach us about his guitar and how it is played.  Joe then played us two tunes that he had been practising over the Summer holidays.  We loved listening to Joe’s music and we can’t wait for him to visit us again!

We have been learning to use positional language


This week we have been reading the story ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’.  We went on our own bear hunt today and Mrs Gaylard led us through the door, down the corridor, through the arch and over the bridge until we eventually found a bear in his den.

We carried the bear back to the classroom where he read the story to himself.

Welcome to Pine Class


The children have had a great start to Pine Class.  Every child has returned to school looking amazing in their smart uniform and ready to work hard.  Thank you to all of our wonderful parents for preparing us for our new school year.


The first week has been very busy, we have shared lots of laughter, lots of fun and plenty of learning too.  Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our learning this week.  

We have been counting and recognising numbers ...

We enjoyed Mindfulness with Paula...

We practised jumping and landing in P.E...

And we explored the school grounds in Geography...