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Year 5 2019/2020

Alpaca Visit

Alpaca Visit 1
Alpaca Visit 2
Alpaca Visit 3
Alpaca Visit 4
Alpaca Visit 5
Alpaca Visit 6


Fractions! 1

We’ve been having fun in Maths this week learning about fractions. We can now convert, find equivalents and simplify fractions.

Graffiti Art

Graffiti Art 1

Year 5 enjoyed learning how to produce graffiti as artwork. We discussed the appropriate artistic uses of graffiti and created our own name tags.

Healthy Futures

Healthy Futures 1
Healthy Futures 2
Healthy Futures 3
Healthy Futures 4

Year 5 had the pleasure of Mr Kennard for a 6 week Healthy Futures Programme where the children learned about healthy behaviours like brushing their teeth, attitudes to mental health and emotions as well as participating in a physical bleep test. The children managed to set targets for their own personal development which they hoped to achieve by the end of the course.

Harvest Display for St James' Church

Harvest Display for St James' Church 1

Year 5 enjoyed writing prayers to go on the display board in St James‘ Church for the Harvest Festival.  See above.