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Preston C of E Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust

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Roles and responsibilities in school

We encourage our children to take on responsibility throughout their school life with us.  Within our school, there are a wide range of roles and responsibilities that children can undertake. Some of these roles are democratically voted for whilst others encourage children with given talents the opportunity to lead their class within a given area.


2021-2022 Roles and responsibilities include:


School Council - KS2 only

Our School Council Representatives are the voice of our school. They meet weekly as part of an after school club with Miss Lee to make important decisions about their school and consider charities they want the school to support.



Digital Leaders - KS2 only

 A digital leader is a KS2 pupil, who has shown responsibility or potential leadership in regard to using technology safely and effectively. Their role is to support the use of technology, particularly internet-accessible devices across the school alongside our Computing Lead, Miss Hegarty. 



Sports Leaders - KS2 only

We take pride in the range of sporting opportunities that we provide for our children. Our Sports Leaders promote the positive participation in events and assist children at key events such as Sports Days and Intrahouse events.



Language Ambassadors - KS2 only

We give children the opportunity to promote the school’s positive ethos in language learning by becoming Language Ambassadors. Children lead the learning on special language theme days such as The European Day of Languages.  They work hard to use their talents and skills in languages in lots of different ways.



Prefects - Year 6 only

When children reach Year 6, class elections take place for Year 6 Prefects.  Being a Prefect comes with the additional responsibility of supporting our younger learners and the school community with events and activities.



Reading Buddies - Year 5 and 6

We work hard to instill a love of reading in our children and provide them with as many opportunities as we can to read.  Our older children pair up with our younger learners and read with them every week to improve their confidence and enjoyment of reading.



Huff & Puff Play Leaders - Year 6

Each half term, a group of our Year 6 children give up their lunchtime to work with children from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  Play Leaders become familiar faces to our younger children and promote positive play by encouraging them to join in with games and the use of specific play equipment; they become role models to the younger children.

Wellbeing Ambassadors (KS2)

Our KS2 Wellbeing Ambassadors promote good mental health awareness across the school and ensure that every member of our school community knows who to talk to if they have a problem.