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Year 4 - Hawthorn Class 2020-2021



Hawthorn have been learning about the digestive system. We have looked at the different parts and learnt their functions. The children took part in an experiment to show the different features of the digestive system. we used a freezer bag with orange juice  as stomach acid, banana and biscuits as food to show what happens in the stomach. The children took it in turns to churn the food with their hands. We used a a pair of tights as the small intestines and poured the food in. We used a tea towel to soak up any left over liquids like the large intestines. We then cut a small hole in the tights and pushed the left over food through. The children enjoyed taking part. There was lots of laughs! 


Pete the Poet


Pete the Poet came to Preston Primary to deliver a workshop that focussed on diversity and equality. We discussed key figures in the race and equality movements around the world such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King. The children spoke about what equality and diversity meant to them. The class then wrote a poem and performed it to Mrs Hodgson. 

Writing Instructions


This week in Hawthorn Class we have been writing our own set of instructions. We have looked at a range of instructions including; how to tie your shoelaces, baking a cake and playing a board game.

We then went up to the Cooking Hut and made Rice Krispy cakes. The next day, the children wrote out their own set of instructions 'How to make Rice Krispy Cakes'.  



Remembrance Day


Young and old are now dead,

gunpowder fired to their heads. 

Separated father and son, 

As commander shouted come.

Always remember them. 


They made no choices, 

nightmares of their voices.

Night where bombs were dropped,

enemies couldn't be stopped.

Always remember them. 


Women took over at home,

whilst the men were all alone.

Stories of the men who fought, 

lessons must now be taught. 

Always remember them. 


By Siobhan 





Harvest Festival 


Hawthorn Class enjoyed taking part in Harvest Festival this year. The children brought in items of food to donate to The Lord's Larder. The children discussed the meaning of Harvest Festival and what they were thankful for. We wrote our own acrostic poems about Harvest. The children joined in with our virtual Harvest Festival delivered by Reverend Ruth. 





In Geography, Hawthorn Class have been learning about volcanoes.  We have learnt about the different parts of a volcano, why and how a volcano erupts and where volcanoes are usually found. The children have researched and created fact files about a chosen volcano in the world. We have spent time creating our own volcanoes out of papier-mache. The children used a bottle, newspaper and cardboard to create the structure. We then papier-mache using flour and water and then painted them. After working so well together, the children spent the afternoon using vinegar, food colouring and baking powder to create an explosion. 




Hawthorn are enjoying their dance lessons on a Thursday afternoon. They have been learning a variety of dance routines with Mrs Hill focussing recently on hip-hop. 

School Council Representative


Well done to all the children who volunteered for School Council. The children took it in turns to stand up in front of the class and explain why they would make the best candidate. With plenty of ideas, it was a very close vote. 


Congratulations to Cooper for being elected as Hawthorn's School Council Representative. 

European Day of Languages

Hawthorn Class enjoyed celebrating European Day of Languages on Friday. The children learnt to speak and write a range of languages throughout the day. Sharing their own knowledge and experiences of different languages with the rest of the class. The children practised their French and Italian whilst we took the register. Anastasia and Kasper very proudly taught the class how to greet people in Polish. We learnt how to write out names in Chinese and understand the Chinese alphabet. As well as practising the days of the week in French and learning a new French song. 

Welcome back! 


We were so thrilled to be able to welcome back all our new Year 4 pupils last week. After a long wait, it is lovely to see the positivity and enthusiasm the children have about being back in school. The first week back was full of productivity and getting to grips with new routines. The children have enjoyed sharing their memories of Lockdown and the Summer Holidays as well as getting stuck into the Year 4 curriculum.


We are looking forward to supporting your children throughout Year 4 and seeing them reach their full potential ready for Year 5. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me - Miss Taylor.