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Preston C of E Primary School is a member of Preston Primary Academy Trust

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About Your PFSA

My name is Katie Huggins, and I am the PFSA for Preston Primary School. I work here as the Outdoor Learning Teacher for two afternoons and as the PFSA for two mornings.


Please see the leaflet above which explains what I may be able to help you with.


I have worked in schools with children since 2001 and have been a teacher in Reception and have taught in ‘Surestart Children Centres’ in Lincolnshire and worked with a large range of families and settings supporting them to achieve the best outcomes for their children.


Since moving to Somerset, I have been working as a teaching assistant and PFSA and am passionate about supporting children and families.


I am here to listen to you and support you with whatever difficulties you may be having as a family and with your children. No problem is too big or small! I can work with you and your children to support you in the specific ways you need or to help you to access the support you need from other services.

I also run courses for parents regularly both online and in person, so look out for the emails from school about when these may be taking place.


Please see all of the information and websites below which may be a good first ‘port of call’ for you before you may want to make a call to ask for support. Please have a look through these websites and leaflets to see if there is any information which can help you.


If you feel you need PFSA support regarding your child’s behaviour at home, please try to keep a STAR analysis sheet (below) for 2 weeks before contacting me for support so that we have all of the information we need to start working together.


If you would like support you can speak to a member of staff and ask them to make a referral to me, fill in the referral form yourself (see below), or simply call me on the number in my leaflet.