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Invincibles Military Club

Month Of The Military Child- Purple Up Day

On Monday 22nd April we celebrated April being the month of the military child by observing 'Purple Up' day! The Invincibles came to school dressed in purple clothing, and we had a lunchtime dance party to celebrate how fabulous it is to be a military child!


Spring Term

The Invincibles have been enjoying social get togethers on the first Tuesday of every month, where we catch up on each other's lives, discuss any recent deployments and welcome new members. We have had three new Invincibles children join us so far this term, and have been able to hand out deployment boxes provided by The Naval Children's Charity to support children with absent parents. Last week, we made Mother's Day bookmarks and have enjoyed show and tell sessions where the children have brought in something special to them to share with their Invincibles friends. 

A Christmas Greeting


At this special time of year, we like to wish the Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year from all the children in the ‘Invincibles’ military children’s club. These are the cards that we have made and sent to them this year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Invincibles



Visit To Yeovilton

 On Friday our Key Stage 2 'Invincibles' were invited to Yeovilton Naval Air Base to be part of their Remembrance Service, alongside serving members of the Armed Forces. The children behaved beautifully and did an excellent job of representing Preston Primary at such a special event. Keira and Lexi were given a commemorative coin for their bravery when placing the wreath we had made. Well done to Mrs Forrester and Mrs Evans for supervising the event.

Remembrance Parade

This week in Invincibles Club, we have been preparing for our upcoming visit to Yeovilton for the Remembrance Parade. We have been making a poppy to take with us, and planning special Invincibles activities for the upcoming half term.

Welcome Back To School!

Mrs Rich and Mrs Evans would like to say a huge welcome back to school to all of our wonderful Invincibles children and an even bigger welcome to our new Reception Invincibles children! We look forward to getting together each week to spend time sharing our experiences and having fun!

A present - HMS Invincible!

Having sent Christmas cards to our friends in the Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Club, how lucky are we to have been sent a photo from one of the members who had been on the original Invincible Ship in 1982. Incredible! 

Remembrance Day Visitor- Julie Halford


Here are some photos of our visit from Julie Halford, Church and Cemetery Custodian of The Fleet Air Arm Memorial Church of St. Bartholomew, Yeovilton. 


Julie came and spoke to us about what the word 'Remembrance' means and who it refers to. She told us the stories of local men and women who lost their lives in World War 1 and 2, some of whom are buried in the cemetery at St. Bartholomew Church. 


The children took part in two activities which centered around the local men and women who had died, thinking about their lives and taking a moment to remember them. Julia then gave each of the children an activity pack and packet of poppy seeds to take home and plant with their families.

Our service children are supported through our Invincibles Military Club. The Invincibles Military Club is led by Mrs Rich and supported by Mrs Evans.  This academic year, the children will meet on the 3rd Friday of every month.


Each session, the children undertake a range of fun and interesting activities with a military theme.  Children have the opportunity to write to their parents and make special items to share with them; they record important milestones and memories in their own personal scrapbook.




If you have any questions, please contact the school office on 01935 474538 or email

September '22 - What is it like to be a military child?

On Friday, Mrs. Rich and Mrs. Evans welcomed all of the children back to the Invincibles club and found out all about each others families and who is serving in which of the forces. The children completed an activity where they had to read a statement or look at an image relating to military life, and write down how it made them feel. The children worked so well together, with the older supporting the younger, and all had some thoughtful insights to share.


Our Invincibles Mascot

Invincibles Club - Feb '22

Our Invincible group meetings take place every three weeks.  Children undertake a range of different activities such as: arts and crafts, sports and games and cookery.  It is a chance for children to mix and socialise with other children from Military families who are in the same position as them. 


Here are some photos from recent meetings:


    A 'welcome home' picture for Daddy.


   Drawings for family members.


     Our children enjoying some social time.

Service Breakfast