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Year 1 - Pear Class

Pear Class had a wonderful visit to Weymouth, packed with fun!

After leaving school, we arrived at sunny SandWorld. We met Mark, a sand sculptor, who showed us the amazing sculptures and told us how they are made and how long they take. We had the opportunity to make strong sand sculptures, mixing sand and water in a container to make a pillar. Pear Class would hard in teams to build their pillars, with many successes! 

We also got the chance to make our own Sand Art. Everyone got the opportunity to pick their own bottle or key ring and then filled them with a variety of lovely colours, which we could then take home. 

Following our trip to SandWorld, we all enjoyed a mouth-watering lolly paid for by the PTA. Everyone loved the bumpy donkey ride along the beach, as shown by all the smiley faces. 

We even had an eventful ride home when one of the tyres on the coach blew but we enjoyed having the time to have a snack and drink before returning home!  

After visiting the park, we have been busy designing and making our own parks. We all thought hard about our designs, the park equipment we wanted in them and how we could build each of the equipment. We all enjoyed and are very proud of our parks and we hope you enjoyed them at home. 

A huge thank you to the PTA for allowing us to have some time on the climbing wall, assault course and bouncy castle before the fair. Pear Class had a fantastic time! 

We got practical in Maths this week and played games against one another, working out the total score for our groups. Once we had the total scores we could then use our knowledge to work out the difference between each group. 

In Pear Class we planted our very own pear tree to go in the welcome garden, hopefully soon we will have the opportunity to pick pears. We hope you enjoy seeing our tree grow. 

This week we had the opportunity to go into a Science Dome in the school hall. Once inside we travelled to the rainforest, the dessert and even the Arctic! We pretended to be nocturnal animals in the night sky and saw everything that they would see, including the Northern Lights! Some children got the opportunity to pretend to be different animals living in different places, so we could learn about adaptations and camouflage. A huge thank you to The Explorer Dome for giving us this experience! 

This week we had fun making 3D shapes out of a variety of different materials. Some shapes proved harder to build than others, but we got there in the end! 

This week we walked to the local park, to discover how the equipment works. Once there we looked at each piece of equipment looking at the mechanisms which make them work. After our discussions we then had to test out how the mechanisms work and had fun doing so!

Performing Arts Workshop

Thank you to Stage Coach for coming in and providing a performing arts workshop. We had a great time learning ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ from The Lion King. We pretended to be each of the characters and learnt a dance to go with the song. It was a great experience to have had! 

Sports Day


We had a wonderful sports day where we showed off all our sporting abilities!  Well done to all the children who completed every race with enthusiasm and enjoyment, despite the position they finished the race.

Thank you to our parents who supported and encouraged us as we accelerated down the track!  Also, thank you to our younger brothers and sisters who competed in their own race, we loved cheering you on!

We have had a fantastic week celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Year 1 rehearsed and practiced a role play of The Queen’s reign throughout the years 2000-2010. We learnt about the passing of The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, the wedding of Charles and Camilla and the celebration of The Queen’s 80th birthday. We enjoyed sharing our creation with the whole of Key Stage One and also learning about their decades of The Queen’s reign. 

We hope you all have a wonderful celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. 

The children have enjoyed learning about capacity this week during Maths. They learnt about millimetres and litres and had great fun estimating the amount of blocks that would fit into specific containers in addition to the amount of cups that could be filled from a 1 litre jug. 

In our Art lessons this term we area learning about sculpture so we made a sculpture to display outside the school for the Queen’s Jubilee. All of the children in Year 1 worked together to make a crown sculpture using flowers planted in a wire sculpture. We enjoyed making the sculpture and we hope you enjoy the sculpture if you visit the school. 

Reverend David Keen

We welcomed Reverend David Keen this week and some do us were lucky enough to be chosen to help David tell the story of Zaccheaus. We are looking forward to more of David’s assemblies in the future.

Platinum Jubilee

We are beginning to celebrate 70 years of Our Queen being on the throne. We have written letters to the Queen celebrating her long reign. We also made clay cupcakes, which we decorated using the colours of the Union Flag. 

Tortoise Visit

Thank you to Mrs Snell for bringing in your pet tortoise Shelby for us to see. We loved learning about how reptiles need heat lamps to keep them warm. Mrs Snell also taught us and showed us what tortoises like to eat.  

Home Learning - W/B 4th April 22

Home Learning W/B 28th March 2022


We had great fun learning about transparency this week. To demonstrate this we all made our very own pair of glasses using different coloured lenses. 

In the nice weather we took Computing outside to learn how to take a photograph and open it in the camera roll. Pear Class took some wonderful photos that we hope you enjoy having a look at. 

National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day one of the students in Pear Class wrote a poem about Spring, during home learning, we hope you all enjoy the poem. 

Home Learning: W/B 21st March 2022

Comic Relief

To raise money for ‘Red Nose Day’ we enjoyed wearing capes and masks. We learnt about some of the children who have been helped by the charity and how their lives have changed.

As the weather was nice we managed to have a Maths lesson outside by completing a scavenger hunt, where we calculated the answers to questions and searched for the correct nose to match the answer. 

A big thank you to all of our parents for their donations to this very worthy charity. 

Science Week

We had an excellent Science week as we continued learning about different materials. In our English lessons we made feely books based on ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We wrote rhyming couplets to retell the story and illustrated each part by drawing the different houses and using materials to represent these. 

During our afternoon sessions we conducted scientific investigations to see which material was the best material for a waterproof coat. 

Home Learning: W/B 14th March 2022

Disco Fun

We saw some wonderful dance moves in the school hall on Friday, thank you to the PTA for organising this fun disco and to all of our parents for paying for us to attend.

Thank you to Mrs Hodgson for teaching us some of the moves for the ‘old songs’.

Home Learning for Week of 07.03.2022

We had a busy but fantastic day celebrating the 25th World Book Day. The children were dressed in wonderful, colourful costumes of their favourite book characters. 

Pear Class was turned into Wonderland, with the children writing a book review on Alice in Wonderland, making their own bookmarks, receiving an online visit from The Queen of Hearts and having our very own tea party. 

We visited the book fair where we were able to look at and buy a variety of books. We also had five lovely visitors from Hickory Class who shared their favourite books with us, dressed as their favourite characters. 

What a brilliant day we had! 

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday this week by learning to flip pancakes and flipping them as we raced across the playground. Despite some pancakes falling and some being broken the children were determined to flip the pancakes to the other side of the playground. 

Home Learning for 18th February 2022


English: Oi Frog! Comprehension


Maths: See this week's homework for sheet.


Oi Frog Art work

Draw a picture of one of the characters from the Oi Frog book.

PTA Ice-creams

A huge thank you to the PTA for our treats of ice creams. We all loved and enjoyed the ice creams and are very grateful for the work that you do. 

We went outside to study the different trees in our school environment, we spoke about and identified the parts of trees. We also got the opportunity to spot some bird boxes, including those put up by Eco Club. The children were very excited to spot the bird boxes and look forward to seeing birds nest in the trees and boxes in the coming months. 

Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year in Pear Class. Each of us tasted Chinese vegetable spring rolls and prawn crackers to mixed reviews. We were able to locate China on a map and learnt about the history and tradition of Chinese New Year. 

In the afternoon we made red envelopes with a message to one of our peers. After making our red envelopes we made dragons and learnt about dragon dances. 

We had some fun making our own natural dye using blackberries to dye fabric. We attached bands to our fabric in different ways to get different patterns and then soaked the fabric in salt solution. While our fabric was soaking we made our dye and left it to soak for the weekend. When we came back to school on Monday, we were excited to see what we made. 

We had a great trip at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, where we saw a range of animals from across the world giving us the chance to talk about where they originate from. We began our trip by looking at the Meerkats, who were being fed, before exploring the reptile house, farm animals, birds and more before finishing at the Elephant Eden. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were extremely well behaved throughout the day. 

In Maths, we have been using balances to learn about weights. We compared the weights of objects in the classroom to find the heaviest and the lightest object. 

Pear Class had a great time this week learning about toys throughout time. During a workshop we got to make our own thaumatropes, sort toys, play with a variety of toys and dress up in Victorian school clothes. 


During our DT lessons this term the children have been busy designing and making puppets. The children have loved getting creative. You can see the children made a variety of animals from bees, elephants, polar bears, wolves, tigers and rabbits. We hope you’ll enjoy them at home. 

Over the past few weeks Year 1 have been working hard practising their lines and songs for their Nativity ‘A Miracle in Town’. Thank you to the parents for helping Year 1 learn their lines and we hope you enjoyed the show. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us in Year 1.

A huge thank you to the PTA for organising and arranging a whole school trip to the Octagon Theatre to watch Mother Goose. Pear Class had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed both the show and the coach trip on a double decker bus! Our highlights were when the cast ran through the audience squirting us with water and when the confetti cannon went off over us. 

Year 1 have been busy making snowmen to be displayed around the school grounds. They had fun sanding the wood, glueing the buttons, nose and hat on and placing them in the ground. Look out for them when you come to school and we hope you enjoy them. 

A big thank you to the PTA who paid and arranged for Pear Class to learn about mammals, reptiles and insects. Pear Class were very brave and loved the opportunity to look closely and learn more about the animals. 

Children In Need

Pear Class enjoyed learning about Pudsey Bear and how he helps Children in Need raise money for children across the United Kingdom. To support Pudsey, we made a donation to wear non school uniform. Throughout the week we followed instructions to make Pudsey Biscuits and also made a moving Pudsey Bear. 

Outdoor Learning

We took the opportunity to get outside and create hedgehog dens in the playground. Pear class had an enjoyable time collecting natural resources to help them and working together. 



On Friday 8th October Pear Class showed their support for children’s mental health day by wearing bright colours. All children were pleased to donate to a worthy cause. 

Family Learning Mask Making

Darrell Wakelam came into school to show us how to create farm yard animal masks. We had great fun mask making with our teachers, parents and grandparents. Our class listened carefully to instructions and we each made a mask to be displayed in school. A big thank you to everyone who came in to help us. 

Thank you to Miss Roy for helping Pear Class participate in the school handprint mural!

This week in Pear class has been extremely busy, the children have worked hard and have had great fun learning in different ways. I’ve captured some of our learning opportunities below, so you can see the enjoyment we have had for yourselves. 

In Science we explored our senses. We tasted raspberries and blueberries, smelt spices, felt unseen objects, identified different sounds and looked through coloured lenses...

In Outdoor Learning we got to go outside in the sun to make self portrait collages out of nature...

In English we went on a bear hunt around the school and we found the bear...

Welcome to Pear Class


The children have had a great start to Pear Class.  Every child has returned to school looking amazing in their smart uniform and ready to work hard.  Thank you to all of our wonderful parents for preparing us for our new school year.


The first week has been very busy, we have shared lots of laughter, lots of fun and plenty of learning too.  Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our learning this week.  

In Geography we explored the school grounds to find our favourite part of school...