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Year 3 - Willow Class 2020-2021

Letter Writing


In Year 3 this week, we wrote letters to send to a residential care home. The children thought about how many of the residents of this care home probably can't see their families at the moment; so we decided to write letters and send some lovely drawings to them! The children showed me just how caring and compassionate they are by wanting to give the care home residents something to read. 

Children in Need


To raise money for Children in Need, we all wore our pajamas to school today! We were very comfortable in our cosy dressing gowns and slippers. We also had a go at the Strictly Come Dancing challenge for Children in Need. Take a look below!

Keep on Dancing!

Still image for this video

Studying Forces


This week in science, we were learning about friction. We carried out an investigation testing how objects moved over different surfaces. We made predictions and recorded our results. 

Remembrance Day


To honor Remembrance Day, Willow class created poppy art work using oil pastels. 

The Gunpowder Plot


This week the children learned all about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate Bonfire Night. In English, the children put actions to the story to help them remember the key points. This supported them in retelling the story themselves. They did a great job in their writing and even included paragraphs which we learned about earlier in the week.



This afternoon in art, we drew self-portraits. We drew portraits of our partners earlier in the year, but this time we tried to improve the proportions of the face. We watched a video that showed us how to draw faint lines to help us proportion the face and put the eyes, nose and mouth in the right place. 

Performing play scripts 


This week we have been learning about the features of a play script including stage directions. Today, in groups, we performed a short play by following the directions given and using intonation and expression in our voice. 

Our Roman brooches


Today our clay brooches were finally dry so we could paint them! We used colours that were similar to what Roman brooches would have been including gold, silver and red. They ended up looking fantastic! Check out the pictures below.

Roman Day!


Today in Year 3 we had our Roman Day and we had so much fun! It was very exciting having all the children dressed up in their Roman costumes and doing all the different activities we had planned. The children made their own clay brooches, made mosaics and got to try some food that Romans would've eaten (including dates and olives). 

I would like to say thank you to all of the parents who supported us today by buying and making the costumes for the children so we could all have a wonderful day.

Please enjoy all the wonderful pictures from our day.


Roman Children

Roman Food Tasting

Roman Mosaics

Roman Brooches

Maths games


Today we made a multiplication memory game to practice and test our times table knowledge. The children made the game in their pairs and had lots of fun testing each other and trying to win the most pairs!

Mighty Muscles


Today we learned about the purpose and functions of muscles in the human body. We learned that we need muscles to create motion and that different muscle movements are voluntary or involuntary. The children created a 3D likeness of how our muscles work to move our bodies. 

Moving Muscles

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Reciting Poetry


This week, we have been learning all about different types of poetry including Haiku, Acrostic and Concrete poems. We have also been learning about how to perform poems.

The children were wonderful at performing poetry using intonation and even actions. 

Please Mrs Butler

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Boudicca's Rebellion

Today in History, we learned about Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans. We designed our own Roman shields, tried out different shield formations and re-enacted the battle between Boudicca's Army and the Roman Army.

Art Week!


What an amazing week we have had in Willow Class! We have studied famous art from around the world and created our own in different mediums including, pencil, paint and oil pastels. I have been so impressed by the childrens' creativity and patience with their artwork this week. They have created so much wonderful artwork that I have been showing as many adults as possible and I've even kept some to display in the classroom!

(They will get this back later in the year).

Please see a selection of our artwork below. 


Well done Willow Class. 


Miss Nicholls

Clarice Cliff


Today the children have been introduced to Clarice Cliff, a famous English ceramic artist. We looked at her style of work and found she used bright colours and lots of shapes to create her artwork. We began to develop our own patterns using her style. We loved the bright colours!



Today, Willow Class had their first Mindfulness/Yoga lesson. They had a lovely time learning how to calm themselves and deal with feelings of nervousness. They came back to the classroom very chilled! 


This week we were very lucky to have a visit from the school nurse. She spoke to us about how we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. The children talked about healthy lifestyles, washing hands and who they could talk to if they were worried. 

Welcome to Willow


Welcome back to the second week of Year 3! I had a wonderful first week getting to know all of your lovely faces; I hope you have enjoyed your start of year. I am very proud of how well you have all settled in and got on with your learning! I am also pleased to say I have already been able to put some childrens' work up on display in the classroom. Well done!


Please come back here regularly to see lots of amazing pictures of what we have gotten up to in class. You will surely see lots of learning and fun going on in our classroom. We love to learn new things and showcase it all here for children, parents and other family members to see. 




Miss Nicholls