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Gardening & Eco Club

Litter Pick

Today the pupils in Eco Club had some very special visitors. Cllr Bob Brookes, Cllr Trisha Lawford and Cllr Jeny Snell volunteered to help the Eco Club members on a litter pick in the local area. The children and councillors collected a variety of litter from the surrounding school area and helped tidy up the community. 

The children would like to thank Bob, Trisha and Jeny and look forward to conducting another litter pick in the near future!

Bird Boxes

Preston Primary School has been very lucky to receive some handmade bird boxes from Graham Pritchard and his Father-in-law Bill. Each class selected a child to assist with putting up the bird boxes, and each class now has an individual bird box to monitor. The children are fortunate as this will allow them to observe nesting birds up close.

We look forward to hopefully welcoming chicks onto the school grounds shortly.

Pond Project

The children at Preston Primary School are fortunate to have a pond on the school site. Due to covid, the pond had unfortunately lacked love and attention. However, thanks to the Yeovil Rivers Community Trust (YRCT) and our Eco Club members, we will be reviving the pond back to its former glory. The YRCT asked some of the children to fill in a questionnaire about what plants and features should be put in the pond and surrounding area.

We look forward to showing you the finished project once it is complete!

Climate Change

This week Eco club and Gardening club joined forces to discuss COP26 and the implications of this on our planet. The pupils had fantastic knowledge of climate change and ways that we could improve as a school. We decided that we should create posters to be displayed around the school to advocate saving the environment. Eco club members promoted switch off fortnight and told the members of gardening club what they needed to be doing during switch off fortnight. 

This week the pupils have been tending to their crops and maintaining the entire allotment. The children were delighted to see that several plants are beginning to grow, including radishes and broad beans. 

For the last couple of weeks the children have been tending to the school garden by getting rid of all the fallen leaves, the weeds and maintaining their own planters.

This week the children put on their welly boots and visited our allotment. We had already discussed what would be suitable to plant at this time of year, after each child had researched what could be planted in Autumn. needed to prep the planters.

Each child was allocated their own planter and they set to work preparing it for their chosen bulbs and seeds. The children planted a range of vegetables and flowers including radishes, winter carrots and daffodils. The children really enjoyed being able to plant their own plants and we cannot wait to see the plants as they begin to grow!smiley