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Year 2 - Cedar Class

Carymoor Recycling Workshop

Today we welcomed Gary and Anna from Carymoor Environmental Trust. They worked with us to teach us about the importance of recycling and how to separate our waste correctly to ensure that as little as possible ends up in landfill.


We have been using our sewing skills to create our pouches. We cut out the fabric using templates and then joined the fabric using a running stitch. We added a Velcro fastener and then decorated the fronts of our pouches. We have had some great finished products.


Back in the spring term, we learnt about what seeds need to germinate and what plants need to grow healthily. Our knowledge is beginning to pay off now that our sunflowers have started to flower. 

Magdalen Farm

Today we went on a fantastic, albeit rather soggy, school trip to Magdalen Farm in Chard. 

We began the day by learning about the habitat and survival skills of the Hazel Dormouse and had a competition to see which team could make the warmest home for one. We learnt all about how animals adapt to their surroundings, and how bees work together in a hive. After lunch, we learnt all about river habitats, walking in a shallow part of the River Axe and using nets to see what we could catch. A brilliant day that we will all remember and we cannot wait to go back!

Please see Maple Class’s page for more pictures.

Estimating and Measuring Length

We have been estimating and measuring length using standard units of measurement. We threw bean bags, estimated the length and then measured using the trundle wheels.

Sports Day

What a fabulous afternoon we have had! The rain held off, everyone showed great sportsmanship and we all enjoyed lots of fun races. Well done to all of year two for trying hard, showing great resilience and cheering each other on. Well done to the mums, dads and little ones who joined in! Thanks to the PTA for providing every child with a drink. It was very much appreciated.


We had a visit from Jane and Harold the giraffe today. We talked about lots of different ways that we can keep our minds and bodies healthy. The session linked to previous learning that we have done in our PSHCE and science lessons. 

Non-Fiction Writing

We know that non-fiction texts are organised in a specific way. In preparation for writing information texts about nocturnal animals, we had a look at some real examples. In groups, we looked at owls, hedgehogs, mice and other nocturnal animals. Using expanded noun phrases, we described what we could see, such as sharp, pointed claws or long, thin tails. We then used these expanded noun phrases in sentences to describe the animals.

Design and Technology - Pouches

Today we used templates to start creating our pouches. We planned where the stitching will go, cut out the templates, pinned the templates to the fabric we had chosen and then cut out the fabric. Next time, we will be ready to begin sewing!

Online Science Lesson

We took part in a live online science lesson called “The Lamb Diaries”. The lesson linked closely to the science work that we have carried out about life cycles and keeping animals healthy. We saw a lamb being born and learnt about the things that farmers do to help care for the sheep on their farm. We also learnt about ways in which sheep are adapted to their habitat and saw a sheep being sheared.

Circus Skills Family Learning

We have had an amazing morning learning lots of new skills from Hannah. Our Circus Skills family learning was great fun. We have juggled, tried plate spinning, used hula hoops,  and walked the tightrope. Each of us chose our favourite activity to perform in the end of session show. Thanks to the parents who were able to join us and to the PTA who helped to fund the session.

Global Games Day

Big thanks to Mr Bourne and the year 6 children for organising a fantastic morning of sporting activity. The children worked co-operatively to try out different sports from around the world, supported brilliantly by the year 6 children. Well done to Thomas for getting a special mention from Mr Bourne for being such a good all round sport!


Today Dom came to work with us in our first tennis coaching session. We had great fun and learnt lots of new skills. Grace was very excited to win one of Dom’s games!

Print Making

This afternoon saw us completing our art topic on maps. We each tried our hand at printing. We created a print design on a polystyrene tile and printed our ideas onto card. They look very effective!

Knitted Bible Stories at St James’ Church

This morning we walked to St James’ church to see the knitted Bible stories. The displays were arranged in the order that the stories appear in The Bible. The details in the displays were amazing. We also spent some time looking at the stained glass windows, following on from our art work. Thanks to David for inviting us.

Map It Out - Using Maps in Art

Throughout this term, we have been using maps to inspire our art workWe drew our routes to school and then chose small sections of these to focus on. This week, we have worked in small groups to create a collaborative piece of art. We have learnt new techniques to turn our maps into pieces of felt. The finished products are very impressive and everyone co-operated fantastically.

Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole Workshop

12th May 2023

Florence Nightingale's actual birthday - she would have been 203 years old!


We were really lucky on Friday afternoon as Sharon from the Somerset Museum Service visited us again. 

This time she told us lots of information about two famous nurses that we'd been learning about - Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole.

Sharon brought some lovely artefacts for us to hold and lots of dressing up clothes and props so we could pretend we were actually in Scutari hospital! 

We also had to design a healthy meal to help the injured soldiers get better.

Investigating what Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole took with them to the Crimean War.

Role Playing - Florence Nightingale in Scutari Hospital.

Planning a healthy meal for the injured soldiers.



Cedar Class celebrate the Coronation

5th May 2023



We had a wonderful day this Friday celebrating the upcoming Coronation of King Charles III.

We all came to school dressed in the colours of the Union Jack, went to two whole school assemblies, learnt about the Commonwealth and the country of New Zealand, had a yummy ice-cream on the terrace and paraded around the playground at the end of the day showing off our Coronation Day crafts made earlier in the week.


Coronation Preparations

In preparation for our coronation celebrations, we have made orbs and soldiers. They look fabulous in the classroom and will look amazing during tomorrow’s parade.

Visitor from New Zealand

To celebrate the Coronation, each Year group has been allocated a Commonwealth country to learn about. As Year 2 are learning about New Zealand, Mrs.Rich invited her friend Luke to come in and talk to the children about being a New Zealander! Luke taught us some phrases in Maori, showed us how to do the Haka dance and taught us all about life in New Zealand. 


We had some special visitors in Year two today. Sienna from Maple very kindly brought in her tadpoles as we have been learning about the life cycle of the frog. We were excited to see that the tadpoles were moving into the next stage of their growth into froglets and had little back legs! Thank you to Sienna for bringing them in to show us.

Measuring Capacity

This week we have been learning how to measure capacity using standard units. We have had a carousel of activities. Some children had a go at reading different scales on lots of measuring jugs and cylinders. Some children answered capacity related problems in a real life context. Some children worked practically to estimate and measure the capacity of a variety of containers. 

Happy Easter

Wishing you and your families a peaceful Easter break.

Key Stage One Easter Service

It was lovely to welcome Rev. Keen and so many family members to our Easter Service. I hope that you agree that the children looked amazing in their Easter hats, sang beautifully and led the readings and prayers clearly.

Wheels and Axles - Building a Ferris Wheel

Today was the day that we put our learning about wheels and axles into action. Our designs came to life as we worked in co-operative groups to build our Ferris wheels. We had a design criteria and worked hard to make sure we followed our plans.

Ferris wheel in action!

Still image for this video

Science Day

To continue our Science fortnight celebrations, Year 2 had a fantastic day today learning what it is like to be a Scientist! First, we thought about what a Scientists is and does, and learnt about the variety of jobs that you can do as a Scientist. Then, on a four group rotation, we took part in four different experiments; Cauldron Chaos, Purple Potion Making, Wonderful Wands and Magical Mixers. We were amazed with the results of the experiments which looked at chemical reactions between bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, and cabbage water. We then discovered the colour mixing properties of putting sweets into a bowl and using food colouring with milk and washing up liquid. We all agreed that it was a fantastic and very interesting day!

Growing Seeds

Over the past few weeks, we have been growing broad bean seeds under different conditions to see what seeds need to germinate and what plants need to grow healthily. Some of us were very surprised that the seed with water but without light grew the tallest. Ask anyone in Cedar Class to explain why!

Bubble Assembly

Permafrost Paul came to talk to us about the science of bubbles. We learnt that bubbles are spherical and are filled with air. Permafrost Paul then showed us what happens when bubbles filled with butane are burnt. Mrs Charter was very brave, but we know never to try this at home!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Cedar Class’s wonderful mummies!

Great Fire of London Workshop

We were very lucky on Friday as we had a visit from Sharon who works for the Somerset Museum Service. 

She told us lots of information about the Great Fire of London and brought some lovely artefacts in for us to look at, including a wooden peg that survived the actual fire!



We also got to practise using a fire bucket, write with a quill and ink like Samuel Pepys and dress up in old fashioned clothes.

Have a look below at the fun we had...


Handling the artefacts




Dressing up




Learning how to write with a quill and ink    Definitely not as easy as it looks!





Filling the fire bucket


Passing it along the line took quite a while and we got a bit wet, but it helped us to understand why this didn't really help put the fire out.

We Have a Winner!

Well done to Eduards who won first place in the Year 2 Science Fair! His work about the amount of sugar in our favourite drinks was fantastic. 

Science Fair 2023

We had a very exciting visit to the Science Fair this morning, and we were amazed by the variety of projects on display. Good Luck to Zayn and Eduards who submitted their projects into the fair. 

Science Fortnight

As part of our science fortnight work, we took part in an online lesson from the NFU talking about how tractors are linked to space! We thought about lots of different materials and how tractors can be controlled from space! We even made the credits!

World Book Day 2023

Happy World Book Day everyone! Everyone has come to school in brilliant costumes today and have been able to tell us all about their chosen book characters. Thank you to everyone at home for sorting costumes out! We had great fun this morning taking part in the Live ‘Booky and Footy’ quiz run by The Literacy Network.

Author Visit- Tom McLaughlin

This week we will be celebrating World Book day and today we were lucky enough to have a visit from author and illustrator Tom McLaughlin. He showed us how he draws his pictures using shapes for inspiration, and his IPad to create them. Tom read us three of his books, including ‘Cloudspotter’, and showed us how he draws his characters. We all had so many questions for him and we all agreed that he has an amazing job! Thank you to Miss. Feltham for organising the visit.

Measuring Length in m and cm

We are learning how to measure accurately using standard units of measure. We thought about Usain Bolt being able to run 100m in just under 10 seconds. We wanted to compare our running ability! We ran for 10 seconds and then used the trundle wheels to measure how far we ran. We definitely have some budding athletes in our midst!

World Thinking Day

Celebrated since 1926, World Thinking Day is a day of international friendship. Today, members of Rainbows, Brownies and Beavers came to school in their uniform…and very smart they look, too!

Shrove Tuesday

We have been learning about the religious significance of Shrove Tuesday and thinking about why Christians eat pancakes before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. All of our work this morning has been about pancakes! In groups, we all had a go at making and eating our own pancakes. 


Today we started our new Computing unit. We are learning how to create, debug and fix algorithms. We used the Beebots and the laptops to investigate how to program the robots.


Author workshop with Michael Rosen And Viviane Schwarz

This morning we took part in an online live workshop with the brilliant author Michael Rosen and illustrator Viviane Schwarz. We learned how to ‘cook a fairytale’ and all of the different ingredients we need to include to make an interesting and magic story. 

Science: What do animals, including humans, need to stay healthy?

We have been thinking about all of the things that all animals need to stay healthy. Today, we were thinking about what foods humans need. We were given pictures of foods to sort in whichever way we chose. Later we learnt about the five main food groups and how much of each food we should be eating. We were then given the chance to re-sort our foods into the main food groups.

Henry Moore Clay Sculptures

Today we made our Henry Moore inspired sculptures out of clay. We thought carefully about the shapes and tried hard to ensure our sculptures were sturdy!

Science: How To Look After Animals 


Today Year 2 were lucky enough to have a visit from Hayley and Alex who work at RSPCA West Hatch rescue centre. We all became experts on how to look after hedgehogs, and found out about all of the amazing work that the RSPCA do. Using air drying clay, we then made our own hedgehogs, using sticks for spines.

Henry Moore Sculpture

In preparation for using clay, we had a go at creating our sculptures using Play-Doh. This gave us an opportunity to see how we could turn our poses into 3D models, how we could join the materials and how stable our sculptures would be.

Celebrating World Religion Day


Today in Cedar Class we celebrated World Religion Day.  We talked about the different religions of the world and how they share a similar message:


to treat others as you would wish to be treated and love others with respect.


We also talked about the importance of respecting everybody's religious views even if they aren't the same as our own. 




Some children brought in special religious items from home to share with the rest of the class.  


Christian Bibles

Christian Bibles and a wooden cross.


Dylan brought in his Bible which was written in Portuguese.

Dylan brought in his Bible - written in Portuguese.


Keyann and Zayn brought in a Muslim prayer mat and copies of their special books linked to The Qur'an

Keyaan and Zayn brought in a Muslim prayer mat and special books linked to their holy book - The Qur'an.


Today we used the laptops for the first time. We logged in, opened a word processing document and started typing. Some of us even managed to save our work in our individual folders.

Christmas Riddles

We have been writing riddles using different sentence types. Can you solve each riddle?


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Testing Materials

We have been learning about materials in our science lessons. We carried out an investigation to see which material would be best to keep Santa’s sleigh dry. First, we predicted which material would keep the water off. Next, we poured 200ml of water over each material and observed what happened. Once we had all of the results, we made simple conclusions.

Panto Trip

What a great day we have had! We were all treated to a wonderful trip to see Dick Whittington at The Octagon Theatre. We enjoyed cheering the hero, booing the villain and dancing in the aisles! Thanks to the PTA for organising the trip and providing us with sweets to eat during the interval.

Tasting Day!

Today we tasted and evaluated our bread rolls. We judged the appearance, smell and taste. We then discussed what we liked about our rolls and how we could improve them next time.

Making Bread Rolls

After tasting bread and designing our own bread rolls earlier in the term, today we got to make our creations. We had to weigh and measure the ingredients, knead the dough and leave it to rise. Once it had risen, we each had a ball of dough to add our own chosen ingredients. They smell amazing. Tomorrow, we will taste and evaluate our creations.

It’s Official! Cedar Class Are On The Nice List!

Father Christmas came today and confirmed what we already knew - Cedar Class are on the Nice List! He gave the class some presents to share. We opened them and had lots of new Top Trumps! This afternoon, we played them, as a reward for working so hard in our nativity and assessments this week.

The Greatest Journey

Year Two’s Nativity

We have just finished our final rehearsal and cannot wait to share all of our hard work with parents and carers this afternoon. We hope you enjoy our show!

Inter Faith Week

This week is Inter Faith Week and we spent our RE lesson this week thinking about the symbols associated with different faiths, the holy texts and buildings. Zayn, Keyaan and Dua were proud to talk to the rest of the class about being Muslim. They explained about the mosque and learning the Quran.

Road Safety Week

This week is Road Safety Week. We had a visit from our local PCSOs to teach us about how we can help ourselves to keep safe when crossing the road. We each got given a pencil case!

Bovington Tank Museum

As part of our History work on Remembrance, we visited Bovington Tank Museum. It was incredible to see such a variety of tanks close up and realise how huge they are. We saw the cramped conditions that the soldiers have to endure inside and we even got to experience what life in the trenches was like. The children enjoyed collecting the stamps around the exhibitions and trying on some of the uniforms from different time periods. Everyone behaved beautifully and the museum staff commented on what a delight they were.


This half term we are learning about bread in our DT lessons. First, we learnt about where bread comes from and how it is made.  We looked at existing products and evaluated them. This meant that we spent the afternoon tasting a variety of bread. The brioche was definitely a hit. The garlic and coriander naan had a mixed response!

Digital Photography

In our computing lessons this half term, we will be learning how to use technology purposefully, responsibly and safely. Today we have thought about which devices can be used to take photographs, how to take a good shot and played photography bingo. We had great fun!

Using Coins to Make Amounts of Money

We have been learning to recognise and use the symbols for £ and p. We had to make different amounts of money using the correct coins.

Winter Art

We have been working on colour and tone in our art lessons. We created these winter pictures by mixing coloured paint with white paint.

Hello Yellow Day 2022


Today we celebrated World Mental Health Day by coming to school dressed in yellow.  

We discussed what mental health is and how we've all felt either anxious, sad or angry at times.  We then wrote about our own experiences of these emotions and the different ways in which we can deal with them.




We also had fun using these Hello Yellow props!






Child Led Worship

Throughout the year, each class will have a go at leading our collective worship. Today was our turn! The children talked about the Christian value of hope. We thought about our hopes for the future and what we could do to make these hopes a reality. We shared the story of Noah’s Ark and thought about how that story shows the value of hope.

Creating Lighthouses

We have been learning about “The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch” in our English lessons. Today, we made our own lighthouses out of cups! They even light up!

Somerset Arts Week

As part of our work during Somerset Arts Week, we had a visit from the local artist, Celia Brokenshire. She talked to us about how she is often inspired by nature. We went to collect some leaves and used them to create some prints.

Somerset Arts Week : Celia Brokenshire

This Year the theme for Somerset Arts Week is 'Sanctuary'. As part of our work during Somerset Arts Week, we had a visit from the local artist, Celia Brokenshire. She talked to us about how she is often inspired by nature, which she considers to be her place of sanctuary and peace. Celia explained to us her methods and showed us her tools which they children passed around to feel and explore themselves. The children had lots of interesting questions to ask Celia, and were impressed by her use of different colours and textures. 

Somerset Arts Week 2022 : Natasha Rand 


This week all of the children at Preston Primary are observing Arts Week and exploring this years theme of 'Sanctuary'. To introduce Somerset Arts Week and Yeovil Arts Space, KS1 and 2 had a visit from Natasha Rand who is the Engagement Director of YAS. She spoke to us about what they do and the events that the children can go to locally. It was great to hear about all of the creative places opening up in Yeovil for the Arts community and children to explore.

European Day of Languages

Today is European Day of Languages and some of our language ambassadors came to share some books with Cedar Class. They also taught us some phrases in Polish!

Autumn Art

Today we have been learning about the colour wheel and how to use primary colours to create secondary colours. The children mixed their own orange paint to colour the autumn leaves. They thought carefully about how to hold the brushes and paint with soft strokes.

Yoga Sessions

This half term we are working with Paula in our yoga sessions. We are thinking carefully about our movements and enjoying our sessions.

Counting Accurately

We have been learning to count objects to 100 and beyond. We started by counting in 1s but soon discovered it was easy to lose count! We decided it would be much easier to put the objects into groups of 10. We were great at counting multiples of 10 and found it much easier to count all of the objects!