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Year 6 - Elm Class 2020-2021

Summer term


This week, Elm class have worked extremely hard in their final assessments to show off all of the progress they have made throughout the year. On Thursday, we celebrated with doughnuts and gave ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back. 

As part of the Mental Health Awareness Week theme - nature - we created our own nature still life for drawing in our sketchbooks. After recapping several sketching techniques, we focused on using these, combined with shading, to make our drawings look 3D. Additionally, we created our own illustrations for a book: ‘The mole, the Fox, the Mole and the Horse.’ Within this book, are meaningful quotes related to emotional well-being. As part of raising awareness for the importance of mental health, we discussed the deeper meaning behind some of these quotes before drawing them. 

Easter Activities

The children were fully engaged with the Easter festivities this week. Easter cards were made ( using watercolours depicting a scene of the sunrise over Golgotha) and our Easter Service this year was held in the hall, due to the restrictions still in place.
Revd.Ruth attended the service, with Year 6 children taking the lead with the readings, about The Crucifixion, The Resurrection and a selection of Easter Poems. The children recited the new school prayer to close the service.

Virtual reality workshop

Superhero Red Nose Day

Recycling and Fairtrade Displays

Global Recycling Day

Today (Thursday, March 18) was Global Recycling Day, and we’re being asked to think about what we throw away – seeing not waste, but opportunity.

We learnt about recycling, through a whole school Teams assembly, led by Carymoor Environmental Agency.

Questions that were raised included:What are you doing at home to recycle? How can we help our community?

As part of our English lesson, the children wrote poems to identify the plight of our planet and the importance of recycling.

In Elm Class, we thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this year's Science Week theme - 'Inventions for the future'. We narrowed the theme down to making life easier and designed our own inventions with this intention. Our ideas came with price points, marketing strategies and investment plans. At the end of the week, the final ideas were presented Dragon's Den style, where children discussed percentage shares and answered any challenging questions from their audience. Without a doubt, every idea was genius and survived the 'Dragon's Den'. 

Each day, we had a scientific thinking stimulus.  A variety of strands from the curriculum were covered including: learning about the planets (in French) whilst incorporating the music from Holst; researching how the rough surface of a mint bonds with the carbon dioxide gas and water in coke; making a film canister rocket and breaking the surface tension on milk with food colouring. 

To finish off the week, we created our own parachutes to carry an egg. We had to consider the role of air resistance and gravity to get our eggs to land safely. As a class, we were very impressed that only one egg didn't make it!


World Book Day

Fairtrade in school display project

Week 8 Home Learning

Week 7 Home Learning


Mardi Gras and Chinese New Year

Week 6 home learning

Week 5 home learning

Life Skills Week 4

Still image for this video

Week 4 Home Learning

Home learning Week 3.  
More photographs can be found on Home Learning Gallery


Weeks 1 and 2 home learning 


The year 6 team have enjoyed all of the work and creative activities that have been sent in during these past two weeks - the dedication from everybody, whether in class or at home, has been wonderful! Well done!



Christmas Lunch Preparations

As part of their Design Technology curriculum, all three classes in Year 6 prepared their own Christmas lunch. From peeling the vegetables, roasting the potatoes, making the stuffing and of course mixing the gravy, the children also helped decorate the dining hall and laying the tables correctly.

This Christmas, year six took on the task of learning, rehearsing and performing a unique pantomime in just three days! From lighting and sound, to prop making and acting, our collaborative effort made for an unforgettable performance. 


From all of the staff in year six, we wish you all a wonderful Christmas after working so hard!




Christmas at St James’

Year 6 were fortunate enough to be able to attend their annual Christmas service at St. James’ church. Beautifully read biblical verses along with some amusing Christmas poetry were matched by a fantastic service by Reverend Ruth reminding us all that, although it may be a different Christmas than many of us are used to, the importance of family, religion and enjoying ourselves remains. There was also something about permission to eat extra chocolate this year;we don’t need telling twice!

The countdown is on!


As we have now started advent, our Year 6 students were keen to help begin the festivities and assist the elves with the Winter Wonderland in the Welcome Garden.

Cracking the Code


Following the success of our Cool Aeronautic engineering activities, we were really excited to participate in the Sherborne and Sherborne Girls Schools’ Gifted and Talented event. Teams had to solve a series of mathematical and linguistic challenges to earn clues towards solving the overall coding puzzle. We forwarded two teams, made up of children across the Year 6 classes, who both tried really hard to solve the puzzles successfully. Well done teams!

Cool Aeronautics


         Each year, our oldest students have the opportunity to attend the Fleet Air Museum, joining other schools from around Somerset to participate in scientific engineering challenges. Due to CV19, the trip to the museum was not possible, however Leonardo Helicopters hosted the event live online, meaning that this year’s students wouldn’t miss out on this amazing experience. 
          We were presented with scenarios requiring teams to solve puzzles, using their knowledge and skills in maths and science. The centrepiece of the day was building working model cars to then cross a bridge teams had made from recycled materials. All teams completed the challenge (to varying degrees of success!) and had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Remembrance Day 2020

Year 6 children, took the responsibility of leading our schools Remembrance Day celebrations today. The service included poems, readings, prayers, laying of class wreaths and the playing of The Last Post by Mr R Lush fromThe Salvation Army.

After the service, at a safe distance, children delivered hand written poppy postcards, poems and art work to West Abbey Care Home.

African Drumming Workshop


To celebrate Black History Month, we were able to invite in Kaspa from Zamble African Dance Company to give our class an opportunity to learn about the history and culture surrounding ceremonial drumming and also to play our own collective rhythms!  

Zamble African Dance Company

Still image for this video

Leave this to us sonny!


Elm Class enjoyed an amazing Experience Day, with South West Heritage providing many hands-on resources and workshops for our evacuees to get to experience first-hand what those months in 1940-41 would have been like during the Second World War. We learnt about rationing, clothing and what to do in an air raid! 

#Hello Yellow!

A fantastic effort from the pupils and staff in Year 6, as we joined in with the World Mental Health Day to show our support, understanding and recognition to those suffering from any form of mental health problem today. As usual, Mrs Sherry came up with the goods, fashioning the teachers in banana outfits for the day, whilst students did their best not to burst into fits of laughter every time a new staff member entered the room! The staff were very proud of the understanding shown of the topical discussions and as a school, we raised an incredible £405!

Pig Heart Dissection

As part of Year 6 studying the circulatory system, all children had an exciting science lesson dissecting pig hearts.


The children studied the chambers, to investigate the way the blood enters and exits the heart, by poking their fingers through the passages!


The lesson really helped to consolidate all of the learning that took place prior to the dissection and understand how blood circulates our bodies.

Healthy Eating Week 2020

As part of Healthy Eating Week 2020, Elm looked at the nutritional information for a range of common grocery items and were often surprised to discover how much sugar was contained in each portion. Sugar is a vital energy source but too much can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, something which all Year 6 classes have begun to study in science lessons.

Life Saving CPR Skills in Elm

From this academic year, all state-funded schools in England will need to teach first aid as part of their health education. This will include basic first aid for our children, for example dealing with common injuries, burns and stings, head injuries and also life saving skills. 

This week, Elm took part in a refresher session in CPR, led by Mrs Sherry. At the end of the session, all children were able to show their competence in performing a primary survey, carrying out CPR, awareness of how to place a casualty in the recovery position and the important numbers to call in an emergency.

European Day of Languages

Elm Class celebrated this year's EDL by learning from each other's linguistic skills. We learned, from lessons given by members of our class, how to greet each other in French, German, Spanish, Romanian and Urdu, whilst sharing some interesting facts about our different cultures. 

 Cześć, ciao, bonjour, sveiki, hello!

Congratulations to our new language ambassadors for this year - Andrei and Alex!  

These children have been chosen to represent our school, as great role models for promoting languages across the school. Our Ambassadors play an important role in the organisation of Language Days in our school and closely work with teachers to promote the importance of learning a foreign language in primary schools. They enjoy their role as Language Ambassadors because they are proud of their cultural heritage and the languages they speak. This also gives them a chance to encourage other children to have the opportunity to speak a language that they do not learn in school.

Please give a round of applause to our newly elected School Prefects!

At Preston C of E Primary School, we are very keen to recognise the hard work and positive behaviour of our children and becoming a prefect is a perfect opportunity to recognise and celebrate these qualities.

We are very pleased to announce Elm’s prefects for this year are Jessica B, Michael O’D, Alexis B and Kitty-Boo A - congratulations!


All Year 6 children are invited to apply in writing to become a prefect at the beginning of Year 6. The application letter includes:


❖ Why they want to become a prefect

❖ The personal qualities they possess which enable them to fulfil the role

❖ How they demonstrate these skills and qualities

❖ What they think they can offer to the school as a prefect


Prefects at Preston C of E Primary, will help to raise the expectations and behaviour throughout the school day, including break times and lunchtimes. Prefects will demonstrate, in their everyday lives, all of the values that the school upholds:


❖ Demonstrate independence, responsibility and reliability 

❖ Promoting high expectations and to be a role model for others

❖ Show initiative and honesty in all situations



And your School Council representative is...

Congratulations to Andrei C, who the class voted strongly in favour for to represent Elm at the regular council meetings as well as carrying out duties that the student body of the school wish our council representatives to undertake. 

Welcome Back!


It has been a long time coming…


24 children in a classroom, all at the same time! It was wonderful to welcome our children back this week and to see how positive and enthusiastic they are. The resilience of our learners never ceases to amaze us and each have been a credit to their families, settling so well back into the flow of the new year.  


It doesn’t seem two minutes since the children were starting in reception and yet here they are, embarking on their final year at Primary School!


In Year 6, we work really hard to ensure that all children have the best opportunity possible to achieve their full potential. However, we also try to ensure that we have fun along the way and provide the children with some lovely, long-lasting memories.


If you have any questions about this year then please speak to Miss Lee - your child's class teacher - or speak to Mr Gordon, the phase leader for Year 5 and 6.