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School Council Archive: 2021-2022

Meet our School Council Representatives for 2021-2022

School charities for 2021-2022

Easter competition

Our school council members came up with an Easter competition to raise money for our charity. The children paired up to design and advertise three competitions: Easter themed baking, writing and art. We received many fantastic entries from each year group which the school council members judged during their meeting. Thank you so much to everyone who entered and donated. The winners in each Key Stage and Reception were announced on the final day of term. 

Our school council were so excited to meet the Mayor of Yeovil; they had so many questions to ask. On Tuesday afternoon, they arrived at The Town House where they were greeted by the Mayor of Yeovil and the Town Clerk. After looking at and holding the civic regalia, the children had a look around the Mayor’s office and the rest of the building. They were able to see the many photos of past mayors dating back many years. In the briefing room, they had a run through of the next meeting’s agenda and discussed how a council meeting works. The children had a wonderful time and they intend to bring some of the discussion points into their own meetings.


(Spring term 2022)

Cake sale for Children’s Hospice

Our school council started the term with an excellent idea to raise money for our school charity. In their meeting, they came up with a pricing strategy to ensure all of the profits could go to the charity. After the children advertised the cake sale in their classrooms and around the school, they were very successful in selling many cakes. 

Autumn Term 2021


Our school council have made a wonderful start to the year. 

Thank you to Seri-Ann for researching animals2usouthwest which resulted in a fantastic experience for Reception and Key Stage 1. yes

Thank you too for organising a Reverse Advent Calendar which will be given to a needy family.