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Year 5 - Hornbeam Class 2020-2021

In Art, Year 5 have been following William Morris which links with our Victorian topic. They have been designing their own pictures, taking inspiration from nature, ready to print themselves in a few weeks. This has linked fantastically with Mental Health Awareness Week, which has a focus on connecting with nature.

Birds of Prey - we had some special visitors this week!

Crime and Punishment

In our Crime and Punishment topic, the children have been looking at old maps of Victorian jails and following real life cases of Victorian children who have committed crimes. There were a few raised eyebrows when we discovered the punishment for stealing gooseberries!

Year 5 children were lucky enough to visit Space this week! We had an absolutely fantastic time visiting the planets, it was such a great experience - the children were over the moon! 

TTRockstars hosted a Rock Down Relief Timestable Competition to help raise money for Red Nose Day. A massive congratulations to Ellen, George and Isaac who came top 3 in the whole school!

This week, Hornbeam class have been working hard in Maths solving word problems. We even created some of our own!

Hornbeam class had some great costumes for Red Nose Day this year, showing us that not all heroes wear capes!

As part of PSHE, we looked at how we communicate. We discussed how different phrases can be interpreted when said in different ways. Having the understanding of how our words could be interpreted in person and online means that we will take the time to stop and think before we speak or send messages.

The children had great fun role playing different scenarios!


World Book Day - whether at home or in school, Year 5 still made a great effort at dressing up as their favourite characters!

Well done to Hayley for appearing on the front cover of the Western Gazette!

Half Term Challenge

Before half term, the Year 5 team set Hazel and Hornbeam children the challenge of running, walking or cycling as far as they could in the week's break to promote good physical and mental wellbeing. With our heavy and unavoidable reliance on technology since Christmas, we thought it a good idea to promote some time away from screens.  Children were required to record their total distances and pass them over to their teachers.


Once we had all of the miles in, we decided to add them all together and see how far we had travelled as a collective. Our combined totals showed that we travelled a whopping 485.1 miles between us! This is the equivalent of travelling from Preston Primary to Amsterdam (via Calais and through Belgium), with a few miles left over! What an achievement!

During lockdown, we can often find ourselves glued to screens for one reason or another. That is why in Year 5, we made our own fortune tellers with different topics in to encourage more conversation between family and friends! 

Natalia fortune teller.mp4

Still image for this video

National Marine Aquarium


Year 5 have enjoyed following the live lessons from the National Marine Aquarium. Over the past few weeks we have looked at underwater volcanoes and navigating the ocean. We had a go at making our own volcanoes, compasses and even did some density experiments!


Year 5 were set the Home Learning task of getting creative in the kitchen! We were so impressed by their willingness to get stuck in and, of course, the end products!

Home and School Learning Weeks 1 to 3


The year 5 team have enjoyed all of the work and creative activities that have been sent in during these past few weeks - the dedication from everybody, whether in class or at home, has been wonderful! Well done!

Victorian Day


What a tremendous effort Hornbeam class made with their costumes, we had chimney sweeps, maids, the Suffragettes and even some gentry! We had great fun participating in lots of Victorian activities - the children even enjoyed their Victorian lessons! They were lucky enough to have a go at writing on slate as the Victorian children would have had to do. We picked our own Victorian names and, after practising our Victorian handwriting, made our own name tags.

After lunch we had played some Parlour games that included the memory tray game and "pass the slipper."



As this weekend marked the beginning of advent, in Hornbeam class we created our own Christingles. We discussed the symbolism of each part before making our own!



This week, Hornbeam have been looking at the artist Keith Haring, who was the inspiration for the Change4Life characters.

We had a look at examples of his work and had a go at creating our own.



Hornbeam class have had great fun this week testing the properties of materials. We tested the hardness, solubility, transparency, response to magnets, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of a variety of materials. The overall favourite was definitely the hardness test - dropping a 1kg on an object, followed closely by attaching the objects to an electrical circuit! We confirmed our hypothesis that our metal objects would be good conductors and the rubber items would be good insulators. 

Remembrance Day


After writing some thoughtful poems for Remembrance Day, Hornbeam have created a wonderful piece of art to display in our classroom.

African Drumming


To celebrate Black History Month, we had the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of African Drumming. After a quick demonstration showing us how to hold the drum in the correct position, we were able to play our own fantastic rhythms!



African Drumming

Still image for this video


Still image for this video



Recently, our maths has consisted of fractions, decimals and percentages. We have really challenged ourselves and we are now super quick at converting between each!



We have been having great fun in PE over the last few weeks, incorporating a variety of skills such as balance and coordination into some competitive team games. 




This week in English, we are looking at the language in poems. We have been spotting unfamiliar words in The Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll and using context to replace them with our own choice of words. We will also be looking at the use of archaic language in William Blake's Tiger poem and using our skills to create our own!

In French this week, we revised our animals when we visited the zoo!

Cześć, ciao, bonjour, sveiki, hello!

Congratulations to our new language ambassadors for this year - Sophia, Natalia and  Seri-Ann

These children have been chosen to represent our school, as great role models for promoting languages across the school. Our Ambassadors play an important role in the organisation of Language Days in our school and closely work with teachers to promote the importance of learning a foreign language in primary schools. They enjoy their role as Language Ambassadors because they are proud of their cultural heritage and the languages they speak. This also gives them a chance to encourage other children to have the opportunity to speak a language that they do not learn in school.


This week, we celebrated National Poetry Day by reading out loud some of our favourite poems and explaining why we loved them.

Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes was a favourite amongst the class!


Over the last few weeks, Hornbeam have been learning the terminology of rivers by matching key words with their definitions. We have also been using an atlas to find the longest rivers in the world!

A special mention to Calleigh for wanting to do some extra maths and working out how long the rivers would be if we added all 15 of them together! (39,076 miles!)


Hornbeam class have enjoyed learning about graffiti and debated the positives and negatives of the art. We also learnt all about the history of graffiti - that it was first found in Ancient Roman buildings!

Welcome Back!


What a fantastic first week we have had in Hornbeam class! It has been so lovely to see how well every single child has settled back into a "normal" school routine. Their enthusiasm for learning and infectious laughs have been refreshing and all the adults in Hornbeam class are very much looking forward to this year with the children!