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Year 4 - Hickory Class 2020-2021

Dance with Mrs Hill


In Hickory class, we have been learning about the mummification process that Ancient Egyptians used. To help the children remember each step of the process, we decided to mummify a class member! The children then wrote fantastic instructions on how to mummify someone and even designed an Egyptian mask. A massive well done to Michael, who played the excellent role of the mummy volunteer.  

Mental Health Awareness Week

To celebrate mental health awareness week, Hickory Class discovered the sounds of nature from the school field. The children's task was to listen carefully and count the number of sounds they could hear that involved nature. We were very lucky to hear the sound of a woodpecker on the field!

Writing in Hieroglyphs

This week in history the children have been learning how the Ancient Egyptians wrote. They wrote using symbols called hieroglyphs. Hickory class were then set the task of creating their own 'Cartouche' using their new skill of writing in hieroglyphs. 

Masks from different cultures

In art this week, the children have been exploring the use of masks from different cultures and countries. They chose their favourite and recreated it by sketching and colouring them into art books. They did an amazing job and created some wonderful pieces of mask art. 

Sound experiments!

In science this week we have been exploring sounds by following experiment instructions. There were 4 experiments to investigate: a spoon sound maker, 2 glass sound makers and a string telephone! The children loved investigating the sound they could make with all of these!

Stone Age art

This week in History we have been exploring how people, who lived in the Stone age, communicated. The children then used tea stained paper to create their drawings. They used brown oil pastels and charcoal to draw. We then printed each of our hands onto the paper. 

Comic Relief! 

The children looked amazing in their superhero costumes for red nose day! We had a SUPER day and raised lots of money for charity. Thank you to everyone for helping the children look fantastic, you are all superheros!


Does sight effect your sense of smell? 

As it was science week, we created an investigation around our sense of smell. We discussed whether or not seeing something made you smell it better. To investigate, each group had 6 different smells. The children were told to close their eyes and smell each product and then write down what they thought it was. There were some very smelly ones, including vinegar and BBQ sauce, all the children were very brave indeed! The children struggled to identify some of the smells so came to the conclusion that sight does effect how we smell things! It was hilarious seeing some of their reactions! 

Innovative inventions TV adverts!

To help sell the children's new inventions, they all created TV adverts. We researched previously made adverts and discussed what made them catchy. They then planned and filmed their own, advertising their new product! The children were very creative and came up with very catchy phrases and songs to sell their inventions. Check out Evie and Ollie's advert for their self driving buggy below.

Evie and Ollie's self drive buggy

Still image for this video

Science Week 

What a fantastic first week back we have had! For our English lessons this week, the children created 'Innovative inventions!' for Science week. We discussed what innovative meant and how we could create a product that would help future generations. In pairs, then gathered ideas and drew a sketch of their invention, then pitched the idea to the class- they were all extremely creative and were very impressive! 

Tudor Day!

What a superb day we have had! The children looked absolutely amazing in their Tudor costumes! We began the day with some portrait artwork of Henry VIII and his six wives. We then competed in some Tudor sports, archery! The children were incredible at this and we even had 2 bullseye (well done Noah and Lila!). After lunch we were invited to King Henry's ball where we danced Tudor style and enjoyed the music. To end the day we had a banquet in the classroom where the children sampled different types of Tudor food, including marzipan which went down very well for some! It has been one of the most enjoyable days and I want to thank the children for being SPECTACULAR! Thank you! 

Pete the Poet Visit

Maths- Estimating durations


In Maths, the children have been focusing on time and in particular, duration of events. They chose an activity, like making a paper airplane or push ups, then came up with an estimate- how long would that activity take? They then used stop watches to time them and compared their estimates to the actual time it took. 



Performing Poetry

To end our poetry week, the children chose funny poems to perform to the class. We discussed how when we perform we use clear, loud and fluent voices. The children acted wonderfully and they were very funny indeed! 

Willy Wonka Art

In art this week we have been learning about how to draw like Quentin Blake, the illustrator for Roald Dahl books. The children created some amazing Willy Wonka drawings and did extremely well to draw just like Quentin!



Hickory class had a blast (no pun intended!) using their knowledge of volcanoes to create their very own. They structured, used papier mache, painted and then finally erupted their volcanoes. They all worked spectacularly well together and we had an amazing afternoon erupting them, although the classroom did end up a little smelly from the vinegar! The children were told we could only erupt them if they could name all the parts of a volcano and as you can see from the pictures, they knew them all! Well done Hickory class!

Welcome back Year 4!


We were so thrilled to be able to welcome back all our new Year 4 pupils last week. After a long wait, it is lovely to see the positivity and enthusiasm the children have about being back in school. The first week back was full of productivity and getting to grips with new routines. The children have enjoyed sharing their memories of lockdown and the Summer Holidays as well as getting stuck into the Year 4 curriculum.

We are looking forward to supporting your children throughout Year 4 and seeing them reach their full potential ready for Year 5. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me (Miss Light)