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Year 4 2019/2020

Have A Wonderful Summer!

Goodbye Year 4


Thank you for all your messages and good wishes. We would like to congratulate you all on finishing Year 4. You have all worked extremely hard in this challenging year. We wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward to seeing you all again in September.


Best wishes,


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch

Early Bird Week 12

Early Bird Week 11

Hickory shield for Miss Lewis

Weeks 9 and 10 Home Learning

Week 10 Home Learning


Hello Year 4!


We have had some lovely emails from your grown-ups at home this week. It looks as though some of you have been working extremely hard at home. Keep up the amazing work and remember to keep sending through your work for Mr Branch and I to look at.


We will hopefully be seeing some of you on Friday for a Zoom meeting. We are very excited and thoroughly enjoyed our last catch-up with you all. This time, we will hold our meetings in our classes and not as a whole year group. This will give you all more of an opportunity to talk to one another. As well as performing some poetry, we will be discussing Year 5. If you have any questions about Year 5 that you would like to discuss, make sure that you bring those questions to the meeting. 


Finally, for your writing task this week, you have been asked to write a letter about yourself to your new class teacher. We will be passing on your letters to both Miss Lewis and Mr Ford so make sure you plan what you are going to write carefully. As well as planning your letter carefully, think about your handwriting and presentation. I am sure that Miss Lewis and Mr Ford would want to see your neatest handwriting so remember to take care when writing your letters. To help you plan your letters, Miss Lewis and Mr Ford have written their own letters to you all. They are located below this message. I wonder if any of you have similar hobbies to your new class teachers?


We will send your grown-ups the details for the Zoom meeting before Friday.


Have a lovely week.

Miss Hamill and Mr Branch

Early Bird Week 10

Week 9 Home Learning


Hello Year 4!


It was lovely to see so many of you at last week's Zoom quiz. We have missed seeing you all so much so we felt extremely happy to finally have a catch-up. Keep checking the weekly timetables for the next Zoom meeting. 


This week, we have some interesting home learning tasks for you to complete. Following on from our work on Brunel, we are introducing another famous engineer... Gustave Eiffel.  Mr Branch is looking forward to seeing some amazing tall towers from you all, so remember to send through your photographs once you have built your tower.


As well as a tower building challenge, we have also set you a poetry performance challenge. We want to see how well you can recite and perform a poem from memory! Be sure to look at Michael Rosen reciting his Chocolate Cake poem (it's one of my favourite poems of all time).


Finally, there is an interesting geography task to complete. You will have plot out and use ordnance survey symbols to complete a map. This will be great practice for you for when you have to create your own map in a few weeks time.


Have a wonderful week!


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch

Extra Fraction Challenges

Timetable Error


Good afternoon Year 4.


We have corrected an error on the timetable. The reading comprehension task has been changed to an extract from The Railway Children. This has also been updated on the timetable. 


Have a lovely week.

Week Beginning 15th June


Hello Year 4,


Let's start by saying how extremely pleased we have been with your Dirty Beast poems. We have had a variety of different animal poems which have been full of gruesome and beastly surprises for us to read. Thank you very much for working so hard with your writing.


Last week, we had a tricky set of Math lessons and I know that lots of you found the time activities a little bit challenging. Learning how to convert and interpret time is a difficult skill to master so please don't panic if you found the work tricky.


This week, we will hopefully be able to see some of you when you participate in our Year 4 Zoom Quiz. Mr Branch and I are desperate to see how you all are. We will send an update to your grown-ups at home later this week to let you know how to access the Zoom Quiz.


Have a wonderful week.


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch

Father's Day Card Making

Still image for this video
Mrs Whittle has kindly demonstrated how to make your own Father's Day card at home. Remember to get it ready by the 21st of June!

Early Bird Week 8

Extra Time Resources


Hello Year 4,


We have set lots of work on time this week and I know that it can be a tricky concept to master. Converting and telling the time, takes time to master so don't worry if you are finding things tricky.  To make things a little easier, I have a useful website that you can use to help practice your 12/24 hour conversions. 


Copy the link below if you would like a little extra help.



All the best,

Miss Hamill



Hello Year 4


We hope you have all had a lovely week (even though the weather was not as sunny as it has been). We have been really enjoying the work that you have been sending through. Your homemade bridges surpassed our expectations. I think we have some future engineers in our midst! We have also seen some wonderful written work and it has been great to see so many of you maintaining high standards in your presentation. 


This week, as well as continuing to learn about Isambard Kingdom Brunel, we would like you to do a little investigating into the local area which you live in. We would like you to conduct a local survey to discover a little more about the area in which you live in. This is quite a big task so we have given you an extra week to complete the survey. 


In English, we would like you to attempt a poem in the style of Roald Dahl. I know that we have spent lots of time this year looking at some Roald Dahl poetry but this is the first time we have looked at his Dirty Beast poems. They are extremely funny and we cannot wait to see the poems that you will create.


Keep up the fantastic work! It's always lovely to see how you're all getting on with the work we've set so thank you again for sending to us.


Best wishes,

Miss Hamill and Mr Branch


Brunel Bridge Challenge

Miniature Garden Challenge Winner

Congratulations Henry on creating a fantastic miniature garden. Perhaps in a few years time, we will see you winning the Chelsea Flower Show! Well done to all the participants of the challenge. There were truly some marvellous garden designs. Who knew Hawthorn Class and Hickory class had so many green thumbs!

Miniature Garden Challenge

Summer Term Welcome Back


Hello Year 4,


We hope that you have had a wonderful half term and have enjoyed some fun in the sunshine. Mr Branch and I have been working hard on your school reports which you will hopefully be able to read soon. We were really pleased that we managed to speak to some of you before the holidays. We are missing you all and hopefully we will be able to see some of you in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we have included some lovely home learning for this week.


This term, we are going to focus on learning all about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He was a famous engineer who is known for his railway lines, bridges and steam ships. We have even set an engineering/design task for you to complete towards the end of the week. As well as learning about Brunel, we are also going to explore how Yeovil has changed over time (with a particular focus on railway lines). Hopefully, you will enjoy looking at the old photographs of Yeovil, some of which are over 100 years old!


Finally, we would like to say a huge well done to those of you that have sent us your miniature gardens. They are all absolutely magnificent! We will announce the winner of the miniature garden challenge later this week.


Have a wonderful week,

Mr Branch and Miss Hamill

Half Term Break 

25.05.20 - 29.05.20


Dear All,

Just a quick message to remind you that we will not be setting work over the next week and for you all to enjoy a well-deserved break. The children have worked exceptionally hard in these difficult times and the fantastic photographs along with all the examples of work we have received have been wonderful to see. Stay safe and stick with the social distancing but make sure you have some fun!


Thank you for your continued support,


Mr Branch and Miss Hamill 

Early Bird 18.05.20

Year 4 Would Like To Congratulate Hamza For Successfully Completing A Number Of Fasts During Ramadan. A Monumental Effort!

Message from Miss Hamill

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Story Time (The Glass Cupboard)

Still image for this video
The Second Instalment Of Short Bedtime Stories.

Story Time (The Silly King)

Still image for this video
The First Instalment Of Short Bedtime Stories.

Week Beginning 11/05/2020


Hello Year 4!


We would just like to say that we have been inundated with some wonderful work from last week as well as some amazing pictures of you enjoying your VE Day home celebrations. Mr Branch and I were pleased to see some colourful bunting on display and some delicious wartime baking. Furthermore, it was great to see so many of you starting your PP50 challenges. If you have time this week, keep ticking off the challenges and sending us through an update.


We are missing you all tremendously however your photos and email updates are making us feel better. Please keep updating us with how you are getting on at home with your learning and your PP50 tasks.


Best wishes,


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch

Early Bird 11.05.20

Letter To Parents VE Day and Weekly Work

Preston Pioneer 50 Challenge. Can You Complete Them All?

Early Bird 4th - 8th May

Week Two - Home Learning

Sumdog Competition


Hello Year 4,


We just wanted to congratulate you on working so hard on the Sumdog Regional Competition! Hickory Class and Hawthorn Class are both currently ranked within the top 10 of the competition. There are so many other schools participating and it is fantastic to have both Year 4 classes representing Preston Primary so successfully. There are two days left until the end of the competition which means that there is plenty of time to keep playing and submitting your questions. We are extremely proud of you hard work and effort!


Keep up the amazing maths!


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch

Early Birds Week Beginning 27.04.20 - 01.05.20


Week Beginning 27/04/2020


Hello Year 4!


Firstly, Mr Branch and I would like to congratulate you all on your outstanding effort and commitment to learning last week. We have had so many wonderful examples of your home learning and we couldn't be prouder of how hard you are working and the quality of your work. Keep this up!! 


This week, we have some wonderful activities for you to complete. I am particularly excited to see examples of your extended writing task. This particular extended write focusses more on your ability to conduct quality research. The more in depth your research, the better your outcome will be. Remember... when planning your writing, we expect you to answer the questions that we have set in full sentence answers. This is also true for your reading comprehension activities. The clearer your answers, the easier it is for us to award you marks on your work.


Grown ups at home, feel free to contact us on the class emails if you have any questions regarding this weeks work. Mr Branch or I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. I have uploaded all files in a PDF format because I think this is the most accessible way for you all to access the work. If you have any trouble in downloading the files, please get in touch and we will try our best to solve the problem.


Best wishes,


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch


Some Fantastic Examples Of Home Learning - Keep It Up Y4!

Revolting Rhymes Questions

Learning Timetable - Week Beginning 20.04.2020

A Holiday Update


Hello Year 4!


I hope that you have all had a wonderful Easter and have enjoyed the sunshine (and the chocolate as well). This coming Monday, would be the day that we would have been returning to school. Unfortunately, Mr Branch and I are going to have to wait a little while longer to see you all. It is an extremely strange time for you all however, when Mr Branch and I spoke to your grown-ups at home, they were very proud of how hard you have been working. Keep up the wonderful effort and focus and hopefully, we will see you all soon.


Now for the fun stuff...


Tomorrow evening (Sunday 19th April), I will be posting the next pieces of work for you all. These activities will include lessons that you are already familiar with (Early-Bird, Reading Comprehensions, Writing tasks etc.). Accompanying these resources, will be a suggested timetable for you to have a look at, as well as some extra activities and websites for you all to access. Every week, Mr Branch and I will keep giving you more tasks to complete whilst you are at home. These activities are important because they will help prepare you for Year 5. As well as these activities, we expect you all to be practicing your spellings, times tables and reading. I have been reading lots of books to baby Elliot but I really miss hearing you all read. I can't wait to hear the improvements you have made in your expression and reading fluency. 


Finally, I have attached a calendar that I have been using this April. Each day includes an activity or task to complete, to help look after ourselves and the others around us.


Take care and stay safe,


Miss Hamill






Happy Easter Year 4!

Still image for this video

Happy Easter Year 4!

Still image for this video

Suggested Resources and Ideas


  • Free virtual museum tours available on The Louvre, Van Gogh Museum, British Museum and the Vatican websites. 
  • ITV are running a competition for children's artwork for British hospitals. Entry deadline Friday 10th April.
  • PE with Joe Wicks on YouTube.
  • Free access to
  • A free story every day at 11:00am on
  • Science with Maddie Moate on Youtube.
  • Coding activities can be found by searching Barclays code playground on YouTube. 
  • From Monday 20th April BBC Bitesize will publish daily online lessons for all ages but still have a great range of resources on their site already.
  • We have also been contacted by a local care home whose residents would love to receive a pen-pal letter. These could be sent to us via email. 


Update 04/03/20


Hello Year 4 and Happy Easter,


Miss Hamill and I were thrilled to speak to so many of you this week and we're really glad you're all managing to keep active and busy. You will be pleased to know that during the holidays we will not be expecting you to keep up with the work in the packs however we would still ask that you practise your spellings/handwriting/timestables. A suggested timetable will be put on this page for post-Easter learning along with any suitable resources we find that might be useful.

Finally, in these uncertain times, we think it is important to remember that Easter day is the time to celebrate new dawn, new opportunities, and new life. Make the time to celebrate the extra days you've had with your family, the opportunity to try new skills and know that through the love of Jesus Christ this challenging time will come to an end!


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch



Weekly Update 30/03/2020


Hello Year 4 Gang!


Hopefully, you are all keeping safe and well and you have been enjoying the sunshine over the weekend!


Over the course of this week, Mr Branch and I will be hopefully speaking to you all to find out how you are doing and to see how you are getting on with your home learning tasks.


In terms of work, I am sure that you have been working hard on the activities that we have sent home and I imagine you will still have a few of these to complete. Additionally, I know that Mr Branch has been setting some extra tasks on MyMaths for you guys to complete. If you have been unable to log in to your MyMaths then please let us know at school and we can send you your details. Hopefully, the extra tasks and the useful websites that we included on your letters home, will have kept you busy. If you would like some more activities, I have attached some Early Bird tasks for you.


Over the Easter Holidays, Mr Branch and I would like to challenge you to read a new book and to write us a book review. You have all impressed us so much with your reading over the past term, it would be wonderful to hear about some of the great stories that you have discovered. For those of you that enjoy listening to stories, David Walliams has released some free audio books for children to listen to. The audiobooks can be accessed from his website.


Finally, if you would like to do some extra exercises or mindfulness activities, there is a wonderful website called GoNoodle. I use this in the mornings to help me wake up. There are lots of dance routines and games to play as well as lots of relaxing activities to enjoy too. You can create your own character, who will grow stronger with each activity that you complete. 


Mr Branch and I will be in touch very soon. We are missing you all terribly and we are looking forward to returning to school and seeing you all. 


Look after each other, keep positive and stay safe.


Miss Hamill and Mr Branch


Weekly Update 23/03/2020


Dear Parents and Children,


I hope everyone is feeling fine and are well into the pack of activities. Just a quick message to say i'm missing you all and I can't wait to hear about all the wonderful things you have been doing. Stay safe and see you all soon!


Mr Branch


P.S. Parents - I am adding an activity each day to the website. Logins and passwords are the same as last year but I have them all if needed.

Dear pupils and parents,


I thought that I would give you a little message whilst you are all at home and keeping safe. I am really missing you all very much and I am looking forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future. I hope that you are all safe and managing to keep up with your home learning packs. I know that before school closed, you all spoke of the exciting activities that you have planned at home. I can't wait to hear about what you have been up to when we return.

Hopefully the packs are keeping you busy and you have found the online links useful. In the next few days, I will try and update you with some more useful links that I have found. I know that there are lots of PE fans in Hawthorn class so if you didn't already know, Joe Wicks is doing some daily exercise classes on YouTube. Remember that although we are expecting you to work on your packs we also want to remind you, to have some fun! 


I will be in touch again soon. 


Take care and be safe,

Miss Hamill


Careers Week

As part of careers week, Year 4 pupils were given the opportunity to meet some amazing people with some incredibly interesting jobs. The children from Hickory and Hawthorn class were surprised to discover which person matched which job. It was wonderful to meet so many interesting people and get an insight into the different careers available.

World Book Day

Here are some wonderful pictures of Hawthorn Class dressed up as their world book day characters. It was amazing to see such a variety of characters from such a fantastic range of stories. 

Investigating Sounds

This term, Hawthorn Class have been experimenting with how sound travels. The children explored different sound stations, discovering how sound travels in vibrations, from a source and into our ears. Unsurprisingly, it was an extremely noisy lesson but an enjoyable one none the less.

Selected Pupils attend Author Workshop

On the 3rd March, a group of Year 3 and 4 children went to Huish Park to meet the author, Tamsin Cooke. They had tremendous fun creating their own evil villain and super hero to go on a quest to reclaim the world cup.  At the end of the session, the children were presented with their own signed copy of a book from Tamsin.

Rangoli Art


This term, pupils in Year 4 have been learning all about India. As well as having the opportunity to explore a variety of different parts of Indian culture, pupils in Hickory and Hawthorn class have been experimenting with variety of Indian art techniques. Here are a few pictures from our recent Rangoli Art afternoon.

Year 4 Lunchtime Sports Club

Our children in Hawthorn Class have really enjoyed taking part in the lunchtime sports club run by the Yeovil Town Community Trust as part of their Premier League Primary Stars programme. The children have learned more about the skills of cooperation and being able to evaluate their own skills improvement as well as being treated to some great games of football with one another.


Christmas Visitor

Glastonbury Abbey Trip

In November, Year 4 visited Glastonbury Abbey to enhance their learning of Tudors. Despite the cold weather, they had a fantastic time exploring the ruins of the abbey and picking various herbs and vegetables used during the 16th century. They also had the opportunity to create their own Tudor toothpaste which, although useful, was absolutely disgusting! Before they left, there was just enough time to dress up as monks and learn about how Henry VIII set about removing monasteries. See above.

Creating Comics in Computing

Volcano Art

Science - The Digestive System

Children in Need - Mad Hair!

Alpaca Visit

Pupils in Year 4 had a science lesson outside in which they looked at invertebrates and their habitats. 

Invertebrate Study