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Year 3 - Willow Class

Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee

A special visit from Yeovil Mayor

Earth Science Centre and Quarry Trip

Animal Workshop


Willow had a brilliant time in an animal workshop today where we got to learn about, and hold, some very interesting animals. We got to meet a snake, a stick insect, a ferret, and a gecko.

We learned about the different families of animals and lots of interesting facts about the animals we met. 


Jumping Gecko!

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World Book Day


Willow Class had a wonderful time celebrating World Book Day! We enjoyed seeing everyone dressed up, sharing our favourite books, and reading to children in Reception.

Puss in Boots


Well done to all the children of Year 3 who have performed their school play this week, they did a fantastic job and should be proud of themselves!

Thank you also to all the parents who helped with learning lines and sourcing costumes. 



We are so lucky to have been able to have an ice cream at school today! We want to say a massive thank you to the PTA for organising this.

Dictionary skills


Today we learned how to find words in a dictionary. We had a dictionary race to see which team could find a word the fastest!

Mass - kg and g


We have started learning about mass this week. We learned that there are 1000g in a kg, and we got to test some weights to feel the difference. We had 10g, 20g, 100g, and 1kg weights.

Engineering Workshop


This week, Year 3 were really lucky to have a whole morning filled with an engineering workshop. The children learned all about what engineering actually is and what an engineer does. 

The children had two fun activities starting with tower building! The children were tasked to build the tallest tower they could. But there were some rules. They could only use paper and tape, they could not tape their tower to the table, and they had only 10 minutes! The children rose to the challenge and one tower measured over 60cm!

For the second activity, the children were read a story about Rapunzel and she needed a way to get out of her tower. Working in teams of 3 and with only a few random objects as their materials, they had to come up with a solution. 

The children were very creative! We had slides, ladders, hot air balloons, a zip wire and a trampoline! They children worked well with their teammates and we had a wonderful morning!

Telling the time


This week we have been learning how to tell the time! The children have done an amazing job with their time work in maths.



In Geography we have been learning about land-use. Today we looked at maps of Yeovil from present day, the 1950s, and the 1890s! We found out that where our school is now, used to be fields! The children had great fun comparing what Yeovil looks like now and how it has changed.

Magnetic Poles


In Science this week, we learned that magnets have a North and South pole. We learned that like poles repel each other and opposite poles attract. The children tested this themselves and tried really hard to force the magnets together when they tried to repel each other!



The children have been designing and making their own present boxes in D.T. and they have been loving it! We've had so many different ideas, and we got covered in glitter! The children can't wait to see their finished products. 



In Science we have been learning about different forces. This week we learned about friction and how it can affect how objects move. We learned that materials that have a lot of friction can slow objects down. To test this, we carried out an investigation. 
We tested different materials to see how much friction they produced by seeing how a toy car travelled on them. 

Geography - The UK


This week we started a new topic, Geography! We learned about the countries that make up the UK, their capital cities and their flags. The children had the opportunity to use an atlas to locate the countries and find their capital cities.

Our School Trip


Willow Class had a wonderful time on their school trip to Dorset Museum! They got to see the real remains of a Roman town house which still had some intact mosaics. They also got to see a Roman hypocaust which was part of how they heated their houses and it gave them underfloor heating! They got to handle some real Roman artefacts and act like archaeologists. 



The children have had a blast learning how to use boomwhackers in music lessons! Please enjoy their lovely rhythm!


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Hello Yellow!


Willow class were dressed wonderfully today, in yellow and non-school uniform to raise money for a mental health charity. It was great to get a class photo taken, although we found it impossible to get everyone smiling at the same time!



The children are loving their dance lessons so far! It is a great way to keep active and have fun. They are learning about the importance of warming up and how to have the correct posture and balance. It's great to see them all join in so enthusiastically!