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Year 5 - Hazel Class

Westfield DT workshop

A selection of Year 5s visited Westfield Academy's Design Technology Department to work on a project with their Head of Technology, Miss Blackmore. Children were set a challenge to make a 'game in a box' which required them to craft a wooden box for their game using a range of different tools and equipment.  The children were amazed by the facilities and absolutely loved using the workshop equipment laid on by the staff at Westfield.

Sports Day

The good weather held out for KS2 to showcase their sporting abilities, team work and resilience at our annual Sports Day event. It was wonderful to watch all the children participate and enjoy themselves with their parents, grandparents and friends looking on.


Well done to Alana and Oscar for representing Hazel in the Wimbledon finals. All of KS2 watched as Alana won her final and Oscar just missed out on the title. A big well done to them both. All of us in Hazel were very proud of you!

D.T - Bridges

Today, the children bought in the amazing bridges that they all built at home. We were all very impressed by the creativity and build quality throughout. We presented our bridge ideas and discussed what problems and solutions were found during the building process. 


This week, we embraced the sunshine and took one of our maths lessons outside. We used the knowledge we were given at the Melbury Estate to measure the trees in the school grounds. We used this information to work out the carbon value of each tree and the effect of this on our school environment. 

Forest School

We really enjoyed our time at forest school this week. The children were taught to whittle wood, create dens and were given the opportunity to explore the school grounds, searching for plants and wildlife. The day was rounded off with a lovely cup of hot chocolate and some s'mores. 

Melbury Estate


Year 5 had the opportunity to visit Melbury Farm and Estate this week. During the course of the day, children learnt about the conservation of the grounds, fruit and vegetables grown, forestry and tree care among much more. 

In the afternoon, they went to the farm where they found out that every day 39,000 litres of milk is produced from around 1100 cows! They also had the opportunity to learn about silage and how is is created and conserved over the year to ensure livestock is fed.

Knitted Bible Stories


Along with the whole school, Hazel Class was invited to St. James' church by the Rev. David Keen to see their wonderful exhibition of knitted Bible stories. The children were able to see lots of very familiar Bible stories brought to life in 3D knitted scenes.



This week, we have planted lots of different seeds to observe the life cycle of a plant. When the plants have grown, we will be looking to see if we can spot any insects pollinating the flowers as well how the plant disperses its seeds. 

Dream on!


Set in the magical world of Athens, the play takes place in Ancient Greece and is based on a Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare.  The story follows the story of Lysander, Demetrius, Hermia and Helena who are four people who fall in and out of love due to mysterious fairies.


The play linked to the children's geography and history topics of Ancient Greece and required the children to learn some very challenging vocabulary through a vast array of characters.  


We are incredibly proud of all the children who have worked tirelessly on this production over the past half term.  Special thanks go to the children who helped on sound, staging, lighting and costumes.  

Coronation Day! 


We have had an absolutely fantastic day celebrating the King's coronation. We have attended the Coronation assembly, learnt about the Commonwealth and our chosen country - Nigeria, created Nigerian art and made headdresses. After attending a special coronation lunch, we had an ice-cream from the van, went to the Coronation Concert to perform a sneak preview of a song from our play and joined in with the whole school parade. We have all had such a wonderful day! 

Visiting Author

Author of Skandar and Unicorn Thief, AF Steadman, visited our school with Waterstones Book Store to share her book with us.  Her book, Skandar and the unicorn thief, has won the Waterstones Children's book of the year alongside many other awards so we were privaleged to welcome her. Years 4,5 and 6 were lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet the author in person and immerse themselves in creating their very own unicorn and rider, and find out what their magical element would be!


Black Out Poems 


This week in English, we have looked at different styles of poetry. The children created their own Haikus as well as learning about Blackout poems. 

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a lovely, relaxing Easter holiday. The children came back with lots of exciting stories about what they did during their time off. We are really looking forward to this term especially our play, Coronation Day and our trips!

Pond Dip

On Thursday, Year 5 had a visit from Yeovil River Community Trust. We learned about types of water in our local area and the wildlife that lives in and around them. After this, we walked up to Oak Tree Park. The children worked in groups and used nets to catch and study what was in the water. We found tadpoles, frogspawn, freshwater shrimp and leaches. 

Play Rehearsal

Play rehearsals have begun! Year 5 will be performing the play Dream On. 

Explorer Dome

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to explore the stars with the Explorer Dome. Pupils were able to take a whistle stop tour through our galaxy, while learning about atmospheres on other planets and the possibility of life in space. 

Science Fair


This week, pupils competed in the school Science Fair. We saw experiments from many different years and on numerous different subjects. Hornbeam was lucky enough to explore the entries with their creators during the afternoon. Well done to everyone who took part in the Science Fair and a huge pat on the back to Mrs Chambers for arranging it all! 

Celebratory Assembly

This week in celebratory assembly, Hazel Class was awarded the Healthy Snack Award AND the Attendance Cup!

World Book Day!

We were so impressed with all Hazel’s World Book Day costumes. We spent the day discussing our favourite books and the characters the children had come as. The children designed their own book covers, book marks and word searches. We also created our own ebooks which we shared with the children in reception. What a brilliant day! 

Les roues de l’autobus tournent et tournent

In French this half term, we are learning about school. We started off our topic by practising how to say how we travel to school. We also learned how to sing the nursery rhyme ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. 

Language Fair

To celebrate International Mother Tongue Day, Hazel Class attended a language fair hosted by the language ambassadors. The children explored stalls from different countries including: Ukraine, Portugal, China, Poland, Italy, France, and British Sign Language. 


GCHQ Careers Talk

Year 5 were fortunate enough to be involved in a virtual talk from the Government Communications Headquarters. The children met a Policy Advisor, a Research and Engineering Director and a Network Analyst. We were able to learn about their job roles and ask questions about their involvement within the company.

Well-being Week

The theme this year for well-being week was to learn something new. We were so impressed with how many children learned a new activity. This included felting, a new ballet pose, tying shoe laces and a new football skill.


To finish our Greece topic, the children made their own Greek dishes. We made a Greek salad in pittas and tried olives, feta and tzatziki. For dessert, we ate Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit. 

Year 5 vs 6 Football Match 

Well done to all the children that competed in the Year 5 vs 6 football match. 


This week in Science, we have conducted an experiment to see reversible and irreversible changes. We used baking powder and vinegar and mixed them together in a sandwich bag. We watched the bags blow up until they popped. We discussed the changes that happened to the baking powder and if this was reversible. 

Anne Frank Competition 


We have entered the Somerset Anne Frank Youth Awards for creative writing. The quote for this years competition is ‘no one has ever become poor by giving’. The children were tasked with creating a 500 word piece of writing inspired by the quote. We discussed, planned and typed our stories ready for them to be submitted. 



In PSHE, we have been looking at giving accurate instructions. The children had to draw their own monster and then write a set of instructions for someone to follow to draw the same monster. The children took it in turns to read their instructions and draw the monster. There was a lot of laughing and some very different monsters. After, we talked about how we could improve our instructions to make them more specific. 


Class Assembly - Compassion


Our class assembly was all about compassion. The children stood in front of the school and presented their ideas of how to be empathetic and how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. They all spoke loud and clearly and we felt very proud.

World Religion Day


To celebrate World Religion Day, we discussed different beliefs from around the world. The children shared their own beliefs with the class. We had some wonderful discussions and it was great to listen to all the children share their own ideas, thoughts and opinions. The children created posters showing what they knew about different religions from around the world.

Fact or Opinion?


This week in PSHE, we have learned about the differences between a fact and an opinion. We discussed how people are allowed their own opinions but it doesn’t mean we have to agree with them. We also talked about facts and how to know if you are obtaining them from a reliable source. The children read news articles and highlighted facts in one colour and opinions in another. 


We have been learning how to use Google Earth on the iPads. The children were tasked with a scavenger hunt and had to find coordinates for items such as animals, airports and shoe shops. 



We have had an excellent first few days back. It’s been wonderful to hear all about the children’s Christmas holidays. In Geography this half-term, we are studying Greece. We started by using the atlases to locate Greece, the main cities and landmarks. 

Merry Christmas!

We have had a very busy week celebrating Christmas. The children have finished their swimming lessons, been to the panto, attended the carol service at St James Church and created lots of Christmas crafts. To end such a wonderful term, we have had hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

We hope you have a relaxing break and enjoy spending time with your family.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  

Rural Life Museum - A Victorian Christmas


We have had a cold but wonderful day at the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury. The children learned all about Victorian Christmas and where a lot of our traditions come from today. We made Christmas crackers, a cornucopia filled with peppermint treats and dressed up to play traditional parlour games. We then toured the museum and enjoyed seeing what life was like in the Victorian era. 

Christmas Dinner




This week to run alongside our space topic, we created a database using the laptops. We learned how to use different functions on excel. The children had to input information about different planets on excel into the database.

Audio Books


This week we have studied a range of Shakespearian plays such as Much a do About Nothing, A Midsummer Nights Dream and The Tempest. The children wrote their own plays based on a scene from A Midsummers Nights Dream. They then turned their play into an audio book using the ipads. We discussed expression and using voices effectively to convey meaning. 



This half term in Art, we have been concentrating on lino printing. We have discussed how we can use prints to create patterns based on William Morris designs. The children have carved their own stamp using the lino cutters and printed a repeated pattern using paint. 

Online Music Concert


Hazel Class took part in an online music concert yesterday. The children san along to Christmas songs and listened to different types of music such as opera. 

Victorian Day

Year 5 arrived on Wednesday dressed in their Victorian costumes, ready to start a day in the life of a Victorian child. The children lined up and marched into school silently following strict rules. When they entered the classroom, the children had to copy out lines such as ‘children must be seen but not heard’ and ‘speak when you are spoken to but not before’. We then made Victorian crafts such as decoupage boxes, peg dolls and a thaumatrope. We also made a classic Victorian sponge. After lunch, the children used chalk to draw hopscotch on the playground and finally we all sat down and enjoyed afternoon tea. The children tried finger sandwiches, tarts and scones with a cup of tea. 

Well done!

Congratulations to Millie, who won Mrs Hodgson's Kindness cup last week. A parent emailed the office commenting on Millie's kind and caring attitude to others in Breakfast Club. 'Millie's glow and kindness is a joy to behold'. We are so proud of Millie and feel very lucky to have her in our class.

Children In Need

Road Safety Week


Hazel Class participated in Road Safety week. There was lots of discussion about how to stay safe when using the roads. As lots of our class have started walking home on their own, we focussed on how to cross roads carefully. The children were gifted a florescent sleeve to use when walking or cycling.

Cross Country

Well done to the whole of Year 5, who competed in the school cross country race. We were so impressed that every child put in so much effort and ran the whole 1.2 kilometres.  

Parliament Week


This week, we celebrated democracy by taking part in Parliament week. We discussed how laws are made and tried to put ourselves in the shoes of MPs by holding a debate, followed by a vote. After a visit from our local MP, Marcus Fysh, the children created their own parties. They then gave a short presentation on how they would address issues such as improving Yeovil, longer or shorter school hours and the environment. The children voted at the polling stations using their ballot cards. Well done to the wining party 'Yeovil Young People'.

Odd Sock Day

The children wore their odd socks to school today to mark the start of Anti-bullying week. We saw some very bright, colourful socks! The children will be taking part in lots of activities centered around bullying throughout the week.

Science - Properties of Materials

Hazel class have had great fun this week testing the properties of materials. We tested the hardness, solubility, transparency, response to magnets, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of a variety of materials. The overall favourite was definitely the hardness test - dropping a 1kg on an object, followed closely by attaching the objects to an electrical circuit! We confirmed our hypothesis that our metal objects would be good conductors and the rubber items would be good insulators. 

Remembrance Day

Hazel Class took part in Remembrance day by creating their own tissue paper poppies and writing their own poems. In English, we wrote letters about the Christmas Truce focussing on how to convey emotion. At 11am, Key Stage 2 gathered on the playground to listen to Year 6 perform readings and poems, and listen to the bugle. We then acknowledged the 2 minutes silence whilst thinking about those who have given their lives for us. 

William Morris

Linking nicely with our history topic of the Victorians, we are studying William Morris in art. This week, we learned when he was born and the types of art he created. We then had a look at a plethora of pictures from a variety of artists and successfully managed to pick out the ones by William Morris. We have begun drawing our own William Morris tiles.

Hello Yellow

Ashford Waterworks 


Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful day out at Ashford Waterworks. We had a tour of the factory and learnt about how water is cleaned. This built upon our work in class about rivers and the water cycle. We were able to walk around the reservoir and spend the day paddling in the river, conducting experiments and building dams. 

The Book Swap


The children were able to bring in books that they no longer read or wanted. Each child was given a token in exchange for the number of books they brought in. On Tuesday, we went to the Book Swap and the children were able to exchange their token for books. 



We had an extra special treat this Friday. We got to meet 5 puppies. The children were so well behaved and gentle with them. We wanted to keep them all!



Poetry Day


On Thursday, we participated in a poetry workshop to mark World Poetry Day. The children listened to a variety of poems as well as writing their own. It was amazing to listen and share our ideas with over 140 classes from across England. 

Healthy Teeth 


Hazel Class were so excited to receive their toothbrush and toothpaste from Colgate. We discussed how important it is to clean your teeth at twice a day for at least 2 minutes.

Mystery Stories 


This week, we have focussed on mystery stories. The children used a thesaurus to help improve their vocabulary in their writing. Well done to Semi, who won the cup this week for his excellent story!

Harvest Festival 


Thank you to everyone in our class that brought donations in for the Lord’s Larder. The children enjoyed attending the Harvest Festival with Reverend Keen. Well done to Keira and Zeke for reading Year 5’s prayer.

Art Week

Art Week has been amazing this year. The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. To prepare us for the week, last Friday a visiting artist came in to talk to KS2 about Somerset Arts Week as well as show us some of her work. On Tuesday, we had a visit from Carolyn Lesley, a local artist who is taking part in Somerset Arts Week. The children drew amenities and wrote words that’s showed their Sanctuaries - following this years theme.





This half term in P.E we will be playing football and practising skills which can be applied to all sports. The children are also learning how to play hockey with Mr Bourne on Mondays. 

Jurassic Park!

This week in English, we have followed a Jurassic Park theme. On Monday, we answered questions about a small clip from the film. On Tuesday we created posters inviting people to the newest attraction at the park ‘The Indominous Rex’. On Wednesday and Thursday, we planned and created persuasive brochures to encourage visitors to visit the park. 



This term, we are learning about space. We started our topic by mapping out our solar system. One metre was equal to one astronomical unit. 



Hazel Class have started their geography topic studying rivers. We used atlases to locate the world’s largest rivers.

Class Leaders 


Our new class leaders! 

Aason - School Council 

Samuel - Digital Leader 

Lainey - Librarian 

Anna, Semi and Sofia - Language Ambassador 

Florence - Eco Leader 

Libby and Caleb - Health and Well-being Team

Millie - Breakfast club leader



We were so thrilled to welcome back everyone on Monday. It is lovely to see the enthusiasm the children have about being back in school. The children enjoyed sharing their memories of the summer holidays as well as getting stuck into the Year 5 curriculum. 


We are looking forward to supporting your children throughout Year 5 and seeing them reach their full potential ready for Year 6. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Miss Taylor